So, this has been a long time coming. Sorry for such a long delay. I had Christmas, New Years, new computer, college… Life, unlike you losers. *glances to the audience* Yeah, I'm talking about you! Anyway, you must be here because you knew I wouldn't leave you guys with such an obvious cliff-hanger… And, I'll be honest, I thought about just going, "Yeah, no, no more chapters.' But then you'd all be like, ';O; *sad face*' So, yeah. I've also been busy writing a chapter to 'Soul Spiral', a Persona 3 fan-fic, which might also include a bit of P4, depending on what I get on it. Also, been brainstorming a new WoW fan-fic, but decided to put that on hold so that I can focus on this, since this is one of my best works, apparently, haha. I took the time to replay 'Brutal Legend', getting reacquainted with all the characters and, while they're fresh in mind, writing down this chapter.

Verse 3: Brutal Bosses /O\O/O\O/O\::::

How do I get myself into these situations? No, scratch that… How does a situation like this even happen! You know, a few days ago, I was sitting around on my porch, drinking some Coke-Cola and thinking how cool it would be to be in a video game… Like Dead or Alive Extreme Beach Volleyball… And Bayonetta… But, in retrospect, I was naïve… The simple fact should be that it wouldn't happen, but you already knew that, didn't you?

Unfortunately, Fate decided to just screw me over, so to speak, as it spirited me away… In the form of shadow-arms pulling me into my killer TV… Along with my guitar… Which, really, does nothing except when it's plugged in. No killer special moves, no flames or lightning… Not even a cool scythe… It's just a normal guitar. Oh, but these swords I have stuck inside of it are special. Oh yeah, they're freaking magical.

Donner and Blitz, along with their sister Regen are these Fangs of Ormagoden, this ancient creature who once roamed the skies, burning shit up. Yeah, he was cool, until this chick named Aetulia was forced into bringing him down to the earth so the Demons could tear him apart and stuff… That was a bitch move. Anyway, if I can somehow manage to bring the other five Fangs together, there's a small chance I could go home. Sounds easy enough right? Oh, except for the fact they're hidden, sealed away, or just plain gone.

No worries though…


… $%^&, I'm sooooo dead.

Because of these stupid Fangs and my desire to go home… I'm being chased by a snotty, British front-man who fights and flies using his hair… His HAIR! I'm so sick of him! 'Oi, wher're you goin'?' I hate his freakin accent, it's neither here nor there. Either be English or American! Make up your mind!

"Would you stop chasing me around? I'm getting sick of this!" I yelled at him as I tried to maintain balance on my guitar neck. Oh, right, I'm flying… On my guitar… Yeah, I told you before, crap like this shouldn't happen, right? Well, it does to me, apparently. Oh, and try flying when you're, oh I don't know… About some-hundred feet off the ground!

"Give me back mah sword, you thief." Lionwhyte snarled at me, beginning a charge attack. I quickly did a barrel-roll while holding onto my guitar for dear life.

"Hey," I yelled down to Donner and Blitz, which made the wings that helped me fly out here, "Do you think you could also make some foot braces, so I don't freakin' fall off my guitar?" I felt my guitar get heavier for a moment, since we dropped a little, and then metal sprung from the sides of the neck and on the base part of my guitar and wrapped itself around my feet, "Much obliged."

"Whatever, Dumbass."

"Hmph, just don't drop Regen, Peasant."

"Ha, of course I won't!" I said, keeping a tight grip on Regen, the Fang of Water, as I… Descended? I panicked a little, "H-hey guys, are we falling?"

"… Oh my, we are. Then again, we can't fly, can we?"

"I thought you said you could make wings!"

"Yes, I did say that… But they're purely aesthetical. Why you think that we could fly when we're made of metal and bone is beyond me."

"Don't get snippy with me!" I looked back as I saw Lionwhyte slowly catching up to us, "Well, what do we do now?"

"I think I may be able to help you, since you helped my brothers and I."

"Regen, right?" I said, ducking another of Lionwhyte's attacks, "Um, you have a plan or something?"

