This just some thing between Orihime and Hichigo/Shiro/Ichigo's hollow. Any name you want to call the guy.

And No I Don't Own Bleach… Sadly.

Such a pretty little girl,

Why are you scared?

My pretty little Hime,

This is no Dream.

Help Me,

Set me free!

The hollow stole my soul,

And left me with a hole.

Crying to king to save you, little hollow.

Every where you go misery will follow.

If the king see's you, you WILL die.

Before you even have a chance to ask why.

You turned me to a hollow and there's nothing I can do.

But now at least I know that I hate you.

If you forget to watch me with all due haste,

I'll chomp you up and have a taste.

Hey King, do you want to know,

Where you little Hime did go?

I've taken the beauty and made her a beast.

She's perfect for me now to say the least.

Together we'll roam the world leaving carnage in our wake.

In this victory of mine, Credit you can not take.