I know it's the almost the end of summer but I have been in such a Christmas mood. So now, with out further due, THE PHINEAS AND FERB: CHRISTMAS IN PARIS SPECIAL!

Chapter 1: It's Christmas time again

"Ah, Christmas. I love this time of year." Adam said, climbing out of his bed. "Man go to sleep, it's too early." Johnson complained rolling over. "It's 10 in the morning man, come on, we got to go get ready for our trip tomorrow." Adam pushed Johnson off his bed. "If my alarm clock ever breaks, I won't need to worry about sleeping in." Johnson stood up, putting on his purple shirt. "Adam, come down!" Mr. Sanchez yelled up the stairs. "Be right down dad." Adam pulled on his black long sleeve and made his way downstairs. "Hey dad what's up?" Adam grabbed a Christmas cookie and went to his dad. "Well, since we're going to Paris for Christmas, we thought you kids could bring one of your friends." His dad offered. The three kids thanked him and went to go find their friends. "Who should I take Johnson; I have a lot of friends around Danville. There's Taylor from New Jersey. Phineas, Ferb." Adam kept thinking. "I'm taking Phineas so don't worry about that." Stephini said, day dreaming. "Hey, maybe I can take Katherine; she always said she wanted to go to France." Johnson remembered, pulling out his phone. "Maybe I should take Isabella." Adam thought. The two others looked at him. "Why, do you like her?" Stephini asked. "No, it's just that since school started, we haven't really talked much. The last time we really talked was when we built the back to school concert." Adam said. Stephini and Johnson rolled their eyes. "But I feel bad for Ferb; Phineas is going, and Isabella." Johnson said. "I don't know, but we better ask before we get our hopes up." Adam said, heading to Isabella's house. "Wow, he is clueless; everyone knows that Isabella likes him." Stephini said, sending a text message to Phineas. "Hey, that was you with Phineas. He liked you since he saw you and you only started dating him about 3 and a half months ago." Stephini looked guilty. "Yeah, then we moved!" Johnson added. "Alright, alright, fine." Stephini put her hands up in defeat. She felt it vibrate and opened it. "Yes, Phineas can come." She said, running inside.

************** Meanwhile ***************

Adam walked onto the porch of the Garcia-Shapiro house and knocked on the door. The door opened and showed Ms. Garcia- Shapiro. "Hello Miss G-Shapiro, is Isabella home?" Adam asked, his voice getting a bit high for a split second. "Of course Adam." She called for Isabella and walked into the kitchen. "What was that?" Adam asked putting his hand on his throat. "Stupid voice crack." Adam said to himself. "Adam? "

"Whatcha Doin'? Isabella asked. "Nothing, just wanted to see if you wanted to come to Paris with me and my family?" Adam asked. Isabella's eyes grew huge and she smiled.

"Of course!" She yelled out. "Is it ok with your mom?" Adam asked. Isabella ran into the house and returned shortly after. "She said its fine as long as we're home before Christmas Eve." She said. "I think we'll be home on Christmas Eve actually." Adam said smiling. "When do you guys leave?" "Uh, tomorrow for the airport." Adam checked his watch. "Oh, I got to go pack, man I feel bad for Ferb, everyone's going but him." Adam said about to leave. Isabella nodded. "He is sick anyway; he wouldn't be able to go anyway." She said. "Alright Izzy, I got to get packing." Adam hugging Isabella before leaving. "What was that for?" Isabella asked in a love struck tone. "I've been in the Christmas mood lately." Adam replied before jogging back to his house. "Hopefully you'll be even more in that feeling when we're in Paris." Isabella thought to herself.

************** Back at the Sanchez house *****************

"You can? Great! I'll see you later. Alright bye." Johnson said, hanging up the phone. "Alright, Katherine, Isabella, and Phineas can come." Mr. Sanchez cleared up. "We leave tomorrow, you better get ready now." He continued as the three ran upstairs. They all quickly packed their stuff and put it in the car.

A/N: I know, like I said, it's still summer but I want to get this done because I might be leaving for good. So yeah, please don't bug me about how it's summer. It's Christmas in July :D.