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PV: Shizuma Hanazono

Sonata and I sat in a booth together, she keeps avoiding eye contact. I know I shouldn't have said what I said, but I never knew it would bother her like it did in the taxi. She was shaking and her eyes were like watering and she was hyperventilating. I have never seen something like that before, an anxiety attack. I never knew someone could be so anxious before. At least when I held her hand she calmed down. Or, at least I think she did. Okay, she calmed down enough to where she wasn't shaking and her breathing patterns were normal. She's sitting very very still across from me. This is really weird. She has never ever acted like this before. "So, Sonata, are you hungry?" I tried to start a conversation. She looked up at me, the first time we've made eye contact since this morning. She looked away and bit her lip. I don't think she plans on replying to me. I guess I'll just wait here. The grill was actually really busy. I guess people really wanted barbeque. Hmm. Ami and Miyuki sat at table together and seemed to be enjoying themselves. It looks like Ami's telling a story, and Miyuki seems to be amused by it. Who'd have known? Yaya and Chikaru were sitting at their table looking at their menus. Then there's me and Sonata. Sitting here. In silence. I looked back to Sonata. She opened her mouth like she was going to say something but she didn't. She just frowned and put her head down on the table. "What are anxiety attacks like?" I said without even thinking. She probably won't answer. She lifted her head up and looked at me. She looked a mess. She looked unhappy. Her eyes were still watery and her hair was still very frizzy.

She took a deep breath. "Anxiety attacks, also dubbed as Panic attacks, are when you get really, umm," she paused. She was speaking in such a low voice it was almost like a whisper. I had to pay really close attention to make out what she was saying. "..anxious about certain things, and it get's to the point where you're worrying about it and you start to panic. Or you don't even have to be anxious, they can just happen. Your hands will start shaking and then your whole body will shake and you'll feel like you can't breathe."

"That seems pretty scary," I commented.

"It is scary," she looked down at the table.

"Are you okay?" I asked. She nodded. "Have you had them before?"

"Panic attacks? Yeah, I used to get them a lot back home.."

"How do you make them stop?"

"You don't. They stop by themselves. They can come by themselves, as well. Or they're triggered by," she paused again. Probably the panic attack. I should ask that next. "certain situation," she finished.

"Are there any after affects?" I asked.

She seemed confused by my question. "Not precisely….They're extremely uncomfortable and just plain terrifying. It takes a while to 'recover' from it."

"Is it my fault?"

"N-no. You can't control when my anxieties flare up," she looked away.

"When was the last time you had a panic attack?"

"When I was on the plane, coming here for the first time," she looked at me.

"Then what happened?"

"I went on my computer and tried to distract myself so I wouldn't be as uncomfortable."

"Did that work?"

"I guess. I don't know. I mean the panic attack went away."

"Any others?" I asked. She's squirming in her seat. She started running her fingers through her hair.

"When I ripped up your blanket..I was having a panic attack when I did that.."

"Why didn't you just tell me that then?"

"I didn't think you'd want to hear it and I thought you'd think I was crazy.."

"I don't think you're crazy-"

"For now," she mumbled. I'm not sure if I was supposed to hear that or not. I shrugged it off.

"Are you excited to go home?" I asked. Maybe if I ask her questions I can get her to open up like earlier today.

She shrugged. "Yes and no.."


"Yes because I get to see my friends, eat familiar food, and be in familiar locations. No because I don't want to see my mom because she's annoying and because I'll be leaving again anyways."

"That's a somber way of looking at it.."

"Is there any other way to look at that?" she sighed.

"Are you really that miserable out here with us?" Is she really? I thought she enjoyed it here. I don't really understand why she's acting like this.

She stopped messing with her hair. "It has nothing to do with you guys….sort of…."

"It has something to do with me," I gathered. She grimaced.


"Why did you agree to go out with me if you're seeing someone else?" I can't hold that in anymore. I need to know.

She smirked. "Who do you think I'm 'seeing'?"


She seemed amused. She put her elbows on the table. "No, I'm not seeing Emily."

"You said you love her-"

"I do. But, she's my teacher and has been my teacher for ,going on, 3 years now." Does she just realize what she told me? Does she know that we already know?

"That doesn't change the way you feel about her," I replied.

"Well, we both know it can't and shouldn't happen, but it does. And it needed to stop, or else someone would find out and Emily would lose her job," she shrugged. It just does? How could something 'just' happen. I don't quite understand.

"Meaning, you came out here to get away from Emily."

"I came out here for a lot of reasons. Yeah, Emily is one of them," she rested her head on her hand. "You seem confused, Shizuma.."

"I am. What exactly do you mean 'it just does'?" I asked. She squinted her eyes. "You and Emily, just happen," I clarified.

"It just kinda does. I don't know. It's not like I can avoid her or something. I see her in the morning. I see her during advisory. I see her after school. She babysits my little sister, so I see her at home. I see her everywhere. It doesn't help that she's also friends with Mark. Then that means she has more reason to be around. We know a lot of the same people. For god sakes, I used to live with her.." she trailed off. A waiter came by and poured us both glasses of water with lemon slices on the side and left two straws. Oh, complementarity water? This isn't so bad after all. "How did you find out?" she asked as she opened her straw and put it in her water.


"You don't seem surprised, meaning, you already knew what Emily is," she took a sip of her water.

"I-we took your phone and looked on Facebook."

"I'm not friends with her on Facebook-"

"Mark is."

"How did you know that?"

"Lucky guess," I answered. She seemed satisfied with that answer. "When, no, why.."

"Hmm?" Why is her tone so coy?

"What possessed you two to..well.." What is the word? Have Love affair? A Relationship? A thing?


"Okay, I wasn't going to say that, but I guess that works too," I drank some of my water.

"Extra help? After school Tutoring? Extracurricular activities? Oh, no, I got it, home schooling?" she smirked.

OH. I spit out my water. Sonata laughed and handed me a napkin. She just made a joke. A JOKE. She hasn't joked with me for a long time. I think that's what surprised me more than the home schooling. "So, Emily's a lesbian?" I asked while trying to recompose myself.

"Well, I'm not too sure of that. She likes me, but that doesn't necessarily mean she's a lesbian. She could be bi. Or pansexual. Or questioning?"

"Is she attracted to girls?"

"I've never asked. She doesn't have to prove anything to me. I don't exactly have to put a label on her….but she can be very lesbian at times," she explained. At times. Do I even want to know what she means by that? Have they slept together. Of course they have, Sonata just told me. I feel like in approaching territory that's off limits. I nodded. "Don't think to hard about that, Shizuma," she laughed. She seems normal. She's laughing, telling jokes and smiling, but she clearly said on the phone that she felt like shit. Does she feel better now?

"So, you don't know?" I tried to make sense of what she's saying to me. How do you not know? I mean, how do you NOT know?

"….I'm not sure what you're asking me.." she stirred the ice in her water around.

"How do you not know?!" I asked.

"Well, it's complicated and I'm not going to force her to label herself if she doesn't want to."

"So, what are you, her sexual experiment?"

"I've asked her that before. She said no. Plus if I am, she would have left a long time ago. She can do better than me-"

"She's lucky to have you." Oh my, that actually come out my mouth. She wasn't supposed to here that. She seemed dumbfounded as if she doesn't even know what to say. Well, that was a short lived conversation.

