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The winter was usually cold that year. Icy crystals crawled up from the edges of the window panes - lining the hall with it's webs. A strange sort of light spilt into the hallway. It was neither soft nor comforting. It was beautiful but sinister. This light didn't drive away demons, or spirits - spooks or spells. Moonlight flowing in this house only seemed to expose you to what you were running from, and pave the way for it catch you.

How he hated that light which lied to him so. Light was suppose to make him feel safe. Instead, the young child was curled up in his blankets, awaiting for what would enviably come in the face of this cruel light, from the darkness on his room.

A shadow with a scent.

The scent was always the first to come. It was such an elegant scent, wafting through the halls just outside of the child's bedroom. It was one that spoke of enticement, riches, power - it was gripping. It's was the aroma of a woman who invested solely in herself - clean, polished, pristine. Then came the clicking sound. The clicking of her heels voiced her confidence, her ownership over all that surrounds her. Where this sound could resonate, she could possess. And finally came the third sign. He closed his eyes when the smell grew it strongest, the clicking reached it peak volume and-


Everything stopped.

The smell seemed to have disappeared. And the harsh clicks against the polished tile, ceased. And just for a moment the child prayed to a god that he had wanted to believe in so badly, to let it all really be gone - for her to be gone. He prayed that today she wouldn't have come to his room. He slowly opened his eyes, only to confronted with the reality that he was now in the eye of the storm.

His breathe, which had caught in his throat, now came in rapid pants. Blood was rushing his ears, every hair stood on end. The boy couldn't be bothered with the matter of his breathing. He didn't even want to breathe.

Nowhere to run.

The doorknob turned slowly…

Nowhere to hide.

A prolonged creak sounded at the door opening…


And that ugly, evil light poured into room, inching closer to the boy.


Tremors of fear coursed through the child as the light finally reached him. The rays of the damnable night exposing him to a beast that was to real to be a nightmare…

That faceless shadow had found him. Her fingers, that could possess anything she desired, gracefully laced their way through the quivering boys hair, eying him like a beast would it's prey.


The shadow drew closer, closer to boy until her breathe warmed his chilled neck. His knuckles burned from gripping the thin layer of blanket that served as his only safeguard, one that she was already peeling away. Before he knew it, he could already feel a hand raking up his side, under his nightshirt. Tears down rolled down his cheeks. He hated her. He hated her so much.


A distant voice called.

Strange... That voice wasn't the shadow's, wasn't that vile woman's. No - this voice was soft. It was concerned, understanding...even kind. The scene changed. The shadow, the light, the room - It all seemed so… surreal. His fear dissipated. His head now clear. This scene, it didn't seem to match anymore. He was vaguely aware - aware of a something amiss. This moment, it didn't fell real anymore. And…

'That voice…' The child thought foggily. He barely registered something was nudging, shaking him gently.



Mukuro jolted awake, breaking out into a cold sweat.