Ui sat up in her bed and listened to the familiar sound of nothing coming from her sister's room. She looked at her clock. It was 6:00 am, she thought it a good time to get up and prepare for the day to start. Ui scurried around her room dressing herself and pulling off her pyjamas before folding them into a neat pile and placing them onto her bed, which was equally well made. She stared at her reflection as she tied up her hair in the dull lighting of the morning hours. "Okay! It's time to go to school" She walked into the kitchen in a trance-like routine and prepared some miso soup and rice for the morning wake-up accompanied by some green tea, she placed it on a tray and sat in front of the television as it flickered away in the now brighter lighting. She occasionally chuckled to herself as the morning television hosts would crack a joke, usually quite a lame pun, but it kept Ui entertained in the morning. After sipping down the last of her tea, she rose gracefully from the small table and carried her tray into the kitchen before humbly washing up all of the cutlery and bowls she had just dirtied and returning them to their rightful places. Ui glanced up at the clock and saw that just under an hour had passed. "Oh damn" she thought in instant retaliation to the time "We'll have to leave soon" she hurriedly paced over to Yui's room before pushing the door slowly open and calling into the room. "Yui, wakey wakey" she called as she smiled, ready to meet her sister's cute morning face.

There was just the made bed that she had looked at for at least the past week. "That's right" Ui moaned to herself in a teary voice. "Onee-chan has gone to University" she mumbled to herself as she slowly walked out of the door, her head firmly down, staring at the floor in disbelief. Ui sat on the stairs that lead to her room outside of Yui's now old room and placed her head in her knees as she assumed a kind of foetal position. She felt the time pass as she just sat there going over her favourite memories of her beloved sister in her head. She thought of how much Yui had grown as a person since joining the light music club and recalled her restless nights listening to Yui strum her guitar, but it comforted her to know that Yui was alright and she knew where she was. Ui's eyes filled up after revisiting these memories and Yui's face kept flashing infront of Ui's eyes. Since she had left, she was also the only one home to fill an entire, empty, quiet house.

She realised that she needed Yui just as much as she depended on Ui. Heck, she knew it all along, but she never knew it would be this hard. Ui heard the TV still buzzing on in the living room and decided to pick herself up and dry her eyes, she had things to get on with, she was sure that Yui probably getting on with her day. But then a thousand images floated into Ui's head of Yui in her small student accommodation with Mugi-chan unable to handle her unreasonable demands for Ice Cream. "No, no!" Ui laughed to herself as she continued her morning hurry around the house. "She'll be fine, they're obviously fine!"

Ui finally packed her bags and left her house at a reasonable time, she always managed to arrive on time, she'd be too embarrassed to be late, it wouldn't do to inconvenience everyone like that. As Ui closed the door she felt the familiar weight of her phone and reached into her pocket to feel it. It was her form of communication with her sister for the time being. She had already had a hundred texts of how Yui was fitting in at her new university and even some pictures of the Light Music Club in Japan's Woman's University, though they had made new friends, they stuck together as Ho-kago tea time, as they knew that there was no one more fun to play with than each other, even though they were still waiting on Azusa to come through, they worked with what they had. Ui flipped open the phone and sent Yui a text asking how she was, doubtless she wouldn't even be up yet, but it helped put her mind at ease that she was fine.

"Gee, this is gonna be hard without her"

The day was fine, as it was the first day of April, the new school year was beginning and she was in her senior year. This was something she extensively pondered as she arrived at a traffic crossing before gazing off into the distance as she waited after pressing the button. "Senior year, huh?" that means I have to decided what University I want to go to myself! I think I should go to Onee-chan's university... but wouldn't that not be fulfilling what I want to do? Surely I should be more independent..." Her thought train was interrupted by a simple image in her mind – her sister spooning down jello into her mouth in front of the family television with that same cutesy smile that she always wore when eating. Ui felt a warm smile come across her own face. "I-I couldn't abandon that! Besides, if I do go to Japan's woman's university, it'd still be great for me, I mean, it's really successful" Ui realised that she was still stood at the traffic crossing, and had been for about 5 minutes now. She scurried across the street and scolded herself for her lack of attention.

"What am I going to do with myself this school year?" Ui thought to herself as she finally passed through the gates and gazed at the sun-kissed beige building in front of her.

"Who knows what'll happen..."