"Why do you think that?" she asked while looking at the table.

I cleared my throat. "Anyone would be lucky to have you."

She stared at me bemused. "Yeah." It sounds like she only said that to make me stop talking about that. Why? Why just 'yeah'? She should have gone on to say 'sure they do' or something, but 'yeah'? "What's with all the questions?"

"I can't ask you questions?"

"You never ask me questions.." she took her straw out of her cup and started examining it.

"Well then, in celebration of me asking you questions, we should play another question game," I proposed.

"Another question game?" she raised her eyebrows.

"Yes. Except this one is a yes or no game. I ask you a question and you can only answer yes or no. AND YOU HAVE TO ANSWER," I said. She nodded, agreeing to the rules. "I'll start. Have you ever...failed a class?"

"Yep," she answered with no thought about it. "Have you ever kissed a boy?"

"No, I haven't. Have you?"

"Yes. Have you...ever got in trouble with the sister?"

"Yes. Have you ever gotten in trouble at school?"

"YES," she said as if it was an understatement, which it probably is, knowing Sonata. "Have you ever...snuck out of your house, or in this case dorm?"

"Yes. Have you ever gone to a private school prior to this?"

"Yep. Have you ever got in trouble with your parents?"

"Yes. Has Emily ever had to punish you?"

"Like write me up? Oh god, of course," she laughed. "Have you ever loved someone?"

"Yes," I said solemnly. Sonata noticed. It's good thing it's my turn to ask a question. It needs to be a good one, one that can one up my answer. I looked at her, she looked curious and impatient, waiting for me to ask a question. "Have you ever intentionally hurt yourself?"

"Yes," she didn't even stutter. I held her gaze for a long time and she didn't say anything. I know she wants to ask why I asked her that, I can see it in her eyes. But she can't because that wouldn't be a yes or no answer. "Was Kaori Sakuragi your girlfriend?"

How did she..?

PV: Sonata Yakonawa

She doesn't even need to say anything, the answers written all over her face. "You loved her didn't you?" I observed. She looks horrified that I ask her that question in general. At least, she's sort of feeling what I just felt. Her face went expressionless again. I hate her expressionless face. Why can't she like frown? Or smile? Or something? Instead of nothing..

"Yes. She was and I did," she answered. 'I heard she died. I bet that's why Shizuma stopped playing basketball. Nagisa looks like Kaori, maybe that's why she likes her?' "I don't like this anymore. How about we don't just answer with yes or no," she said as she drank more of her water. I agree fully. I makes people look bad. I nodded. "I'll go back to my original topic," she paused. Fuck. No, you won't. I won't answer. Fuck you. 'Nice one, creeper.' "You've hurt yourself intentionally, am I correct?" I nodded. "For how long?"

"No," I said.

"No?" she furrowed her eyebrows.

"I'm not going to sit here and let you ask me things like that."

"Why not?" Why not!? WELL...well. 'Well?' Um. I don't know. 'You don't know?' I shrugged. "You've done it recently haven't you?"

"Depends on your definition of recent..." I am so no okay with this. 'You can always run away.' Maybe that's my problem. 'What? That you run from shit? Duh? I could of told you that.'

"Recent enough, considering when I asked you that you pulled down your sleeves." Stop. "Why won't you tell me? What do you think I'm going to do to you?" she seems perplexed.

"Make me stop?" I tried, even though I can stop whenever I need to. I just do it when I feel trapped and anxious.

She frowned. "I want you to stop, but I can't make you do anything. Don't you want to?"

"It's not that I don't want to. I mean I can stop whenever I want. I hadn't done it in a while.."

"But you did, the night at the Green House," she finished. I nodded.

"Can we not talk about this? You don't see me making you talk about Kaori," I made my point.

"I'll talk about Kaori if you talk about Emily," she suggested.

"What do you wanna know then?"

"I don't want to say everything but I want to know enough. What was your relationship even like, considering there wasn't one?"

"I guess we sort of acted like we were dating, even though we weren't. We did everything together...almost everything. I would not do her weird yoga crap with her. That's what Mark is for."

She smiled. "Yoga?"

"Emily does yoga. I'm not into that, I mean, I'll go on walks with her and like jogs or whatever, but that yoga..."

"What don't you like about it?" she asked.

"It's not that I don't like it, it's that I can't do it." Shizuma looked puzzled. "Like for example, she can hold up her body weight with one arm for like 20 minutes. I can't even hold a text book with one arm." She chuckled.

"..Why do you love her? How did you fall in love with a teacher?" Valid question. 'Can you give her a 'valid' answer?' Die.

"How did I fall in love with Emily? Hmmm, well, this one day I was at the park near my house. Emily had happened to be walking by as usual, since she also lived near this park and she came over and we talked for like a long time, maybe two or three hours. We didn't really talk about anything important or meaningful, we just talked. I liked how she was able to hold a conversation, even though there was no topic. That's when I started liking her. Then maybe a month or two later on a Thursday, we talked again. But this time it wasn't meaningless, we talked about just everything, and we talked like until it got dark outside. I don't know why I trusted her enough to talk to her about certain stuff, but I did. Then again, she also told me somethings that she had never told anyone know this is getting really confusing since there's a bunch of things missing from this story, how about I get back to you on this?"

She seemed disappointed, "It wasn't that confusing.."

"But there are vital pieces of information missing-"

"Then tell me the vital pieces."

"Another time. Just, ugh, ask me anything else, but how I fell in love with her."

"You said she lived near the same park you do," she acknowledged.

"Oh, yeah, Emily lives like a block away from my house, but now she's mostly living in a condo. It's Mark's but until he get's a job Emily's helping him the rent."

"You said you used to live with her," she added.

"I did, for like a long time. At first it was for an actual reason, but afterward I stayed because I just loved being with Emily. Where is the waiter? I'm hungry. I want to order something."

"I don't know. It is pretty busy tonight, I bet they're on their way," she tried to pacify my hunger. Not helping. I hate waiting on food, I might as well go make my own food. "Is Emily nice, or is she going to hate me?"

"Emily, doesn't hate anyone," I started messing with the lemon on the side of my cup. "I mean, she dislikes certain people, but it's not like she's going to disrespect them...actually, no, it just depends. First impressions are everything, Shizuma. Just don't piss her off and you'll be fine. Can we talk about something else, Emily is getting boring. Let's talk about...hmm," I stopped to think. What could we talk about. Let me see... "What's the craziest thing you've ever done?" I asked.

"When I was a 5th year, Miyuki and I made a gun that shot out tampons," she paused and looked at me. She must have noticed how much I was trying not to smile. A tampon gun. That is fucking genius. "It was all fun and games until it hit the Sister in the eye," she started laughing.

"What did you do?"

"We ran as fast as we could to our dorms and hid," she laughed even harder. TAMPON GUN. I WILL NEVER GET OVER THAT. 'Not bad, Shizuma. Not bad.' "What about you?"

"Geez, I've done a lot of crazy things," I thought out loud.

"The craziest thing you did at school?" she rephrased her approach. Still doesn't help.

