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Chapter 1: Oh Hell No!

*Beep beep beep* *Beep beep beep* "Kagome get up! It's your first day back to school." said Sue Higurashi outside her daughter's bedroom door. *Beep beep beep* Kagome groaned hearing her alarm go off for the third time. Kagome Higurashi is your average 18 year old girl who goes to school, has friends, and has her own personality. The one thing that Kagome and her bestfriends Sango, Ayame, and Rin share, besides clothes, is the love for being the punk goths of their school, Shikon High.

Kagome, gracefully, fell flat on her face. If she wasn't so tired she would have cried out in pain but on the way down her clock had read 7:30 am and she quickly got off the floor and scrambled to her closet.

Looking through her closet she found the perfect outfit. It consist of a black wife beater with a silver skull in the middle, black and white ripped skinny jeans with chains attached to fore and back pockets, and a pair of silver gladiators that matched her silver painted toenails. She then sat down at her vanity and looked at her natural appearance. She applied silver liquid eyeliner, black mascara, and her favorite mint flavored lip gloss. She combed through her wavy black hair and put it into a messy bun. Kagome rushed out her room grabbing her wallet, cell phone, car keys, silver iPod, and personalized black backpack. She ran downstairs (caution of her clumsiness) and gave her mother and grandfather kisses goodbye and ruffling her 14 year old brother Souta's hair before grabbing an apple and running to the garage. She opened the garage door and hopped into her black Toyota Prius, she plugged in her iPod and played her favorite song of the time.

While singing along to 'Everybody's Fool' by Evanescence, Kagome's phone started to ring and noticed Sango calling.

"Hey Sang" Kagome said

"Sup Kags" Sango said

"Nothing, just singing and riding in my car to school and singing some more, why?"

"Nothing really, just waiting for Kohaku to hurry up so we could leave like NOW!" Sango said with just a hint of annoyance in her voice. "Oh and speaking of school do you think it's alright if you could pick Kohaku and I up since a little pest here woke up late and we missed the bus!"

"Ok, Sang calm down! I don't want to come over and find someone on the floor unconscious and the other on the couch watching T.V. like I did last week, but sure I'll be there in 5 mins."

"Ok, see you then. Bye!"

"Bye" Kagome hung up and turned down the street to Sango's. Once she got there, Kagome got out the car, walked to the front door and rang the doorbell. She waited until it opened to reveal a 17 year old Kohaku. He was wearing a plain blue shirt, black skinny jeans, and black Vans. His hair was in the usually small pony tail.

"Hey Kags" he said while rubbing the back of his head. From the way Sango was sitting on the couch with a smile plastered onto her face it was too obvious she couldn't hold in her anger.

"Hey Haku, what'd she use this time, exercise ball or fist?"

"Neither, dictionary" he said and once she looked down, there it was. Kagome however was curious as to why Kohaku isn't unconscious on the floor since the dictionary is at least 6 feet away from the book shelf.

"So… Sang I see that you couldn't keep your anger under control until I at least got here" Kagome said

"Hey! It's not my fault you should have gotten here faster. I wasn't nicknamed 'Fuse Bomb' for nothing."

Sango and Kagome have known each other since they were two and have been bestfriends ever since. Kagome walked over to the couch and looked over Sango's outfit. It consist of: a black tank top with neon green letters saying 'Caution will blow :)', black shorts, and black and green flip-flops. Her hair was in a high pony tail and she had on black eyeliner with some green eye shadow and light pink lipgloss. Kagome sat on the couch next to Sango. "Ok, well whatever Sango but if we don't leave now then it's gonna be your fault that I have to hit Haku again." This Kagome said while winking at Sango only for them to look at the expression on Kohaku's face and burst into a fit of laughter.

"That's not funny you guys, it really hurt!" he said

"I'm just playing with ya Haku, calm down" Kagome said while catching her breathe and wiping away a tear that rolled down her cheek.

"Ok, guys we really have to go before Haku starts crying for mommy!" Kagome said in a mock baby tone

"Shutup Kagome! I could drop kick you if I wanted to!" Kohaku said his anger present

"Whatever Haku. Let's go now"

"Alright let me first say bye to Kirara" Sango said

"Kirara!" Sango yelled up the stairs. A small black and cream colored cat came running down the stairs.

"Hey to you too Kirara" Kagome said as the small cat rubbed against her leg.

"Hey dad, we're leaving!" Kohaku yelled up the stairs

"Kay go learn; Sango don't get pregnant and Kohaku don't get anyone pregnant!"

"Uhm yeah love you too!" Kohaku and Sango said in unison laughing before grabbing their things and leaving out the door. All of them hopped into Kagome's car and drove to the dungeon of education.

Once they arrived at school, Kagome felt stupid, happy, and furious at the same time. She felt stupid because she remembered that over the summer the school had sent out letters saying it started at 8:10 rather than 8:00. It was great though that she was 20 minutes early to school but then she felt furious because she rushed out the house so fast she didn't have breakfast. Now she was walking down the hall to her locker starving. Luckily she remembered the apple she had and took it out of her bag and happily ate it. Having nothing to do until class started, Kagome stopped past the office to get her new schedule and books for the year. She then went to her locker to drop off the books she didn't need and then proceeded outside with her supplies and apple. She walked toward a table, sat on it, and pulled out her iPod.

"Hey Kags" she heard what seemed to be two familiar female voices. She pulled out her earphones and turned around to see Ayame and Rin walking towards her.

