More Than Friends

By DaveTheWordsmith

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Here's a quick warning: this chapter is shorter than the other four due to the fact it's the conclusion of this story. Again, much thanks to everyone who has read and reviewed this story. Here's Chapter Five, the wind-up.

Chapter Five

Jazmine ceased her anger-filled run and settled for a slow stroll. She walked on the grassy part of the sidewalk, under the large trees decorated up and down the street, her hands behind her back. As she observed the orange-red portion of the sky near the horizon below the purple portion, she picked up the sounds of someone's breathing behind her, accompanied by rapid steps. Jazmine's sigh contained nothing but disgust. She abhorred hearing that woman.

She heard Cindy from behind, who said between breaths, "Jazzy – wait up – let's – talk!"

Jazmine gazed over her left shoulder at Cindy, an evil glow in her eyes. She refused to stop at Cindy's request and increased the speed of her steps. Her eyes remained straight ahead, focused on her home only a few minutes away in walking distance. She frowned when Cindy maneuvered to the right side of the wide path. Cindy jumped ahead of Jazmine to block her path.

Cindy wheezed as she walked over to Jazmine. She put a hand on her friend's shoulder. "I wanna apologize n stuff…fa what I did."

Cindy released a silent gasp at Jazmine who gave her a sharp, piercing glower, one that would've made Huey take notice. Jazmine quietly snarled. Her body trembled, her knuckles turning white from the tight fists made that shook at her sides.

Jazmine slipped past Cindy, "Leave me alone."

Cindy grabbed Jazmine's right arm, shaking her head. "Nuh uh, girl. We finna talk."

Jazmine slapped Cindy's hand clutched onto her arm. "I said, leave me alone."

Cindy retracted her stinging hand and flapped it in the air. Jazmine turned on her heel and headed the other direction, nostrils flared, and her eyes narrow. She fumed through parted lips. Cindy caught up with Jazmine. She matched her fast pace. "C'mon. Stop bein so difficult."

Jazmine halted, as did Cindy. She turned and stared deep into Cindy's vulnerable eyes. "You know I really like Huey. When I saw you kissing him, it hurt, Cindy. Very bad."

Jazmine's cheeks puffed up as she folded her arms over her chest, her head to the sky. Cindy waited until a loud motorcycle whizzed by to reply. She sighed. "I know. I'm hurtin' too, cuz I didn't mean ta do it, at first."

Jazmine's eyebrow rose at Cindy's voice that trailed off. Her eyebrows pressed inward. With bitterness in her voice, she peered at Cindy and asked, "That's it? That's your reason for kissing him?"

Cindy jammed her hands in her pockets, unaware of the fire that grew in Jazmine's heart. She shrugged, her head bent low. She kicked a rock by her foot into the street. "Yea. I couldn't help it. Ta be fa real about it, Huey was prolly feelin da same thang I was feelin."

Jazmine gasped. Her whole body began to tremble. She couldn't believe it. Cindy, her best friend, had blown her heart into smithereens with a shotgun and caused it to explode from the evil, reactive chemicals gathered within the four chambers of the vital organ. Jazmine's breathing rate increased as her face grew boiling hot. The point of no return for her anger grew farther away with each passing second. Thoughts of Cindy with Huey holding hands, hugging, even kissing, made her blood turn pitch black.

Jazmine walked toward Cindy, who she swore give a small smirk. "You bitch!"

Jazmine screamed at the top of her lungs. She dashed over to Cindy and pounced on her. They crashed into the soft, tall grass behind Cindy, rolling across the giant, green, spacious lawn that belonged to Jazmine and Huey's neighbors. The two girls yelled and screamed while they pulled at each other's hair over the man they both desired to claim as their own.

"Argh, Jazmine! Damnit! Stop it!" Cindy tugged on Jazmine's left, poofy afro. Her grip loosened when Jazmine growled and slapped Cindy across the lips.

Cindy stretched out her fingers to grab more of Jazmine's orange hair. She yanked on Jazmine's pink shirt collar, causing the material to burn her very light brown skin. Cindy swung their bodies in unison to the right to gain the upper hand. Now on top, Cindy clutched Jazmine's neck with both hands. Jazmine hissed in response in an attempt to breathe through her mouth instead of her nose that throbbed with intense pain. She pounded Jazmine's head down against the lawn over and over. Jazmine yowled in suffering, her vision more blurry than before.

"What's wrong wit'chu?" Cindy wrapped one arm around Jazmine's upper body.

"You mean, what's wrong with you?" Jazmine wrapped her legs around Cindy, unfazed by the discomfort in her upper chest. She grunted at the pressure Jazmine desired to aggregate on Cindy's ribs and stomach. She threw Cindy on her side, holding on to her with both arms and legs. She clubbed Cindy on the side of her head with partially open fists.

Jazmine said with each punch, "Take that, and that, and that!"

Cindy held her hand over her ear to protect her head while she thrashed her legs between Jazmine's wrapped around them. Jazmine laughed before she grabbed the roots of Cindy's pig-tails. She winced at Cindy's knees ramming into her thighs. The adrenaline that ran through her system kept her from feeling the complete pang.

