Falling in Love with James Potter

Chapter 7: Morning Surprises

The next morning was a little strange. Lily woke up in a trap. James arms were around her side and she was glued to his chest. Although she was trapped, she was happy. She snuggled closer to him and breathed in his scent.

James' eyes fluttered opened and saw a flash of red beside his eye. His eyes opened wider and he grinned as he saw Lily cuddled up to him. He wrapped his arms even more tightly around her and shoved his face into her hair, smelling her shampoo.

"James?" Lily asked

"Hmm?" He murmured into her red locks

"Did yesterday really happen?"

"What do you mean?" James asked as he pulled away slightly to look at her

"I mean did our grandkids and their cousins really go back in time to your house?" Lily asked looking up at him

"Yes, I believe they did. If they didn't then we're both crazy" James chuckled and Lily smiled

"James, I honestly can't believe I'm here" Lily said and James could practically hear the smile in her voice.

"What do you mean? Here in my bed?" James winked and Lily hit him on the arm

"No, here at James Potter's house, waking up in his arms, because we're dating" Lily explained

"Is that an insult?"

"No, it's just I never pictured myself with you. You know, before I started to like you" Lily confessed

"Honestly, I knew I would end up with you in the end. I knew if I kept trying, you give in."

"Well, thanks for not giving up" Lily grinned and leaned up and kissed them

There kiss was cut short because they heard the doorbell ring from down below. James pulled away and groaned

"Who would come to a door at…" James glanced at his clock "7 am"

"The same people who get up at 7 am" Lily raised an eyebrow

James chuckled again "Very funny" He threw the covers off of them and they both got up. They glanced at Mary and Sirius and had to laugh, they were both sleeping like logs

They made their way down the stairs and went to the front door. James unlocked it and then swung it open to reveal Remus Lupin.

"Moony!" James cried in alarm as he remember that Remus' future son was just up stairs

"Hey, Prongs, I was just stopping in to give you guys your Christmas presents. Is this a bad time?" Remus asked. Then Lily stepped into the doorway "Oh, hey Lily"

"Hey, Remus" Lily smiled nervously

"What's going on?" Remus asked raising an eyebrow at the couple

"Uhh, nothing!" Lily scrambled to say

Suddenly they heard footsteps from upstairs. "What's that?" Remus asked


"There's no way that Sirius is up at this time, I'm actually surprised Prongs is up" Remus replied

More footsteps came and Remus became more suspicious

"Seriously, what's going on?"

"Moony…" James started

Then they heard voices as feet thundered down the stairs

"James! Leave me alone!" A girl's voice exclaimed. Lily slapped her hand on her forehead

"Who said that? And James how can you be here and annoying someone at the same time"

"Who said what?" James said trying to stall "I didn't hear anything"

"Me neither" Lily lied

"I just heard a girl say 'James, leave me alone'"

"Here, if it makes you feel better, I'll go look around and see what I can find" Lily smiled innocently and speed walked out of sight

"Prongs, what's up?" Moony asked once again

"Nothing" James said avoiding eye contact.

Lily practically ran over to the kids of the future. "Shh, Remus is at the door, and if we tell him he's going to think we're crazy!"

"W-what? Lily II stuttered

"Remus is here" The other Lily repeated

"Oh no" James II exclaimed

"What?" Lily asked

"Don't tell Teddy!" Albus commanded. Lily looked over at him, just now realizing he was there with them

"And why not?" Lily asked, putting her hands on her hips

The three siblings did not reply. They glanced at each other and then looked down.

Lily gasped. "Remus- he-he died, didn't he?"

The three siblings once again said nothing, but Albus did give her a short nod.

"Oh no!" Lily gasped

"Yeah, exactly. Teddy hasn't seen his parents since he was not even a year old!" James II explained

"Really? Oh that must be horrible"

"How our dad felt" Albus said

Lily shrugged off the sadness that was building up in her "We should probably make breakfast, you get the others, I'll go tell James" They nodded to each other and parted ways.

Lily walked up to her boyfriend and saw he was stalling Remus

"Moony, I didn't hear anything!" James exclaimed

"But, I did" Remus shoved James gently aside and walked in, uninvited

"Well then!" James said dramatically

Remus rolled his eyes and looked around

"James" Lily whispered, and James' eyes snapped toward her. "I'm gonna go make breakfast"

"Okay, do they know he's here?" James asked indicating the future kids

"Only our grand children" Lily said and smiled at her words

James grinned back "I like the sound of that"

"Me too"

"Um, are you guys done whispering?" Remus asked

Lily jumped slightly; she had forgotten he was in the room with them

"Yeah, I'm just going to make breakfast, but first I'm going to go see if Mary and Sirius are still asleep!" Lily lied and ran up the stairs.

"Mary's here?"

Lily ran up the stairs and almost ran into James, Lily, and Albus.

"Hey, we were just going down" Lily the second said

"You can't!" The other Lily said

"Why?" James the second asked

"Remus is down there"

"He is so gonna find out!" Albus exclaimed

"No, no he's not!" Lily said, trying to convince them and herself

"We should probably find out which room Teddy slept in and make sure he doesn't go down there" James said

They all nodded and began to look for Teddy.

What they didn't know was that Teddy had just finished making his bed and he was currently getting ready to walk down the stairs. He opened the door to his room and stepped out. He walked downstairs and immediately stopped in his tracks. There was someone he never thought he'd see a alive again.


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