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It's a dark autumn's night at the Scarlet Devil Mansion, where both the front gate and gate guard lie in ruin.

Meiling lies sitting unconscious with her back against the bloodstained gate wall, with a small round open wound on her head that keeps pouring blood down her face.

A man chuckles lightly, and confidently says "that was a nice battle, miss, but you still got ways to go before you can give me some REAL sport."

The man places a steaming gun back on its leather sheath to the right of his waist, chuckles, then says "still, you hit my face. I guess I could give you points for that."

The man gets closer to the light as he cleans the blood off his wickedly smiling mouth with the back of his right hand, revealing himself under the dim light.

He's a strong and bulky man with lightly red skin, his unshaven face full of blood from Meiling's punches, and his brown eyes are filled with desire and the urge to cause harm to anyone or anything.

His wavy black hair is unkempt, and he wears a white open jacket without a shirt underneath, a red ring on his left hand middle finger, a pair of dark blue jeans held up by a brown belt with a golden buckle, and a pair of black army boots.

After spitting out some blood from his mouth, he reaches into his left pocket and pulls out a pair of frameless purple sunglasses, places them on, then frowns as he walks toward the mansion.

Inside, a blue haired fairy maid flies by the front door, holding on to a basket with clean clothes.

Right after she passes by the door, the man kicks it down, startling the little fairy to a yelp, and shouts "what a luxurious place! Who's the master of this splendid building! I want to kill him, so I can make it my own!"

On the top of the first set of stairs, Sakuya, whose eyes glow red with anger, bows as she says "you are certainly a noisy rat. The mistress doesn't deal with the likes of you, so please, leave the mansion at once, or you will have to deal with me!"

The man looks up, his lust for the chief maid brazenly present on his eyes as he says "well, well, well~ Now I definitely want this place for my own. What with such a hot babe like you working here."

A vein pops on Sakuya's forehead as she straightens up with a set of knives on her right hand, then angrily says "die like the pig you are!"

With all her fury, Sakuya unleashes an insane number of knives with all her might, her eyes glowing scarlet as she smiles at the intruder, but to her surprise, the man just stands in place, resting his right hand on his belt and placing his left hand lazily on his thigh, smiling confidently.

Sakuya watches as he slaps his own thigh hard, and just like that, some of her knives fling all over the foyer, while the closest knives to him turn around and head straight back at Sakuya with the same force she threw them with.

At the sight, Sakuya opens her eyes wide and drops to the ground, missing the knives by a miracle.

When she lifts her head up again, she finds the intruder standing right next to her and reaching for her.

Sakuya automatically stops time and rolls away, anxiousness taking over her heart.

Anger quickly takes over her again, and immediately sets as many knives as she can around the man, but to her dismay, the man suddenly starts to move and grabs her arm.

Shock and surprised, Sakuya yelps and screams as the intruder pulls her arm and presses her against himself, and with that wicked and confident smile, he whispers "well, little lady, you certainly have some fire in you. I like that."

Sakuya manages to kick him hard on his stomach, and unable to think straight, she runs away toward the rooms to the right.

As soon as time is release, the knives set by Sakuya turn around and scatter away from the man.

Further ahead in the corridor, Sakuya breathes fast and uncontrollably as she runs away, thinking "that disgusting pig isn't affected by my knives or my time manipulation! I-I need help! Wait, Sakuya, calm down! He's still just a man. Your kick made him scrunch up! Now calm down and face him!"

Sakuya stops running right in front of her own room's door, and turns around.

The man runs to her, ignoring her fighting stance, then jumps to the air straight at her while showing Sakuya all his vulnerable spots, by spreading his arms and legs, which Sakuya attacks with vicious kicks and chops, only to end up being pushed back against the door by his body.

The door to her room bursts open and Sakuya is about to be pinned down by the intruder, but using all her skill, she manages to slip around and get above him before hitting the floor, pushing down hard and using his face to crack the floor beneath them upon impact.

With a smile on his face, the man chuckles as Sakuya continues to punch his back with all her might, only to get her left arm caught by his rough hand and forced back to the floor, then ends up pinned under the lustful intruder, on top of the cracked floor.

Smiling while lying on her, the man whispers "well, I could get used to this."

