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Epilogue: Balance

"You so owe me dinner for this," Yami growled as he tried to subtly stretch in his current position.

"Quit your bitching and stop moving," Kaiba ordered, too focused on his sketch to pay any mind to Yami's griping.

"You know, this isn't exactly comfortable," Yami complained, his legs starting to feel the burn from being on his knees for too long, face first on the bed, with his hands handcuffed behind his back and his ass up in the air.

"You wouldn't be complaining if I was behind you," Kaiba pointed out, sounding bored as he worked on detailing the handcuffs in his drawing for the cover of volume six of Millennium Masters.

"Then come distract me," Yami tried to entice him, shaking his ass a little, hoping that he could annoy Kaiba enough to get him to come over and give him a thorough reprimand that would have him begging for more.

Looking up in exasperation, Kaiba warned, "Move again, and I'll leave you like that."

Sighing in defeat, Yami continued to mutter, "You're no fun in artist mode."

Although Kaiba secretly found Yami's pouting to be adorable, it still wore on his nerves when he was working. "Oh please, you think I'm sexy as hell whenever I'm drawing," Kaiba said dismissively, loving that he could pop holes in Yami's argument so easily. "If I was wearing my glasses, you could come without me even touching you."

"You're touching me on the page, it counts!" Yami argued, although even he had to admit it was weak. "Besides, you're sexy no matter what you're doing, so get over here and be sexy, yeah?"

"By your logic, I'm just as sexy when I'm ignoring you," Kaiba pointed out, sketching Yami's ass with a smug smirk just because he could.

"Damn it," Yami groaned in complete misery as he nuzzled the pillow under his face since it was the only thing he had access to. "And stop laughing at me!"

"Then stop talking, problem solved," Kaiba countered, still snickering at Yami's dilemma.

"Why did I have to fall in love with such a bastard?" Yami bemoaned, but there was still a hint of a smile on his face. The past few months had been nothing short of wonderful and Yami thoroughly enjoyed their relationship, even if they still had a tendency to clash over certain things as rivals always do.

"Because you're a closet masochist," Kaiba answered easily, never even looking up to see the reaction he knew he'd receive.

"Only because you won't let me be a sadist," Yami shot back, glaring half-heartedly at his lover.

"Yes, I love you enough to deny you what you want for what you need, now shut the fuck up or I'm sending you home," Kaiba warned, for what was probably the fourteenth time that session alone.

Wracking his mind for a better tactic, Yami tried, "Wouldn't it be easier to come over here and shut me up?"

"Nice try, but it's not going to work," Kaiba told him, even though his cock perked up considerably at the offer.

"Enpei-sensei," Yami moaned, just going down his mental list in the hopes that something would trigger Kaiba's need and get him away from his work.

"I swear, the next picture, I'm putting a gag in your mouth," Kaiba threatened, knowing that Yami was probably contemplating the merits.

Making a dissatisfied noise, Yami tried to make himself as comfortable as he could given how long he had been maintain the same position. He tried to remind himself that the end results were always worth it, but Yami was growing tired and irritable; being erect and neglected for so long did little to help improve his mood.

It was only after Yami fell silent that Kaiba started to feel sort of bad, knowing he was being unfair to his lover. Yami was unfailingly patient when it came to the drawing sessions and Kaiba was prone to take advantage of it. He logically knew he should give Yami breaks, but whenever he started drawing in earnest, it was so hard to stop for trivial things like stretching. Besides, it was too hard to get Yami back into the exact position, so it was better just to leave him as he was and deal with the complaints.

Although, Yami had been complaining more this session than any other, so it made Kaiba finally look up at him and study him beyond the intent of sketching. He could see the way that Yami was subtly flexing his fingers to keep feeling in them, the shaking of his upper thighs from staying in such an awkward position for so long, the tensing in his neck from the unaccustomed pressure on his head from such an angle. Finally taking pity on his boyfriend, Kaiba set his sketchbook aside and got up to approach Yami on the bed.

