Title: Drawn Together

Summary: Kaiba deals with his Yami obsession by drawing yaoi doujinshi in secret—featuring a human Blue Eyes White Dragon and the Black Magician, who have an uncanny resemblance to the two rivals. What Kaiba never counted on was Yami finding out and wanting to reenact his favorite scenes…

Pairing: Kaiba x Yami, human!BEWD x Black Magician

Rating: M for graphic lemons, sexual content, and mature language.

Disclaimer: Yu-Gi-Oh! does not and never has belonged to me.

A/N: There will be lemons in this fic, so enjoy! But first, a bit of plot to get us started...

Chapter 01: Achromatic

As the teacher droned on about pathetically easy English readings that were insulting to his intelligence, Kaiba silently withdrew into his own mind for the sake of his sanity. Although in truth, it wasn't much of a refuge because of what he had been choosing to distract himself with of late. For the past two years, Kaiba had been tormenting himself with thoughts of his only worthy rival, Yami. What had once been simply an obsession with defeating Yami in Duel Monsters had become so much more than that. He wanted to possess his rival in all ways, wanted to make it so that Yami only looked at him and no one else. Kaiba just ached for the former pharaoh in ways that he didn't even understand—in ways that he wasn't sure he ever wanted to truly understand.

Although Kaiba had tried to ignore it for as long as possible, it had eventually gone past the point of denial and the distraction was irritating to Kaiba on so many different levels. A little over a year ago, Kaiba had finally decided to take matters into his own hands and find an outlet for his unseemly desires. It was his thought that if he found a way to get it out of his system, then he could move on from the problem. However, since there was no way that he was ever going to confront Yami for those sorts of desires, he did the next best thing—he utilized his other talents to make things happen.

Of course, becoming a doujinshi artist was something Kaiba never would have considered being, let alone a yaoi doujinshi artist on top of his responsibilities as president and CEO of Kaiba Corporation. But there was a market for Duel Monsters doujinshi and Kaiba had plenty of ideas about himself to funnel through his art in the guise of Yami as the Black Magician and an anthropomorphized Blue Eyes White Dragon with a resemblance to himself. He consoled himself by saying that it was purely a case of supply and demand—he had plenty of ideas to supply and there was certainly a large market of demand for such things. It had been his hope that if he got it out of his system, it would go away and leave him in peace. The mere thought of his own naivety on the issue was almost astounding to Kaiba; he hadn't realized he had any of that trait left in him anymore.

It was both fortuitous and troublesome that his first doujinshi had been wildly popular and had sold out faster than Kaiba would have imagined. Although he didn't know why he was surprised; he was a talented artist and it would have been more surprising if it hadn't been a success. Of course, then his natural pride wanted to see if he could outdo his own previous record and it spurred him into a follow up with a sequel. And then that turned into a third installment. When he published a fourth volume, it was clearly becoming a series and by then he had a loyal fanbase and a strong online following on his website.

In some ways, it made it easier to think of the scenarios when they were of his Blue Eyes with the Black Magician, even though Kaiba was painfully aware that they were just stand-ins for his own desires of Yami. But there was never a shortage of ideas and Kaiba found himself retreating further into an idea that he had been toying with for his latest issue.

The Black Magician looked fondly at his rival, the ever beautiful Blue Eyes White Dragon, amused by the scornful glare he received in turn. His haughtiness was part of his glory, his regal bearing accentuated by his floor length white trench coat with silver trim that was reminiscent of his claws, and he maintained his ethereal appearance because of his long, flowing white hair that the magician never grew tired of running his fingers through—when his temperamental dragon allowed it, of course.

"Do you really think I'll fall for your tricks?" the dragon turned human growled, his blue eyes flashing violently with his irritation. If he still had a tail, it would have been wavering angrily in warning to the magician to refrain from his normal attempts at subduing him through magic. The mage had been quiet for far too long and the dragon was distrustful of silence almost as much as he was of the Black Magician's way with words.

