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A Harry Potter/Kyo Kara Maoh! Crossover by The Lost Souls of Avalon

In the aftermath of the attack on Godric's Hollow, baby Harry is sent to Shin Makoku by Earth's Maoh. There, he becomes the adopted fourth son of Cecilie von Spitzweg. Fourteen years later, when the new Maoh finally appears, he's ready to take on the task of protecting him with his unusual powers and unique talents, even if it ousts him as the freak he knows he is. But Harry has his hands full, because not only does he have to risk life and limb for the Maoh, but Voldemort is on the prowl for the one who defeated him with the intent to kill.

Rated: Teen (for now)

Warnings: Cursing, slash, sexual content (future), parallel Earths/realities, abuse of trans-dimensional travel, loop holes, powerful!Harry, protective!Wolfram, AUish

Pairings: Yuri x Harry, Wolfram x Alford (the Hero), Conrad x Yosak, Gwendal x Günter, Shinou x Great Sage/Murata, Gisela x Dorcas, Cecilie x Anissina, past Adelbert x Julia

Spoilers: KKM Seasons 1–3

Author's note: Harry's Earth and Yuri's Earth are two separate dimensions, whereas the trip from Harry's Earth to Shin Makoku is one-way and Yuri's is two-way.

Chapter One

Typically, a rebounding spell shouldn't cause much structural damage. However, a spell not meant to rebound and cast with such a magnitude of hatred could very likely collapse a building. In this case, Godric's Hollow, in which the Dark Lord Voldemort had cast the Killing Curse on Harry James Potter, still a baby in his crib. From the outside, it was difficult to discern any possible damage, but anything could trigger a domino effect that sent the entire house crumbling. Either way, there wasn't much time to lose, for Dumbledore was sure to send someone to scope out the scene for survivors and soon. She had little time to act.

The front door was left gaping open; after all, Voldemort was a busy man and closing it would take precious time that he couldn't spare, apparently. But the door open meant she could simply slip in and not shift the frame of the house, even if it had just been a little. Treading lightly, she swiftly took in the disheveled appearance of the den and its single unorthodox ornament, the unfortunate body of James Potter, in front of the staircase where he had obviously tried to hold off the evil wizard.

There was no avoiding the stairs, but magic could cushion her footsteps and she diligently applied such a spell before ascending the case, elbows close to her sides. Still, even with the spell, she was careful how she placed her weight, not to disturb nary of speck of dust. She didn't want her presence to be known, particularly not after she left. Sometimes anonymity was a girl's greatest asset. Dumbledore especially couldn't know of her involvement; that would be an unfortunate mess.

It was with that in mind that she entered the smallest bedroom, its door torn clear off its hinges with obvious disregard for simple etiquette like knocking. But again, this was the Dark Lord. The normal rules of society didn't seem to apply to him. And, she mused thoughtfully to herself, neither did it apply to the toddler in the crib. She didn't flinch at the earsplitting wails the child continuously emitted and simply padded across the room to the crib, stepping over Lily's remains. Again, it was an unfortunate loss, but what was most important was the child.

Harry was physically unharmed except for a jagged gash on his forehead. Idly, she swiped her thumb through the blood, gazing down at the cursed wound that would become a cursed scar. She noted he wailed even louder when she touched the wound and figured it was actually quite painful, a sensation the child had no business knowing so early in life. With a soft coo, she banished her apathy and swiftly took the child, along with a blanket, into her arms, resting him against her breast and rocking in what she hoped to be a comforting gesture. She admittedly had little experience with children of any age. It'd be better if small Harry were in the arms of someone more maternal.

Which returned her mind back to her true intentions. She let her eyes go blank and stopped her baby noises, focusing on the compulsion her magic possessed. Sleep, little one. She pushed the thought into the child, the edges of suggestion clinging to his still developing senses. As she descended back down the stairs, the cries slowly ceased, tapering into soft breathing sounds, for which she was grateful for. Harry's magic was strong, even as a fifteen-month-old child, but not refined enough to resist a carefully honed compulsion spell. But there was no doubt that one day he would be quite the wizard and a force to be reckoned with.