"That I do, my Trigger, 'Slur', allows me to extend and wrap around objects. You could, in theory, use me to attach to one of those convenient towers and fly above those convenient vents, allowing you to gain some lift and ascend."

"My, how… Convenient." What? I couldn't think of anything to say except that. She used the word 'convenient' like, ten times or something! Anyway, I felt around for a trigger and found a silver button just above my grip. I lightly pressed it as I watched Regen's blade extend and turn to… Well, water. It acted as if it had a mind of its own, which it kind of did, but that's not really what I meant by it. What I meant was- Oh forget it! It's taking away from the action. Regen's arm wrapped around a nearby tower, pulling and pushing me to a nearby air vent. As I glided over it, the wind was caught under Donner and Blitz and we rose a few feet into the air.

Regen let go of the tower and we began to slowly descend again, with Lionwhyte on our tail, "Okay, now what? We stopped our fall, but we still got Mr. Hairspray on our tail." This was bad, we needed some way to stop him, but what could we do? The only way to stop him is to stop his... "We need to get him near a gas vent, and quick!"

I looked around frantically for something reminiscent of a gas line. I mean, they have computers here, why wouldn't they have a gas line? It's just common sense… Oh wait, I'm in a video game, haha. Common sense has pretty much flown right out the window. Still, this was a semi-solid plan, so I went with it. As we turned another corner around the Pleasure Tower, I saw a bright red pipe running along the tower's ridges and such, dipping into the building ever few feet. That was either a water mane or a gas line. Let's find out, shall we?

I dipped down so that we flew a bit past the tube. As Lionwhyte pursued us, I suddenly realized I have no way to blow it up! Damn it! My mind tingled in frustration… But then images floated around in my brain, a maneuver… Wait, of course!

"Donner," I yelled, "I need you to maneuver down to the bottom of the guitar and act as propulsion. Become somewhat of a jet and shoot me up into the air!"

"Excuse me? Are you or-"

"Moron! Just do it!" There was no time for hesitation; I had only one shot to do this!

"Fine, if that's what you want."

As Donner phased out into the guitar to move to the bottom, I took the moment to grab Blitz out of the guitar as well. We suddenly dropped a little as we had no wings to glide upon. However, a split-second later, a great amount of energy built up and shot me into the air. As I felt weightless in the air, I flipped upside-down and pulled Blitz into firing position, "Die, you sonuva-"

I clicked the Trigger and fired a powerful Staccato right into the gas line, causing it to explode right next to Lionwhyte, burning some of his hair off. As I regained some control, I pulled my body around and leveled it out, pointing downward to gain some momentum, "Cut-Back Drop-Turn!" I glided past Lionwhyte and aimed Regen to another tower to pull us around to attack him again.

"Okay, this time," I yelled to both Regen and Donner, "Regen, you latch onto that tower and hold it, and you, Donner, give it all that you can to the jet, okay? We're gonna hit him hard, so be prepared!" As Regen latched onto the tower, Donner propelled us at super-speed, creating an effect similar to those G-force spinners they have at NASA. As we made a three-sixty around the tower, I released Regen's Trigger and flew at Lionwhyte at a break-neck pace. He didn't even see me coming, haha.

As I flew at him, I did a barrel roll and exchanged Regen and Blitz – told them to become wings – and brought out Donner. As I regained my form, I slammed on the Trigger – 'Vibrato' – and sliced a good chunk of Lionwhyte's hair off. He yelled profanities as he fell down to the ground, but was saved as he glided inside the building through an open window. I held onto my guitar tightly as we glided down closer to the ground. I then remembered that Ophelia and I never talked about a rendezvous point!

As we neared the ground, the clasps on my feet dissolved and the swords popped right out as I face-planted and –grinded against the ground. I thought I broke my arm or something, but thankfully, the arm-guard broke most of my fall, so I had a few scrapes and not much else. I propped myself up to grab Gi-tah and went over to the Fangs, "Hey, you guys okay?"

"We're okay, Dumbass. Just a little tired, is all."