Ayame was wearing white shirt with a red dragon going around it, black skinny jeans that were ripped with red tights seen under it, and a pair of white flats. Her curly red hair was flowing freely along her shoulders. Rin, who was coming up behind her was wearing a black wife beater that was ripped through the middle with a yellow tank top under it, yellow skinny jeans that were ripped with purple tights seen under, and purple gladiators. Her long straight brown hair was in a side pony tail and a streaks of purple extensions throughout her hair. "Hey Yame, Hey Ice" Kagome said using both their nicknames.

"Ice and I just got our schedules and we found out we have all our classes together! Can we look at yours!"

"Yeah, sure."

Ayame and Rin looked at Kagome's schedule and found they have all the same classes except for Math and Music.

"Aw damn, well at least we have most of our classes together." Rin said

"Yeah, but nobody is in my Math class. Fuck! That means I'll be failing this year…again." Kagome said annoyed

"Hey guys!"

The trio turned around to see Sango running towards them.

"Hey did you guys get your schedules yet! I just got mine." Sango said a little out of breathe

"Yeah, we were just looking at Kags can we look at yours?" Rin asked

"Sure" Sango said, giving them her schedule. They all looked over her schedule and the only ones that were happy were Ayame and Rin.

"Yes! We have the same classes!" Ayame said elated.

"Ok, Yame you don't have to rub it in." Kagome said getting a little annoyed.

"What's wrong?" Sango asked

"She has Math by herself again." Rin said answering Sango's question.

"It's alright Kags, if you need any help you could ask us given we're pretty good, not saying you aren't, but you are, I mean..." Sango said trying to be helpful

"It's ok Sango but thanks anyways guys." Kagome said with a smile until she heard a familiar voice call her name and her smiled turn into a sneer.

"Kagome don't let her get to you. We don't want to get suspended on the first day back like last year." Rin said smirking

"Ok fine, but hold me back just incase." Kagome said half smiling

Kagome turned around and came face to face with the school whores: Kikyo, Kagura, and Yura.

"What is it that you want Kiky-whore." Kagome said, venom dripping from her voice.

"Nothing really, just wanted to tell you and your… friends that Halloween isn't for another month so the make-up and customs can go back until then." Kikyo said with a smirk while her twin sluts snickered.

"Kikyo please do us all a favor and take you and your twins home. Whores and sluts aren't allowed in public until AFTER dark." Kagome said

"Ha ha ha very funny. But at least we can get guys." Kagura said

"Yeah, for a one night stand." Ayame said with a grin.

"At least we've gotten laid." Yura said trying to sound intimidating.

"Well we rather be virgins," Rin said "than walking STDs" Rin said at the angry faced gawking trio before joining her friends in a storm of laughter.

"Well this was fun but my friends and I can only handle so many bitches in one morning, so bye!" Sango said smiling as her and her friends flicked them off before leaving a now fuming Kikyo, Kagura, and Yura in the courtyard.

Kagome, Ayame, Sango, and Rin had been through Pre. Chem. And History classes and were now on their way to Gym when they caught sight of Kohaku hanging out with some guys. "Hey Haku!" the quad said in unison.

"Hey guys" Kohaku said walking away from his dudes to the girls.

"Hey Haku?" Sango said in a questioning tone


"Who are those guys?" Kagome said finishing Sango's question.

"Uhm well the one the cold facial expression is Sesshomaru, the one with the electric blue eyes is Koga, the one that has violet eyes is Miroku, the one that has amber eyes but is shorter then Sess is Inuyasha, and the one with the braid is Bankotsu."

"Oh, so they are the Ravens." Rin said understanding

"The what?" Ayame asked

"You guys seriously don't know. They're the strongest gang in the school well Tokyo to be exact. Kohaku told me he hangs out with them plus my sister's boyfriend is in the gang" Rin said in a matter-of-factly tone.

"Ok so let me get this straight Haku, you are a part of the strongest gang in school?" Sango said stifling a laugh but failed causing Kagome and Ayame to laugh with her while Rin just giggled at the already known fact.

"Hahaha… sorry Haku but… that's just…too funny!" Ayame said trying to stop laughing but failed.

Talking about this girl that he saw in the courtyard this morning, he explained that her and her friends told off the whores that try to get Sesshomaru and Inuyasha, that was until he got interrupted by a group of girls calling for Kohaku. Turning around he saw the same group of girls that he was telling the gang about calling Kohaku over to them. He watched and figured Kohaku was talking about them and after much more talking he saw them laughing at Haku. He wasn't sure about what but nobody laughs at his gang members, especially not a bunch of girls so he proceeded to walk over to them with the rest of them gang following close behind.

"You guys that not funny! Shutup!" Kohaku pleaded

"What the fuck do you think you're laughing at?" came a low voice

The girls stop laughing, turned around, and were everything but intimidated by the tall boy towering over Kagome with his gang behind him.

"I don't know who, and I really don't care who you are but I know you need to back the hell out of my face!" Kagome said to the boy standing over her looking at here. The boy that was standing 3 feet away from her was now practically touching her nose with his.

"Bitch I don't know who you think you're talking to like that cause nobody talks to the gang leader Bankotsu Akutarou like that."

"Ok well for starters, the name isn't bitch it's Kagome so learn it and B I don't give a damn who you are or what fucking gang you run, all I know is that pricks like you get foots like these up asses like yours. So if you could excuse me I'd like to get to gym before I end up getting suspended for beating the shit outta you." All this she said, venom dripping from her very words as she left, shoving everything and everyone out of her way. All the boys standing there, except Bankotsu, were shocked to see that the most feared person in school was just told off… BY A GIRL! 'That bitch, that fucking bitch just signed her death warrant' he thought as his glare slowly turned into a smirk. 'I'm gonna make her life a living hell considering I too have gym.' He thought as he walked away from his gang with a devious smirk upon his lips. Everyone in the group saw the smirk on Bankotsu's face and knew one thing was coming. Trouble.

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