She left the house then, once Harry was settled and the coast was clear, and with no time to spare. Whatever equilibrium had kept Godric's Hollow standing was gone and the quaint two-storey cottage was about to buckle in on itself. She was quick to vacate the direct vicinity, outside the Anti-Apparition wards connected more to the land itself than the house. She wondered if the hindrance had vexed Voldemort as much as it did her. And sure, she could've punched a hole through the wards themselves, but that would reveal a bit too much about herself than she cared to, especially if Dumbledore, or Merlin forbid, Aurors investigated. They needn't know she could squash them all like insects if she wanted.

Once beyond the boundaries of the wards, however, she wasted no time in wrapping them both in powerful magic and Apparating them to the outskirts of Ottery St. Catchpole. It was under the cover of night that she stole northward, careful to avoid the Burrow. She had no qualms with the Weasleys, but their affiliation with Dumbledore was too strong for her to be comfortable being spotted by them, despite the unlikelihood at such a late hour. Her destination instead was the peculiar cylindrical-shaped residence that resembled a rook chess piece. It was eccentric architecture, but, granted, those living there were quite eccentric, too.

Hands full of Harry Potter, who was heavier than he looked, she was saved the hassle of opening the door, let alone knocking. A woman of average height stood in the doorway, her large silver eyes heavily bagged by fatigue; she, after all, had her own infant to look after, a certain Luna Lovegood. As the figure stepped aside, she entered right into a large kitchen space and dining amenities. She nodded to the woman with long, dirty blonde hair in greeting. "Good evening, Celeste."

"Maoh," Celeste greeted in turn with a respectful dip of the head and curtsy. "Luna is asleep and Xenophilius is out to fetch diapers and wipes. We have half an hour at most." As she spoke, she led them up a spiral staircase up several floors. Across from Luna's bedroom, Celeste opened a broom closet, magically enlarged to suit their purpose for that night.

The Maoh inspected the space before nodding in satisfaction. The cleaning supplies expected to reside in such a closet were nowhere to be seen, replaced instead by candles burning incense and a multitude of stones and gems that were suitable for channeling magical energies. A large circle had been drawn in chalk, a bit more than a meter in diameter, and a pentagram symmetrically placed within it, at each point a representation of the four elements plus a spiritual one: a chalice of water, a lit three-branched candelabrum, a flowering plant, a corked phial, and a rosary passed down to her by her great grandmother that had symbolic value to her. Runes danced along the outer edge of the magical circle, each strategically placed according to arithmantic equations, designed to promote the upcoming ritual intended to take place.

Celeste closed the door behind them and the only light to illuminate the room were the candles. She watched as the woman made sure the babe was wrapped securely in his blanket before setting him in the center of the pentagram. Hands clasped in an uncharacteristic display of anxiety, she went to stand close to the somber woman. "Maoh, forgive my insolence, but are you sure? The repercussions if it fails, and even if it doesn't––"

"I know, Celeste." She paced the border of the circle, humming an odd tune under her breath. She knew very well that this ritual could strip her of her magic, or even her life. But some things were worth risking so much and with all that relied on Harry's continued existence and well being, she was honored to be a part of his life, to serve him in this manner. She knelt and her knees popped in protest, but she didn't twitch. Angling her head back and placing her hands on her lap, folded neatly, she sunk deep inside herself and summoned her magic, her maryoku, and her sheer will. She saw that place she wanted to send Harry in her mind's eye and embraced it with intent and purpose. All the while, she was unaware of the aura she emitted and the light from the sigils surrounding Harry. She needed perfect concentration to pull this off. Even the slightest distraction could lead to devastating consequences. And Harry must live. No matter what.

She felt the growing swell of raw energy inside her and began to feed it into the circle and its runes. A translucent barrier shot up from it, passing through the ceiling and roof without seeming to touch it at all. It shimmered and wavered as it struggled to make the connection between worlds, a glittering tunnel that may or may not have been a likeness to the theorized wormholes that could potentially bridge two distance points. She felt the ripple of magic as gravity reversed in the tunnel and watched through half-closed eyes as Harry in his bundle ascended slowly from the floor. An invisible force pulled him up and up and up, through the ceiling and roof as if it were not there, disappearing from view but still in transit, if the intense buzzing of the magic were anything to go on. A few beads of sweat formed on her brow as she felt her magic begin to protest at the strain she was putting on it. She trembled with impending exhaustion, but persevered.

