Chapter 15

Final Chapter

Seth's POV

I gazed at my sister helplessly as she lay in the hospital bed, hooked up to so many machines. The guilt hammering me heavily, I knew I had done this to her, it didn't matter that I had no control over my body; it was still my hand that pulled the trigger, that made her like this.

After I regained control of my body, I had carried her back to the Cullens, hoping that maybe Carlisle could save her. The bullet had only hit her shoulder so I wanted to believe it wouldn't be too serious, but with all the blood that continues to escape her body, I started to really get worried. I tried talking to her, I tried waking her up, just to keep her with me, but it wasn't until we were halfway to the house that she started coming to.

"Mmm…Seth," she whispered, her voice was course and soft, I'm not sure anyone without my hearing would have been able to catch it.

"Oh, Leah, thank god! Don't worry we are almost to the Cullen's, Carlisle will be able to help you. I am so sorry, Leah, I should have stopped him." I told her, this could not begin to express how sorry I was. I expected her to say something, for her to tell me that she hated me and she never wanted to see me, but to my relief she didn't.

"B-blood," she whispered barely able to speak. "B-blood."

"What?" I asked confused, what about the blood, was she trying to say that there was so much blood, or was she trying to say that I hurt her even though we were related by blood. It took a few moments for her to answer.

"Bl-blood, I need blood," she whispered, she finally opened her eyes; I was surprised to find her once warm brown eyes, now a menacing dark red. I looked around trying to find something to do.

"We're almost at the Cullens' house, they will give you blood there," I told he feeling utterly useless.

"N-no," she said. "Darkness, coldness, I need blood now, death is coming," she whispered. I tried to hide how much her words clawed at my heart, she was right, blood seemed to just keep spouting from her, and she was losing too much. I didn't know what to do, I was sure that maybe if I could get her blood then maybe her vampire powers could start healing her, but I couldn't hear any animals near here, we were too close to the road for any strong signs of animal life to really presents itself, and as far as I could tell there were no humans nearby, I was desperate, I needed to make this up to Leah, I needed to do something, but I had nothing. I knew I had only one choice, and it was dangerous, but it was something that needed to happen.

"Here," I said shifting her so I could hold my other wrist near her mouth. Her eyes while still weak looked at me unsure. "Just do it!" I shouted ordering her, I was surprised by how much power seemed to echo from my voice, it sounded like the boom in an Alpha's voice, only…stronger. She did not argue with the power in my voice and bit into my wrist, releasing the blood. She drank and drank, and I tried to ignore the pain that I began to feel, this is what I had to do to save her, it was the least I could do for her. After she had enough, she pulled away, and I shifted back to holding her with both of my arms, a walked the short distance to the Cullens' house. Leah seemed to nestle in my arms and then fell asleep again; I felt that maybe that was best; it could help her escape the pain. "Hey!" I said shouting to the people in the house. "I need some help ASAP!" Carlisle and Edward ran straight out to me, surprised to see me, but then noticed Leah, and ran to help, Carlisle first put his fingers to her neck, checking her vitals, and then looked at the wound.

"Edward," he said. "Tell Jasper and Alice to go hunt, they shouldn't be around this much blood, then take Bella and Nessie to the Cottage."Edward nodded and then ran in to the house. "Alright Seth, there should be an extra room upstairs, next to the one that Rosalie is in, I am not sure how many machine and supplies we have to use, because I used most of them on Rosalie, but I will collect what I have and then meet you upstairs, I want you to try and remove the bullet if you can find it, and then take a towel and add pressure to the wound, it looks like it hit an artery so we will have to work quickly." With that he ran into the house, and I followed behind him, moving as fast as I could without hurting Leah. I quickly laid her on the hospital bed and then moved to do what Carlisle ordered.

I stared reluctantly at the wound, which was still bleeding. I knew I had to find the bullet and then remove it, but every time I tried to do something my stomach seemed to protest. I tried everything, I tried to shut my brain off, I tried thinking that I was not my sister I was doing this on, but nothing worked I couldn't do it! Within a few moment Carlisle appeared, Edward right behind him, both of them holding hospital supplies.

"I'm sorry," I said. "I couldn't do it." I told him sadly. I wanted to help my sister but I couldn't.

"That's alright Seth," he said. "You did good." He patted my on the shoulder and then pushed me out of the way so he could operate. His hands moved so fast that it seemed unreal, he removed the bullet and everything the gun had left in her in what seemed like a matter of seconds. Then he started working on repairing the artery and stopping the bleeding. "Hmm, it seems that her body has already started healing itself," he said. "The blood is beginning to stop on its own."

"Yeah, while I was bringing her here she woke up a little," I told them. "She kept asking me for blood and she said that she knew she would die without it, and well, I know it was risky but I didn't know what else to so, I needed to save her, so I gave her my blood."

Edward and Carlisle looked at each other; they both knew what could happen.