Yami tried not to get his hopes up about Kaiba finally coming over to him. After all, it was probably just to make an adjustment to his position since he had been fidgeting too much earlier and Yami didn't want to think of what crazy configuration Kaiba would have for him as punishment.

Flinching at Kaiba's touch, Yami held his breath when he felt those strong hands travel downward along his back. Kaiba felt the action and all of the residual tension in Yami from the stress of maintaining his position for so long on top of his arousal and there was a small twinge of regret for making his boyfriend stay that way. Yami didn't know whether to relax into the touch or tense up further from anticipation of what was coming next, so he waited as still as he could.

Kaiba continued exploring the areas affected most by his prolonged drawing session and he could feel the trembling of Yami's upper thighs under his fingers. He was sure that it was only sheer stubbornness that prevented Yami from collapsing earlier and Kaiba decided that a reward for good behavior was in order before they moved on to other things.

Reaching into his pocket and pulling out the key, Kaiba used it to undo the handcuffs that had been restraining Yami for so long. He could see the pale discoloration in Yami's fingers from the lack of proper circulation and Kaiba wordlessly helped guide his boyfriend down to lie down on the bed. As much as Kaiba wanted to take advantage of the position he had been studying for almost two hours, Yami's comfort came first now that drawing was done for the moment.

Groaning his thanks as he stretched like a cat before settling down fully, Yami made himself comfortable while waiting for Kaiba's next move. He hadn't expected to feel Kaiba's hands to start gently massaging his neck, causing Yami to melt into the bed with a contented sigh. "Reward for good behavior?" Yami mumbled, closing his eyes and focusing on the feel of Kaiba working out the tension of his muscles.

"You call that good behavior?" Kaiba scoffed as he straddled himself more comfortably over Yami.

"Come on, I stayed like that for like two hours," Yami complained, although the will to do so was fading fast as Kaiba's fingers continued to move.

"You're exaggerating," Kaiba told him, even as he checked his watch to verify the time he had been working. "It was only an hour and forty-seven minutes."

"Okay, so I'm off by a few minutes—"

"By thirteen minutes," Kaiba corrected, unable to resist.

"Fine, by thirteen minutes and ten point four seconds," Yami facetiously agreed, making up the latter number, "but the point is, that's a long time to stay in one position with no breaks."

Leaning forward and kissing the nape of Yami's neck, Kaiba murmured, "I know, I'm sorry," as he moved down to massage his shoulders next.

Grumbling indistinctly into the covers despite being pleased with the unusual apology, Yami relaxed completely under Kaiba's skillful fingers that were more than making up for the strain his earlier actions had caused. It was rare for Kaiba to give him a full body massage after a session, but Yami adored them, even if he suspected half the time it was an attempt to refamiliarize himself with certain aspects of his muscular structure.

Kaiba took his time, working his way down one of Yami's arms and then down the other before returning to focus on his back. It was methodical and systematic, but damned if it didn't feel amazing to Yami. He was torn between being turned on by it and relaxed almost to the point of sleep all at the same time. "I love your hands," Yami mumbled as he luxuriated under Kaiba's touch, trying to focus on staying awake. "It's totally worth it…"

"And here I thought that's what the sex was for," Kaiba quipped, only half meaning it.

"That, too," Yami agreed as he snuggled deeper into the covers while Kaiba worked out the kinks in his lower back. He instinctually started to tense up when Kaiba's hands skimmed over his ass, but Yami quickly relaxed once more when the fingers started to work on his upper thighs instead.

Knowing that Yami's thighs were probably one of the worst affected areas from the long session, Kaiba took his time on each one as he thoroughly worked out the soreness in them before proceeding down to his calves.

"Not that I'm complaining," Yami prefaced his comment, "but you probably should have done this afterward, because now I really don't want to move."

"That'll change," Kaiba predicted, knowing that he could coax Yami's body into responding to him. Proving his point, Kaiba let his hand trail back up to fondle Yami's ass, smirking when his hips moved instinctually in response. "See?"

