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"Abbs, results!"

"Don't have them Gibbs, I'm a scientist not a magician. Now I would appreciate it if you both left me alone so I can get something done here."

Hollis had put on the best upset look she could muster. Gibbs wasn't sure exactly how to respond. Had Abby hurt Hollis? He knew she was not too fond of the CID employee but to purposely hurt her? Something happened before he appeared and he was sure it wasn't good.

"Holly I'll meet you upstairs in a bit."

"But Jethro I-"

He pecked a quick kiss on her lips that made Abby's stomach churn and heart shatter at the same time.

"Okay I'll see you soon." Sending a triumphant smirk over Gibbs' shoulder to Abby who seemed on the verge of tears Mann turned and walked away with a grin on her face.

"Abbs talk to me, what happened with Holly?"

"Nothing Jethro, nothing at all."

"What did you do to her?

"What did I do to HER? She walks around staking some false claim on you and we're all just beneath you both. You forget who your friends are around her. Who your team is." and then with a quieter shaky voice, "Who I am."

"Are you jealous? Of Hollis? Damnit Abby! All this because of a cry for attention?"

Gibbs regretted the words as soon as they escaped his lips. He knew Abby was right but couldn't admit to it. He knew he just hurt her. Badly. Deep down he knew he loved her but it would never work. He was being selfish in wanting a normal relationship with Hollis, but who was he hurting in the process?

"Get out." her tone murderous.

"Abbs I'm sorry."

"I said get out. Now. And don't you dare think about setting foot in here again. You and your... your... you know what I won't say what I think she is. The sisters would be very disappointed in me. And before you start pointing fingers, do what you're good at Gibbs. Gather the evidence. Follow that damned gut of yours! Did you stop to think about what she was doing down here in the first place?"

Gibbs just walked away defeated. He needed to leave before he said something that would render his relationship with Abby irreparable.

After Gibbs and Mann left Abby turned her music on to full blast. She needed to calm down. It was highly doubtful that Gibbs would be banned forever. Give her some time to blow off the steam and hopefully things would settle down.

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