"..One time, me and my best friend back home shot Emily with paintball guns," I smiled. "She was sooo mad. Oh my god. It was the literally scariest thing I had ever seen. I thought she was going to kill us."

"What did she do?"

"What could she do? If she hit us, she would lose her job. Instead she gave me the silent treatment for two weeks."


"She's evil like that. She'll deprive you of things as a punishment. One time, I corrected her spelling on the board in class, she's been giving me AP work ever since. She is evvvilll."

"What is the AP work depriving you of?" she asked blankly.

"A personal life...Emily is..well, she's something," I gave up.

"You started talking about Emily again," she teased.

"Shut up, no I didn't. What about you and Nagisa what was the beginning of your love story."

"I threw her in a pool and kissed her and that same night I tried to make love to her. She ran away," she pouted. OH MY GOD. WHAT? 'I don't think I can unhear that.' I started laughing. "W-what's so funny?"

"You threw her in a pool? And she still talks to you? How does that even work out?"

"Well, it wasn't that big of a deal. She was okay, just a little wet. She did get a little freaked out about the whole making love thing, but she eventually got over it, " she explained.

"Did she ever let you..." There's no easy way to ask that. Maybe I shouldn't have opened my mouth in the first place.

"After a while, she did. How about we don't talk about the sex we've had?"

"Yeah, I like the sound of that..hmmm what are you going to order?" I asked. I really don't know how to continue this conversation. 'Oh c'mon, you've talked to her before.' Yeah, I have, but that doesn't make it any easier.

"I was thinking maybe a salad. I'm not one for eating messy foods," she answered while scanning her menu. Yeah, eating messy food is just asking for trouble. 'Don't eat anything with spinach or cilantro in it either. You wouldn't want that getting stuck in your teeth.' Gah. "Remember when you just came to school and you just kept telling everyone 'fuck you' ?"she chuckled lightly. How did she even get to that topic. 'Who knows? It's better than the sex one though..' Good point.

"Yeah. Emily got mad at me.." I remembered. It was raining and crap and it was cold. Shizuma had to help me find my luggage, so we searched all through the forest, even though it turned out Chikaru had left it at my dorm. Shizuma wasn't even mad or anything, she was just glad we found my stuff. I didn't even unpack anything, except for my laptop and my phone, since I knew Emily would call me to see how my first day was.

"How?" Shizuma seemed concerned and rather confused.

"She had called and I told her what happened and she was all like 'Sonata, you can't go around saying 'fuck' to people, okay? You can't' and then I was like 'fuck you', and then she got realllyyyy mad. She didn't call me for 3 weeks," I frowned.

"Why didn't you just call her?" Shizuma asked as she drank the rest of her water.

"She wouldn't have answered if I did. Or, my favorite, she'll answer, but she won't say anything. She'll give you the silent treatment over the phone. It is the most annoying thing, I swear," I rolled my eyes. 'Emily is such a bitch. Why do you even like her?'

"It annoys you?" she repeated.

"It frustrates me. I hate it. I hate that about her. She won't even tell you why she's mad. Sometimes she'll just stop talking to you because she's mad about something. And you can't ask why because she won't talk to you," I began ranting. I was not intending to tell Shizuma all of this.

"It makes you angry," she collected.

"Yes, it makes me so angry. I wish she would just fucking tell me when she has a problem with me, instead of holding it in or getting mad about it," I crossed my arms.

"She a hand full," she smirked.

"She is sometimes but no relationship is perfect...especially She and I's. We're pretty dysfunctional but I guess I love that the most." 'Oh yeah, I be loving them shouting matches. All day everyday.' Will you for once, just shut up? 'No can do, Princess.' Ugh. "What were you and Nagisa like?"

"We never really fought..we did a lot of things together as well," she summed that up quite nicely.

"You didn't fight until I got here..." I added.

"There are a lot of things I didn't do until you got here," she looked deep into my eyes. Oh, for god sakes. I looked away. 'I feel like she just looked into our soul..' I looked down at my lap. 'So..whatcha gonna do? I mean, I can feel your urge to run away...' I think it's about time I run away. I excused myself and went to the bathroom. I sighed and sat on the counter sink. 'So, how's it going?' Shouldn't you know? I mean, let's be honest. You're technically me...kind of. Sort of. In a way. 'Oh, am I?' You wouldn't be here if you weren't. 'Speaking of people that aren't here, what happened to Tamao and Nagisa?' Oh. I don't know..they did say they wanted to tag along. 'Maybe the sister caught them, maybe that's why Emily got that call..' Cool beans. Nagisa and Tamao are probably in trouble because of us. 'Annndddd by us, you mean you.' Yeah. I turned my head to look in the mirror. I can't believe I've been letting myself go out looking like this. My hair is a fucking wreck, my eyes are all watery and bull shit, and to top it all off, no make up. I mean, at first I hadn't worn any in so long because I just didn't care, but I think I'm starting to. I look so plain. 'And gross. And disgusting. Also fat, you can't forget that you could shed some pounds.' I am not fat. I am fine. 'Fatty..' Ami walked in to the bathroom.

"Oh fuck," she jumped at the sight of me. "What are you doing in here?"

"Hiding from Shizuma," I grinned. "You?"

"Washing my hands," she said as she made her way to the sink. She pump soap onto her left hand and turned on the faucet with the other. "So how ya been?" she asked as she began washing her hands.

"I've honestly been better," I sighed. I feel so fucking tired. I mean, I felt tired before but not like this. All this talking is just draining.

"I would hope so. Man, I just want to leave this day behind," she turned the faucet off.

"So, we should talk more..I mean, I feel like we're becoming distant and it's only been 24 hours," she pouted.

I smiled, "Well, you know, you've been trying to get it in with Miyu and I don't want to ruin your chances by ending being a cock block or a third wheel. Speaking of getting it in, I heard you kissed her."

"FUCK! Why does everyone know this? Why do you know this? I don't understand. What?" she covered her face with her hands.

"It should not matter how I know," I replied. "Wait. No. It does. YOU should have told me," I said a little offended.

"No one was supposed to know," she whined.

"Well, they know, and everyone knew before me," I frowned. "Some best friend you are," I teased.

"Oh shush," she she wiped her damp hands on my sleeve. "What are you and Shizuma talking about?"

"Um, Nagisa," I said with a weird pronunciation of her name.

"Oh, and how's that going for ya?" She already knows.

"Just a little awkward," I downsized it. It's actually really awkward, knowing I'm the one who came out of no where and fucked up their relationship.

"Aww, babies," she hugged me. Ami doesn't hug me enough. 'I guess you gotta start crying to get any attention~' Crying is disgusting and so is attention. "We should talk tonight," she proposed. We haven't done a lot of that that today. 'Maybe that's what you need..a good talk?' Meh. "After, of course, we do something about this hair," she giggled.

"Yes," I hopped to the ground and took her hands. "Please, fix this."

PV: Shizuma Hanazono

I sat at my table with Miyuki, who must have gotten fed up with wait for Ami to return. She had gone on and on about all the things Ami told her and how they talked.

"So does this mean you two are going to date or?" I asked confused. I never even thought Miyuki liked Ami. I didn't even think Miyuki liked girls.

She smiled, "I don't know. I mean, I've never done that sort of thing..." Good point. Miyuki has never dated, considering she's never had a crush on anyone.

