Can You Do Simple Math?

Disclaimer: Not mine, I just like to play with the Characters.

My first NCIS fic. The story is most likely not going to follow exact time lines. Sorry for that. Starts off Gibbs/Mann but will eventually be Gibbs/Abby. If this is not your thing then don't read. Criticism is welcome. I have no beta so all mistakes are mine.

P.S. I despise Mann.

Hollis strolled into the lab. "You need to stay away from him."

"Excuse me?"

Abby could not believe her ears. She had put up with Mann and her cold attitude for quite some time now figuring that if she stayed quiet and neutral she would be fine. Of course she missed Gibbs. Her Gibbs. The Gibbs that would always be up for a late dinner and movie, or a couple of shots of bourbon when needed. The light kisses to her cheek of temple. The smiles that were reserved for only her. The Gibbs that was there for her. The Gibbs that was her. She should have known that it couldn't last forever in that stasis. He was bound to want something more for his life. How she wanted to be the one to offer that, but now. He would never see her in that light. She was ready to step back and let things be if it meant he was happy. If it was what HE wanted. But now there was direct fire coming her way, and she was not about to take it lying down.

"You are a child. It's time you learned that Jethro needs someone older, closer to his age. Not some twenty something year old freak that pines after him."

"Really now? Let me ask you something Hollis, have you and Jethro talked about me? I mean I'm sure I have come up in conversation." asked Abby.

"And if we have? Jethro does value your friendship a great deal more than I understand but you need to come to terms with the fact that he would never pursue a relationship with someone so young and childish." replied Mann.

"I see. If you don't mind my asking, since he obviously needs an older woman such as yourself, how old are you?"

"Forty four, but I don't see how that should matter to you."

"Can you do simple math Hollis? Did they teach you that in Basic training? Jethro and I have been friends for years. I have been doing forensics for years as well. Yes I graduated and had a PHD before I was of legal drinking age, but still think about the years I've worked as a Forensic Scientist. How far back stories of Gibbs and I go." Abby could see the gears struggling to work in her head. Abby was now having fun with this and a smirk appeared on her face. "Since elementary school math seems to be a rough spot for you, and I really hate to make you more insecure than you obviously already are, but I'm all of four years younger than you are. So please don't use age as an excuse to keep me away from Jethro. The day he comes and tells me to back off I will, aside from that I suggest you stay the hell away from me and my lab. This is a restricted access area and you can assure yourself that you've just placed yourself on the naughty list. Good luck explaining this one to Jethro. Oh, and by the way? Thank you for the compliment. Any woman loves to hear they can pass for nearly twenty years younger than her age."

Abby was done. She was all for Gibbs' happiness but she wasn't going to put herself through any more torture. She loved him with everything she had and if this was what was going to make him happy then so be it. She was almost out of breath with her rant. Hollis stood dumbstruck for a while and was about to retaliate just as the lab doors opened. Gibbs came in looking for results with empty hands. Should she really be surprised at this point? No caff-pow, no tugs at her hair, no hand on the small of her back. And then she noticed. His hands were not empty. They we settled on Mann's shoulders. No longer reserved for her. This was it.

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