A little story that came to mind after reading a review on another story. Takes place after the curse! Later will (somewhat) tie into one of my other stories, Broken Hearts. No pairings!

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Cooking With Yuki

At best, Yuki Sohma was not a good cook. At worst, he could easily burn the house down by (attempting) to make soup.

Yes, people have tried to teach Yuki to cook, or at least fix himself a bowl of cereal without having anything go wrong. Shigure tried to find simple recipes for him to try, but nothing was ever simple enough. Tohru made an effort to show him how to use the rice cooker, but that was a disaster. Even Kyo once showed him how to make a cake, but it somehow ended up in Kyo's face after a fight. And of course, several Home Ec and Foods teachers tried their luck too, but most of them had to take leave due to stress or mental breakdowns after having Yuki in their class.

And yet, now in university, Yuki still could not cook to save his life. He relied mainly on takeout, ready-made food and items that did not require much preparing, such as raw fruits and vegetables.

Worse still, now that he was living on his own, he didn't have anyone but himself to clean up after something did go wrong. How he missed Tohru at times like that. Kyo had it easy.

Yuki sighed to himself as he cleaned up yet another cooking catastrophe in his kitchen. When the recipe book said that the 'flavor will explode', he didn't think they meant that literally.


"Coming!" Yuki called, quickly wiping up the last of his mess. He brushed some flour out of his hair as he ran to get the door.

"Yukiiiii!" sang Momiji as Yuki opened the apartment door. Yuki stumbled backwards when Momiji glomped him.

"Hi, Momiji," Yuki managed to gasp once the younger boy loosened his strangle hold of a hug. He missed the days when the younger boy was half his size. When had he gotten so strong?

"Ready to go?" asked the blond eagerly.

"How could I forget?" muttered Yuki.

Earlier that week… (Yay, flash back!)

"Yuki! I'm going to teach you to cook!" Momiji announced over the phone. Yuki nearly fell over.

"Why the hell would you want to do that? You've seen what happens when I cook!" Yuki said, remembering all the failed attempts of others before.

"Well, you haven't seen me in the kitchen! I'm getting really good at cooking! I'm taking an advanced foods course at school!"

"Good for you…" Yuki muttered, kind of jealous. Even Momiji was now a better cook than he was. And knowing that psycho, he'd probably want to bring over his creations to share with Yuki. And that would be just plain humiliating.

"So how about it? Would you like to come over this weekend? I'll even ask if we can use the main house's giant kitchen!" Momiji chirped.

"Well… I don't know…" Even though Akito was not a threat anymore, Yuki still didn't like the main house. But maybe if he went for just one afternoon he might possibly maybe actually learn something. Momiji seemed pretty optimistic, though Yuki really couldn't say the same for himself.

"Come on! Pleeeeaase?" Momiji whined.

"Sure. Why not?"

"YAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAY!" Yuki had to hold the phone an arm's length away from his ear until his energetic cousin ran out of breath.

End flash back.

And so that brings us back to the present, with Yuki standing at the gates of the main house.

"Yukiiiii!" hollered Momiji as he jumped down from the high wall he was sitting on. Yuki quickly sidestepped, fearing an aerial attack style hug. "Lets go inside! I've got some great recipes that I think you'll like!"

"All right," he sighed, plastering a smile on his face in hopes of keeping an optimistic attitude. Momiji led the way into the vast kitchen of the main Sohma house.

"Now lets get cooking!" Momiji cried, tying on an apron and a cheesy-looking chef's hat. He started pulling out recipe book after recipe book from one of the cupboards.

"Damn…" muttered Yuki, eyeing the thick books that seemed to be mocking him. "What have I gotten myself into?"

To be continued…

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