Yami was about to respond when he felt the reassuring weight of Kaiba disappear from the bed. Even though it took a concentrated effort, Yami rolled onto his side for a better look, loving the sight of Kaiba stripping out of his clothes. "I'm sure you'll endeavor to do your best to prove your point," Yami told Kaiba with a smirk.

"You know it," Kaiba confirmed with a beautiful arrogance as he gently nudged Yami onto his back and once again straddled himself over his lover. "Somehow I doubt you'll have any complaints about it."

"You mean other than the two hour wait?" Yami teased as he ran his hands up Kaiba's thighs and enjoyed the view.

"Didn't you promise to wait for me forever?" Kaiba asked in the shared ancient language he had come to accept, leaning forward and narrowing the distance between them. "What's another two hours?"

Reaching up and running his fingers through Kaiba's hair, Yami used it to pull him even closer as he commented, "Mm, I love it when you do that." He had reached the point where he could understand the gist of what was being said, but Yami still refrained from speaking what fragments of phrases he could remember from the past and from Kaiba. It was still occasionally frustrating, but it was easy enough for Yami to distract himself by how sexy it made Kaiba sound.

They shared a slow kiss, one that Yami thoroughly enjoyed as he melted further into the luxurious sheets. Kaiba could sense the lingering lethargy from his earlier massage, so he took his time in coaxing Yami's into compliance. It took longer than usual, but Yami was practically mewling with need by the time Kaiba had finished preparing him before entering.

The pace started out slow, but eventually their rhythm began to build as they chased the sensations. It felt like a timeless moment for Yami as they moved as one, their movements perfectly synced with each other. He almost wished that it was harder and faster, that instant fulfillment after being denied so long, but there was something exquisite about it being drawn out for so long. It was almost a relief to cum, even if it left Yami completely spent. Kaiba was quick to finish afterward, having been tortured himself by looking at Yami for so long without touching.

When Kaiba pulled out, he noticed the way that the sheets had bunched above Yami's head and studied it for a moment. Between Yami grasping at the sheet and him resting his hands there for leverage, it left creases in the sheets that had their own form of beauty to them. Yami tilted his head back to try and see what Kaiba was staring at so intently, but he failed to understand. "What are you looking at?"

As tempting as it was to go grab his sketchbook and do a quick study, Kaiba just wasn't inclined to do anything other than lie down next to Yami. "The pattern in the sheets," Kaiba answered with a shrug, knowing that he could remember it perfectly if he decided to draw it later.

Smirking a bit as Kaiba curled up next to him, Yami teased, "So does this mean that they're actually going to do it on a bed instead of a dungeon floor?"

"They've never been on a dungeon floor," Kaiba testily corrected him, although it really was a minor difference in location rather than construction.

"Yet," Yami added, laughing when he earned a poke for his efforts. "I bet the Black Magician would have an awesome magical bed, too."

Kaiba's mind immediately started turning the idea over in his mind, trying to visualize the ways that could work in a future installment. It had potential, especially depending on how to depict the various spells; he always enjoyed doodling the abstract designs to pass the time. "That could work, actually," Kaiba agreed, shocking Yami at his immediate acceptance of the idea.

"It'd be even better if it meant the Black Magician got to be seme for once," Yami suggested, wondering if he'd ever be able to convince Kaiba to try it. "After all, he's the one who knows all the spells to bind his tricky little dragon."

"He will do no such thing," Kaiba immediately refused, twitching when he felt Yami's hand start to wander lower on his body.

"But he could," Yami pointed out, lazily fondling Kaiba's ass. "So could I for that matter…"

"Hn, I'd like to see you try," Kaiba challenged out of habit, immediately regretting it.

"Give me an hour to recover and I'll be more than happy to show you," Yami promised with a smirk.

Harrumphing against Yami's shoulder and earning a laugh, Kaiba muttered, "I'll bet," even as he felt a flutter of anticipation run through him.

Yami didn't say anything to that, he just kissed Kaiba's temple and enjoyed holding him as they recovered together.

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