"Huey's mine, you witch!" Jazmine leaned her neck back. Before Cindy could throw a right cross, Jazmine threw her forehead into Cindy's. Cindy shrieked, holding her forehead that started to leak a few drops of blood. Jazmine cursed through the sharp tingles at the top of her brow. She found herself pulled in from Cindy's free arm, unable to use her good, right hand. Cindy formed her other hand into a claw shape and raked it over Jazmine's face. Jazmine drew an acute breath at the sharp pain from Cindy's hand that scraped across her left eye along with a few small pebbles of dirt on her eyelid that fell into the corner of her eye. She screamed and grabbed at her face, wiping the dirt away with both hands. Cindy sat up and threw herself into Jazmine, forcing her back down on the grass, dented from their bodies. Jazmine only saw the top of Cindy's chin and neck, due to Cindy's hands firmly pressed down on her shoulders.

Cindy coughed. "Hold on, let me explain alla dis."

"You don't need to explain…" Jazmine moved her right leg under Cindy's left close to her body so her bent knee faced Cindy's stomach. "Anything!"

Jazmine thrust her knee into Cindy's stomach area. She felt Cindy's cold sweat, blood and spit splatter on her cheek as she howled, her eyes and mouth wide open. "I wanted Huey first!"

Jazmine, with tears in her eyes, slapped Cindy in the face. She followed the slap with a hard left punch to her nose. Cindy fell on top of Jazmine, her head over Jazmine's left shoulder, the two girls huffing and puffing. Jazmine's face fixed itself into a tight grimace. She felt Cindy should suffer; suffer for theft of the one she wanted as her own.

Jazmine stuttered through tears, almost out of energy. "Why did you take my Huey?"

"You…" Cindy pulled herself up a few inches from the ground before she fell back down on Jazmine. She said, between deep breaths, "You gone let me…talk to ya now?"

Jazmine grabbed her face sprinkled with dirt, her tears mingled with the blood and sweat that ran trails down her cheeks. She heaved up and down from her sobs, unable to expel anymore of her anger on Cindy. Cindy twirled over to her back, next to Jazmine, the two both on their back, facing up to the sky, a shade of purple on the top half, orange on the bottom. Minutes of silence passed, save for the passing of a few cars and birds, before Jazmine regarded Cindy. She could see Cindy's bottom lip began to swell up.

"I neva really liked Huey," Cindy said.

Jazmine gasped. "Huh?"

Cindy reached over and slapped Jazmine on the arm. "You heard me."

Jazmine sat up. She spat out a few blades of grass lodged between her lips. Cindy gingerly helped herself up. "But, but I thought you two were…"

Cindy shook her head then rubbed her nose. "Nuh-uh. Jazzy, I was wrong fa what I did. Not jus cuz I hurt'chu, but, I kinda used Huey, too."

"What do you mean?"

"Reezy kept doin me wrong, 'n I needed, I needed someone ta, ya know…express mah'self wit. Huey was da closest thing to Riley, so…"

Jazmine's face became smoother, blanker, less wrinkled from her anger. She blinked twice. "Oh."

"Yee-uh. Buh'sides, I can tell you really wanna be more den friends wit him. You damn near whupped mah ass," Cindy said. She smiled and then snickered. "Shee-it, maybe you can be a member of mah all girl squad."

Jazmine's lips curled into a smile. "I'm sorry. I don't know what came over me."

Cindy nodded. "S'all good. Jus don't tell nobody you put me down wit a lucky punch."

Jazmine gawked at Cindy rubbing her nose. She raised her right eyebrow. "That wasn't a lucky punch. Admit it, I got you good."

"Only cuz you was squeezin da fuck outta me wit dem thick ass legs you got," Cindy said. She watched Jazmine, who sat with her legs crossed Indian style. "I guess cuz you a cheerleader, dey want you in top shape, huh?"

Jazmine sucked her lips in a little as she felt her face flush. "That isn't the only reason why I'm in shape."

She glanced up at Cindy, who she assumed saw her reddish face. Cindy fell on her back, chortling. "Ooooooooooh Jazmine, you a freak!"

"Am not!"

"You don't have ta tell me, I know it," Cindy said. "Ay, let's get outta heah before someone sees us."

Cindy wrapped her arm around Jazmine as they helped each other walk down the street to the Freeman's. Jazmine let Cindy go once they arrived at the front door. Cindy groaned as she reached into her pocket for the key. She unlocked the door and let them both inside. Jazmine closed the door behind them as they passed through the foyer into the living room. Sitting in the couch, his eyes on the big screen television, Riley dropped his Xbox 360 controller in his lap when he caught Cindy and Jazmine enter the living room. Cindy groaned as she held her stomach with her left arm. Jazmine stood at her side.

"Damn, whut happened? Y'all get jumped or sumthin?"

"Shut up, Reezy," Cindy said. Jazmine kept silent as they both sat next to Riley, Cindy the closest to him.

Riley clapped after he eyed the two girls. "Oh shit! Y'all two was fightin', huh?"

