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The eager eyes of Camp Rock's members followed Nate as he made his way up the stage at a jogging pace. Dana was taking the steps one step at a time. Her camp's focus was on taunting the opponents. She sighed. They wouldn't notice even if they did listen.

The dance-off had gone on for nearly two hours the day before, leaving Nate and Dana enough time to perfect the plan. And Nate stood at his piano, fingers suspended over the black and white keys as he waited for Dana to get in the same position.

Dana perched herself on the high stool she was using for this so that she could see Nate and her fellow campers over the massive black piano.

"Ladies first," yelled someone from Camp Star's crowd.

No one from Nate's side dared to object. They all honored that bit of code. It was always traditional to let the guest go first. And since they were on Camp Rock turf, Dana was welcome to go first.

And slowly but surely, Dana hovered over the keys a little bit. Then her fingers began their way across the piano's soft white playing field, a light and slow tune floating across the airwaves. It cut odd abruptly a moment later and her eyes flickered to Nate.

Without missing a beat, Nate pounded out his own sound on the glistening white piano that he used on tour so often. He stared out at Camp Rock and barely registered that they were making some noise for him. A fired up crowd is always the best crowd.

Dana picked it up as soon as he left off, now letting the tune get carried off and more complex in rhythm as she manuvered the pads of her fingers swiftly from the black keys to the white keys, playin harder in a more rock style that Nate has posed for her to drive with head on in the competition.

Then Nate dropped it down an octave, driving hard at the keys to get the sound he wanted out of the piano.

Dana smiled fiercely but then wiped the expression right off her face, knowing that she should be competitive instead of enjoying this. But playing with Nate was all too enjoyable.

And breaking out to play right where Dana left off, he began the sequence of keys he knew all too well by heart. He just hoped Dana could pick up on it and how different it sounded on piano rather than his acoustic guitar.

That same smile tried to get her once again. Dana played the exact same notes where Nate had left off, knowing how to follow the key sequence almost as well as Nate. Her fingers made a swift dash across the black keys for the octave in use and she played out those few bars effortlessly.

Nate fought back his grin. She had recognized the tune. He played out the next part and heard her kick in on it at the last second. The volley of playing had ended and the two were playing the song together. 'Introducing Me' actually didn't sound bad on piano. But it was much better on the guitar by any standards.

Dana's smile returned and this time she didn't have to hide it or smother it. She looked over at Nate with that familiar twinkle in her dark eyes.

They played together.

Mitchie's eyes widened slightly. "This isn't right," she said, turning to Shane who had stood by her side throughout. "He's supposed to be pounding her to dust by now."

"He can't," breathed the Connect 3 member. "He likes her. A lot." Shane wrapped his arm around Mitchie. "And Nate's proving a point to us."

The girl leaned into Shane. "It's better to play together, isn't it?" she asked.

"I don't know, but I like this song," said Jason from where he was standing behind them. He was doing his own little dance number from where he was.

Shane just smiled while Mitchie laughed.

Nate just looked down at the three and then over to Dana. They had already hit the bridge of the song and were running out of notes to play. If someone didn't step in soon, they were going to be in trouble.

Silently, Mitchie made her way up the stage. She went around the back of Nate. "We got it," she told him. "Together, not apart."

And his fingers began to slow on the keys. Dana matched his pace quietly and Mitchie jumped back down the steps, returning to Shane's side.

At last, Nate let the last few notes die, a pattern that Dana followed with ease.

Dana stepped away from her piano first. A moment later, Nate followed in suit. He got to the center of the stage q mere moment after the girl was there. "Guys, why be playing against each other when we can be playing together?" Dana asked her campmates.

"It's supposed to be all about the music," said Nate, knowing that his side already knew this. Competition was for the fun of it and for the Final Jam, but to have a double camp battle was making it more competitive than being about the music. "This is just getting way out of hand." His eyes had a dark blaze of fierceness to them.

"The two camps can still stand apart and whoever wants to go to whichever one can do so. It doesn't matter. Just stop the fighting." Dana's voice was hard as stone. "It's not fair for those of us who came for the music and to learn."

"Keep the fight to yourselves." Nate stepped a bit closer to Dana. "The rest of us don't need it."

With that said, the two made their way down the stage towards the members of Camp Rock. Nate let Dana go over to her side, knowing they were still separated by one thing. Her father owned Camp Star and he was already too loyal a member of Camp Rock to back away from it now. It would be forever a lovers' duel.

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