"Do you want to?" I asked. Has Miyuki ever wanted to do anything romantic.

"I..I'm not sure. Shizuma, what should I do?"

Uh. I can't even sort out my own 'relationship', how am I supposed to help her with hers? "Well, if you like her, then go for it. What do you have to lose?" She shrugged.

"I guess you're right. Should I ask her? Or should she ask me? How does this work, Shizuma?"

"Just wait and see. I can't predict the future, but, I bet Ami would ask you. I mean, she already kissed you. How was that by the way?"

"I-I don't know...I've never really been kissed aside from you, so I have no idea what a good kiss is and what a bad kiss is..."

"Well, I'm a good kisser, therefore, you've had a good kiss."

She laughed, "You are so conceited sometimes. Enough about me, what about you and Sonata?"

What about me and Sonata? "Well, she doesn't hate me or, at least, I think, she doesn't hate me. We played a question game," I offered.

"What kind of question game? What did you learn? What did you ask her?"

"A yes or no question game. I didn't learn much considering it's only yes or no. I asked her a lot of things...I learned that she's intentionally hurt herself."

Miyuki's expression completely dropped. "Oh...and how was that?"

"She didn't really want to talk much about it, so we talked about Emily-"

"How was that?" she cut me off. I don't blame her for wanting to know.

"I learned somethings about her. She's sort of passive aggressive."

"So are you. So is Sonata."

"Wow. I am not passive aggressive. I am aggressive, obviously. I don't see Sonata as passive aggressive. She more of a 'go with the flow' type, but I can't exactly speak for Sonata since I'm not her. But she'll be back if you want to ask her yourself."

She sighed, "What else did you learn about Emily?"

"Not much. Sonata didn't really want to talk about her," I shrugged. I would like to hear about her though. I would like to get a feel for her so I won't have to spend half my time in California getting accustomed to her.

"Ask her more? I bet Ami knows somethings. Ask her as well? Do your research, check her Facebook. It isn't that hard to find things out about people," Miyuki said while flipping through the menu.

I sighed. I suppose she's right. I saw Ami and Sonata from afar. "You girlfriend is back," I teased. Miyuki looked over her shoulder.

"Well then, I should be leaving then. Good luck with Sonata," she said as she got up from my table. I almost wanted to grab her arm and tell her to stay. Sonata does better in group conversations. Ami leaned against Sonata, whispering something in her ear, causing them both to laugh. Ami hugged Sonata before going to Miyuki. Now it's only me and Sonata. She walked over and took her seat. Her hair was damp, I'll assume that's what took her so long in the bathroom. I must admit, she looks more sane with her hair not as frizzy.

" are you?" she asked while scooting in her chair.

"I'm well, and you?"

"I'm fine," she placed her hands together on the table.

"You seem tired," I noticed. She could use a nap or two.

"Yeah, I am," she replied.

"Maybe we should just go home and order room service?" I suggested.

"If we just leave then it seems rude to the restaurant and we can't just leave everyone else here," she refused. I could tell she wouldn't mind leaving at.

"Let's just tell them where we'll be," I decided. "Come on," I grabbed her by her waist and lifted her out of the chair. She wrapped her arms around me neck. Yep. She's done for the night. I carried her over to Miyuki and Ami's table. "We're gonna go back to the hotel," I told Miyuki.

"Are you going to walk?" Ami asked.

"No, we'll call a taxi or something," I answered her question. Why would we walk? That's way too long of a walk.

We finally made it to the hotel. I held Sonata against me and made her walk backwards. At least that kept her conscious..I opened her room door and walked her in. "Sonata, we're here," I said while I closed the door behind me. She groaned. I let her down on the bed and lied down beside her.

"Shizuma?" she said with her eyes closed. How is she even still awake?

"Yes, Sonata."

"I'm cold..."

"You aren't under the covers," I observed.

"Oh." She turned away from me.

"Would you like me put the covers over you?" She nodded. I pulled covers and the comforter over us. "Is that any better?" I asked her. She mumbled something incomprehensible. I sighed. She's done for the night. I brushed her hair out of her face and kissed her on her forehead. "Good night, Sonata."

PV: Ami Futari

Miyuki, Yaya, Chikaru and I exited the taxi. We were finally back at the hotel. We had went to see a movie after dinner. I looked at the time, 11:17 pm. Wow. We were out pretty late, considering when Shizuma and Sonata got in..if they got in. They could have easily lied, but Sonata seemed really tired. We got into the elevator. No one said a word. We are all far too tired. I just want to jump in bed and sleep. Forever. And ever. After a few agonizing minutes we finally made it to our floor. I pretty much speed walked to my room. Maybe if I ask nicely Miyuki will stay with me for tonight. I smiled. I don't really like sleeping alone, it would be nice to have someone there with me, that isn't Sonata. I mean, she's nice and all, but I can't like hold her or anything. I always feel like if I touch her she'll like freak. I put my key card in the slot and unlocked my door. I opened the door and turned on the light. Miyuki followed me in. Sonata and Shizuma laid in bed together facing each other. Shizuma had her arms wrapped around Sonata as if she was hugging her. Always nice. I smirked. "Wow, aren't they comfy," Miyuki laughed at them. I smiled and started laughing myself. Sonata started stirring. I covered my mouth the muffle the laughing, but it made no difference. Sonata sat up and rubbed her eyes and with Sonata waking up so did Shizuma.

"Oh, gosh, wow. Um, go back to bed," I said as I watched Shizuma sit up.

"What the fuck?" Sonata groaned at the brightness of the light.

"Go to sleep, I'll turn off the light. Sorry," I said as I quickly turned of the light and exited the room. I turned to Miyuki and started laughing again. "That could have gone worse."

She smiled, "I bet...I hope they're able to go back to sleep. I hope we didn't wake them.."

"Ugh, who cares. They'll be fine," I shooed off the topic.

"I hope so," Miyuki muttered. I rolled my eyes. Even when we aren't at school she's so serious and considerate. I intend to change that.

"So, tell me about you," I asked enthusiastically.

She giggled, "What about me?"

"What do you like to do in your free time? What's your favorite movie? Where's your favorite place? I don't know. I could honestly listen to you all day," I clarified. "In factoid, why don't we just tell each other our favorite things?"

"Factoid? What's a factoid?"

"It means a believed if it's printed on paper, it's assume to be a fact. Sort of..I used it out of context, but who cares?"

" know a lot of words," she murmured. "On to favorites, hmm, you already know that pasta is my favorite food. What's your favorite food?"

"My favorite food..I really like hot dogs. I could honestly eat them everyday for the rest of my life. What's your favorite scary movie?"

She frowned. "I'm not one for scary movies. The only one I ever saw was The Grudge. Shizuma made me watch it. It was awful. Do you like scary movies?"

"I've seen some scary movies, but the scariest one, wasn't even a movie. It was this show and it was literally so terrifying I could not sleep that night," I shuddered as Miyuki unlocked her room door. We entered and both sat on the bed.

"That's why I don't watch scary things...You couldn't sleep?"

"Yes. It was awful. At least everyone stayed up with me, since everyone watched it," I remembered. "We all sat in Sonata's living room and we watched this show about like an asylum and just, oh my gosh. People were possessed and I don't know what that was but I never want to see it again. Anywho, where's your favorite place?"