"Yes, the fact that we used our Triggers so many times after recently awakening is a bit taxing. Nothing a good amount of rest won't cure."

"That was quite fun, I must admit! I'm so happy to be with my little brothers once again."

"Yeah, yeah, super family moment, but we need to get moving… Since the sheath was made for Donner and Blitz, Regen will stay in my hand." As I sheathed Donner and Blitz, I held Regen in my hand and a warm glow came from it, "So, are you the only female Fang? Or is there another?"

"Well, there's Donner, Blitz and I. We make the Storm Triplets. Then there's Asche, the Fang of Fire; Sturm, the Fang of Wind; Erde, the Fang of Stone; Engel, the Fang of Light; and Abgrund, the Fang of Darkness. Aside from me, Engel is the only female Fang."

"Wait, you three are the Storm Triplets? Why do you get titles like that?" It seemed weird that these three would get titles… Also, how are they only brothers and sister, when there are eight of them?

"Well, it's because we resonate better when we're together. The other fangs are too different to relate to one another. However, while we were young, we three bonded together."

"Hmm… So, it's a lot like Social Links… The closer you are, the stronger you become. Am I understanding right?"

"Yes, correct. Asche was always too hard-headed. Sturm is too playful. Erde is too quiet. Engel is always so uptight. And… Abgrund is Abgrund."

Hmm… So, even though they were made from the same being, these Fangs actually seem like… Real people. Like, you could talk to them in real life and you wouldn't know the difference. The Eight Fangs of Ormagoden, huh? Gather the Eight and you shall be able to pass through time and space… It's a plot device, isn't it?

As we made our way through the outlying area of the Pleasure Tower, near some pools of water, I saw a speck of black a ways away. As I called out to them, they replied and it seemed it was urgent… Wait, isn't this where Ophelia… Oh no…

I sprinted over to the Roadies and the Razor Girls, "Did something happen?" Of course something happened; this was when Ophelia gets injured… Dammit! If only we hadn't split up! Even so, this was meant to happen. Otherwise, Eddie and Ironheade would never recruit the Killmaster and his Thunderhog crew. As we all should know, no healers in a party means perma-wipe in every battle, so this was a crucial point to the story.

I carried Ophelia on my back as the Roadies escorted the Razor Girls and I through the Cleave. I looked at the walls as the turrets peered around, the gears whirring within the hollow cavern. As we neared the exit, the Roadies pulled us over to the side where a hidden passageway was, apparently how they got past the giant gate barring the way between the Great Highway and the Pleasure Tower. We made our way through, coming out under the Great Highway a mile or so west of the Cleave's actual entrance, waist-deep in water.

I turned back to the Roadies, "Thanks for the help guys. Stick around for a while, we'll need you pretty soon." The Roadies gave me a thumbs-up and turned back to head into the Cleave. I looked to the Razor Girls, "Um, well, I'm sure you're wondering who I am, but the important thing is that you head to the ruins north of here, you know, with the statues of female singers." As the girls headed out to the ruins, I turned in all different directions, "And, I have no idea how to get back to Bladehenge…"

"Um, excuse me," I heard a soft voice call out, "If you want, I could show you back to your home." I turned around to see nothing but water and rocks, "No, no, over here." I turned to my left, nothing; turned to my right, nothing.

"Um, I don't know whe-"

"BOO!" I felt something poke me in the back as I jumped, nearly dropping Ophelia. As I spun around, I saw a blonde girl in tight yet revealing leather clothing – must say, nice underboob – and a playful grin on her face, "Sorry, but we don't have much time for playing around. Follow me." She turned and began running through the crevice, heading to the open base beneath the bridge.

Although I have no idea why, I began following this girl, being careful not to drop Ophelia or slip and fall into the water.

"Hey!" I yelled to her, "Who are you? I mean, I appreciate you helping me out here, but…" Wait, her clothing was very similar to the Zaulia, but she wore no face-paint. Maybe it was just coincidence? "Are you… A member of the Zaulia?"

