Chapter 1: The Night of the Big War

(A.N. I changed the story a bit so that Percy told Artemis off about trying to recruit Annabeth for the Hunters and Aphrodite said that Annabeth couldn't join because she and Percy were true loves. They never kissed at the lake, though. And Silena and Beckendorf didn't die.)

Annabeth Chase set her head down on her pillow. All of her half-sibling were already fast asleep but, for some reason, her bunk felt too uncomfortable to rest. Or maybe she was just a little antsy about what had happened on Olympus that night. Reluctantly giving up on sleep for the time being, Annabeth pushed back her messy blond hair and reached under her pillow for the communicator the Hepheastus cabin had made for everyone in camp. It consisted of a small LED screen and a touch pad keyboard. Quickly, she switched it on and opened a chatroom with her very best friend and source of insomnia, Percy Jackson.

Annabeth Chase has opened a private chatroom entitled "Percy, I need to talk to you."

Percy was running along the Camp Half-Blood beach. The sun was high in the sky, so he figured it was around noon. Percy wasn't sure where he was going, but he felt a drive to continue running. Suddenly, out of the shimmering water sprung a huge bluish-gray rock. Perched atop it was a girl with stormy gray eyes and long curly blond hair. Percy's eyes practically popped out of his head as he ran by. Annabeth? he thought to himself. It certainly looked like her. The girl jumped off the rock and started swimming towards Percy. He stared at her, thinking how gorgeous she was. Wait a second. What if it WAS Annabeth? When the girl reached him, Percy's mouth fell open as he realized how she'd gotten there so quickly. The girl had a long, gray fish tail: she was a mermaid! As she touched the sandy ground, her tail transformed into long, lean legs which Percy couldn't help but stare at. The girl wrapped her arms around his neck and leaned in. Percy mimicked her actions, his mouth a little open...

BZZZZ! The sound of Percy's communicator woke him up. Sighing, he wondered what his dream could possibly have meant. After all, demigod dreams are hardly ever just dreams. Maybe he and Annabeth...he didn't dare finish the sentence. Percy brought the communicator out from underneath his pillow and saw that Annabeth was trying to start a chat with him. Wow! Percy thought. That's kinda freaky since I think I was just dreaming about her...

Chatroom accepted.

Annabeth: Percy, you there?

Percy: Hey, Wise-Girl. What's up?

Annabeth: I wanted to talk to you about something important.

Percy: Well, this conversation is taking an ugly turn. What's this all about? Some people were trying to sleep.

Annabeth: I promise, Seaweed Brain, it'll be quick. You know how we were up on Olympus today?

Percy: Yeah...

Annabeth: And Artemis offered to make Thalia and I Daughters of the Hunt?

Percy: Oh, boy. Yes, I know this. I was there, after all.

Annabeth: Well, why did you try to stop me from doing it? You didn't stop Thalia. And then Aphrodite said...
(A.N. Cue awkward silence... :D)

Annabeth: Percy, are you still there?

Percy: Yes, Annabeth. Still here.

Annabeth: Is it true? Do you really think I might be your true love?

Percy: You do realize there's no right answer to that question, don't you?

Annabeth: Really, I would think that the right answer would be the truth. Not so?

Percy: I wish you, for once, would even TRY to make things easier for me.

Annabeth: But that's not going to happen, so out with it, Seaweed Brain!

Percy: How's this for an answer: I don't know. Aphrodite seems to think so and she IS the goddess of love...

Annabeth: I think that that fact probably clouds her judgement. I'll bet she thinks the world is one big romantic drama.

Percy: No offense to romantic dramas, of course.

Annabeth: Well, of course.

Percy: There IS always the chance that she's correct, y'know.

Annabeth: By some completely absurd chance?

Percy: Would being my true love be so terrible?

Annabeth: I never said that, Percy!

Percy: You were thinking it.

A: AW! This is SOOOOOOOO adorable!

Percy: Huh? Is that you, Annabeth?

Annabeth: That wasn't me!

Aphrodite: Oops, sorry. Forgot there was another A in here. Speaking of that prized letter, you two get As in romance: Percy an A+ and Annabeth an A.

Percy: APHRODITE? What are you doing here? This is a private Camp Half-Blood chatroom!

Thalia: Real private. Insert sarcastic snort here.

Annabeth: Tell me that's not Thalia. PLEASE someone tell me that's not Thalia!

Annabeth: What a moment. Why do I only get an A?


Aphrodite: For that little comment about a certain beautiful goddess and romantic dramas.

Annabeth: Sorry about that.

Percy: What in Hades is going on here?

Annabeth: You're right, Percy. Aphrodite and Thalia eavesdropping on our private conversation? Too embarassing.

Thalia: Nico's here, too. Plus Silena and all the rest of the girls from the Aphrodite cabin, the Hermes cabin, Poseidon, Athena, the Athena cabin, Tyson...shall I go on? Just about everybody in CAMP is eavesdropping on your little "private" conversation.