"Favorite place?" she asked.

"Like, where do you just love going?"

She smiled, " I like going to amusement parks. I haven't been since I was little, but I loved it."

"Where did you go?"

"Disneyworld. I remember my parents took me all the way to America just to go. I've always wanted to go back, but they're far too busy."

"Busy with what?" I asked. What is so important?

"Work," she stated.

"You should go back one say," I smiled. "They have money, they should let you use some."

"They do, but who could I go with. I don't want to go with Shizuma. She's my best friend, but I want to go with someone else," she frowned. "I'm not good at making friends, Ami."

"I think you just know when relationships are with making. Who do you call your friends?"

"Shizuma, You, Sonata, Chikaru," she shrugged.

"That seems like a lot. You don't need a bunch of friends. I think you have the right kinds of friends," I nodded.

"Right kinds?"

"Ones that care," I explained. She nodded. "I'm serious. I care. Shizuma cares. Sonata cares. Chikaru cares about everyone," I reassured. "I care the most...just saying," I added. She looked at me and smiled. "So, what's your favorite game?"

"My favorite game...I don't play games. I've played sports. I like sports. You already know that I like baseball..."

"Have you ever played it?" I asked.

"Yes, but not on a team," she explained. I tried to picture it. Miyuki outside somewhere, in casual clothes, with a bat, playing baseball with someone, most likely Shizuma. I nodded. "I think I'm going to take a shower," Miyuki sighed.

"Have fun," I said as she walked to the bathroom.

"Fun? Okay Ami, I'll have fun," she said as she went in the bathroom. I sighed once she closed the door. I wish I had Sonata's phone or something, hers does more. Stupid Sonata and her iPhone 4. I'll just use my android until Miyuki comes out. I'll go on Facebook, maybe I'll look up people. I wonder if Miyuki has a Facebook...I doubt it. I lay on my back and scrolled down my news feed. Nothing new. I think I'll take this time I have to myself and add Sonata. I'm surprised I hadn't done this already. 0 Mutual friends. Well, I would be a little surprised if we shared any friends. I sent the friend request. Welp, now I have nothing to do. I heard the shower turn on. Miyuki has now officially started showering. We don't have tooth brushes, tooth paste, or a change of clothes. It's a good think I bought some clothes. Good thing Miyuki bought something as well, but I still want a tooth brush. My phones notification sound went off. "Sonata Yakonawa has accepted your friend request." Wut. There was a knock at my door. I stalked over and opened the door to find, none other than, Sonata, awake and hold her phone out at me which was on my Facebook profile page.

"Hi ya," I greeted her. She smiled and walked in. "Hey Hey Hey, I didn't invite you in," I complained. How is she just gonna walk in my room.

"Well, I'm in now, there's no getting out," she shrugged.

"This isn't permanent!"

She laughed. "I know-"

"Why are you even awake!?"

"Why am I interrupting you're sexy sexy time with Miyu-chan?" she paused. "Anyway, I'm awake because my phone vibrated when I got your friend request."

"And Shizuma?" I asked. She was like wrapped around Sonata like a snake.

"She went to use the restroom. I already told her where I was going," she explained as she hopped onto the bed. "So, you said we were going to 'talk later tonight'...I call this later tonight. Tell me about you and Miyuki kissy kissy scene."

"D-don't refer to it as a 'kissy kissy scene'," I felt my face get red.

"..Sure. I still want to know, since I mean, I was left out of everything," she pouted.

"Well..not much happened. I mean, I just..well...kinda...kissed her," I summed it up. She smirked.

"You kissed her. That's it. Nothing else. No feelings or thoughts of it. You just kissed her?"

"S-shut up. SONATA! UGH!"

"What?" she said in an innocent tone.

"No, you know exactly what you're doing. Don't pretend you don't!"

"Ami, what's going on out there?" Miyuki called from the bathroom. Shit shit shit. Sonata grinned her devious grin. What is she going to say?

"Nothing, Miyu-chan, don't worry about it," Sonata called back to Miyuki.

"Sonata? Is that you?"

"Maybe," she replied back.

"How long do you plan on staying?" I asked her.

"Aww, you're replacing me with Miyuki already. I am so offended. I thought what we had was special," she grabbed my hands and gave me the puppy dog eyes.

"That's not going to work. And it's not you, it's me. I don't want you around making things awkward for me and Miyuki. I gotta talk to her tonight. Ya know?"

"Psh, girl I see you out there trying to get a girl," she teased.

"Yea, I am. So stop cock blocking and let me get it in there."

"What am I supposed to do then? Wee is asleep. Chikaru and Yaya are probably asleep. And...Shizuma is Shizuma. She's probably just going to do things that make me feel uncomfortable," she frowned.

"...Why don't you bring Shizuma in here? We could all talk and stuff. But, only for 20 minutes."

"Why twenty minutes?"

"Because, you look like a train wreck and I'm sure sleep will do you well."

She gawked. "I am so offended. You just said I look ugly-"

"No, I said you look like you're tired, probably because you are. Wait, who the hell is Wee?"


"You mean, Emily?"

"No, I don't. I mean, Emmawee."

"Why? Why do you call her that? Why does she let you?"

"If I call her 'Emily' then she'll know that I some beef. She never refers to me as Sonata unless it's a serious conversation or she's at work.."

"What's your pet name?"

"Well, around people she'll call me 'Sonni', one time she called me Mackenzie, I was so mad at her. Anyway, behind clothes doors, she calls me porcupine."

"Porcupine..well isn't that fitting. Everyone calls you Sonni so it isn't as special. And I don't know what to tell you about that Mackenzie thing.."

"How is it fitting? DO I LOOK LIKE A PORCUPINE? DO I HAVE NEEDLES IN MY BACK THAT NO ONE HAS TOLD ME ABOUT? My mom calls me Mackenzie...and I hate her for it. She calls me by my full name when she's mad. When she's really mad she'll start screaming in this mixture of English and Japanese. Not fun."

I took this time to analyze the information she just told me. "Mackenzie.."

She frowned. "If you call me that I will kick you in the face. I swear to God, Ami, do not call me that."

"What's you're full name? And to answer the porcupine question, you looks sort of like a baby porcupine when you're sleeping, it's pretty cute," I laughed.

"Cute? I've never looked at a porcupine and thought 'cute'. I don't think I've ever looked at a porcupine at all..."

"They're pretty cute. Like you. You're pretty cute," I smiled.

"...Yeah. Okay. So...lost my whole train of thought."

"You were going to tell me you're full name-"

"NO. No one should know my full name. The only reason people know it is because my mother will scream my name if she's mad. She screams everyone's full name when she's mad. She got mad at Emily one time, it was hilarious," she snickered. The door opened and Shizuma came inside. She smiled at us both. "Hey, sleeping beauty," Sonni acknowledged Shizuma. Shizuma rolled her eyes and sat down next to Sonni on the bed.

"When are you going to go back to sleep?" this question was directed at Sonata.

She shrugged, "When I'm tired."

"So you aren't tired?"

"I'm always tired, but no, I'm not 'sleepy'," Sonata corrected her and answered at the same time.

