"You aren't here about a case, though you're certainly in the midst of more than a few." Holmes surmised as he let the overworked, rather hassled Inspector inside.

Lestrade was too tired not to grimace. "We're swamped, to be honest with you." He admitted. "I've been running around London for almost a week now, with little more than a couple hours of sleep at a time. Haven't been home for five bloody days. Told them I had a question for you in the hopes of actually getting a moment's peace."

There was no actual question, then. "Have a seat on the couch, then." He waved the man over.

Lestrade sank into his seat gratefully, and Holmes prepared himself for a trying hour of meaningless babble and mundane conversation as he turned his attention back to his experiment.

Forty-five minutes had passed before he realized that Lestrade had not uttered a sound since sitting down. Holmes spared a glance in his direction and found the Inspector half watching his experiment and perfectly content to simply sit there in silence.

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