Frightened, Sakuya calls for help over and over in her mind, unable to use her own voice.

Like a miracle, the cracked floor underneath them breaks when a strange force pushes the knives under Sakuya's clothes, freeing her from the awkward pin under the intruder.

The man stares angrily down the hole, then shouts "dammit, woman! How many knives do you have in that hot little dress?"

Sakuya's answer is another barrage of knives that simply veer away from him.

The man smiles and thinks of going after her, but he jumps and flips away, hiding behind Sakuya's bed, smiling as he says "well, you ARE resilient, aren't you?"

Meiling stands on the doorway, looking enraged at the man while her blood continues to drip down her face and to the floor.

Behind Meiling, Remilia flies by and glares at the intruder, then calmly says "Meiling, kill him."

The man smiles and says "pathetic. A child gives the orders around here? Well, I'm not sticking around! I'll challenge your mistress another time!"

The man jumps through the window, shattering it and falling along with all the glass shards, and just as he lands and rolls on the ground, getting cut by the glass shards, Remilia approaches the broken window and shouts "you can come and challenge me any time! I'll kill you before you even get the chance!"

Meiling pulls the shaken Sakuya from the hole on the ground, places her on her feet, and asks "are you alright, miss Sakuya?"

Remilia approaches her maid and gate guard, flies and places her hand on Sakuya's forehead, then calmly says "Sakuya, it's alright now."

After hearing those words, Sakuya's eyes turn blank as she drops to the ground on her knees, even though Meiling continues to hold her, then tears escape her eyes as she stares at the hole on the ground.

Remilia and Meiling frown at the sight, then Remilia furiously says "he's going to have to answer for this with his blood!"

The man runs as though the devil herself was after him, even though Remilia stayed behind.

He reaches the shore of the lake, yet he doesn't stop and goes right into the water, but instead of sinking, he just makes a small splash with every step he takes.

His boots seems to have inflated, and with a smile on his face, the man thinks "good. These boots really came in handy. I must thank her, for these."

After reaching the other side of shore, he raises his left hand and pushes a small button on the red ring, then starts to heal rapidly, and run almost as fast as Youmu when she uses her spell cards.

He looks to his left pocket and thinks "the magnet was powerful, but maybe too powerful... and this ring did the trick. Her time and space manipulation became nothing. Ah, and the modification on these boots is just superb... I just love 'em."

The man quickly takes the road to the Youkai Forest, thinking "her inventions are top-notch, that's for sure, but if she finds out now, I'm screwed. I better hurry before she comes to check up on me!"

Meanwhile, down at Nitori's Kappa-pa Resort, Nitori and a robot that has a large green monitor for a head and a set of wheels on a stand for legs, slowly make their way out of the artificial beach, Nitori with a content look on her face.

The computer has an elegant womanly voice, and on the monitor, some green pixels depict a woman wearing glasses and with her hair elegantly picked up.

She looks at Nitori and says "another successful day, lady Nitori. Kappa, humans, and the other youkai all seem to be getting along so well too."

Nitori giggles, placing her hand on her mouth, then places both hands behind her back as she says "kappa and humans are natural friends after all. It's only natural we get along so well. As for the other youkai... let's just make sure the food supply remains unchanged."

The computer stays quiet for a moment, then suddenly says "hmm, you are referring to mister Guzman, right? I mean... about that prior statement. Kappa and humans being friends?"

Nitori blushes as she looks to the apartments in the living section, then says "well, thanks to him I was able to show all of them that I was right!"

The computer stays quiet for a moment again, then says "hmm, I see. And here I thought you were waiting for the right moment to steal his shirikodama while he slept."

Nitori chuckles as she sweats and smiles sheepishly, then says "n-no, I'd never do something like that, Julia."

Julia, the computer, looks to Nitori through her monitor for a moment, before answering "you are very a special kappa, Lady Nitori."

Meanwhile, back at the surface, the man in the white jacked makes it to the Youkai forest, and zips past Hina by the riverbank while thinking "crap, I'm almost there, but at this rate I don't think I'll make it in time!"

Back at the resort, the lights go off for a second, then quickly turn back on.

Nitori looks at Julia with an uneasy frown and asks "what is miss Utsuho doing now?"

Julia immediately replies "I'll get her on line!"