"Huh. What do you plan on doing for the time being?" Shizuma is really trying to make some type of conversation. Before Sonata could answer Miyuki exited the bathroom wearing the same black cardigan, navy blue blouse and blue jeans as earlier today, except she wasn't wearing shoes. I don't blame her. My feet hurt a little too. We did a shit load of walking today..

"What's going on in here?" she asked as she assessed the scenery. Well, I'm the only one standing. This is awkward. I sat on the other side of Sonata.

"Oh, we're just casually sitting on this..surprisingly comfy bed," Sonata smirked.

"Ha ha. Verry Funny," Miyuki rolled her eyes.

"We're just talking," Sonata admitted.

"About?" Miyuki seems interested.

"Nothing much, just what ever comes to mind I guess.."

"I have a topic for discussion then," Miyuki stated. Oh Miyuki and her discussion topics. "Tomorrow. Our flight is tomorrow. We need to go back to the school to pick up our things. Shizuma and I have already packed our things. We just need to call our parents so they can wire us some money. Have you two packed?" Sonata and I started laughing hysterically. We haven't packed anything at all. Miyuki is not going to like the sound of that. I mean, we said we would pack in all, but it keeps slipping our minds. "You guys haven't packed...have you?" Miyuki looked angry.

"Whoa, okay," Sonata put her hands up in front of her, probably in self defense, just in case Miyuki reaches to hit us. "I have stuff at home. Lots and lots of stuff. So packing would be dumb."

Miyuki took Sonata's reasoning into consideration and nodded. She then turned her rage to me. "OH. UM. I. Well. I forgot. I'm sorry, Miyuki. Please don't hit me. If you're gonna hit me don't hit me in the's all I got," I pleaded.

Miyuki rolled her eyes, "Tomorrow I will take you to school early in the morning and I'll help you pack, okay?" Miyuki is terrible at hiding her emotions. I can see how irritated she is.

"Alrighty then," I replied. Sonata looked at me funny.

"Alrighty? I've never heard you say that and I've heard you say a lot of things," Miyuki joined in.

"Emily says that.." Sonata stated.

"That she does. She says a lot of shit," I agreed.

"That she does," Sonata copied my tone. "We should all just sleep in here. I don't feel like using energy to walk across the hall," she groaned as she lay back on to the bed.

"Sure, I think we can all fit on this bed," I notioned. "It's settled, we're all having a big ol' sleep over," I hugged myself in delight. I've never really had a sleep over.

"..Yea. You know, maybe we could have a 'big ol' sleep over' at my house, since we are in a hotel and it won't be as much fun," Sonata began.

"Speaking of you're house, where are we going to sleep?!"

"Sleep, hmm, well. I'm sure Wee will be in my room so, there is the living room. There's Doodle's room, but I don't know if she's gonna be at home or not. If she's home then someone has to sleep on the the kitchen."


"Wow. Thanks, Ami," Shizuma frowned.

"Me and Miyuki will sleep in the living room," I continued. "And if Doodle, or Denise, or what ever her name is, isn't home you can sleep in her room," I told Shizuma.

"Well, why are there so many people at your house?" Shizuma asked Sonata.

"Doodle or Denise, comes during the school year for Megs. Like what if Wee-"

"I'm sorry but how did we get from Emily to Wee?" Shizuma interrupted. Hell, I don't even know how we get to Wee from Emily.

"Emily. Emmawee. Wimiwee. Wee wee. Wee." she paused. "Anywho, the school year is starting soon so, Denise is there to pick up Meg from the bus stop and stuff...why am I explaining this to you? There's just a few people in my house and yeah."

"I thought Emily had a house?"

"That she does..." Sonata tried not to smile.

"Sonata, I don't want to sleep on the kitchen floor-"

"Neither will she. And she's stubborn. I would never even ask her to do that because I already know the answer. Please Shizuma, it's only temporary. I promise," Sonata tried.

Shizuma sighed. "Fine," she agreeed. Sonata laid her head on Shizuma's shouler.

"I'm sleepy now," she murmured.

"Same here," I added.

"I think we all are, let's get some rest," Miyuki settled it.

"Good night, guys" I said.

"Good night," Miyuki said as she walked over to turn off the light.

"See you in the morning," Sonata added.

"Good night," Shizuma pitched into this Good night ceremony.

"Okay, stop saying good night," Miyuki complained as she crawled back onto the bed.

"Good Niiighhhht," Sonata whispered. We all started giggling.

"G'Night," I whispered back.

"Ami," Miyuki warned.

"Good night Miyu," I said.

"Good night, Ami," she sounded exasperated. I smirked. Oh Miyuki.

PV: Shizuma Hanazono

I stirred back into reality. This is not my room. That's right, we checked into a hotel last night. I turned over to find Sonata, still peacefully sleeping. I reached over Sonata and grabbed her phone. I hit the one button on the phone hoping it would show my some type screen. It did. It's 10:45 am. I sat up and climbed out of bed. No use wasting a new day away. I went to the bathroom and washed my face. I don't have a tooth brush...We need to go back. I cannot walk around with bad breath. I exited to find Sonata wide awake, sitting up in bed. "Good morning," I addressed her.

She cleared her throat, "Morning," she replied. She climbed out of the bed and began making it.

"How did you sleep," I tried making conversation as I walked to the other side of the bed to assist her.

"..I slept well," she answered after a few seconds.

"No, you didn't." She stopped making the bed and looked at me puzzled.

"Excuse me?"

"Has anyone ever told you that you talk in your sleep?" I asked. She looked surprised.

"..No. No one has ever told me that," she answered. She started making the bed again.

"Well, you do," I said matter of factly. She looked horrified. "You started talking in your sleep around the time Nagisa came back," I tried to calm her down. She still seemed just as horrified.

"What have I said?!" she asked while fluffing the pillows.

"A few things..some not nice things about Nagisa. You've said Emily's name before a couple times. Well, you've said a lot," I tried remembering.

"What have I said about you?"

"That I am manipulative. That I don't like you. Things like that.."


I nodded slowly. She sat on the end of the bed and started messing with her phone. "So, what do you want to do today?" I sat next to her. She shrugged. "How are you feeling?"

"Like I drank alcohol last night.."

"Would you like some water or an aspirin?"

"You can't tell me you carry around aspirins."

"Alright, well, I don't. But they do at school-"

"You want to go back to school?"

"Yes, I do. We need to start packing because later today we're leaving with you."

"Point made," she stood up. "C'mon," she ushered at me as she began walking to the door. I got up and followed her.

"What about Miyuki and Ami? And Chikaru and Yaya?" I asked while trying to catch up with her. For someone her height she walks really fast.

"They probably left already, if it bothers you so much I can text Ami?" she suggested.

"Not what I meant. How are we even getting back to school? Have you called a taxi? Sonata, can you please slow down!"

She stopped walking until I caught up with her. "I haven't called anyone. Why don't we just take a bus? don't like buses..." She started walking again.

"I'm fine with a bus. Do you know what bus we're taking?"

"...No. I was thinking we'd just get on a bus and see where it goes."

"W-what? Why? How?" I frowned. We reached the elevator. Sonata pressed the button until the elevator came.

"Haven't you even done something without a plan, Shizuma?" she smirked.

