Simple Definition of Psychological Projection (from Wikipedia): a defense mechanism that occurs when a person's own acceptable or threatening feelings are repressed and then attributed to someone else.

I stand here among the flames

That you have just created, Zeddicus,

And I'm disgusted by your words.

You accuse me of causing

Lots of death and destruction.

You dare to condemn me, Zeddicus,

After you just killed all those people.

Are you unable to see

How much of a hypocrite you are?

You act so self-righteous,

But I know the truth about you, Zeddicus.

I know your dark secret.

I wonder if you're ever told anyone

The truth about my birth.

Have you at least told

Your precious grandson?

I seriously doubt it.

As self-righteous as Richard is,

You wouldn't want to appear

Anything less than self-righteous yourself.

If Richard knew the truth about my birth,

What would he think of you, Zeddicus?

Would he still think of you

As the great and noble wizard?

I wonder.

Is it me you really hate, Zeddicus?

I don't think it's all me.

I think you mostly hate yourself, Zeddicus,

Because you were the reason

Why I was born.

My father would have never

Been able to conceive me

If not for your magical help, Zeddicus.

The Creator played no part

In my birth.

You were my creator, Zeddicus.

You are my father,

In a sense of the word.

All this death and destruction

That you accuse me of

Is really your fault.

Deep down, Zeddicus,

I know that is what you believe.

Stop hating me so much, Zeddicus.

Stop pretending that you

Are more noble than I am.

Stop pretending that you

Are so righteous and perfect,

While I am so evil and despicable.

We both know that's not the truth, Zeddicus.

We both know that I'm

Not the only "dark" one.

Feel free to hate yourself, Zeddicus.

I honestly could care less about you.

But stop hating me

Because of your mistake.