More Than Friends

By DaveTheWordsmith

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Chapter One

"Well, here goes nuttin'."

Fifteen year old Cindy McPhearson approached the front door, trembling and sweating, her heart about to explode from her chest. The scorching sun high above in the clear blue sky did not make her morning any better. This unbearable feeling hardly took over her body, but this time it could not be avoided. Her shaking hand reached for the doorbell, index finger extended, and poked the button a few times. Cindy played with her backpack straps during the quiet lull that filled the air. She looked up at a black crow that squawked as it flew over her head and landed on the roof. The front door's hinges squeaked when it opened to reveal an elderly man, a big smile on his face.

"Hey cutie pie, we were expectin' you! Come on in!"

Cindy grinned with a nervous twinge in the corners of her lips. "Thank you Mr. Freeman."

Granddad's eyes grew wide as he took a second look at the young girl, almost as tall as he stood. "My, my, have you grown! You gettin' taller every time I see you! You gonna be the next Diana Taurasi, ain't 'cha?"

Cindy turned her head a little, her cheeks turning red. She would have settled for Lisa Leslie, but the next Diana Taurasi had a nice ring to it. She stepped into the foyer and felt the soft, cool draft of air breeze past her face and neck.

Granddad closed the front door behind Cindy. "Want a nice, cold glass of orange juice? Some tasty French toast or how 'bout some buttery, syrupy, not to mention fluffy, pancakes?"

Cindy shook her head, the very start of her lie. "No thank you, I'm straight Mr. Freeman. I ate earlier."

"That's good. Make yourself at home!"

She watched Granddad make his way into the kitchen, most likely to fix a quick snack. The very comfortable aura made her body relax, her muscles less tense than when she bared the humidity outside. Cindy jumped at the sound of bass heavy rap music. Cindy poked her head in the living room to find Riley on the couch, in a wife-beater and sweats with his sock covered feet propped on the table.

She could hear the music from the television. "Booty butt, booty butt, booty butt cheeks! Booty butt, booty butt, booty butt cheeks!"

Cindy chuckled while she spied on Riley, who had a grin on his face. His head moved up and down with the beat of Thugnificent's Booty Butt Cheeks music video that played on the music video channel.

A trembling Cindy made her appearance by the big screen TV. Riley spotted her and flashed a smile. "What's good, Cindy? Why you here so early 'doe? School don't start fa anotha' hour!"

Her silver and platinum "CM" chain jingled with every step she took toward Riley. She plopped down on the couch next to him and gave him a pound.

"Don't you rememba? I got put in da 'Woodcrest School District Academic Achievers' program," Cindy rolled her eyes. "Fa some reason, dey think I'm smarter den a lotta da otha students in mah class, whateva dat means."

"Yo, dat's jus a fancy way of dem tellin you dat'chu gone' be gettin' mo homework ta do, mo books ta read, 'n dem long ass tests dat take foreva' ta finish 'n shit!"

Cindy smacked her forehead and groaned. "Aw man!"

"Hol' on jus a minute! If you part of dat program, den dat means you gone have classes wit…"

They both looked at Riley's brother. Cindy jutted her thumb in his direction. "Yee'uh, yo brotha Huey."

Cindy looked at Huey, who read his newspaper quietly on the other end of the couch. She looked away once Huey glared at the two "gangstas" out of his peripheral vision, then went back to his reading.

Remote in one hand, Riley channel surfed through the hundreds of music stations. He stopped on the MTV channel, which started to play Thugnificent's Stomp 'Em in the Nuts. "Jus promise me you won't be gettin' all nerdy on me 'n think you too good fa me, C-Murph. If you come ovah here askin fa cheese or ta borrow some of Granddad's suspenders, I'mma have ta slap ya up."

Cindy frowned. "C'mon, Riley! You know I ain't gone act like no sucka, reading books 'n learnin thangs fa no reason 'n shit! Dat's fo da birds! I'mma still be da same Cindy! Da same C-Murph, da same C-Murdah, best buh'lee dat shit!"

