Falling in Love with James Potter

Chapter 1: Love is a big word

Lily Evans, Head Girl at Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry, sat in the library trying to concentrate on her Potions essay, but she felt as though she had forgotten something.

She continued to work, until she dropped her quill. Lily grabbed her things, and quickly darted out of the library. She ran the twists and turns of the Hogwarts castle. Lily finally got to the Heads Common Room, which she shared with the arrogant James Potter. Lily said the password to the portrait that hung on the wall and it opened. Lily stumbled through it and soon she was where she was supposed to be an hour ago.

"Lily, you're late" James Potter smirked

"I know, Potter" Lily used his surname like always "I was finishing my homework, besides I forgot we were supposed to meet up" Lily said honestly

"Whatever, Lils, but you owe me for making we wait" James' smirk grew wider

Lily groaned at the sight of the growing look on his face "What?"

"Kiss me" James said with a smile

"NO!" Lily shouted

"Lily, you owe me" James said coming toward her

Lily started to back away from him, but soon she had nowhere to run to, because she was trapped in a corner.

"Come on, Lily" James pleaded "You know I've loved you since 1st year" James said

"Love is a big word" Lily stated

"Last time I checked, the word 'Love' only had four letters" James smiled

"Oh, look, Potter can spell" Lily said in a baby voice

"You can too, Evans, I mean you already cast your spell on me" James said

"Wow, can you say corny?" Lily asked and tried to run away

"It may be corny, but it's true" James said backing away.

"Wow" was all Lily could say.

They continued to work, James cracking jokes once in a while, and Lily actually laughed. By the time they were only half way done, Lily couldn't stop smiling and her sides hurt from all of her laughing

After another hour, Lily and James both went to bed, well James did, but Lily couldn't because she had a certain black-haired boy on her mind!

After a couple days of thinking, Lily knew what was going on! Lily ran to the Gryffindor Tower looking for advice from her two best friends Alice Prewett and Mary McDonald.

She found them talking with Alice's boyfriend, Frank Longbottom. Lily ran toward them and stopped just before she ran into them.

"Oh, hey Lils" Alice and Mary greeted

"HI, Lily" Frank said politely

"Hi, you guys!" Lily said trying to be happy on the outside even though she was confused on the inside. "Um, can I talk to Alice and Mary, alone please, Frank?"

"Sure" Frank said and walked away.

"What do you want to talk to us about?" Mary asked

Lily said nothing and just dragged them up the 7th year girl's dormitory.

"Lily? What's up with you?" Alice asked

"Nothing, it's just I had to some Head duties with James and well, I was late…" Lily dove into an explanation of what had happened with James

"Wait!" Mary exclaimed

"What?" Alice and Lily asked in unison

"You didn't call James, Potter throughout that whole explanation!" Mary exclaimed again and grinned

"I….ugh….." Lily tried to cover up her mistake

"Ha! I knew it! LILY'S IN LOVE WITH JAMES!" Mary shrieked. Lily's hand flew to her mouth.

"Mary, I don't think China heard you, please say it a little louder!" Lily exclaimed angrily

"So, you don't deny it, Lily?" Alice asked with a smile

"Yes…wait…no…yes… maybe? I don't know!" Lily exclaimed and collapsed onto Alice's bed

"I get it" Alice started "You're in love with James…"

"But you're really confused inside" Mary finished

Lily said nothing, but she did nod

"Well, really, the only thing you can do is, tell him" Alice said and Mary nodded in agreement

Lily smiled and gave her friends a hug "Thank you that really helped! Now, I'm going to go tell him how I feel!" Lily got up and ran to find James

She finally found him out on the Quidditch Pitch, but what she saw mad her want to burst into tears. There, James Potter stood, with Hestia Jones wrapped in his arms and kissing him

Lily stood there, she couldn't move, she was frozen in place. Lily watched as James pulled away, he unwrapped his arms from Hestia and then he turned around toward –the now crying- Lily.

"Lily?" James asked with concern in his voice

Lily said nothing but quickly ran back inside the castle up to the Head's common room.

James was confused! Why was Lily crying? Did it have do with her friends? Or him?

'No' James thought 'It couldn't be me! She doesn't like me the way I like her!'

James hurried after Lily. Soon she was at the portrait that led toward the Head's Common Room. Lily had already entered and so James said the password then entered

James realized that she was in her room, because the door to her room was closed. James heard sobbing noises from inside, so he quietly knocked

Lily wanted to be alone. She continued to hear a knock at the door. She knew it was James, because he was the only one who could get into their common room

'I lost my chance' Lily thought 'He's already moved on from boring old me!'

"Lily! Come on, open up! I need to talk to you!" James cried form the other side of the door

Lily continued to ignore him, until his knocking began to give her a bigger headache than her sobbing was.

"Fine, come in" Lily said and turned her head away from the door.

Lily heard her door open and she felt someone come and sit on the bed

"Lily? What's wrong?" came the voice Lily learned to love. "Why are you crying?" James asked

Lily did not respond

"Lily, please, tell me" James begged

"Fine! I'm in love with you! And seeing you stand there snogging Hestia Jones, it hurt and I was trying to find you and tell you I love you, but I guess you've moved on" Lily sobbed

"Lils, I haven't moved on" James said, honesty filled his voice and Lily turned her head to look at him "And I didn't kiss Jones, she was all over me! I was just putting my broom back after flying and she came onto me. And for the record, I could never stop liking you" James said cutely in Lily's opinion "Lily, will you be my girlfriend?" James asked, for what seemed like the millionth time.

"Yes" Lily grinned and kissed James

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