Nico: Thanks a lot, Thalia! And just when it was getting good, too.

Silena: Mom, doesn't it just bring a tear to your eye listening to these two talk about romance?

Aphrodite: Why, it most certainly does, honey!

Percy: DAD is HERE?

Annabeth: MOM is HERE?

Athena: Daughter.

Poseidon: Son!

Athena: Annabeth, is it true that you and this...thing are in love?

Annabeth: WHAT? Where'd you get a crazy idea like that from?

Athena: The craziest of them all: Aphrodite.

Aphrodite: Hey!

Poseidon: How DARE you call my son a thing!

Athena: I call him a thing because a thing is what he is! Why does he find it so hard to stay away from my daughter?

Percy: Do we have a say in this?

Athena: No!

Poseidon: No!

Thalia: Break it up, you 2.

Ares: No, please continue. It's almost as entertaining as watching Prissy squirm about this girl.

Clarisse: You tell 'em, Dad!

Percy: Watch it!

Nico: It's true, dude. You were squirming.

Grover: Give him a break. He's not used to conditions like these.

Percy: GROVER? How'd you get here, man?

Grover: Aphrodite sent me an email link.

Silena: You have Mom's email?

Grover: No, she has everyone else's.

Aphrodite: It's ! Add me!

Percy: How about we don't and say we did?

Ares: Would you say that to her, or better yet, MY face?

Percy: Better for who? Smelled your breath lately?

Ares: Why, you little...

Aphrodite: People, people, please! One argument a day is my limit and Percabeth was in the middle of a lovely one.

Annabeth: Percabeth?

Silena: Your star name. DUH!

Annabeth: Ooookay. We can't exactly go back to our argument now with all of you listening in.

Percy: It's like being in the bathroom peeing and then all of a sudden, realizing that there's a camera in there pointed right at you. Knowing that, you can't just go right back to peeing, now can you?

Grover: I can. Being a satyr, some mortals do get a little too curious.

Poseidon: Do you know what I think, Athena?

Athena: Yes, I do, in fact. You think of fish and sea anemones, starfish and seahorses. Plus women. Men are disgusting.

Artemis: I hear ya, girlfriend!

Poseidon: Actually, I meant that I think you think that my boy Perseus is just too good for your braniac offspring.

Percy: Dad...

Athena: Ha! Too good for Annabeth? Ha! Laughable idea, Poseidon! Ha! Ha! Ha!

Poseidon: Clearly, you think so.

Athena: Clear as sea water? How are you enjoying the pollution?

Ares: This is about to get ugly...

Clarisse: I brought popcorn!

Poseidon: Percy's a warrior and the savior of Olympus. He's kind, loyal and I must say I believe I've produced a most strapping young man. What has your daughter done? Ha! Her nose is stuck in a book almost as much as yours!

Percy: Dad, that's just plain mean! Annabeth is a wonderful person who is a great friend to me and I don't appreciate you talking about her like that!

Annabeth: Wow. Thanks, Percy. :)

Athena: Yes, Perseus. Thank you, but the damage has been done.

Aphrodite: Oh, you and Poseidon are just a little upset over Athens. It's not really about these AH-dorable children, is it? (A.N. Taken from the Clique book series.)

Percy: Aw, man...

Annabeth: Why'd you have to go and bring that up again?

Nico: Here we go...

Thalia: The same thing over and over...

Silena: Oh, boy.

Ares: Dragging up old history, are we?

Poseidon: My horse was the clear choice!

Athena: CLEARLY not since no place called Poseidontopia! Plus, that just looks stupid. Imagine how it would look on a map!

Poseidon: An olive tree to the first horse ever created: what a comparison!

Athena: Yes. Obviously, the olive tree is in a much higher class than the horse!

Poseidon: You KNOW that's not what I meant!

Athena: What the matter, Fishy-Face? Trident in a twist?

Percy: Well, this has been fun. But before my dad explodes in a fury of sea-scented anger, I'd better get out of here. Later.

Annabeth: I'm out too. Seeya!

Aphrodite: Wait! No, you have to stay!

Percy Jackson has left this chatroom.
Annabeth Chase has left this chatroom.

Thalia: Too late. They're gone.

Silena: You know, they're just running away from love.

Aphrodite: Absolutely.

Yes, I know that was suckish, but this is my first ever fanfic, so I need constructive criticism! I was writing a chat conversation between Annabeth and Percy in the middle of the night and somehow the rest of Camp Half-Blood AND OLympus found its way into it. I thought it was kinda funny. Which reminds me...If you liked it and think I should continue? Review! If you think I should never go near a keyboard again? Review! If you think I should go drown myself - and then dress up like a monkey? REVIEW! Giving you a wide array of choices here! I want at least 5 before the next chapter! I know you can do it! :D