The cold was biting, I could see every shaky breath leave my lips.

"Hey, dropout."

My skin prickled in delight as I slid my eyes shut. I could swear I heard his voice. It was rich as it licked my ears (or that could have been the snow). All around me was… what? The screaming of the wind and those who fell became indistinct from one another.

There was so much blood.

It froze and cracked off my skin as I marched away from my kill… from my many kills.

"You've always been so stupid."

Something went wrong… the mission was a success but I was slowly losing my ability to rationally think. One wrong step, that's all it took, in a loose patch of snow. And I was falling… the sharp waters crashed against the cliff side below as I began my decent.

As if from heaven a hand found my wrist, my whole arm shuddering as my fall was halted. I looked up into the eyes of Sai.

My teammate, my friend.

We had been through so much together… from the trips to Ichiraku where we laughed together, the three of us, to the missions where we were forced to kill in order to survive. I almost smiled at my savior, that is, until he let go.

As quickly as that hand had been there it was gone, and I was staring up at the wide eyes of my comrade who had let me fall possibly to my death. I was too tired to care anymore, but wondered what I had done wrong for him to let me go as he had.

I never hit the water, instead my cold skinned teammate somehow swept underneath me, catching me in his arms. I pressed myself against him, inhaling the intoxicating smell of ink.

"You idiot! I can't believe you dropped me!" I exclaimed with all the energy I had left.


A blunt answer, but that's all I needed. I couldn't remember much after that, I must have blacked out. But when I woke up, they were both there, him and her.. My teammates, my family… my eyes couldn't help but to be drawn to the empty spot beside Sakura…

Someone was still missing…

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