"Is there any possible way to save her?" Edward asked. Carlisle said nothing but I saw that Edward knew the answer, from his thoughts; Edward's face did not give me hope.

"But she is beginning to heal," I said. That has to be a good sign right?" I asked I was not going to admit that it was me who killed her; she was going to be alright.

"I don't know, Seth," Carlisle said. His words were emotionless, but his face looked both caring and sad, I knew he cared about me and Leah; this had to be working him too. Carlisle and Edward continued to work quickly, and after a few minutes they were almost down and were just stitching her shoulder shut. Then Edward and Carlisle worked on cleaning up the area, getting rid of anything that had even touched Leah's blood.

"How is she going to be?" I asked hesitantly, I don't think I could take bad news at this point. Carlisle smiled to my relief.

"I'm not sure what it was, she seemed to have a lot of your blood in her system, and that should have killed her on its own, but it didn't in my opinion it changed her, she is now human, and that made it a lot easier in helping her, the blood also healed her a bit, something that I find very surprising. It will take a few more tests to really come up with an answer, but to me it seems that something changed in your blood, and it was that something that saved her the most. If it isn't too much trouble for you, I would like to examine your blood to really find if I can discover what that something is." He told me. His words brought the memory of Taha Aki's spirit to my mind. I nodded also curious just how much Taha Aki had changed me.

Then Edward and Carlisle left the room, leaving me sitting here watching my sister, finally coming full circle. She had been sleeping for hours. I needed to know how she was feeling, what she was thinking, I needed to know she could ever forgive me. I heard a few noises outside the room as some approached the room at a fast speed, the sounds were too clumsy to be a vampire, but too fast to be a human, it was another wolf, the smell hit me just as he entered the room. It was Todd.

"Leah," he gasped as he saw her, he moved to her side and took her hand. He looked at me frantically. "What happened to her?" I cringed as I thought of explaining. He was surely going to hate me, I could tell he was really in love with my sister, so I knew once he found out that it was I who had hurt her, he was going to be furious and might even consider killing me, not that I didn't deserve it for what I did. Luckily Carlisle entered the room saving me.

"Oh good, Todd, you are here," he said. "I was just about to tell Seth some test results I got about Leah, but I think you should hear them too." Both Todd and I waited to hear what the vampire had to say. "Well, while I was working on her, I noticed something very interesting about her blood. It smelled weird, at first I dismissed that as part of the vampire in her, but as I continued to work, it began to remind me of a familiar smell I remembered from the hospital. Her scent, well the human part anyway, was very intriguing, and inviting, and normally any humans scent would be like this, but there is a time when humans scents would call to you even stronger, and that is when they are pregnant. They are more vulnerable, because they are carrying a child, the perfect time for a vampire to attack." Carlisle told us. It took a few minutes for both of our brains to really catch up and realized just what he was saying.

"Wait, are you trying to tell me that Leah is pregnant?" Todd asked completely shocked.

"Todd, you are going to be a father," Carlisle said smiling. I sat there frozen with shock…I…was…going…to be a…uncle?

"What about her vampire genes, and my werewolf genes, how are that going to react to the child?" Todd asked.

"Well," Carlisle explained. "I am not quite sure, yet, but I do know this, Leah is no longer part vampire, Seth's blood somehow cured her of that. I am not sure how this will affect the baby, but my theory is that the baby will be human. If Leah did pass any vampire genes on to her child, then both the wolf genes and the vampire genes most likely canceled each other out leaving the child human."

Todd face seemed to glow as he smiled completely ecstatic. He kissed Leah's hand.

"I'm going to be a father!" he shouted completely taken away by how happy he was, and as the shock seemed melt away from me, I felt happy too, all was going to be alright.

Rosalie's POV

The burning, it seemed all too familiar, after all I had been through it once before, not that I exactly wanted to go through it again. I had like living as a human, even if at times I shifted in to a wolf and caused a little mayhem, to me it was all worth it, it was the price I wanted to pay to live again, and if I had to die, I would have to say that I would want to die as a human.

Sadly it seems a woman cannot have everything she wants. The burn of the change was proof of that. They had changed me, taking away my humanity. They said it was the only way to save me.

At first everything had been alright, I was starting to wake up, even for a few minutes, and everything was fine, but then my body took a turn for the worst. My body no longer woke up, and it got to the point that I was nearly slipping into a coma. I would have said to let me be, if I would be in a coma that would be fine, as long as I was human while it was happening, but Emmett had said otherwise. Emmett begged Carlisle to change me; he did not want to live without me, and what an idiot move that was. I loved Emmett, I really did, he was everything I could have dreamed to have in a man, but he was now standing in front of what I had always dreamed of getting, for the decades I have been like this. I would never forgive him for this. I would still love him for eternity, after all he was still my soul mate, but I am not sure I will ever be capable of overlooking this, as many years as I did live as a vampire life.

It seemed I was doomed to a couple more boring ass days in the face of forever.

The End