She stopped running and turned around, forcing me to slide to a halt, "Well, I used to be part of their group, but I was exiled, so now I live out here. Now, how do you know about the Zaulia?" She crossed her arms and gave me a questioning look, "Anyone east of the Cleave should be nearly invisible to other civilizations. Well, with the exception of the Fire Barons… Always lighting stuff on fire, they cause riots just going outside."

"Uhhh, good question, well," I drew a blank; if it was Lita or Lars, I would have something, but I've never met this character before! There's no telling what answer might do what to her impression of me… So, I'll play dumb, "Zaulia? What's a Zaulia? A type of fruit?"

"… You do know you were the one to call me a Zaulia, right?"

I coughed, trying to change the subject, "Look, my friend is seriously injured, please… Please, guide me back to Bladehenge?" She put her fingers to her chin and looked away, pondering before nodding, "Thank you."

"It's no problem at all," She pranced away, turning back every now and then to make sure I didn't fall behind, "Besides, it's the least I could do for the Inheritor." 'Inheritor'? What was that? As we walked out from under the Great Highway, I realized that it was beginning to get late, and it started looking cloudy in the distance, "Uh-oh, looks like it's going to rain… We better hurry, Inheritor."

"Why do you keep calling me this 'Inheritor' thing? Is it some kind of title?" She didn't look back at me, but instead she stopped next to the Artifact Egg, leaning against it. I walked up and relaxed a little, helping Ophelia move up my back and into more of a comfortable position.

"The Inheritor," She paused, maybe trying to think of how to put it, "The Inheritor is the one who wields the Eight Fangs, he who inherits the power of Ormagoden."

"Wait, how did you know I had the Fangs?"

"You're holding them in your hands, are you not?"

I looked down at Regen, "Oh, right… Well, it's a bit annoying carrying them around, but they're my ticket home, so whatever." Why was I telling her about my predicament? If this got back to Eddie or Lars or even Lita, I'd have a lot of explaining to do.

"But there's more to it than that," She said, "It was said that only Demons could hold the swords, however, you're human and you can wield three of them… Something about you is… Unordinary."

"Heh, maybe I'm unordinary in the respect that I'm the only normal thing around here?" I joked.

She spun around on her heel and glared at me, "This is no laughing matter. No matter how unordinary a human may be, only Demons can hold the Fangs." She walked up to me and looked me over, "Still, no matter how I look at you, all I can see is human… You are a strange one." I'm strange! Look at how you're dressed: leather and pretty much NOTHING else.

"Well, excuse me for being me," I paused, "I'm sorry, I didn't quite get your name."

"… It's Katherine, but you can call me Kat." Katherine, huh? I wasn't expecting that, to be honest. I was guessing Brunhildr or something like that. Now that she was close up, she's actually kind of cute, although I would never say it out loud.

"Anyway, we should keep going. We need to get her back to Bladehenge so she can get some help." Kat nodded and we continued on our way to Bladehenge, always watching for whenever we walked out into the open for Lionwhyte's men. Once we made it to the giant guitar statue jutting about a hundred feet out of the ground, we figured we were safe from Lionwhyte. I doubt he would come all the way out here just to kick my ass… Then again, I did burn and cut some of his almighty hair off, hehehehe.

We made it into the village safely – well, except for Ophelia – and we were greeted by two hulking figures running at us: Lars and Eddie.

"Ophelia!" Lars came up beside us and looked at Ophelia – bloodied and bruised – and then looked to me.

"I-I'm sorry… I was somewhere else when it happened…" What else could I say? I wasn't there… I couldn't do anything…

Lars lifted Ophelia off my back and into his arms, "Don't tell me… You went to try and free the girls?"

Ophelia's eyes fluttered open for a brief moment, "No, they're already free." After that, she passed out, slouching in Lars's arms.

A moment of silence passed before Lars said he would take her to the Kill Master, with Lita – of course – trying to stop him. After that didn't work out, she tried to convince Eddie to stop Lars. That worked even less. After Eddie followed Lars out of Bladehenge, it was me, Lita… And-

"Johnny, who is this?" Lita asked, grabbing for her halberd and glaring at Kat.