"Yes, but you don't even know where we are-"

"Yes, I do. We're in the Four Seasons Hotel," she said while entering the elevator. Also, not what I meant.

"You should text Ami..."

"Alrighty then," she pulled out her phone from her back pocket. We stood in the elevator until we reached our floor. I took her by the arm and pulled her out with me. She blatantly let me drag her along. That's a first. I have never seen Sonata so cooperative.

"What has Ami said?" I asked as we walked through the lively lobby.

"Well, she hasn't replied, but I bet if she did, she'd say something along the lines of 'I'm with Miyuki eating...or I'm with Miyuki walking.' She's probably with Miyuki somewhere. And I don't really think Yaya and Chikaru are really our responsibility since today they're going where ever they're going. Which leaves, me and you. What shall we do? Besides pack, because that's pretty much given. I was thinking something remotely fun."

Wow. I wasn't expecting Sonata to say that much. She seems pretty talkative today, maybe we could talk about her. She has a point. Miyuki and Ami are probably together and we already established that we would go back to school and pack. Yaya and Chikaru probably have prior engagements. "I like fun," was all I could manage. I don't know what she means by fun, or what we could do for fun, since we don't have that much time. She smiled at me a took my hand and led me to the nearest bus stop. "Are we really going to take random buses across town, Sonata? You know that's not the best idea." She frowned. "You also know that I love doing spur of the moment things like that and I also enjoy doing those things with you, but today isn't a good day for this and I know you, of all people, know this since you've gone to California from here before and vise versa."

She sighed, "Well, Shi-shi, if it's that much of an issue to you, you'll be relieved to hear that I looked up the bus directions back to school and this, in fact, is our bus stop."

Well, what do you know? Sonata actually is choosing the responsible route. Is she okay? I'll just take this time to study her, since I'm not too sure when this bus is supposed to come or how long we will be on it. She was wearing her long sleeved pink shirt, the sleeves covered a good portion of her hands. She was wearing black jeans that fit tightly and some black hi top converse. She has really thin legs. She's actually really really small. "How tall are you?"

"Why?" she sounds offended. She probably self conscious about her height, along with everything else.

"I just always wondered...if you feel uncomfortable telling me, you don't HAVE to." I didn't mean for an emphasis to be on 'have'. Okay, maybe I did, but didn't mean for her to hear it.

She rolled her eyes. That's rude. "I'm 5" 1', Shizuma," she murmured. That's always fun. It must suck when she can't reach certain things. I wonder if people ever laughed at her for being short. Well, short and small. "How tall are you, Shizuma?"

Why is she saying my name in that sentence like that? "I'm 5' 7", Sonata." Two can play at this game. She seemed satisfied. "When is the bus coming, Sonata?"

"In a few minutes, Shizuma." She is definitely messing with me. Is she legitimately angry or is this for fun?

"Are you mad, Sonata?"

"No I am not, Shizuma." I can tell how hard she's trying not to smile.

"Why are you doing this then, Sonata?"

"Shits and giggles, Shizuma," she smirked.

"Are you smiling, Sonata?"

She bit her lip. "No I am not, Shizuma."

"I think you are, Sonata." She covered her mouth and looked away. "That's a smile, Sonata."

"No it's not, Shizuma." I can hear the laughter in her voice.

"Then uncover your mouth, Sonata," I reached to grab her hand.

"No, Shizuma." I can see her smiling now. She stepped away.

"I can see you-"

"Shush, no you can't, be quiet. The bus is coming soon...Shizuma."

I laughed. "You are so horrible at this."

"At what, Shizuma?"

"Trying not to smile, Sonata."

"Well, you make me smile, I can't help that. Stop amusing me and maybe I'll stop smiling, Shizuma."

"What if I like making you smile?"

"It doesn't matter what you like," she crossed her arms and tried to keep a straight face. Sonata's phone then proceeded to go off. She looked at her phone briefly. "They're already at school. Ami is almost done packing. It'll probably take us an hour to get back to school. Our flight is at five, so from school, I guess we should head to the airport," Sonata added shortly after.

"Ask whether or not it's necessary for us to go back to school." She looks confused. "I could have Miyuki grab my bag since it's already packed and you could have Ami grab anything you need," I reasoned. She seemed satisfied with that explanation.

"Why don't you just call her and tell Miyuki what you want her to do?" she handed me her phone. I stared at it blankly. How do you even turn it on.

"Button on top," Sonata smirked. I hit the button on top and a screen appeared that showed the time and date. "Take you finger and slide that arrow in the rectangle to the other side of the bar," she instructed. I did as she said and yet another screen appeared. This one has a medley of different squares on it and four squares on a shelf like thing at the bottom of the screen. "Touch that square, right there, with your finger," she directed. I tapped the square and list came up. "Touch the one that says "Ami" on it," she smiled. I touched the name and it change to another screen.

"What do I do now?" I asked her.

"You put the phone," she pointed at the phone, "Against your ear."

That was actually not that bad. I guess I'll just wait for Ami to answer. I hope she does soon, I can see the bus. It's three lights away from us.

"Hello," I heard Ami's happy go lucky voice on the other line.

"Ami, it's me, Shizuma. Tell Miyuki to grabbed my luggage as well and to grab Sonata's passport and," I paused and looked at Sonata.

"I need my phone charger and my laptop and it's charger," Sonata added.

"And her phone charger and her laptop with all it's chargers," I added.

"Alright then, I'll tell Miyuki. I guess, we'll be seeing y'alls two at the airport?" Ami asked.

"Yes, we'll wait outside of the terminal for you-"

"Okay, well I gotsta go, Miyuki needs me," she interrupted.

"I'll see you soon."

"That you will," she said before she hung up. Why can't Ami just have a normal conversation.

PV: Nagisa Aoi

I cannot believe we didn't even get to go the mall yesterday! It isn't fair. Why did the sister have to be on my floor, in front of my door. I bet they all had so much fun yesterday, without me and Tamao. The Sister questioned us for 7 hours. ALL OF MY CLASSES. Now I have make up work to complete, along with our punishment. We have to wash every single plate after dinner after Spring Break. I don't want to wash EVERY SINGLE plate. That is a lot of plates. I sighed loudly in discontent. "I'm not having fun yet," I huffed. Tamao turned to face me from the desk.

"House arrest shouldn't be fun, sadly," she frowned. "I can't believe we can't even see everyone before they leave." True. I can't say good bye to Ami or Miyuki or Shizuma or Yaya or Chikaru or Sonata. I can't even apologize for getting Sonata into trouble. Instead, we're just both stuck this room, for all of Spring Break. Two weeks of just staying in the dorm. Everyone else gets to leave or go places, but we're stuck. This is not fun. I didn't even get to have my fun. This isn't fair. I pouted and crossed my arms. "Nagisa, shouldn't you be catching up on your assignments?" Tamao asked without even looking up from her homework.

"I can't even think about homework. I'm not having any fun, nor will I have any fun for a long time. I have absolutely no motivation to do this work anytime soon. Plus, we get 2 weeks to complete it. I'll finish it before then," I shrugged.