Julia's monitor turns black for a moment, then suddenly turns back on with the image of a large boiler room.

Inside, Okuu tinkers with one of the cylinder-shaped machines, with half of herself inside of it, then slowly pulls herself back up, holding a dim green broken stick on her left hand and swiping off the sweat from her forehead with her right arm.

Nitori sighs and asks "miss Utsuho, what are you doing?"

Okuu looks all round before noticing the camera in front of her, obviously having a monitor as well, since Okuu smiles when she looks at it.

After getting close, Okuu says "ah, one of the kappa. What's wrong?"

Nitori replies "I should be asking the same thing. The lights just went off for a moment."

Okuu stares at the green stick on her hand, while Petal flies in front of the camera in her human from, spreading her arms in the air while shouting "hi" and falling back to the floor and out of sight with a thud.

Okuu shows the stick to Nitori and smiles as she says "this plutonium stick was damaged, so I just replaced it."

Nitori asks "isn't it dangerous to hold it like that?"

Okuu smiles and says "don't worry, I got nuclear fusion, so I'll be fine. Still, it's not common for this to happen, so I'll keep an eye around here. There might be intruders."

Nitori sighs and smiles, then says "then I must thank you, miss."

Okuu salutes Nitori and drops the stick on the ground, and after picking Petal up instead, she looks around and asks "hey, where am I?"

Back outside, the man stands by an isolated area on the riverbank and looks around, and as he does, he says "no time. Gonna have to jump!"

Back at the resort, Nitori and Julia finally make it to the apartments, then use an elevator to reach the third floor.

They quietly make their way to the very last room at the end of the corridor, then Nitori knocks on the door.

Nitori loudly asks "Guzman, are you in there? Can I come in?"

From inside, the voice of the man that attacked the Scarlet Devil Mansion comes through, though sounding more friendly as he says "sure, come on in."

Guzman now lies on a bed, dripping wet and smiling at Nitori as he waves to her and asks "Nitori, hi! How are you?"

Nitori giggles and says "I see you were having a swim... but..."

Nitori notices he's wearing his jacket and jeans, then asks "why aren't you wearing a swimsuit?"

Guzman smiles and says "sometimes it's nice to do things a little... differently."

Nitori giggles as she says "I guess you're right."

As they leave Guzman's room, Nitori says "...and if you need anything, just ask Julia."

From inside the room, sounding very friendly, Guzman replies "thanks Nitori. You really are a special friend, you know."

Nitori smiles as she closes the door, then her smile brightens up as she and Julia make their way back down.

As they quietly enter the elevator, Nitori remembers the day she found Guzman.


Nitori sits by the river, sinking her feet in the water and swaying them back and forth while eating a cucumber and waving a cat's tail around for unknown reasons.

She suddenly feels something in the air and gets nervous, and with her eyes wide open, she looks around as though expecting something to happen, then drops her cucumber into the river as she quickly takes her feet out of the water, turning invisible almost immediately after.

The present Nitori thinks "I remember thinking about what I read from that human chronicler's book. Ah, the possibilities of having such peaceful lives... Then I felt that jolt and got so nervous."

The Nitori from the memory now hides behind a tree and looks all around, trembling with nervousness.

A loud buzzing sound startles her so much, she throws her cat's tail away and runs away to the river, but she stops when a large purple rift, expelling purple lightning bolts, opens just above the water.

She yelps and falls to the ground on her seat, accidentally deactivating her optical camouflage and pushing herself away from the rift with her legs, being too frightened to get up on her feet and run.

The present Nitori thinks "I thought something dangerous was coming, and I got so scared I made a lot of stupid mistakes. That moment felt as though time was standing still, a single minute feeling like ten or maybe twenty. I mean, I know about that sukima youkai, but she's never done something like that."

From the dangerous-looking rift, a man with purple frameless glasses falls right down to the river, hitting his head hard against the edge of the shore, getting knocked out and floating defenseless on the river's current.

The rift closes up immediately afterward, yet Nitori is still too nervous to move, until she notices the man's hand clinging to the shore.

She gets up on her feet and instinctively runs to help him, grabbing his hand and pulling with all her might.

As she does, a mechanical hand springs right out of her backpack and reaches the tree Nitori was hiding behind, wraps itself around it, then pulls.