"You have in the past, my beautiful dragon," the magician pointed out, taking a moment to reminisce about some of their more memorable encounters. He enjoyed a good tussle with his dragon; few things were more challenging than trying to be with him.

When Blue Eyes made a threatening noise, partially out of embarrassment that there was any amount of truth to the magician's statement, he was instantly outraged that he wasn't being taken seriously. The Black Magician reached out and stroked the underside of his chin like he was indulging a pet and Blue Eyes stepped back from the touch. "I will not be swayed by your words," Blue Eyes swore, knowing that was the real source of the magician's powers.

"As if I needed words to bind you to me," the mage purred before stealing a kiss from his favorite dragon.

Blue Eyes was quick to take control, using his superior strength to pin the smaller man against a wall. "Save sleep talking for when you're asleep," Blue Eyes snapped as he leaned forward in a threatening manner, carefully nudging one of his legs between the magician's.

"Is that an offer to move this to the bedroom?" the Black Magician impishly asked, arching into the dragon's touch for more.

"Hn," was the only offer the Blue Eyes offered before kissing the mage aggressively. He nipped at the magician's lower lip when he felt hands starting to wander to the closures on his coat.

The action displeased the magician who saw it as a challenge and the mage murmured a spell that he had learned especially for his difficult dragon. Blue Eyes' only warning was the sensation of magic dancing over his body before the tingling sensation subsided and they were both left in the nude. "I hate it when you do that," Blue Eyes muttered, even as he took advantage of the disappearing barriers between them.

The magician simply laughed as he surrendered himself to his dragon's strength, depending on him to support them against the wall as he positioned himself with a sigh. "You're just jealous that I'm more powerful than you," the magician teased, gasping when it earned him a rough thrust of their arousals together.

"Even if that was true, I wouldn't waste time with such pointless emotions," the dragon scoffed, stepping up his efforts to distract the verbose magician.

The Black Magician reveled in the kisses lavished upon him and he started calling out, "Kaiba-san," before—

It was enough to pull Kaiba away from his thoughts, because he couldn't allow himself to slip in the identities, especially not during school hours. He was quickly refocused when he heard his teacher's harsh and disapproving, "Kaiba-san!" It made him realize that she was the source of the crossover of reality into his fantasy and that she had been repeating it several times to gain his attention.

Glaring hatefully at the woman, he was gratified when she recoiled from him despite the six rows of desks between them. He was irate that he had been pulled from his musings, even if things were about to take an embarrassing turn for the perverse. It also didn't help that the true object of his thoughts was only a few seats away.

The woman was unnerved by his stare, but she repeated herself for a third time, "I asked you to translate this passage on page 467."

Resisting the urge to just walk out of the room, Kaiba finally opened his book and glanced down at the work. It was even easier than the ones she had been boring him with earlier in the period and he rapidly translated it with the years of fluency lent to him through his thorough training for business, which included extensive English lessons and time spent abroad in America. When he finished reading, he couldn't resist the urge to add in English, "Stop wasting my time with such elementary learning." It was unnecessary, but he was still riled up from her interruption.

Kaiba ignored all of the eye rolling and muttering that his "showing off" had caused and he watched her gape in shock at his rude demeanor and lack of respect. She rather looked like a fish gasping for air on deck and it only further served to disgust him. Some days he really wondered why he even bothered with public school, other than the fact he was trying to set a good example for his younger brother. Well, that and he got to see more of Yami, even if they couldn't interact because of the differences between them.

His eyes always seemed to be drawn to Yami and he couldn't resist sneaking a peek over to see what Yami's reaction had been to his comment. Scarlet eyes were bright with amusement and a small smirk that made Kaiba wonder just how much the teen had understood; sometimes it felt like Yami could see right through him all the way to the secret thoughts he tried so hard not to harbor. Arching an eyebrow at the teen, Kaiba tried not to feel the warmth that spread through him at the little laugh it earned him from Yami.

