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"Doppelgänger," Originally had an ominous sense to it - something like "a ghostly counterpart of a living person."


Tony sat down at his desk and turned to his computer. He was looking at the computer and didn't see his teammates come into the bullpen. He didn't even see McGee in front of his desk until he cleared his throat.

"How did you do it, Tony?"

"How did I do what, Probie?"

"I know it was you on Friday, DiNozzo."

"Again what are you talking about?"

"You were in my apartment on Friday night. You were looking through my stuff, but I could see through you."

"I was no where near your apartment on Friday, McGee."

"Right. Like I never saw you in my apartment room looking through my things and touching my papers and books."

"Are you feeling okay, McGee? Do you have a fever? Maybe you hit your head?"

"No, I didn't hit my head, Tony. I saw you, but I saw through you."

"It wasn't me. I didn't do anything. I was at my girlfriends house all night long, Probie." Tony said as he smiled at McGee.

"Right." McGee glared at his teammate.

"I'll call her and you can talk to her. I know I'll call her and won't let her know why. I'll have Ziva and Gibbs watch her and they will see if she's lying."


Tony took out his cell phone and dialed his newest girlfriends number. He told her that he needed to see her. Gibbs was sitting there and wondered if McGee was okay. A few minutes later a beautiful blonde haired woman with blue eyes walk in and made her way towards Tony's desk. Tony looked up and smiled at her and got up to kiss her.

"Tony, what's wrong?"

"Nothing's actually wrong. I just need to clear something up with my teammate."

"Okay." She said as she smiled at her boyfriend.

Ziva and Gibbs made their way towards the middle of the room to stand in front of Tony's newest girlfriend who he had introduced her as Grace.

"My teammate McGee" He nodded towards McGee "thinks that I was inside his house on Friday. I was nowhere near his house because I was at yours."

"It's true. He was at my house all night long. He only left on Saturday at 1:00."

"Thank you, Grace. I'll see you tonight."

"You're welcome, Tony. See you tonight." She said as she kissed Tony.

She was in the elevator when Tony turned to Ziva and Gibbs. "So what do you think? Was she lying, or was she telling the truth."

"She was telling the truth." Gibbs and Ziva both replied at the same time.

Tony nodded and then went back to his desk and sat down. He sat there for a while. Maybe it was my Doppelgänger. Originally had an ominous sense to it - something like "a ghostly counterpart of a living person" Tony said to McGee.

"Maybe. I hope your Doppelganger doesn't come by my house again and wreck havoc again."

Tony smiled and began working again and wondered if it really was his Doppelganger, or was it someone else trying to prank McGee.

The End