Chapter 5: Start or the End

"So man, what's the answer?" Phineas asked. "I told, I'm not starting or ending anything yet." Adam put his hands in pockets and walked in the direction of the Eiffel tower. He tried to walk slowly so he could make sure what he was doing was the right thing. "If I say yes would we still act like friends, or will everything be different? If I say no, how long would she be heart broken?" Adam couldn't stop thinking about it. He imagined her reaction if he said yes or no. He couldn't get a whole thought through his head. His head ached. Come to think of it, his whole body ached. He heard screaming in his head. He heard a lot different thoughts go through his mind at once. What if she liked someone else? What if I don't really like her? Will she like me once school starts again? How long will we last if I say yes? How long will we be friends if I say no? Adam couldn't take it. He held his head and screamed like a psycho. He started to run, he ran straight for the Eiffel tower. He didn't want to the thoughts to over whelm him. He wanted to get his answer out quickly. Isabella would be waiting for him there. The thoughts started to crowd his mind. He ran faster, and started to make his way up to the top. He got there and before he could find Isabella, his brain couldn't hold in any more. "STOP ALREADY! I CAN'T TAKE IT! JUST STOP!" Adam fell to his knees and clenched his head; tears of pain were welling up in his eyes. He stayed there motionless for a few minutes. He finally stood up and looked around. He couldn't find Isabella. He sat down on a chair. He put his head in his hands and waited. He felt someone stand over him. "Hey, you ok?" Isabella asked. Adam nodded and rubbed his head. He looked at his watch. 12 p.m. Dec. 24th. "So, are you feeling ok?" Adam asked, trying to break the silence. "Yeah, I've been ok." Isabella answered. She sat down next to Adam, on the floor. "So…" Isabella was cut off. "Isabella, before I say anything, you have to promise me something." Adam sighed. "What?" "No matter what the answer is, we will always stay friends." Adam said. "Yeah, I thought that would just be obvious." Isabella joked. Adam laughed a bit. "Alright, umm, well..." Adam couldn't get the words out. Isabella sighed but waited patiently. Adam stood up and helped Isabella up. "So, there's one more thing you need to promise me." Adam spoke up. Isabella looked up at him. "You have to promise me…" Adam took in a deep breath. "You have to promise me that you won't get all weird when I do this." Adam hugged Isabella and laughed a little bit. Isabella smiled. "So, is that a…" "Isabella, it's a yes." Adam confirmed. Isabella started crying with tears of joy. "Wow, I thought you would be updating your Facebook thing to in a relationship." Adam joked. Isabella rolled her eyes. "I will, later, but I don't want to ruin the moment right now." Isabella said, Adam wiped a tear from her eye. "So, what was the first thing you planned for us to do once we started dating?" Adam asked. "Well, I was hoping to get home to tell everyone in person." Isabella said. "Well, we're probably should be heading back to the airport now." Adam reminded as he grabbed her hand. They headed for the airport.

******** On the plane ***********

"Well, I guess its official, finally!" Johnson said. "Shut up man, I started a relationship on a very interesting date, Christmas eve." Adam replied, one arm around Isabella. "Let's take a picture of you two." Phineas said, turning around with his camera phone. Isabella wrapped her arm around Adam's chest. Phineas took a picture. "Well, guess its Facebook property now." Phineas said, sending it to Facebook off his phone. "Look what happens when you're in France for a few weeks." Phineas wrote as the caption. The rest of the ride was pretty much the same, the kids joked and took pictures. Phineas and Stephini made up, they're just no longer dating. Isabella would get texts, about her and Adam finally being together. A lot of people didn't believe it. But once they got the story from both of them, they were convinced. When they got home, everyone didn't stop calling Isabella and Adam, until of course, it was time to go to sleep and wait until morning to open their presents that will be left under their tree and in their stockings by a man who man believe doesn't exist. The whole gang still believes in him, that's why they get good presents. But Isabella didn't care if she got presents the next day, she got what has been on her list for 6 long months. Adam got his best friend to become his girlfriend in Paris. He didn't want much more. For the first time in his life, he slept perfectly through Christmas Eve.

A/N: FINALLY THEY ARE TOGETHER! I KNOW IT'S UNBELIEVABLE! Anyway, yes, towards the end I was referring to Santa Clause, don't bother me about it but I still believe in him, why would parents get you stuff they don't want to get you? Anyway, this was a fun story to write, I was glad to write it and I can't wait until my next few stories come out. One of which is a BIG one! One story is about the gang going into the NASCAR racing world. Another is about the gang, 106 Years ago! 1904, when the western ages are coming to an end, and the gang's ancestors must find out how to live through the notorious western time. Led by a wanted outlaw that fights for what he thinks is good. His 2-man gang, the girl who loves him and the hundreds and hundreds of enemies who try to take them and their akimbo quick draw skills down. A post apocalypse story, the gang must live in a world that has just ended. Bieber Fever, you know what this is about, the Bieber fans make a drink that makes EVERYONE a fan, but that was until things went awry. Featured characters, Hot pink Jelly Bean, Dark spine Sonic, Akira Leimei, and Mr. Cuddles. You have to figure out who is who. Well, I'm out for now, one or two chapters might go up, just so see what they got for Christmas, and how the lives of Adam and Isabella are now. I'll see you all later.