She was unaware of the time lapsed as she fought with her magic, her maryoku wearing out at a disturbingly fast rate. Gathering what she figured to be the last of her strength, she pushed with all her might, bade the magic to take the child far, far away, demanded it to bend to her will and obey despite the strain. And with a shaky exhale, she expelled everything that made her Maoh, the last boost of magic she could expend, and felt the energy abruptly snap, causing the ground to tremble at the rebound. Before she lost consciousness, she was overwhelmed by a feeling of accomplishment and knew that Harry had left this Earth. She also knew, all too well and perhaps better than any other, that fate could not be thwarted, that destiny would take its course in one way or another. But that didn't meant it couldn't be delayed.

With that last thought, Sibyll Trelawney fell into a coma, her magic depleted, left a feeble Squib in the unmerciful grip of darkness.

Dorcas paused in his rounds and exchanged looks with his fellow men-at-arms. The noise was faint but constant and although it sounded far away, there was obvious distress in it. A quick gesture had his two partners spread out and in strategic position before they began a surgical sweep of Blood Pledge Castle's lower and less occupied corridors, the deeper they go, the louder the sound. By all means, it sounded as if it were coming from the treasure room, but it was secured with a lock that only a few had the key to. How something got in there––an animal, no doubt, by the wailing it was doing––was a mystery to be solved later.

"Summon the Maoh and Commander von Voltaire," he briskly ordered. "There may have been a break in." While one soldier sprinted off to do just that, Dorcas examined the lock on the door to the treasure room. It was intact and showed no sign of forced entry; the door was solid and refused to budge when pressed. The only remaining explanation was majutsu, but an animal didn't have maryoku, unless it was a trick of some sort for them to open the door and release what was inside to attack the Maoh or wreck mindless havoc on the castle––but what kind of Mazoku would harm the Maoh? Surely it wasn't houryoku, since it was notoriously unreliable in Shin Makoku and therefore harder to perform.

With all the possible threats dutifully taking up most of his mind, it never occurred to Dorcas that the source of the noise was a scared baby, woken by the method of transport used to bring him to their world.

Vital Kyo Kara Maoh! Terminology

Mazoku: "The Demon Tribe," people of Shin Makoku.

Majutsu: A special discipline, "magic," essentially, that is acquired when a mazoku makes a pact with an element, such as fire, water, earth, or air. It is extremely difficult to use in human lands.

Maryoku: A mazoku's power source for his majutsu. It can be drained if overused, leaving the mazoku weak for a time. In severe cases, using up one's maryoku can lead to death.

Maoh: The Demon/Mazoku King. He rules over Shin Makoku with the assistance of the 10 (12?) Noble Families.

Shinou: "The Shinou," the Original King who founded Shin Makoku. He sealed away Soushu, a great evil that plagued the world 4000 years ago, into the Four Forbidden Boxes (The End of the Land, The End of the Wind, Hell's Fire on Frozen Tundra, and The Mirror at the Bottom of the Sea).

Daikenja: "The Great Sage," the Original King's most trusted advisor and friend. He swore a promise to do whatever it takes to destroy Soushu once and for all.

Soushu: An evil entity spawned from intense negative emotions. While most of it was trapped in the Four Forbidden Boxes, a fraction latched onto the Shinou and festered in his soul.

Soukoku: A kingdom of dark eyed and dark haired people regarded highly in Shin Makoku. They are supposed to have mythical powers that are greatly feared by humans. Soukoku, "double black," can be a derogative term.

Shinzoku: A thought to be extinct race with powers like the mazoku. Their country, Seisakoku, was sealed off from humans and strangers in general, and is falling apart.

Houjutsu: "Ritual Art," the shinzoku's counter to majutsu. It is extremely difficult to use in lands occupied by the mazoku.

Houryoku: Like maryoku, it is the power source for a shinzoku's houjutsu.

Houseki: A naturally occurring element, often mined as crystals, that stifles a mazoku's maryoku and majutsu. It can be used by humans to harness houjutsu, despite them having no innate magical abilities.

Shin Makoku: "The Great Demon Kingdom," literally "True Mazoku Land." Most mazoku reside in this country, founded over 4000 years ago by the Original King.

Covenant (or Blood Pledge) Castle: Located in the capital of Shin Makoku, Blood Pledge Castle is where the Maoh and many of his advisors live and operate most of their business.

Shinou Temple: Located in Shin Makoku. The Genshi Miko (Original Maiden or Oracle) resides in this temple that is said to house the Shinou's spirit. The Genshi Miko is essentially a priestess who communicates with the Shinou through prayer and meditation. Only women are allowed inside, unless they have permission.