Riley put his fist up for Cindy to bump hers with. "No doubt, no doubt!"

"You sure you ain't hungry 'doe? Huey ain't gone eat his sausage 'n bacon. You can had'dat if you want."

Cindy rubbed her stomach but her head swiveled from left to right. "Naw, I'm cool."

She looked over at Huey, who placed his newspaper down in his lap, folded it "hot dog" style and put it in the couch. He rose from his seat and approached Cindy and Riley, his backpack with a red, black and green logo of Africa in hand.

"Cindy, the bus will be here any minute. We'd better leave right now."

Cindy shot up from her seat. "You ain't gone be tellin' me what ta do! I'mma go when I wanna go!"

"Fine, suit yourself. The next bus won't be here for another half hour. By the time the bus gets to school you'll be late, and that's not acceptable on the first day. To these teachers, late not only equals a penalty, it also means more homework and you'll have to write standards on the whiteboard in front of everybody."

Cindy growled, with her hands balled up into fists by her sides. "Fine den, but I ain't goin 'cause you told me to!"

She followed him out the door and down Timid Deer Lane to the corner by the Woodcrest City Bus Stop. Cindy stood paralyzed once she spotted the bus five blocks down the street idling at the bus stop to pick up a few people. She felt all of her bones and muscles lock tight.

Cindy's lips trembled as she watched the bus drop off a few people. "Oh hell naw, I can't do dis…"

Huey folded his arms across his chest. "Cindy, what's wrong?"

Cindy tried to hold back the tears with a few quick laughs. "You know what? I almost fuh'got! I ain't s'posed ta be in dis program, 'cause...dey don't accept white people! Dey thought I was black!"

Cindy almost laughed some more at Huey's 'you've gotta be kidding me' face. Frowning, she held her arms out at either side. "It's da truth! Didn't chu get dat letter dat dey sent chu?"

Huey's eyes closed as he slowly shook his head. "Cindy, stop digging a hole you're too deep to get out of. Your parents and Granddad told us we're going to stay in this program, and that's what we're gonna do. Now let's go."

Cindy shrieked the instant Huey had a grip of her arm. "Hell naw, Huey! I ain't goin'!"

She grunted while Huey pulled on her like in a game of tug-of-war and her arm was the rope. After a few moments of swinging on Huey, her fists hitting him on his face and his large, fuzzy afro, her attempts proved useless.

"Let me go, nigga!"


Her white Nike Dunks slid over the concrete in the opposite direction she did not wish to travel in. Tears dripped down her face, her vision blurry from the salty water that engulfed her eyes. Cindy didn't care if Riley saw her, fell and rolled around on the ground in laughter with tears falling from his eyes. She wanted to get away from Huey and their high school, one she wished she did not have to attend. Cindy broke free and started to run away.

"Cindy, what the hell is wrong with you?" Huey grabbed Cindy and put his arms around her waist while she kicked and tried to break free from Huey's bear hug. A black notebook from her partly open backpack dropped to the ground.

Cindy pounded on Huey's arms with each word she uttered. "I ain't goin'! I, ain't, goin, mutha, fucka!"

Huey's eyebrows furrowed. His eyes grew narrow. "Yes you are! You're much better than this! I mean, c'mon, you don't want everybody gossiping about you, do you?"

Cindy stopped swinging at Huey. "What?"

"You want everybody in Woodcrest to know that Cindy 'C-Murph' McPhearson is a cry baby? A bitch? Is that what you want?"

Cindy's body relaxed and ceased its out of control movements. She scrunched up her face. "Hell naw! I damn sho' ain't no pussy if dats what'chu sayin!"

Huey let Cindy go and handed her the notebook she dropped during their skirmish. "Then stop trying to break away from me, be cool and get on the bus, all right?"

A loud hiss accompanied by high pitched squeaks made both of them stop in their tracks. Cindy looked up at the bus come to a stop, followed by the large door that opened on its own.