"No No No. None of that procrastination, you hear me? You'll end up getting behind and you never know, maybe the Sister will let us off punishment early," she lectured. Get off punishment early? Yes, please. I walked over to my bag and pulled out my math assignment. I sat on my bed and got comfortable. We're gonna be stuck here for a long time. It seemed like hours until I heard a knock on the door. "Got it," Tamao said as she hopped out of her chair to answer the door. I wonder who that could be. If it's the Sister can we just shut the door on her face? Yes? No? Okay.. "Nagisa, come here," Tamao ushered me over. I got up and walked to the door to find Miyuki and Ami.

"Hi," Ami smiled. "We just came to say good bye, and to apologize for the trouble we got you into," she frowned after the second part.

"Eh..could have been worse," I shurgged.

"And nothing compares to the 7 hour interrogation," Tamao added.

"7 HOURS!?" Ami gawked. "That's crazy. How long did it take for her to gather the information she needed?"

"..7 hours. We made it to about 6 hours and 45 minutes before we just couldn't take it. Plus, she checked the attendance so she knows you guys specifically left," I answered. Ami sighed. "But she isn't going to do anything to you guys, since her pride and joys Shizuma and Miyuki went with you," I giggled.

Ami smiled and looked at Miyuki, "See? You actually have a purpose," she teased her.

"Shush, Ami. Don't forget that I have witnessed all the shenanigans that you and Sonata have done, that I never reported to the Sister. It would be a shame if I had to start," Miyuki said. Proven point. Miyuki is always around when anyone does something wrong, why doesn't she report all the violations? "However, we do need to get going, it's almost 1 and we need to be at the air port by 2:45," Miyuki stated. Wow, it's only 1 in the afternoon. I was hoping it was almost dinner.

"Bye guys," Ami hugged Tamao and I. Miyuki waved goodbye and they both left. I wonder what happened to Sonata and Shizuma. I mean, considering they're going to California with Sonata, shouldn't she be here? I sighed and walked back over to my bed and climbed back on.

"Well, that was lovely," Tamao beamed. "We got to sort of see them off."

I suppose we did. I smiled. At least something is going our way. Now, if we could only get off of punishment...

PV: Sonata Yakonawa

Shizuma and I sat on a bench outside of the terminal. I'd rather not go in without everyone else or my things. I still need my passport which Ami grabbed for me and it would look just a bit sketchy if I went though customs and security without any luggage. 'That just screams suicide bomber..' Oh hey, you're back. 'Did you miss me?' A little actually. 'I don't understand why you talk to me, especially when you're near people that you can talk with, ie: Shizuma.' I don't want to bother her. 'She likes it when you talk to her.' How would you know? 'Because she still talks to you. It must count for something. I mean, if she didn't want to talk to you then she wouldn't.' Hmm.

"Sonata?" Shizuma looked over at me.


"How long is the flight we are going to take?"

"The flight from Japan to LAX? Mmm, it's about 10 hours," I answered. At least my dad bought first class. It has be to comfy-er than coach..right? Right? RIGHT? 'Well, they don't call it first class for nothing.'

"T-ten?" Shizuma's eyes widened. I nodded my head. "That's a very long time to be on an air plane," she observed.

"I bet there are places you can go where the flights even longer...Since we're on the topic of flights, do you like traveling by plane?"

"I don't mind it. I must say that I prefer a jet to an air plane..." she trailed off.

"We're sitting in first class," I added.

"Interesting," she replied.

"So," I began. 'You are struggling to make conversation..' I always do. 'Treat her like someone you can talk to easily.' I can't treat her like someone else, that's rude.

"So?" Shizuma asked.

"Oh, sorry. Uhm. Yeah. The flight. We should sleep on board, considering when we get to California it'll be 11 am."

"I hate time zone changes," she sighed.

"You don't have to sleep on the plane if you don't want to-"

"It's not that.. I just have trouble adjusting to different time zones."

'If you slept on the plane you'd be fine.' I shrugged.

"How are we getting to your house?"

"Someone will take us."

"Someone?" she asked skeptically. That does sounds a little shady..

"Maybe my mom, or Mark or something," I giggled.

"No Emily?"

"She wouldn't pick us up even if I begged her to. She absolutely hates the air port," I added. "Okay, well, she would pick us up if it was a last resort, but she would complain about it. Not with you guys in the car, but to me."

"..It's not like you can drive," she frowned.

"I can drive...just with someone at or over the age of 21 in the car. None of you are 21 or older. I'll be able to legally drive without someone in my car when I turn 18."

"How did you get to the airport before?"

"When I first came, Emmawee took me, but she didn't complain about it. In fact she wanted to. Winter break, my mom picked Ami and I up and she drove us to the airport," I began twiddling my thumbs.

"So..Ten hours on a plane," Shizuma sighed.

"Yep. Ten hours. Well, approximately 9 hours and 55 minutes, but it's pretty much ten hours.."

"What time is it over in California?" she asked me while crossing her legs.

"Well, it's 1:23pm- Ami and Miyuki need to step it up, we need to be in there soon."

Shizuma smiled, "Thats fine and all but I still don't know the time in California."

"Oh yeah! The time! Alright, its 1:23, or rather, 1:24pm. Minus 12 hours is 1:24 am. Minus 4 hours. 9:24pm. And since today is Friday, that means in California, it's Thursday. To be specific, it's April 11th." I can't believe I hadn't thought about time and date in so long since it never really mattered. That's probably the only thing I really like about Astraea Hill. Everything is so straight forwards, so there's absolutely no confusion. No late assignments, no obscure due dates...I wish my old school did this.

A cab pulled up to the curb. I hope its Miyuki and Ami because a lot of taxis have pulled up to the curb and not been them. I saw Ami step out of the cab and Miyuki followed. They were wearing a whole new set of clothes. Lucky bastards. I wish I could change out of these clothes into something else. I got up and walked over to them.

"Heyy Sonni bear," Ami purred.

"We've talked about that name, Ami. Don't call me Sonni bear. Sonni and Sonata are just fine. I see you guys changed into clean clothes," I frowned.

"You jelly, bruh?"
"Yes," I admitted. Now I have to board a flight for 10 hours with the same clothes I was wearing for the last 24+ hours. 'At least you aren't all sweaty and shit. At least you don't smell bad.' I haven't even showered. My hair is dirty. I'm dirty. Ugh, this is awful.

"I brought you a sweater and some shorts," she said as she pulled out the items from her side bag. "I have shampoo...we could wash your hair in the bathroom?"

"Ami, that is so fucking ghetto. Who the hell do you know that washes their hair in airport bathrooms?" I criticized. 'More importantly, why does she believe that you would stoop down to such low things, like washing your hair in a public restroom?' I can't even.

She rolled her eyes and smiled, "Shut up and go change clothes," she handed me the clothes. Welp, I shrugged. If anything, I'm changing on the plane. I wish I had my bags so I could put these clothes somewhere. Shizuma had Miyuki drop our things at school.

"Could you hold them, until I get around to changing?" I handed them back to her. She shrugged and stuffed them back into her bag. "So, are we all ready for this?" I asked. I know I'm not. I don't like sitting anywhere for 10 hours, especially in the air. Everyone nodded their heads in unison.

"I love California!" Ami exclaimed. I sighed. 'I was just getting used to Ami not screaming so much...' This is going to be a looooooooong plane ride.

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