Nitori pulls the man to the shore, then the present Nitori thinks "from that sukima, or rift, or gap, as most call them, a human fell straight to the river. He banged his head hard against that edge, yet he somehow managed to grab on to the shore, even though he was unconscious when I pulled him out. I got a little scared when I noticed that gun of his, but... he needed my help. I couldn't just leave him."

Nitori takes notice of the man's gun inside a leather sheath to the right of his waist, but she seems to pay it no mind and makes sure the human is safely on the ground and away from the river before looking for twigs and broken branches to make a fire.

During the course of that day, and all through the night, Nitori nurses the human, even keeping him safe from some wild youkai in the area.

Morning comes, and it seems the man isn't going to wake up any time soon, so Nitori decides to take a break and eat something back home.

She returns to the man after thirty minutes, carrying a strange machine with two open ends on her hands, then gasps and hides behind some bushes after noticing the man is awake and sitting by the fire, mumbling to himself.

Curiosity and worry get the best of Nitori, since she is worried for the man's well-being, as well as being curious about him, so she slowly makes her way to him after activating her optical camouflage.

Meanwhile, the present Nitori thinks "I don't know why, but I nursed him back to health... though I did get tired. I just left him for a few minutes to grab a bite and my machine, and when I came back, he was already awake. I was so scared to approach him, but I needed to know if he was ok... and to leave him alone now would just be awful of me."

Nitori continues to cautiously approach the man, and once she's a few feet away from him, she stands and stares at him, forgetting about the heavy machine she's carrying.

The man stops mumbling, then looks to where Nitori is standing with his eyes, keeping his face to the fire.

Nitori starts to grunt and whimper lightly as the machine on her hands gets heavier by the second.

The man smiles, and in an instant, he jumps to his feet and throws himself at Nitori, knocking her machine out of her hands before it crushes her on the ground, then points his gun at her head.

Her optical camouflage malfunctions and reveals her terrorized face, tears running down her eyes as she trembles violently, and although she feels her heart is stuck on her throat, she manages to whisper "wait. I am a friend. I won't hurt you."

The man sniffs the air around them, then gets his face closer to Nitori's sniffs her hair, then sheathes his gun, gets off the little kappa, and offer his hand to help her up.

With an unfriendly air about him, and an equally unfriendly face, the man says "I recognize that scent. You're the one that was nursing me back there."

After Nitori calms down and stops trembling, she cautiously accepts his hand, then he gently pulls her up and says "I still need your help. You see, I'm lost, I got no food or shelter... Could you tell me where's the nearest city?"

Nitori looks around while squeezing her hands together and rubbing the back of her boots together, trying to find the courage to overcome her own shyness and talk back.

The present Nitori thinks "he jumped on me and almost killed me. I am SO lucky he recognized my scent... a rare trait for a human. Still, he felt so threatening I couldn't help but be scared of him. My tongue got tied, and I swear, I felt like throwing up... but then Hina came by."

Nitori is about to speak to the man, but Hina suddenly jumps out of the bushes, happily saying "what a glorious day! So many misfortunes to gather, and just from THIS human alone!"

The man immediately points his gun at Hina and fires a shot.

As the bullet impacts, Hina's body seems to turn into a purple gas, allowing the bullet to go right through her, then the man looks at his gun and angrily says "shit! 10 shots left!"

Nitori screams and jumps on the man's arm, lowering it and the gun, shouting "no wait! She's Hina! She's a friend!"

Hina start to spin and happily says "don't worry, it'll take more than that to kill me. Now, I'll take all your misfortunes away. Just give me a few minutes... it's just so much~!"

Hina smiles brightly and starts spinning clockwise, and a thick purple cloud starts emanating from the man, becoming visible even to himself.

Nitori backs away and exclaims "WHOA! She wasn't kidding!"

Right after saying that, the magical shockwave caused by Marisa, when she tricks Ail into opening that gap to the dragon's paradise, passes right through the area and Hina starts to scream.

Nitori gasps as she watches Hina fall on her knees to the ground, convulsing violently and vomiting a purple goop.

Nitori looks at the man, who simply shrugs while a thick purple cloud continues to escape his body and enter Hina's body.