The large, burly, old black man in the driver's seat leaned a little in Cindy's direction, a look of pity on his face. "Aww, don't cry little guhl! I know the first couple o' days of school with these niggas 'round here can be troublesome, but after the first week when they drop out or get killed, you'll be jus fine!"

"I ain't cryin'! It's jus mah' allergies!" Cindy wiped her eyes with the back of her hand, and pulled on the bottom of her red tee-shirt to straighten it out. She pulled up her baggy blue jeans, flashed her student ID to him and sat in the front row. She looked at the driver, Uncle Ruckus, and Huey busy in an argument once the young man got on the bus.

Uncle Ruckus grumbled. He held up his fist and shook it in front of an austere Huey. "I thought I told you little niggas for years now, you cain't be ridin' this bus! Why don't you go 'n get Pookie or Ray-Ray or some other nigga y'all know ta give you a ride in their car with those shiny spinnin' rims and them big ass speakers playin' that terrible, big lipped monkey nigga music of yours that y'all love so much!"

Huey pulled out his ID to show Uncle Ruckus. "Would you just shut up and take us to school?"

Huey murmured as he sat next to Cindy. Other than Huey, Cindy and Uncle Ruckus, the bus contained no other people.

Uncle Ruckus looked up at the round clock near his rear-view mirror, then back down at Huey. "Don't think I'm doin' you a favor out of the kindness of my heart, nigga. I gotta quota to meet. Consider yourself lucky."

Uncle Ruckus closed the doors and started to drive away from the curb to the high school a few miles away. Cindy glanced at Huey, his mind elsewhere as he looked out the window at the blurry houses and trees that whizzed by. While she stared at his large afro, which created a big physical difference between Huey and Riley because otherwise she couldn't tell them apart, she didn't notice that he turned to look in her direction.

Huey's right eyebrow moved halfway up his forehead. "Cindy, what's wrong?"

She blinked a few times and then looked away, blushing. "Oh, my bad! I thought you had somethin' on yo face, but it was nuttin'."

He did not respond. His head swiveled back over to the window.

Cindy gazed through the large front windshield of the bus at the high school campus three blocks away on the right side of the street. Its multiple buildings and large football stadium made her cringe. She pounded her fist on the nearby arm rest.

"I fuckin' hate da first day of school, man!"


After a long beat, Cindy sighed. "Aight, look, I'mma be real wit'chu, okay? But if you tell Reezy what I'm gone' tell you," she pointed at Huey. "Den you betta learn ta sleep wit' one eye open. Got it?"

Cindy took Huey's silence as a yes and closed her eyes. "Evah since fourth grade, I been picked on 'cause bitches be thinkin' I'm a…you know…a…"

The bus squealed and hissed as it stopped at the corner. Huey paused in hesitation, and turned to look at Cindy, who opened her eyes. "A wigger?"

Cindy and Huey did not bother to look at a few other kids their age get on the bus and sit in various seats in the back.

"Yeah! But dey don't know dat I'm one-sixteenth black, so dat technically means I'm black, right?" Cindy asked. She shrugged, looking at Huey for an answer. No response prompted her to continue. "So yeah, dey had ta learn da hard way dat dey betta not call me no white chick or a wigger! If dey did, dey was best ta protect dey neck, or else dey was gone get tortured, muthafucka! Cindy McPhearson ain't nuttin' ta fuck wit!"

Huey and Cindy remained silent while the city bus continued down the newly paved roads paid for by Ed Wuncler Sr., who made sure they named the High School after him.

Huey bent down to pick up his backpack placed between his feet. When he came back up, he found Cindy looking at him, a strain in her smile. "Ay Huey, my bad 'bout earlier. Iono why I still go through dat anxiety shit, 'cause once I got a lil' bigger I could start whoopin' dat ass! But dat feelin' stay comin' back erry year. I don't get it!"

"I presume it could be a form of conditioning that left an imprint in the subconscious part of your mind and reappears whenever presented with the thought of the first day of school. With the proper amount of counseling, advice from a psychologist, and medication if needed, your problem can be resolved."

