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More Than Meets The Eye by The Lost Souls of Avalon

A Harry Potter/Live-action Transformers crossover.

Ambassador Potter is used to weird things; he's a wizard, after all. But even he isn't prepared for the summons that takes him to a treaty conference between mankind and the Autobots, a potential partnership that may change the course of Earth's future, for better or for worse.

Rated: Mature

Warnings: Foul language, slash, femslash, sexual content, mech x human, holo x human, mech x mech, violence, AUish

Pairings: Harry x Optimus, Sam x Bee, Will x Ironhide, Mikaela x Maggie, Ron x Hermione, Luna x Neville, Draco x Ginny

Author's note: Takes place after Transformers live-action movie and before Transformers: Revenge of the Fallen. Is not HP Epilogue-compliant. Note on title: Yeah, I know. It's oh so original. And finally: shout out to the super cool Dresden Files book series. I borrowed Dresden because he's too awesome to leave out. Unfortunately, he belongs to the equally super cool Jim Butcher. Oh snap!

Chapter 1: The Department of Muggle & Interspecies Relations

Head Auror Gawain Robards handed him the stack of case files, a grim line creasing his forehead. "Five deaths, Potter, confirmed vampire kills, in the past month. The Wizengamot is looking to dissolve the treaty with the Vampire Courts if the culprits aren't found and dealt with promptly." With a hand, he gestured for his fellow Auror to sit across from him at his desk.

Harry sunk heavily into the awaiting chair, gazing down at the five folders, each containing records and autopsies of five very unlucky individuals, in his hands. They were each thin and of insubstantial mass, but together, with the Wizengamot's decision looming overhead, they felt like a ton weighing on his arms. He set them down, but the weight remained, pressuring his shoulders into an unseemly slump. It took a great deal of effort to flip through them and see the damning evidence for himself, but it was all there in indelible ink. Well, shit.

Leaning back, Harry pinched the bridge of his nose. Damn it. The treaty between Britain and its accompanying vampire population had taken over five years to hash out into a working frame to last for numerous decades, if not centuries, but it depended solely on the parties' determination to abide by the agreed upon conditions. If one party didn't follow through, then it would all go to waste. And that, to be frank, pissed him off, though he hid it behind a carefully sculpted mask. "The Delacroix clan is local. I can speak with Taliesin and see if he knows anything."

Taliesin Delacroix was an old vampire with many Children, making his clan one of the most extensive known in Europe. They were a lawful group and one Harry knew personally, which was a plus. He was a direct donor, in fact, as the black and silver tattoo on the inside of his left wrist indicated, so he was actually quite close to its leader. If anyone could help them catch the killers, or just get a scrap of information, it was Taliesin.

"Will you be talking to him as an Auror or Ambassador?" Robards' eyebrows were quirked, one higher than the other, but there was a small upward turn to the side of his mouth, as if amused. For all of Harry's flexibility and adaptability in both his jobs, it was still a bit sketchy to the officials for him to act as both simultaneously. Law enforcement and diplomacy just didn't seem to go hand-in-hand in the Wizarding World; it was nothing short of a miracle that this young man could pull off both.

Harry gave his boss and friend a telling sour look. He knew very well the difficulty his superiors had with his conflicting jobs. "Either an Auror with diplomatic authority or Ambassador with Auror training, I suppose," he said dryly. "In this case, since it concerns both murder and a breech of contract, I believe I should approach this from an Auror's perspective with ambassadorial power." He angled his head slightly to one side as if in thought, sending his raven fringe askew and revealing the pale lightning bolt scar that had faded dramatically since Voldemort's defeat and death. "Taliesin would talk with me regardless."

"True enough." Robards flicked his hand to draw out a memo and began to scribble a short note on it. "With permission from myself, Ms. Greengrass, and Mr. Thomas, it's possible that Minister Shacklebolt will allow you to act simultaneously as Auror and Ambassador in this matter, sensitive as it is. We'll need all the ammunition we can get in this case. A lot is at stake." With a whish, he signed the missive and spelled it into a folded plane before directing it out the door and towards the Minister for Magic's office.

Harry stood and stacked the files, making sure they were straight. His slightly weary green eyes regarded his superior fondly. "Thank you, sir, for giving me a heads up."

Robards nodded. He was well aware how important this was to Harry. "I want this resolved just as much as you."

Dipping his head in acknowledgment, Harry pivoted about on his heel and left the Head Auror's office. The Department of Muggle & Interspecies Relations was on level four where the Department for the Regulation and Control of Magical Creatures used to be. MIR was a relatively new department in the Ministry of Magic, advocated at the start of the twenty-first century by a small team of young Muggle-borns and half-bloods, Harry Potter, Hermione Granger, Dean Thomas, and Neville Longbottom (though a pureblood) at its core.

