Ok, so, this is my newest fan-fic and, like my profile said, this is a Brutal Legend story. And, before anything else, I disclaim any acclaim of the game and anything associated with it, except whatever shit is mine, which you should be able to tell. . . Maybe. Anyway, this is what happens when you try to write your ACTUAL story, but you become so flustered that you decide to do something else, i.e., write a fan-fiction. And yes, all chapters will be called 'Verses', and all of them start with 'Brutal'. . . Yeah, it's a lame joke, but it's my joke and I claim a disclaimer. . . Is that how it works? . . Anyway, here's 'BRUTAL OVERDRIVE'

Verse 0: Brutal Entry_(PILOT)_/~/~/~/~/~/


Ahhh, music to my ears. It had taken me about a month and a half to beat 'Brutal Legend' on the Brutal difficulty, but I did it! I watched the scene where Riggs takes Doviculous's head off with a clean-sweep of his Quill-Covered Axe (Thank you, Overkill chain quest, for this ungodly weapon). The ending scene passes, the credits, too, and I'm left with an empty can of Mtn. Dew and a sense of accomplishment. Time for a pee-break, which was much needed, since I've been holding it since the beginning of the army battle versus the BDSM Dragon Heads and- Huh?

I had returned to the main menu only to see a message appear on the screen:


That's weird; I hadn't seen this on the GameFaqs forums or cheat page. Maybe it was just THAT hidden? Though, considering how long this game has been out, somebody would've discovered this difficulty, wouldn't they?... Nah, I'm just over-thinking it, I'm sure.

I emptied my bladder – in the bathroom, of course – and I decided to try out this new difficulty. I clicked on it and then… The power went out.

"Shit," I muttered, "Chels must've plugged in one too many damn electrical appliances!" My sister had done this many times, so I assumed it was her. But, now that I think about it, she was out of town with her boyfriend. Mom and Dad were at work, so it was only me at home. It was sunny outside; I could hear the summer bugs and birds. So, what the hell was going on then? I wish I hadn't asked that question, mentally at least.

My TV turned back on – a blaring sound of static and then roars – and a long, shadowy arm flew out and whizzed by my head. The hand came back around and grabbed my right arm; I felt my body being pulled to the TV. Whatever the hell was going on, I had to get away from my possessed TV! So, I reached out and grabbed my Irish Green Squire guitar with my free hand and swung it at the black-handed bastard!

Playing video games for a prolonged period can have… Negative effects on the body, such as poor balance and bad depth perception. And so, if you couldn't tell from the fact that I brought it up in such a straight-forward fashion, I missed with my mighty swing, tripped over my own two feet, and the shadow hand pulled me into the Killer TV. Before passing out from such psychological trauma, something appeared in my mind, like a message of some sort, or something like that:

'Donner, Blitz, Regen, Asche, Erde, Sturm, Engel, Abgrund… The Eight Fangs…'