First Date
By John Hughes
August 22, 2010


The rights and ownership of Clark Kent, Superman, Wonder Woman and Diana Prince belong to others. I borrow them with the sole intention of entertaining myself and other fans like me. NothIng has been gained by myself or anyone reading this work.

This is my first fan fiction involving Superman and Wonder Woman. Feedback is always welcome.

He stands before the door waiting.

Having arrived five minutes earlier, this handsome man raises his hand to the polished wooden door and pauses. Knowing he should knock and alert whoever is inside to his presence. But he can't seem to bring himself to make contact with the door.

It would be obvious to those passing by that this man is here at this place and at this time for a social visit. His dark suit is pressed and the shoes that now gleam in the setting sun look as if they have been polished by a professional.

His large upraised hand slowly retreats from the door and instead reaches for his wire framed glasses. A simple adjustment and clearing of his throat allow for a few more moments to pass by.

That the man is nervous is quite obvious. His other hand shakes slightly and the roses wrapped in elegant paper gently rustle. This same hand could on any other day bend steel or even easily lift amounts of weight that would defy human logic. But today, that same hand is barely able to hold somethIng as delicate as flowers.

Just as he works up the nerve to raise his free hand to the door for a final time, it opens slowly. A woman that brings a new meaning to the word beauty stands in the doorway. She smiles radiantly at this man and moves a stray hair from her face.

As the man brings forth the flowers like an offering to a Goddess, her breath catches for only a moment and then her smile returns.

"Hi Clark." She barely whispers.
"Hi Diana" He responds.