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Rachel was in pain, terrible pain. She dug her fingernails into her wrist, crying out. The small broom closet of the big room closed in on her, the small single window her only connection the real world. She banged her head against the wall and cried out again. She was so stupid, and she knew she would never get him. She knew that even if she had the chance, she couldn't. She was the Oracle. She couldn't ever feel what she lived by her whole life.


And then he was there. The door opened a crack, and he was there. He slipped inside like a shadow, and sat next to her. He brushed his hand against her cheek, and whispered softly, "Rachel... Rachel don't hurt yourself. I'm here. It's all okay now...".

"Now, it won't. It will never be when I'm me and you're you," she said meekly.

"Rachel, girl, just let loose. Just be yourself, cut your standards. You'll be happier."

"Charlie, you know I can't. We can never. It'll never work." She knew what he was implying. And so she spoke the truth, but he wanted to hear none of it. He took her face in his hands, gently stroking her hair.

"No one has to know, Rachel. No one has to know." she was shivering under his grasp, but he could see in her eyes how much she loved him. He hungered for more. He hungered to have her lips caressing his, her body pressed against him.

"But it will hurt you. Hurt us. We'll never come out the same, Charlie."

"Maybe I don't want to come out the same," his voice poured like chocolate into her mind, sweet and tempting and beautiful . . . but at the same time dangerous.

She hesitated, but watching him was enough to melt her into his arms. And he was almost blinding for his inexplicable love for her.

The time for waiting was over. "There's no better day than today," he whispered, his warm breath caressing her face. She knew it was wrong—she wasn't his to hold—but it felt so right. No better day than today. Yesterday was gone, and tomorrow would be too late. Today.

A chill ran through her. Today, she thought. And then she brought her lips to his.

And oh, it felt so much better, now that she had waited so long. His muscular body wrapped around her, stroking her back softly as if she were a baby being softly lulled into sleep. His lips relaxed on hers, and they kissed and kissed. The moonlight poured through the window, creating only enough light to see.

And after forever, she softly pulled her lips away from his. He was about to protest, when she saw the look in her eyes. It was pain. And he couldn't put her through pain. And then his arms were around his again, but this time to comfort her. To hug her and have her head rested on her neck. And he would let her stay there until eternity.

And then her small voice, speckled with the strain of holding back tears, shakily said, "Don't forget yesterdays tomorrow."

Never, he thinks.