Telling himself to stop acting like a stupid school girl with a crush, Kaiba forced himself to look away with a sneer that was meant more for himself than Yami. Doing his best to tune everything out, Kaiba ignored her threats to have him sent to detention. He was too powerful for the likes of her to punish; there were still some benefits to Gozaburo's original conditions set at the school after all.

Once everything had settled, Kaiba found himself unwilling and unable to return to his previous thoughts. It didn't help that he kept getting distracted by Yami and the way he was sitting as he tried to appear to be paying attention. There was something about the pose that made Kaiba's fingers itch to draw and he didn't resist the urge; it probably would be useful for a later panel in one of his future stories.

It was just as easy to lose himself in sketching Yami as it was in thinking about his alternative incarnation as the Black Magician he so often fought with during their duels together. He would have been suspicious about how still Yami was remaining—almost as if he knew he was being drawn in that specific position—if it weren't for the fact that his rival hadn't glanced back his way once since the last time. Kaiba ached to know the lines and contours of Yami's body, he wanted to feel them with his fingers to better define his art, but he knew that all of the power, prestige, and money in the world couldn't get him such a right—not that he would try any of those routes with Yami.

The sound of the bell ringing to dismiss class startled Kaiba and he swore when it made his hand overextend a line on his drawing that he was quick to erase. As he started packing up, an unexpected shadow fell over his desk and Kaiba looked up to discover with some shock that it was Yami standing before him. "What the hell do you want?" Kaiba gruffly asked as he subtly slid the picture out of view, his attitude as terrible as always when it came to Yami. He knew it was stupid to act out on his own frustrations at his behaviors, especially because it just drove a wedge between them even further, but it was a necessary precaution for self-preservation.

Grinning at the brusque demeanor and ignoring it completely, Yami questioned, "So what had you so distracted during class?"

The sight of Yami subtly peeking to see what he had been working on was enough to make Kaiba's heart flutter nervously. He could never quite shake the fear that Yami would somehow discover the truth about his work as a doujinshi artist, but he knew there was no way someone like Yami would ever read yaoi doujinshi, let alone about Duel Monsters themselves. Pushing those fears away, Kaiba tried to brush Yami off in the same manner, "It's none of your damn business."

"Oh, I think it is," Yami disagreed playfully, the lighthearted expression on his face melting a part of Kaiba that he kept trying to reinforce his barriers against and failing every time the walls came down a little more.

"And why's that?" Kaiba asked, humoring his rival even though instinct was telling him to let the subject drop for his own safety.

"Because you were staring at me for most of the period," Yami conspiratorially confessed in a low murmur that sent a shiver through Kaiba at the sound of it accompanied by a sexy confident expression.

Mentally cursing himself for having been caught and feeling as if his heart was in his throat, Kaiba tried to shrug it away as he abruptly stood up and started walking. Blatantly ignoring his protesting teacher as he left the room with Yami hurrying after him, Kaiba addressed him, "Don't flatter yourself."

Rather than taking offense, Yami laughed brightly and Kaiba hated the way it warmed him like nothing else did. He felt pathetic for being at the mercy of his rival in such a way, but Kaiba had long ago conceded that his mind just wasn't going to let go of Yami until someone more powerful and intriguing came along. When they came to the split in the hallways where they separated, Yami waved at him with a flirtatious wink as he said, "A picture lasts longer, you know," and with that he was gone, blending into the crush of students that stole him from sight.

Kaiba just stood there, letting the flow of students go around him as he stared blankly at the place where Yami had disappeared. Sometimes Kaiba thought Yami knew, that the teen was toying with him somehow, but he knew his rival was too honorable for such things. Plus, his pride would never let such a thing stand without confrontation, so Kaiba told himself to stop being so paranoid and go to math. The rambling lecture about being an idiot for looking forward to their next shared class sadly went unheeded as he distracted himself with other thoughts. He was already thinking about the benefit of his eidetic memory that he knew would be useful when he was touching up the drawing he had made while his math teacher bored him with equations that he had mastered by the age of twelve. It was a far better use of his abilities than using his perfect recall for his late night distractions.

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