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"You're on in 10, Light Music Club" A girl with a clipboard had been whizzing around backstage, darting in between the separate acts who had stationed themselves in the small room.

Azusa had recognised the girl as who she had called 'Nodoka no 2' she was a new member of the student council and often reminded her of Nodoka.

"A-zusa" Jun whined as she waved her hand in front of Azusa's face.

Azusa shot up from her lazy slouch she had entranced herself in. "eeh?"

"Don't doze off when we're going on in 10 minutes" Jun was sat on a table, slouched over her bass guitar, it's neck hovering above Kaede who was sat next to Jun. They had all been observing Ui pacing back and forth, trying to occupy herself. Azusa observed that Ui wasn't used to sitting around waiting.

The practice before the concert had gone terribly, they were all in a terrible mood about the upcoming gig. Azusa knew she had to act to liven them all up, or it'd all go horribly wrong. Would Mio and the others look favourably on Azusa if they could see that she had let the Light Music Club turn into the musical shamble that were practicing in that famous music room last night?

Azusa stood up and took a few paces and turned to face the new Light Music Club.

"I know that practice hasn't gone terrifically since we've formed. I know that we don't have all the members we'd like to see. I know we've had arguments about exactly what we're playing. But right now, all that matters at this moment in time, is that we go out there, and we perform to the very best of our ability. I want to see all of you giving it your all" Azusa paused as she saw the understanding on her band's faces. "Together. As a team" She finalised, finding herself slightly welling up. This part was the essence of what Ho-Kago was about. It was having fun with a couple of friends, and this is what they seemed to lack.

"Let's do this, everyone!" Azusa excitedly spoke to her band as the curtains rose up. Light burst forth onto the four as they were showered in a welcoming applause.

The crowd had a look of boredom and expectancy on their faces.

Some older faces that Azusa recognised were on the edge of their seats, intrigued to see what would happen this time.

"1,... 2,... 3,... 4..."

The day was bright and the sun was glaring down on the school's welcoming festival.

Natsumi was sat on a bench in the middle of the school, meekly licking an ice lolly. She had heard that the Light Music Club were playing from some passers by.

"Light Music, huh?" She thought to herself. Natsu was sat all by herself because she knew that Aoi had been helping out with the Student Council. She pulled the last of her ice lolly into her mouth and tossed the bare stick in the bin next to the bench she was sat on.

"I best go check out the Light Music Club, see what they're all about" She said to herself as she started walking towards the auditorium from where she could hear some kind of concert going on.

Natsumi pushed open the auditorium doors to be greeted by a wave of sound.

She saw four girls on stage radiating.

The middle one had short, brown pig tails. Her voice was shouty and gave off an edgy vibe. She was hammering at her bass with the pick and a nice solid, bass line was vibrating through the auditorium.

The one on the right had black long pony tails either side of her head. Natsumi could tell she was putting her all into her performance, her hands were frantically moving up and down the fret board, guitar whining a catchy riff.

Guitarist no 2 was stood to the left and had a short pony tail shooting out of the back of her head. She could tell she was central to the band and her power chords gave structure to the rest of the band who were occasionally losing timing, only to be corrected by this girl. Her voice was harmonious and calming, in juxtaposition to the bassists.

Oh, and the drummer was mediocre. Natsumi knew she could do better.

Natsumi could tell that this band were putting their all into their performance, and was incredibly self-evident.

The band eventually polished up and the bassist called out the bands appreciation to the jumping crowd, whilst wiping her face down with a towel that she threw down next to her microphone. "This one's our last" She called. Natsumi found herself caught up in the moment too, cheering wildly.

The curtain fell as the girls exited the stage. Natsumi found herself entranced by the alluring performance. The band's technical performance was terrible and their vocals needed work. But they seemed really happy what they were doing. Natsumi was intrigued by the performance to say the least.

"It's settled, looks like I'm gonna follow Mio" She smiled to herself as she exited the auditorium.

Jun swung the door open and let out a massive sigh before collapsing on the chairs inside the music room, followed by the rest of the band. Azusa quietly content with the performance sat next to Jun's head whilst Ui assumed her role as tea maker and scurried into the corner. Kaede had returned to the jazz room.

"That was exhausting!" Jun moaned, with her eyes shut, her head now in Azusa's lap.