"Ah, right," I said, clearing my throat, "Katherine, this is Lita. Lita, this is Katherine… She helped me find my way back to Bladehenge after escaping the Pleasure Tower." After that, Lita asked what happened exactly. I told her to the best of my knowledge what happened… She grinned a little when I told her how I defeated Lionwhyte. However… I knew that she was mad that I let Ophelia get hurt.

After resting for a while, we decided to go to the Kill Master to see if they were okay, however… For some reason, I couldn't help but feel that Lita was more… On edge than usual. I mean, while we walked and talked, every time I smiled at Kat, I could feel her eyes on me… Things were getting weird, so I suggested we start running there in case there was an emergency. It worked out fine and we made it there as the sun was rising into the sky… Wait, it's been shining all day! How long does day usually last here!

In any case, we made our way up the treacherous hill, watching out for falling rocks and other problems. We took care of some straggling Lionwhyte henchmen, but found a good amount of bodies lying around. We must've come just after the battle… Which means this should be when Eddie heads down to the Lair of the Spider Queen.

As we came to the final turn of the hill, we spotted Lars – with Ophelia on his back – and Eddie walking into the Kill Master's cave area. We quickly caught up and looked around, other Thunderhoggers were sitting around, smoking and drinking, glaring at us from behind those sunglasses. As Lars laid Ophelia down in the Center Amp Altar, we found our eyes upon the Kill Master, sitting upon his throne in the music booth.

Despite the giant monster skull staring us down, what freaked me out was the spider web hanging behind the Kill Master. I have never been a big fan of spiders, and I probably never will, but these weren't normal spiders… These are Metal Spiders, these make our spiders look like ants… Or some other really weak or small being… Maybe an amoeba?

As the spiders skittered around the Kill Master, he moved and looked down at us, "Now, wha' the hell?" For someone with the name Kill Master, he sure has a laid-back personality.

"Noble Kill Master," Lars began, "This woman-"

"Didn' you see the sign?" The cigarette wiggled from left to right in his mouth, "We don' like visitors up here."

Lars glowered, "But she's dying."

Kill Master scoffed, "Oh yeah? What's their excuse?" He motioned to us in the back – Eddie, Lita, Kat and I.

Lars bowed before the altar and the Kill Master, "I beg of you: Heal this woman, who wanted nothing more than to free her sisters from the grip of General Lionwhyte."

At the mention of Lionwhyte, the Kill Master pulled his hat back, his eyebrows arched in surprise and glee, "Ah, ya fightin' Lionwhyte?" He takes a long suck from his cigarette and blows the smoke out, "Why didn' ya say so? I hate that bastard." He claps and rubs his hands together, "Let's see now…" He busted out an awesome bass solo, his fingers flying across the strings.

Eddie looked to Ophelia, "What's happening?"

"Pissin' me off, for one," the Kill Master said without looking up.

As the solo faded out, Lita crossed her arms, "Is she dead..?" I'm not sure whether to say, 'Do you wish for that?', cause that would be kind of cruel to say… Especially in front of Lars and Eddie.

The Kill Master said she wasn't dead, but if something wasn't done soon, she would be. Lars asked if his spiders could make heavier strings, but I knew why that couldn't be…

"My lil darlings here?" He shook his head, and pointed to the statue of the Spider Queen behind him, "No, only the Metal Queen is big 'nough to spin the kin' of strings you need." He paused, a look of concern on his face, "But we don' go into her lair anymore, lest she bite us in 'alf, suck ou' our innards, an' lay her eggs in ou' eye sockets."

A brief pause…

"I'm going." Lars said, getting the usual response from Lita.

"No!" Lita said, stepping into her brother's path, "Then you'll both be dead, and what good is that?"

Lars's eyes tightened in anxiety, "I have to get those strings, Lita."

Lita sighed and put a hand on Lars's shoulder, "No, Lars, you have to let her go…"

Lars's brows arched in doubt, "You'd like that… Wouldn't you?"

Lita's eyes shot wide open, "W-what!"