The little kappa looks at her machine on the ground and rushes toward it, immediately turning it on and pointing it's top opening at Hina.

At first, it absorbs the misfortunes that seem to be hurting Hina, but shortly after, it shorts out, sending a small spark to the ground, then spits out an even darker and thicker cloud that seems to force itself inside the curse goddess.

The present Nitori thinks "it was horrible. She was just helping him get rid of his misfortunes, then this magical wave, that now I know was Marisa's doing, caused everything to backfire! She was in pain, and there was nothing I could do! The human wasn't helping either, but... what could he do? He's a human!"

Hina abruptly flies up, and as she floats high in the air, contorting and spitting out some more purple goop, she screams "someone help me, please~!"

Nitori fights to turn off her own machine and shouts "I'm trying, I'm trying!"

The little kappa gasps and yelps when a large purple cloud with yellow eyes knocks her away from her own machine before she is able to turn it off, then makes it way to Hina.

Nitori shouts "Hina! Hina, fight it! Don't let it get you!"

Everything suddenly stops, and Hina slowly floats down to the ground as all the purple clouds enter her body.

Nitori rushes to her friend, concerned for her well being, but instead of her friend, she is met by a frightful face with yellow eyes that smiles as she expels curses and misfortunes all around.

Nitori shouts "Hina, stop! What are you doing?"

Without hesitation, and with a wicked smile on her face, Hina sends a curse straight at Nitori, catching the kappa off guard, but to her luck, then man she just saved gets on the way and takes the curse on his back, shielding her from the effects.

Nitori looks up with fright and asks "wait, what are you doing?"

The man smiles and says "you saved me, now I saved... you... urk."

The man collapses once more, knocking Nitori down with him, but the little kappa is ready.

She pushes a button on the side of her backpack, and as a pair of hands grab the man and lift him, a set of wheels pop from the sides, then she and the unconscious man make their getaway on a rolling backpack.

Moments later, the man wakes up inside one of the rooms in the Kappa-pa resort with Nitori and her computer looking down on him.

He groans as he tries to sit back up, but Nitori places a gentle hand on his chest and says "don't move, sir. That curse could have killed you, but Julia and I managed to save you."

The man smiles and says "Guzman... Call me Guzman."

Nitori smiles and says "I-I'm... um... I'm Nitori Kawashiro! Um, sorry about what happened. I-"

The man raises his hand and says "it's alright, Kawashiro."

Nitori smiles again, tilts her head left, then says "please, call me Nitori."


Guzman stands in front of the mirror of a dresser in front of his bed, in the very same room where Nitori and Julia saved his life from Hina's curse, the same room he's been using all this time.

He looks at the mirror with disgust, then says to himself "to this day I don't know why I saved her. What the hell is she to me? Well, whatever. It paid off. I got a nice hiding place, and a good source of ammunition and all sort of weapons."

He suddenly smiles at himself in a most malicious way, then says "only nine bullets left, then I'll have to rely on those 'non-lethal' bullets she made for me... but who cares, Guzman! With all these weapons at your disposal, you won't NEED the gun anymore!"

Meanwhile, several feet below Nitori's resort, the elevator doors open for Nitori and Julia, and as soon as they exit, they find themselves in front of two large metallic doors, each with a warning sign on them.

Nitori approaches the left door and taps it twice, revealing a tiny door big enough for her hands to fit in, and inside is a small terminal with numbers and three symbols.

She presses the numbers 6548, then the symbol of a bird in mid-flight, and as she presses the keys, she says the password out loud.

A sweat drop falls down the back of Julia's monitor, then Julia says "lady Nitori, perhaps you shouldn't be repeating the password out loud."

Nitori giggles and says "relax Julia. Only you, me and mister Guzman know how to access this place."

Julia looks away from Nitori and softly says "that's what I'm afraid of."

The doors slowly slide open while Nitori looks at Julia and asks "what's the matter? Don't tell me you don't trust him either?"

Julia sighs and says "lady Nitori, I mean no disrespect to your judgment, but humans mostly crave power above all else. I still think giving him that ring was a grave mistake. What if it goes to his head and-?"

Nitori raises her hand to Julia, then looks inside the room.