"Wasn't it fun?" Azusa squeaked slightly, not really noticing the excitement in her own voice.

"You're right, I can see how Onee-chan had such fun" Ui spoke, turning to place a saucer and mug into Azusa's hands.

"I wonder if we'll get any new members" Jun groaned again, she was virtually falling asleep in Azusa's lap.

"I really hope so" Ui sat at the drum kit placed in the room and stomping on the bass pedal in steady rhythm. "We need a full-time drummer" She whined.

Sawa-chan flung the door back and lazily stomped into the room. "Hi hi everyone" she slouched. Ui turned to go and make her tea out of instinct.

"You did great girls" Sawako lazily spoke as she dragged herself over to the table and sat down, slumping into a sleepy mess on the table.

"Thanks" Ui returned, smiling and placing her tea in front of her.

"Sawa-chan" Azusa interupted.


"What would you do it the Light Music Club would have to disband?"

Sawako shot up in her seat and turned around. "What makes you think it would have to disband?"

"Well, we don't actually have the 4 members needed to keep a band going" Azusa calmly replied, sipping her tea.

"What do you want me to do?" Sawako replied, obviously detecting that Azusa had wanted something from her.

"D'you remember those t-shirts you made?" Azusa began

"You want me to make some for you guys?"

"Think of it as a type of flyer" Azusa had stepped up her game in trying to recruit new members. The last thing she could imagine is not being able to play music with a good group of friends. She wanted to salvage that anyway she could.

"Please come and visit the Light Music Club!"

The day after the festival, Azusa, Jun and Ui were stood outside wearing the t-shirts that Sawako had made, they were plain white with the words "Light Music" flashing across them. Their objective was to get everyone wearing one. If they had one, they were bound to come visit, after all, the room name was on the bottom of the t-shirt.

"I'm thirrstyyyy, Azusaaa" Jun began tugging at Azusa's t-shirt. She got easily diverted from tasks not related to music, especially when she was uncomfortable.

"Here" Ui said, as she pulled a juice carton from her bag behind her.

Jun sat at the bench behind them and began sucking like an infant on the carton.

"You know what we need?" Ui began.

"Wha?- Join the light music club!" Azusa responded to Ui in between calling to some random passers by.

Ui reached into her bag and pulled something out, Azusa couldn't see it, she was too busy trying to engage the new first years walking past. She felt something lightly touch her head, it felt like a headband. "Ui, what is this?" Azusa called to her, offering out t-shirts.

Ui smiled. Jun laughed.

"Cat ears"

Again, the Light Music Club crashed in the room as the day grew on to an end and they had to call it a day. Another unsuccessful day. Sawa-chan had told them that they had no one coming into the music room or even come up the stairs at all that day. They had failed.

They all crashed around the table, staring into their cups of tea.

"It can't end. Not like this." Azusa began. "We're the Light Music Club! We can't go down!"

Ui placed her arm around Azusa. "Maybe we're just not meant to continue the legacy" She comforted.

"But I'm letting everyone down" Azusa began welling up and her voice shaking.

Jun stared at Azusa solemnly. "A-Azusa..." She had never seen her anywhere near tears before.

There was a long silence. Was this it? The longevity of the Light Music Club was waning.

Sawako walked into the room and closed the door silently. She also was in a saddened mood and placed a sheet of paper on the table and slowly pushed it in front of Azusa.

"Notice of Club closing" it was headed.

"I'm so sorry, girls"

Azusa swiped it off of the table and collapsed into her arms. Her sobs were painfully loud for the rest of the club sat around the table. The prior weeks Azusa had been saddened by the departure of her sempai's and now this had occurred. She couldn't take it. Why couldn't everything be like the old days?

She was given one task to do and she couldn't even do that. Why wasn't she able to just do the things she enjoyed?

A quiet knock was heard at the door.

Azusa's head shot up, her tear-filled eyes staring at the door. She wiped her eyes and spoke. "Come in"

Jun turned in her seat amazed, staring at the door, entranced.

Ui stood up in her chair slowly in disbelief.

The door creaked open like it usually did and a pale face poked it's way into the room.

The girl had dark brown hair and familiar black eyes with a cutesy-face.

"Is this the,.. Light Music Club?"