Eddie tried to break up the fighting, but to no avail. Sibling arguing is like a landmine: You got to tread carefully; otherwise it blows up in your face. Eddie decided to go ahead and get the bass strings and I went along with him. Kat wanted to come along, but I figured it would be better for her to stay and watch over Ophelia, since Lita and Lars are too far up each other's asses to keep a watch. Eddie and I drove over the hills and over to the Spider's Lair, nestled among the ruins of what seemed to be an ancient village.

"I guess this would be where the Kill Master and his people lived… Well, until the Spider Queen became a total bitch and kicked them out." I said. It made sense, this was right next to the Spider Queen's Lair, they used the Metal Spider's strings. I told Eddie to grab the Tab Slab and the Bound Serpents as I surveyed the landscape and 'protected' the car… The Fangs were still sleeping, so right now I was useless.

As we went to the entrance, a lone Thunderhogger was standing there next to a small pile of string, probably from the little baby spiders. The whole scene happened where Eddie is talking about going into the lair, then asking if anybody wanted to stop him… I sighed and pushed him into the lair, "We'll be right back with those strings, don't worry."

The Thunderhogger merely nodded, "Yup." Wow, so social.

As we entered the Lair of the Metal Queen, the fog set in and our view of anything beyond a few feet disappeared as quickly as a fat guy's interest in exercise. We saw a few of the little spiders crawling around, but they didn't want to get in our way – a good thing too, since Eddie was on a mission. However, I knew that we would fight a few spiders later… And one hell of a mother at the end.

We slowly entered the crevice, and this part always bugged the hell out of me. All those mini-spiders that drop from the big bags above… Ugggh, I hate it… However, this was the only way to the Spider Queen, so down the rabbit-spider hole we go. I let Eddie handle most of the fighting, although I did get a lucky punch on a metal spider… Strangely enough, my hand didn't break in half.

Actually, now that I think about it, back home, I wouldn't have been able to keep balance at a hundred feet, or run for a couple miles – or a mile for that matter – or punch a steel monster without feeling pain. Maybe since I'm now in this world, my physical abilities are enhanced? That would make sense… However, I can't help but think that there's more to it than that, like a nagging feeling in the back of my mind.

Something is wrong… Wrong with this situation… Wrong with me…

However, I shove those thoughts back into the depths of my mind as I focus on the fights at hand. I'd worry about it later, but right now, we need to save Ophelia!

"That's what I'm talking about, dumbass!"

"Finally, some chivalry. I thought it was all but dead and gone."

"He's quite the man, isn't he? So strong-willed and wise!"

Hey! You guys are awake now!

"Actually, we've been awake since you went into the Spider's Lair."

Why the hell didn't you say something sooner? I could've used your help here!

"We wanted to see how well you would fare without us. We were sure you would stay behind because you felt inferior without our help, but instead, you went willingly into this monstrosity… For that, you earn the right to use us as you see fit."

Alright then, let's go cause some trouble for those eight-legged freaks! I drew Blitz and Regen, since they were long range. I'd leave the close-range to Eddie, since he's a bit more buff than me, haha. As we tore through more of the enemies, we took a small breather seeing as how the boss would be after this.

"Man, you've gotten really good at using those things." Eddie said, looking at the Fangs, "And I see you got a new one, too."

"Oh yeah, this is Regen, she's the older sister of the other two. I stole her away from Lionwhyte when…" I dropped my head, "Ah, when we freed the girls."

Eddie grimaced, "So, you were there when…"

I shook my head, "No, I wasn't there. I needed to grab the sword, so Ophelia and I split up. I would try and cause a distraction, but… I guess I didn't do a good enough job…" I say that, but to be honest, it was supposed to be like this. This is how Eddie recruits the Thunderhogs, and like I said before, no healer, no chance of winning.

We looked up and saw the sun was overhead, "We need to hurry," Eddie said, "Ophelia needs these strings." I nodded and we made our way down to the boss's lair.