Jazmine sighed and shook her head. Riley chuckled until Cindy frowned at him. He picked his controller up, ready to start an NBA basketball exhibition game.

Cindy raised a fist and held it sideways, aimed at Riley. "You betta not say shit 'bout it."

Riley nearly crossed his eyes to gaze at her fist. He guffawed. "Pssh! You ain't gotta worry bout me. Worry 'bout him."

Riley consulted Huey with his eyes. Huey placed himself in the other sofa, a bottle of natural lemon tea in his hand. Cindy watched Huey's eyes focus on Jazmine, skip past her and return to his drink that he put to his lips.

Riley's cackles started up again. "Ay, Huey. Dem two was fightin' ovah you."

Cindy glared at Riley, about ready to punch him but she rescinded that decision. "Oooooooh Reezy, you really pushin it."

Jazmine watched Riley and Cindy talk among themselves too low for her to eavesdrop. She smiled as Riley and Cindy gave a quick hug and handshake. As they played their video game, Jazmine looked at Riley and Cindy, enjoying their rekindled friendship, one that could possibly turn into a relationship. Jazmine felt her body twitch and jump at the person who sat next to her. Without looking, she could feel Huey's eyes on her. She glanced at him.

"I'm sorry for-" they both said at the same time. Jazmine glimpsed Huey turn and place his drink by his feet. The warmth in her face intensified when Huey took her hand. She found herself ogling his eyes, his afro, his entire face, an action seldom performed in a long time.

Huey cleared his throat. "Jazmine, what Cindy and I did, it was only a-"

Jazmine squeezed his hand. "Forget about it."

She broke a long period of silence between them after a nervous exhalation. "Huey, ever since school started, I've acted like a horrible, selfish, picky, bossy, giant monster, especially to you. I'm sorry for the horrible stuff I've done to you."

She swiveled away from him, her vision submerged under her tears. Jazmine's trip away from her seat was cut short. She gazed down at her hand, held onto by Huey.

He moved closer to her. "I'm at fault too. When I spent more time tutoring Cindy than with you, I made a big mistake."

Jazmine desired to speak, but her mouth remained shut. The look in Huey's eyes said everything she needed to know.

Huey continued. "I should've acknowledged you instead of listening to my faulty judgment. I don't know how I can make it up to you."

Jazmine smiled. She shook her head. "Let's just start over."

"You sure?"


Jazmine scooted closer to Huey and embraced him. She sighed at the warmth his body radiated into hers. The soft touch of his hands on her back slid up her shoulders, over her clavicle and to her cheeks. Jazmine closed her eyes, taking in everything. She whimpered at the warmth she felt from his soft kiss he planted on her lips. The gentle touch disappeared from her face. Jazmine slowly opened her eyes, burying her face into Huey's chest. Jazmine jumped when Huey retracted his arms from around her. Upon sight of the old man in front of them, she knew why Huey changed his attitude.

Granddad performed a little dance, much to Huey's displeasure. The heat flared in Jazmine's face as she watched Huey shake his head. Granddad stopped having his fun and laughed. "Lawd, I never thought I'd see the day: Huey messin wit two girls in one day. Now I can die a happy man!"

Huey glared at his grandfather. "Granddad."

"I thought Riley lied, but now I see it's the truth," Granddad smiled. Before he departed to the kitchen, he said, "Listen boy, be glad nobody can call you gay anymore, especially your brother over there."

Cindy glanced at Riley while he played Madden 11. "So you ain't mad bout what I did?"

Riley grinned. "I was, but den I thought about it. Fightin fo a dude u want, dat ain't no bad thang. Dats a compliment, cuz ain't nuttin betta dan a ride or die chick, whetha she gone stay wit dat dude or not."

Cindy's eyes and lips smiled. "Fa real?"

"Haaaaail yee-uh. I'mma keep it one hunnid, doe. It ain't been da same wit'out'chu. You da only one who's been down wit me since day one."

"Aw, Reezy."

"Fa real. I cut dem otha girls off 'n told Ed I ain't down wit da coke game no mo. I treated you wrong, 'n dats mah bad."

Cindy didn't care if she repeated her previous words again. "Fa real?"

"If I'm lyin', I'm flyin'."

"Aight, den if we startin' ovah," Cindy put her hand in front of Riley, preparing for a handshake. "Promise no mo worryin bout me bein at school longer den usual and no mo callin me names like smarty art broad."

Riley smiled. He shook her hand, his other holding the Xbox 360 controller. "Promise."

Cindy grinned. "Aight, cool."

"Yep," he said. He smirked. "So what da deal wit'chu? You and yo moms cool now?"

She nodded. "Yeah we straight now. She said next week I can move back in."

"Cool, cuz I was gettin tired of you eatin damn near all da food portions."

Cindy laughed. "Man, jus shut up 'n pass me a controller. You goin down, son."

Riley tossed her the second Xbox 360 controller that previously rested on the coffee table. "You finna learn da hard way why dey gone put me in da NFL right now. Problem is Granddad won't let me."

Cindy socked him. "Whateva. Jus suck some, punk."


The End.