1. Scrapbook.

Six years ago, at that summer between fifth and sixth grade, we got away with a hell of a lot of things.

Like that rollercoaster. Or the haunted house. Or our backyard beach. Or the time machine or swinter or being one-hit wonders or going to mars or our extraterrestrial friend Meap or everything and anything else we did.

Yes, we were pretty darn hyperactive kids, thanks.

It is nice to think about it now, because six years ago, life seemed pretty much easy and carefree and even though we didn't knew it back then every day we faced life-threatening situations and I still wonder how we didn't got ourselves killed. Or drowned. Or eaten.

Or something.

So I'll try to think about the good ol' times every time I feel like I'm gonna die of embarrassment or stress or work overload or boredom one of this days at high school.

Remember kids, life is so much more fun when you're ten.

Except for the parties, Ferb says.


Remember kids, life is so much more fun when you're ten... Except for the parties.

Because I've fallen in love with the fandom, this is going to be a series.

It's gonna be mostly from Phineas or Ferb's point of view, because writing them at age sixteen is so fun. And besides, I want to keep close to the series' essence, but making it a bit more realistic.

So far, both that I have written are around 200 words, but I don't know if they all will be, but they will all be Phineas&Ferb friendship, with the possibilities of going a little slashy.

Ideas and themes for the next drabbles are all welcome.