In the room are countless inventions that looks far more advanced than anything; a typical-looking cowboy hat that hovers just above a small glass table, shifting colors and beeping, a metallic-colored backpack that seems to turn invisible, depending from which side you look at it from, small discs that stack themselves, sitting next to a small machine with a monitor that flips open, then flips itself back into a box that could fit in the palm of the hand.

At the end of all these marvelous inventions are two items sealed by a large glass tube, each with a warning sign underneath them.

The one to the left is a blue ring with a sign that reads "Enhances Physicality, Negates Space Distortion, Speeds Healing for Light Wounds", and next to the ring is an empty socket, meant for Guzman's red ring.

Inside the tube to the right is a large weapon that looks like a compact bazooka, and the sign underneath it read "Rainbow Generator. Caution: 10x the power of one Master Spark. Unstable."

Nitori enters the room and says "look, he's a very good human. If he was as bad as you all say he is, he would have done something already."

Julia notices Guzman's wet black boots on the ground next to the table with a flat and round metallic item with yellow energy pulsating on its center above a sign that reads "Area Magnet" on it.

She pokes Nitori's shoulder and points at the boots.

Nitori looks at the boots, then says "silly man. He must have been looking for the instant dryer. Did he forget it's over here?"

Nitori looks to the other side of the room toward a small gun-like item with a sign that reads "Instant Dryer – Will dry all. Use with extreme caution."

Julia sighs and says "I don't think he was looking for that, lady Nitori."

Nitori raises her hand again, then says "Julia, I appreciate your concern, but now you are just assuming things. Guzman is a very good man, and I will not doubt him. Thanks to him, I have been able to keep this place up and running. And remember what he did when the waves went out of control!"

Julia quickly replies "I know, lady Nitori. But what if he was just acting? You never know."

Nitori's anger becomes evident in her face as she frowns and scowl in a frightening manner, then angrily shouts "Julia, cut it out! He's a good man, and you know it!"

Julia takes a few steps away from Nitori, seemingly frightened, then bows and says "I-I'm so sorry, lady Nitori. I didn't mean to-"

Nitori sighs and says "sorry, sorry... I... don't know what came over me. Look, just trust me. Guzman is good. Sure, he's a little odd sometimes, but so am I."

Julia keeps quiet, uncertain if the little kappa has really calmed down or not, then Nitori says "look, just dry these for him and take them back. I'm sure he'll appreciate it. Now, I need to work on that Rainbow Generator again... it insists on being a weapon. Once those bugs are worked out, I'll be able to add rainbow surfing for the guests."

Julia bows to Nitori and says "as you wish, lady Nitori", then reveals a pair of retractable arms from the side of the monitor, then quickly grabs Guzman's boots and takes them to the small drier, keeping her preoccupied face hidden from her master.

An hour later, Julia is knocking on Guzman's door, holding his black army boots with her left retractable arm.

From inside the room, Guzman says "come on in."

Julia enters the room and immediately drops the boots on the floor next to the door, retracts her arms, then stares at Guzman with her pixilated face and says "I found these next to Nitori's magnet, mister Guzman. Care to explain how they got there?"

Guzman smiles as he walks out of the bathroom with his face cleanly shaved, wearing a pair of white shorts and a white towel over his shoulders.

He looks at his boots on the floor and says "ah, thanks for bringing those. I went to look for the dryer thingy to get them dry after my swim, but started admiring her other inventions and just... forgot they were there."

Julia hums, then asks "and is there any reason you ran all the way back here?"

Guzman doesn't reply and simply smiles back at the computer, who says "yes, I saw the tracks after I scanned the floor, mister Guzman. I will ask you to stay away from lady Nitori's vault, because if something were to happen, I will have to place all the blame on you. Lady Nitori is very careful with her inventions, and unlike humans, she doesn't lust for power through said inventions."

Guzman laughs heartily, then asks "unlike humans? You think I'm going down there, stealing her invention, and using them for personal gain, is that it?"

Being a computer, Julia cannot lie, so she simply nods and says "you are correct. Please, do not be angry. I am merely worried for lady Nitori's well being. You see, I fear she's becoming more sentimental lately, and if something were to happen now, she could break."

Guzman's smile suddenly leaves his wicked face, and in place comes one nasty glare with clenched teeth as he thinks "again... I feel pain for this little girl! Why? She's just a tool isn't she?"

