Kyoya is good at keeping his mask on tight.

Pull on the darkness, clock chimes three.

Baby doll, run from the monster.

1, 2, 3, he's in your bed.

Kyoya is good at keeping secrets quiet.

Lock it up, the safe is only just a test.

Whispers down your throat.

You better not tell a soul.

Kyoya is good at holding you from running.

Trouble cannot reach you under the blankets.

Little song bird, you can fly past the nightmare.

Run to me, why don't you?

Kyoya is good at being helpful.

Please him with your body.

Pay your debt through pleasure.

((Save yourself my little rabbit.

Soon enough, we'll be.))

Kyoya is good at telling lies.

But Kyoya can't say that I don't love you.

And baby doll, I do.

Just fly out the window to reach me.

((I'll take you with open arms.))

Kyoya is good at hurting you.

Bruises run down your body, violet.

Thoughts of eyes go through your mind.

Stay ready for the future, because I'll break you free.

((Think my song bird, think of you and me.))