Cindy laughed, and then smiled. "I'll pretend like I understood what'chu jus said. But yo, since we gotta be in dese classes togetha, right? 'N dey prolly gone gang up on us 'cause we new 'round heah, we mine' as well try ta get along, aight?"

"No harm in that."

"Dayum straight dere ain't none. Cindy's 'bout her bidness, twenty-fo-seven! You betta get it straight!"

Cindy nodded, while Huey shook his head at Cindy's mention of herself in the third person.

Once the bus arrived at their stop minutes away from the campus, Cindy and Huey remained in their seats while the other students departed through the aisle. Cindy smiled a little when Huey let her go before him. After Cindy stepped off the bus, she waited outside and observed Huey glaring at Uncle Ruckus during his walk past him. Once Huey got off the bus, Cindy tagged along. Cindy liked to go off to places on her own, but at a new school where Huey, Jazmine and Riley transferred, she needed to be around as many familiar faces as possible.

Ten minutes later, Cindy and Huey waited in line for several minutes in the quad to receive their schedules at various enrollment windows according to last name. After Cindy received hers, she stopped in the middle of the quad between the various tables spread around the grounds. The other students that walked around her like lemmings didn't take her out of her focus. She looked at the small brown and gold piece of paper which listed the information of all her classes.

Cindy growled and shoved the folded up paper in her pocket. "What da fuck? How dey gone give me Calculus, AP World History, AP Psychology, Spanish IV, AP English and AP Biology? Plus I got basketball ta worry 'bout? 'Dis some bullshit, man!"

"It looks like we have the same classes."

Cindy glanced over her shoulder to find a taller Huey by her side. She jumped and gasped, then frowned, lips pooched out.

She hit him on the shoulder. "Dayum! Tell a sista you nearby first before you jus roll up on me like dat!"

Huey kept a straight face as Cindy continued to spew other complaints into his ear. Cindy stopped once she spotted a figure with a pink shirt and blue jeans approaching them out of the corner of her eye. Cindy knew right away who it was from the girl's large, pink bag slung over her shoulder.


Cindy groaned once the mulatto girl ran up to her and wrapped an arm around her neck. Jazmine put her other arm around Huey and placed herself between her two friends. Huey did his best not to show any emotion, while Cindy's face crinkled up into a look of disgust. Jazmine stood on her tip-toes of her pink Chuck Taylors to be an even height with the two juniors of Ed Wuncler Sr. High School.

"Hi Cindy, hi Huey! I missed you guys so much during the summer! But why are you guys here together, and so early?"

Cindy said through clamped teeth, "Huey 'n me got put in da special placement program, rememba?"


Cindy huffed and puffed once Jazmine released her hold, while Huey took a moment to rub the back of his neck.

"Jazmine, why are you here so early?" Huey asked.

Jazmine laughed, and then gave him a giant beam. "I have to be here early since I'm a writer and editor of the newspaper staff, and then I have cheerleading practice and then after that-"

The loud, long beep from the school bell echoed throughout the quad. Once it ceased, Cindy turned to Huey, who nodded.

"Sorry, but we gotta go. We'll be late for zero period," Huey said.

Cindy grinned and winked. "Yeah girl, we can't stay, we gotta bounce! Holla!"

Jazmine pouted. "But what about-"

"We'll talk later at lunch time, jus me 'n you, aight?"

Cindy gave a saddened Jazmine a quick hug, then trailed Huey to the A building. Cindy looked over her shoulder at Jazmine, busy waving at her and Huey.

"Bye Huey! Bye Cindy!"

Jazmine waited until Cindy and Huey entered the double doors of the A building across the quad before she turned and frowned. She growled and kicked a nearby soda can. It ricocheted off the trash can a few yards away, spun around in a wobbly circle like a football and then fell down.

A tear fell down her cheek while she walked to the B building next to the A building. "I wish I was in Cindy's place, so I could be with Huey. My schedule is completely different from his. I miss him so much."

Before she opened the door of the B building, Jazmine's frown morphed into a smile.

"Don't worry, Huey. You'll see more of me. I promise."