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Now Kairi, Cayomi and Marina are off to find Sora and destroy the Heartless and the Nobodies. They left the First District of Traverse Town and entered the door that led to the Second District. As soon as everything seemed alright, Heartless and Dusks (a type of Nobody) came out of the ground. The majority of the Heartless were the black bugs with the piercing yellow eyes, there were some that looked like knights because they wore armor. The Dusks looked like dangly humans with white suites on and a mouth that went from one side of the face to the other. They looked simple enough to defeat with their new and improved skills and weapons. They were easy to defeat, but as soon as one was gone, two more came, and it went like this forever it seemed. The girls were just getting more and more tired.

They started to get sick of fighting so they ran into an alley way and found a door that led to the last district known as the Third District. This district differed from all the others because it was the smallest and seemed to be the most peaceful. They were on the second floor of the district so they could see everything. They walked down to the ground floor to see if any Heartless or Nobodies were lurking around. After some time, they heard a big bang; it came from the second floor. Out came flying a boy, a duck, and a dog that used the girls as mattresses when they fell on them. They were all dizzy from the landing. When Kairi regained her focus and the three of them were off of the girls, she realized that the boy was Sora. Sora then saw Cayomi, thinking that she was Kairi and ran right up to her and gave her a hug while Marina and Kairi were hugging the duck and dog who turned out to be Donald and Goofy. Cayomi then asked Sora

"Why are you hugging me? I don't even know you." Then Sora let go and was confused. He then said, "Of course you know me; it's me, Sora, your best friend. How can you -" he stopped, looked at her more closely this time and saw that she wasn't Kairi. He then blushed because he was so embarrassed. This time he saw Kairi and hugged her. Kairi was happy to see Sora too. Everyone thought it was so cute that they were hugging for such a long time.

Ruining the moment, the ground started to shake. Part of the tiles on the ground started to rise and Heartless and more Dusks appeared out of nowhere and started to charge at them. Sora, Donald, and Goofy then pushed the girls back, not knowing that they could fight too. Sora then said

"Stay back, we got this." The heartless and Dusks at that time were already surrounding them. The boys kept destroying them, but more would just come back. The girls felt useless so Marina then complained,

"Hey! Stop trying to be the heroes. We know how to fight too." The girls' Keyblades then appeared in their hands and the boys were shocked. The girls jumped out of their little barrier and started to thrash at the enemies. Everyone was almost at their limit. The Heartless and Dusks just kept on fighting back. But before the remaining could fight back, they disappeared. They all then faced each other in shock to see how well they all fought. Donald and Goofy were especially impressed with the girls. Donald then started by saying

"Wow. You three have rally trained since we have seen you and you even got your very own Keyblades. Oh by the way, this is our new friend Sora; he also is the bearer of a Keyblade. Sora, these are our friends Marina, Kairi, and Cayomi. I'm guessing you and Kairi already know each other." Sora and Kairi began to laugh. Sora then said

"Nice to meet you. Oh and Cayomi, sorry I mistook you for Kairi." Cayomi then blushed a little bit and said

"Oh, it's alright. Even Donald and Goofy mix us up sometimes. I mean were triplets, it's sort of hard to tell the difference I guess." As soon as she said triplets, Sora was so confused. Marina then decided to fill in poor Sora on what was going on. Donald and Goofy didn't need that much explaining. Then Goofy mentioned about having to explore new worlds and saving them all from the Heartless and the Nobodies. They all decided that they should get a move on if they were going to help all the worlds. So when they were just about to leave, the ground started to shake again, but this time no one was in shock. They were ready this time for whatever was coming their way. Unfortunately, the "thing" was more dangerous than anything they have came across before. Everyone then could see figurines of where the Heartless and Nobodies were standing when they fought them. You could see the energy being drawn from the Heartless and Dusks into an even bigger Heartless that was emerging. It was as big as the buildings surrounding them. It looked like a knight with a weird looking black heart on his chest. None of the body parts were connected to each other. Everyone was alarmed because of its monstrous form. But everyone was still willing to fight it. They all charged at the Heartless.

The battle seemed to go on forever. Neither side was winning. Every time either of them would attack, the attack would be negated. Then Sora finally struck the monster on the chest. This caused the monster to break up into groups. The groups consisted of the chest and the head together, the arms together, and the legs together. So everyone decided to break up into three groups. Donald joined with Kairi and they worked on the arms, Sora joined with Cayomi and decided to fight the chest and head, and Goofy joined with Marina took on the legs. This time the battle went faster because by itself, the monster was much weaker. It didn't take long to destroy the body parts. Finally Cayomi and Sora struck the chest plate at the same time and the whole body diminished. When it was gone, a huge heart floated up to the sky. Now, finally, everyone could have a little peace and quiet. So now they all went back to the Gummi Ship for real this time; with no interruptions. When Sora saw the Gummi Ship, he was amazed. He started to explore just like the girls did when they first saw the Gummi Ship for the first time. The girls noticed that there was another bed added to Donald and Goofy's room.