As we got to the deepest part of the lair, we looked around for the bass strings, finding them hanging from the web to the left of us. We made our way over, until we heard a low whirring and grinding sound come from above us. We turned to see a giant metal spider – obviously the Queen – crawling down and growling at us.

"Whoa… Okay. I would ask nicely for some of your giant bass strings… But you don't strike me as the negotiating type, so out of personal respect, I'll just get right to the ass-kicking." The Metal Queen's fangs flittered as she roared at us, making it known that she would eat us whole if we let our guard down for even a second.

I slipped Regen into the sheath and pulled Donner out, thinking since there is nothing to really grab onto, I might as well have a strong melee advantage. As the Metal Queen roared at us, from her giant bass-string web sprang a group of Metal Spiders, skittering across the ground as they surrounded us.

"Eddie," I said, casually walking up to take the front lines, "I'll handle the small fries, you take care of that Queen." I flourish Donner and Blitz, breathing heavily and feeling astoundingly confident. Maybe it was just the fact I had the Fangs back, but I felt like I could fight… Like I could win.

"Okay, just be careful," Eddie said, taking out his axe and dashing his way past the Metal Spiders while I charge in and strike one of them head on. I began tearing my way through them, for every one that I took down, two would take its place, and then I would take three down. I was beginning to feel every movement as though I wasn't really forcing it; the whole fight, every strike was fluid and precise, as though I had been fighting my whole life.

One spider would leap for my neck and I simply side-stepped and slashed it with Donner. Another would try climbing onto a ledge and jumping on top of me, and a second later, a hole was in its head, crackling with electricity. This fight had started like any normal fight, but quickly escalated into a massacre… I was killing them left and right, not even paying attention to Eddie's situation. At that moment, nothing mattered more than striking down any and all enemies… It felt like I wasn't even myself anymore… I had started looking at myself, as though I left my body, simply a spectator to the fight.

As the battle went on, I didn't feel fear, nor anxiety… I wasn't even calm, I was… Excited.

Excited for what though? The battle? I hate fighting… But this overwhelming sense of power, wielding the Fangs… It was boiling my blood and tickling my mind. As I realized the battle with the little spiders was over, my heart returned to its normal beat, my hands became unclenched, and my breathing went back to normal. I collapsed onto the ground amidst a graveyard of metal bodies… There were so many, I wondered if I maybe killed all of them… I sure hope I didn't, otherwise we wouldn't have any more healing strings.

A loud ruckus awakened my mind to the ongoing battle between Eddie and the Metal Queen. It seemed that she was close to being defeated, so I decided to help him out by acting as a distraction, firing a couple of Staccato shots to get her attention. As Eddie took it down one last time with his guitar and a couple strokes from his axe, the Metal Queen collapsed onto the ground in a mighty heap.

"That took way too long," Eddie said, putting away his axe, "If we're gonna get those strings back to Ophelia, we're gonna have to book!" And once I saw the gleam in his eye, I knew what he was thinking: METAL CHOPPER.

He and I gathered up the supplies and we made that badboy chopper in no time. After putting the last few pieces of it together, we got the strings and loaded them onto the chopper's back end. I hopped onto the back with the strings and held it down as Eddie made the engine come to life, "Well, it ain't pretty, but let's hope it's fast.

"Enough banter, let's GO!" I yelled. I wanted to get to Ophelia as quickly as possible… But I also didn't want to stay here another minute, staring out among the bodies of those slain spiders. Somehow, I felt as though I wasn't myself in that battle, as though I changed into some mindless killing machine… Just standing here was making me sick.

As Eddie revved the engine and took off, I lurched backward and almost fell off the back of the chopper. We stormed through the Valley of the Metal Queen and back into the sunshine of the Kill Master's Mountain, where I kissed the ground in praise… Well, I would've, except we were hauling ass at about ninety miles per hour. Thankfully, we made it back up the mountain with quite a bit of time to spare.

We power-slid to a halt as we hopped off the chopper, grabbing the bass strings and carrying them inside the cavern. I yelled to the Kill Master, "We're back! We got the strings and defeated the Metal Queen… And quite a few of her babies…"

Kat rushed up and hugged me, which caused me to throw my hands up in surprise and blush madly, "Yay! The Inheritor is back!" I looked to everyone: Lars looked amused, Eddie too, Lita on the other hand… A bit less than amused and bit more like pissed.

