Rosalie's POV

It has been just another boring ass day in the face of forever. As hard as I tried I couldn't find anything to completely satisfy my boredom. It didn't help that Emmett was away hunting. The only time I was really needed was when Alice needed help picking out an outfit for Renesmee. She was so big now she looked like she would be in elementary school and she is only three. Bella said that one day when her aging stops she might be able to go to school with us. I doubt she would want to after a few years. You'd think after centuries of teaching that crap they a call history, they would figure out that half of the stuff isn't even true. The text books get everything wrong. Maybe if half of the humans really knew what was going on in the world, life would be a little more exciting. Or atleast that's what I thought before the change happened.
"Everyone we need to have a family meeting. Now! " Carlisle said excitedly with a hint of urgency. I saw my family members rush from every direction. They went in to the dining room. " before I tell you the news I have discovered I would like to take a vote. Now keeping in mind that the news I'm about to share is very big. Now should we wait for Emmett Jasper and Alice to get back from hunting, or shall I just tell you now. Everyone looked around. Edward was the first to speak.
"Knowing Alice they are probably on their way back as we speak. Plus Emmett would be disappointed if we found out the news before him. " Edward said staring at Carlisle confused. I bet Carlisle wanted to keep his news a secret so bad that he was probably blocking Edward out.
Then we heard noise in the woods. I could just make out sound of footsteps. In the far distance. They were coming back.
Edward smiled. " just as I said. "
A few seconds later all three of them came running in. Emmett came to my side and took my hand.
"You didn't think you could start without me did you? ".
Jasper looked at Carlisle.
"Alright we are all here. What's the important news." he said looking ready for anything.
"Well "Carlisle said "as you all know I have been doing experiments in my office for quite a while. Out a curiosity I mixed our genes with that of a werewolf's I thought out genes would over power the werewolves and it did at first but later the what was left of the werewolves genes dissolved in to the vampire genes which made the human. I found a cure for vampirism! " everyone gasped. He found a cure! There's no such thing! Is there? I was completely blown away. This is exactly what I wanted. Emmett and I could have the life I always dreamed of. It would take alot of convincing on my part but I'm sure Emmett at one point will agree with it. I have to get this cure. Bella who was now holding renesmee gasped.
"What about the wolves? You said the wolf genes died? That would mean that we would have to bite them to get there, and we bite them we kill them! We can't kill the wolves! They're are friends now! "
" I know," Carlisle said." I won't allow hurting any of the wolves," Carlisle looked everyone in he eye to make sure they All got the message. "But I am willing to talk to them and maybe make a deal."
Bella stood up angrily. Edward wrapped his arm around her waist.

"Like what? They sacrifice one of their brothers or sister for us? They what hold a vote who should be killed? "
" I believe that there is a way we can get the blood without killing them. Trust me Bella I would never what to harm the wolves. Their friendship is too important to me."
Edward stood up now.
"What if we something like those blood drives the humans. We could take blood in to IV bags and then drink it from the bags so that way none of the wolves get hurt and we can get the cure, well get both Sam and Jacobs approval of course." Bella looked at Edward for a few seconds and then calmed down. Renesmee cuddled with both of them, still In Bella's arms.
"Well, get ready to ask because Jacob is on his way right now." said Alice.
"Well we'll have to get it done sooner or later," Edward said with a grin on his face.
"What if this were to start a war with the wolves," Jasper said. " they could easily feel threatened by us when they hear this news. They could turn on us because of this. If we are going to tell Jacob we'll have to be careful how we tell him. "
" The wolves have no reason to feel threatened by us but either way we should keep that in mind. " Carlisle said now smiling as well. " also before anyone is to try the cure I will have to run some more tests, but of course I'll need some more wolf blood before I can get started."
" Carlisle " I said still in shock about what was happening. " how long do you think the test will take?" he smiled softly at me.
"Only a few more days"
I smiled back at him. This was going to change everything for years I have been wishing for a way out and know It comes to me. For once in my entire life I couldn't wait for this dog to get here. The way I see it, he can either give the blood nicely or I would take the blood from him myself. From his cold, lifeless, dead body if I had to.