Sora finally got settled in after he was done with exploring the place. While he was lying on his bed, he started to hear some arguments coming from the girls' room. It sounded like Donald and Goofy were in their room too. Then he started to hear mostly Marina's voice yelling at Donald and Donald yelling back. They were arguing about Donald forgetting to tell them about trying to find the bearer of the Keyblade. Donald was then trying to put most of the blame on Goofy because he was supposed to mention it to them. Even though that it was sort of Goofy's fault, Cayomi was yelling at Donald saying that he should have reminded Goofy. Kairi was just there just listening to everyone. She finally had enough and yelled to stop. Everyone stopped and looked at her. She started to think while pacing. She went up to the wall between her and Sora. She kicked it very hard and on the other side, Sora fell off his bed and was on the floor. Kairi heard the very big bang of him falling and went to the other side of the wall and saw Sora on the ground rubbing his head. Marina and Cayomi ran to Kairi's side and saw him on the ground and they started to giggle.

"Sora you nosey weasel. Why were you eavesdropping on us? You could have just joined the conversation." Kairi said. Sora's face then turned bright red.

"Well…umm…you were talking about me. So I didn't want to just stand there watching you talk about how Donald didn't remind Goofy to tell you to find me. Also why were you guys going to go looking for me anyway?" The girls then turned around to see Donald and Goofy's head sticking out from the other room. When they turned around, they ducked their heads back in. Cayomi went to get them out of their room. She then gave them one of those you-have-a-lot-of-explaining-to-do looks. Marina then said

"You know, I was wondering the same thing. Why did we need to find the bearer of the Keyblade in the first place? Why is the Keyblade so important? I mean I thought the whole point on going on this journey was to get away from Maleficent and our uncle." The girls and Sora all looked at Donald and Goofy and directed all the questions to them. Both of them started to look guilty not telling them the main reason why they went on this journey. Donald then started to scramble through his pocket and took out a light green envelope with the royal seal of the king on it. Donald handed it to the girls and Sora to read it. Before they started to read it, Goofy said

"You see, our dog Pluto found this letting lying on the king's chair. Donald and I were both guessing wrote this right before he left. It talks about worlds which are the stars are disappearing and the king wants to know why. The letter also mentions that to save the worlds from the darkness, we had to find the bearer of a key. It turns out that Sora is the key we have been looking for. And now you three have Keyblades too. This will help the king and the worlds even more." Goofy lectured. Sora was more confused than ever now (if you haven't noticed, he gets this way A LOT). Marina was in the middle so she held the letter while Cayomi and Kairi were on her sides reading it too. Sora was reading over Marina's shoulder. It read


Sorry to rush off without sayin' goodbye, but there's big trouble brewin'.

Not sure why, but the stars have been blinkin' out, one by one. And that means disaster can't be far behind. I hate to leave you all but I've gotta go check into it.

There's someone with a "key" – the key to our survival. So I need you and Goofy to find him, and stick with him. Got it?

We need that key or we're doomed! So go to Traverse Town and find Leon. He'll point you in the right direction.

P.S. Would ya apologize to Minnie for me? Thanks pal.

Signed – Mickey

When everyone was done, they now understood why they had to go on this mission. Donald after they were done reading it took the girls into their room for a second to talk to them. It had to be important if he didn't want anyone else to hear. When the four of them came back, Sora still confused asked

"But wait. I don't understand one thing. Why did the Keyblade chose me?" Donald had an easy answer for that.

"That's simple. The Keyblade chooses someone with a strong heart. And you happen to have a heart with lots of light and love inside and care for everyone you meet. And whenever you meet someone, you seem to affect them in a strong way. And that's why the Keyblade chose you." Sora didn't even realize that he was that caring. Sora thought that the only reason why he got the Keyblade was because he was meant to be the one to bring his world back from the darkness. Donald frustrated that they still haven't left Traverse Town yelled

"If you want to save all the worlds from being devoured by the darkness, then we should start going to more worlds!" Donald then started to turn bright red from all that creaming and then everyone just sort of stared at him for a bit; thinking that he needed to chill and casually went back to their seats. Donald and Goofy were at the steering wheels and in a millisecond, they were zooming through space. They came upon three new planets. One looked like a jungle, one had a coliseum on top and below had a creepy castle, and the third one had a bunch of cards marching around.

"So, what planet should we start off with first?" Sora wondered. Everyone started to think which planet looked like it needed more help. Marina then said

"Maybe we should land on the planet with the creepy black castle underneath it. That castle looks very suspicious. Donald, land the ship there." Donald did as she said. Even though everyone agreed to go there, Kairi was still a bit scared about going inside the castle. It gave her the creeps. She would much rather go to the castle with the marching cards and the queen of hearts. Before they landed, they had to fight some Heartless ships. Also they wanted to pick up some stuff along the way that would help with the ship. After that was done, they were now on their way to the new and mysterious world.