The Kill Master had placed the strings in his guitar, "Ah nice! Thick as a baby's arm…" He proceeded to bust out an awesome solo as we gathered around the Central Amp Altar. Before our very eyes, Ophelia's wounds began to close up, her bruises disappearing, as though time itself was being rewound. We watched in suspense as Ophelia's eyes fluttered open, smiling up at Lars.

"Lars," She said, "I can always count on you, can't I?"

I wanted to run over there and drop-kick Lars, because he didn't deserve ANY credit in ANY of this. Hell, if he would've just manned up and helped her with the girls, she wouldn't even BE in this mess… And Eddie… I looked over to Eddie to see him with a wimpy smile – he was happy Ophelia was alive, but not so happy that she thanked Lars. I mean, all Lars did was bitch and whine about how Lita was up on his case about his obsession with Ophelia.

Eddie looked to the Kill Master, "Ya'know, we could really use you guys in our band- I mean army."

Kill Master took a huff of his cigarette and blew out a smoke ring, "Well, I ain' much of a joina, but I'll do anythin' that'll piss off Lionwhy'e." Okay, so mission accomplished: We recruited the Thunderhogs… All that's left is the Razor Girls, then we got our first army battle, "Brin' yer wounded up 'ere an' I'll heal'em all."

"Great," Eddie said, waving to the Kill Master, "Come visit us in Bladehenge sometime, we got some new T-shirts coming in, I'll totally hook you up."

We were just about to leave when I felt a tug on my arm, spinning around to see Kat with a cautious look in her eye. She yelled to the others, "Um, we'll be with you in a little while. I think Johnny, uh, hurt himself while fighting the spiders!"

The group looked at each other and nodded or shrugged as they left. I turned to her, "Um, what's going on..?"

Kat took my eyes with anxious looks, "There's something you should know…"

My heart skipped a beat.

Kat let go and moved over to the Central Altar Amp, "Kill Master, how long has this been here?"

The Kill Master sat there with his legs propped up on the bass base, smoking another cigarette, "Oh, tha' thing? I's been here since we go' here, and pro'lly 'fore tha'. Why ya ask?" Yeah, I was kind of curious, too…

"Hmm? Do you feel that?"

"Yeah, it's faint, but he's definitely here…"

"Damn, who'da thunk he'd be here of all places..?"

Huh? You know what's going on here? And why have you been silent all this time!

"Huh? You seemed to be busy, so we thought we'd leave it alone…"

Thanks a lot, "Huh? What's going on exactly?" Kat motioned for me to come over to the side of the Central Altar Amp, pointing to a small indentation on the side. To my disbelief, there was the eight-point star I saw when I found Donner and Blitz! Then it wasn't just coincidence then… This is a signal to the Eight Fangs! This must be another Fang!

"Wrong, dumbass."

Huh? What do you mean?

"This isn't the home of a Fang… However, it is a crucial artifact from back then. It is a monster that became so greedy for power he tried fusing himself with the remains of Ormagoden. However, he was driven mad by the power and went on a rampage, and was finally sealed away by him."

Him? Who's 'him'?

"Unfortunately, we cannot tell you… Not yet. However, we will in time."

The hell kind of answer is that!

"Inheritor." I turned to see Kat pushing on the indent. The cavern trembled as the indent fell back into the altar and the side drop down to form stairs going underneath the altar.

The Kill Master rose up from his seat and flipped up his sunglasses, "Well, tha' ain't somethin' ya see e'ry day." He then flipped his sunglasses back and resumed his smoking position.

Kat patted me on the back, "Quickly, we must go down there and confront the monster. This is crucial for you, as the Inheritor." She pushed me down underneath the altar and the slab began to rise back up, closing me off from her, "You must tame the beast if you wish to become the King." With that, the slab closed off the last bit of light, and I was in darkness…

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