Dark Angel - Chapter 1: Her Childhood

"Gorgeous child... Brown flowing hair.. Voice like the angels..." The small child glances around her bedroom, but sees no one. "Lonely eyes... Searching for friendship.. Loving and longing always..." Nervously she walks to the door, only to find it locked from the outside. "Who's there?" she whispers. "I am your Angel of Music..." The voice replies. "Christine...Do you trust me?" Christine remains quiet for some time. "How do you know my name, Angel?" she whispers.

"I've seen you, watched you, longed to speak to you." His voice spoke softly and Christine's eyes widened. "Why haven't I seen you?" she asks, curiousity filling her voice. "Someday the time will come when you will see. Only then will you know why I hide."

"Angel, why do I fascinate you?" Christine walks back to her bed and lays down. "From the moment I first heard your voice, I've needed you with me." She feels her cheeks turn a faint pink color as she blushes lightly. "Father told me you would come..." she whispers. "I will teach you," his voice says, sounding rather firm, "You will learn from me, and no one else. Christine, if you stay with me, I can show you what no other person can. Someday you will sing." A tiny smile appears on her face. "Please teach me, Angel."

"Go to sleep now. The time will come when we will begin." His voice commands in a kind tone.

"Angel...I trust you" Christine whispers as she drifts off to sleep.

From behind the mirror, a man appears. His blackened figure slowly walks towards the now sleeping Christine. The moonlight reflects off a white mask appearing on the right side of his face. He watches with interest, before placing a red rose next to her sleeping body, and then disappears.