Reality was, the Muggle world was advancing insanely fast and the Wizarding world was straggling along in its medieval mindset. There were increasingly more Muggleborns, bringing the two worlds into contact more and more each year until they would inevitably collide in potentially catastrophic proportions, unless something was done to cross the gap on equal ground. MIR had been created in part to bridge that gap, wanting not only for the Ministry to work closer with the Muggle Prime Minister for better coordinated efforts in rebuilding, but to also introduce modern technology and conveniences from the Muggle world to the Wizarding population. A committee had been organized to attempt and reconcile Muggle technology with magic and now in 2007, they were enjoying the electro-magic mobile, computerized magical consoles, even microwave ovens (most Muggle appliances only needed to be equipped with a special conduit that allowed magic energies and electricity to operate in close proximity without actually crossing each other). Harry himself was fond of the magically-modified iPod.

Harry's expertise, however, was in interspecies relations. He'd be lying if he said that it had nothing to do with his father being friends with the werewolf Remus Lupin, because in all honesty, it was for that sole reason that Harry advocated so vigorously for equal rights for part-humans and even non-humans. Werewolves were no longer restricted as they once were and a Potion Masters Association had taken up the task of making Wolfsbane in bulk quantities, funded by charities. Centaurs were given reserves of land where they could reside without interference from wizards, but diplomatic ties were upheld. Goblins had many rights they had long since fought for, and although they remained stewards of Gringotts, they were gradually being accepted and revered for the clever and crafty beings they were. Even a system to prevent the mistreatment of house-elves was being utilized.

But perhaps the greatest achievement was the Vampire Accords, which was in serious jeopardy. Harry couldn't let that happen. The balance was a precarious thing, a series of guidelines and regulations for both parties to follow, lest chaos overrun them all. He quickened his pace towards the lift that would take him to level four. On his way, he may or may not have paused to chatter idly with one Ministry personnel or another, but never long enough to divert his attention elsewhere.

DMIR didn't quite replace the Department for the Regulation and Control of Magical Creatures, but it was a near thing. The Spirit Division had retained its status, not being quite as prejudicial as its Beast and Being counterparts and actually capable of serving a purpose in the rebuilt Wizarding world. The Werewolf Registry and Capture Unit were no more, but the Werewolf Support Services was revamped and now a regularly employed resource for struggling werewolves. The Committee for the Disposal of Dangerous Creatures had undergone a severe remodeling (considering Death Eater Walden Macnair's involvement with it, remodeling was in serious order), too. All in all, it had become a department many creatures' rights activists could live with – and that Harry could live with, for that matter.

Level four was actually comprised of multiple offices arranged around a three hundred sixty-degree wrap-around counter space about two feet wide and of varying heights with room in the middle for the clerks and receptionists. The countertop was strategically cluttered with pamphlets of all varieties, the script GUEST SERVICES hovering in the air on a circuit. From the lift, one had a direct line of sight to the office behind the counter, DEPARTMENT HEAD on a plain nameplate in large, uppercase font, the smaller script DAPHNE GREENGRASS underneath it.

Yes, it had surprised the rest of them too. But Daphne had proven herself time and time again, having the managerial skills and diplomatic prowess required from the Department Head of Muggle & Interspecies Relations. He'd visit her after consulting with Interspecies Relations' division leader Dean Thomas.

The dark-skinned man was unperturbed when he walked into his office after a brief knock. The knot between his brows was a good indication that he was also well aware of the impending termination of the Accords. They exchanged brief, wan smiles that betrayed both of their dread. "Hello Harry," Dean greeted, his voice a shadow of its normal vibrancy. "Robards told you the news, then." His inflection was that of a statement instead of a question, so Harry simply nodded in confirmation.

"I want to speak with Taliesin at Bloody Mary, but I'd like to go as a dual agent with both Ambassadorial privileges and Auror authority. That will allow me to do all in my power to make sure this is resolved."

"And the Higher Ups don't like that because it gives you more power that the average agent. But with the permission from both department heads and your direct superior, Minister Shacklebolt may be inclined to allow you temporarily to act as both." As he was speaking, Dean was already scribbling his permission onto a piece of parchment. "In light of the situation, I think Kingsley shouldn't have a problem with it. We need this treaty with the vampires to hold out."

"I couldn't agree more. That one was a pain in the arse to get approved."

"It was, wasn't it." They both chuckled at the memories, some of them much funnier now that they were past. "Good luck convincing Daphne, though. She's a stickler for the rulebook."

Harry's smile turned more into a grimace as he scratched the back of his neck. Yeah, that was the one thing about Daphne. She wasn't much for bending the rules, though she had become more flexible over the years. Working diplomacy required flexibility, but she was like Hermione in that she idolized rules. And she wouldn't fall for the puppy dog eyes. He'd have to get creative and sometimes getting creative meant getting dirty.