Julia and Guzman stare at each other for a moment, then Guzman's smile returns and he says "you're worrying too much. Wait a minute, can computers worry?"

Julia blinks once before replying "lady Nitori made sure I was the perfect computer, mister Guzman. I will not divulge how she built me, but know that without the hell raven's power, and that nuclear powered generator, none of this would exist. Not the resort, her recent inventions, or myself."

Guzman quietly stares back, then suddenly nods and says "don't worry about a thing. Nitori is my friend, you know."

Julia stares at the man for a moment, then says "hmm, well if what you way is true, you should thank her for these boots. I'll have you know, she made them far more advanced than mister Ail's."

As soon as the name reaches Guzman's ears, a glint escapes his left eye, and a wide and wicked smile escapes his face.

He chuckles, and in a sinister tone of voice, he says "I'll thank her the very next time I see her. Now tell me... is this 'Ail' you just spoke of the same Ail I happen to know?"

Julia blinks twice before saying "I wouldn't know if we are speaking of the same Ail."

Guzman's face turns serious as he suddenly says "he has brown hair and wears a purple shirt and black pants. His boots are also brown in color."

Julia smiles, then says "ah, what luck. Yes, we are speaking of the very same Ail. Though he's varying a bit more on what he wears."

Wicked joy becomes evident in Guzman's eyes after Julia's reply, though the computer cannot recognize this, so she asks "is he a friend of yours?"

Guzman smiles in a disturbing manner, then says "oh yes... he's... a friend. Tell me, is he living around here?"

Julia smiles again, then says "oh yes. He frequents this area, since his girl mate lives on top of these mountains."

Again, a glint escapes Guzman's eye as he smiles even more wickedly, and sinisterly says "you don't say. Well, I believe a visit is in order. Can you tell me more about this 'girl mate' of his?"

Julia nods, and in seconds, images of Sanae appear on her monitor as she says "the wind priestess, Sanae Kochiya. She is a living god that seems to look up to another shrine maiden of this land. She's still new to this place, but she is quickly adapting to living in Gensokyo. Her specialty is wind control and possesses a keen ability to cause miracles around herself. She looks fragile to some, but she is not to be underestimated."

Guzman smiles as he stares into the monitor with lust in his eyes, then says "no opponent should ever be underestimated, Julia. You underestimate an ant, and you run the risk of being carried away."

Julia's monitor returns to her pixilated face as she nods and says "that is correct."

Guzman chuckles, then says "I'm gonna go and jog at the beach now."

Julia asks "but aren't you a human? Don't you need rest?"

Guzman smirks, then wickedly says "I am way too excited after hearing about my 'dear friend' Ail. Don't worry about me. I'll be just fine."

At the artificial beach, the sky mimics the sky outside the underground.

The sun's crown glistens on the crystalline wavy waters as it slowly rises to a new morning.

Guzman jogs on the sand, just like he said he would, wearing only his white shorts and exposing his well-shaped body, dazzling the few early-rising women there, making the few still sleepy men feel jealous and making them glare at him.

He doesn't care about them, though, as he continues to smile wickedly, caught in his own thoughts.

He jogs out of the sands and reaches the artificial mountains, where he moves around like an athlete, jumping over logs, balancing on one hand on a jagged rock, then continues jogging toward the top of the mountain.

He stands on the edge of the mountain and looks down to the water and thinks "Ail, the one that managed to escape me. Yes, I get another chance! Another chance to claim your head as my trophy! And that girl... you sure know how to pick 'em."

He suddenly smiles wide, revealing his teeth, looking maddened, then takes a dive to the water, making the women scream for him out of concern, and the men hope he doesn't come out, though still looking a bit worried their wish does come true.

Guzman rises from underwater and starts swimming against the current while thinking "I'll make him pay for escaping me. NO ONE runs away from Guzman for long! I'll track him down, TAKE his girl, and while he cries after she becomes mine, I'll be there to take his life. I'll savor his pain as I slowly take his life away! YES! This will be a glorious victory for me!"

He finally reaches shore and calmly walks away from the beach, ignoring the hungry eyes from the increasing women in the area, hiding the malevolent and crazed smile on his face.

Reaching the gates to the apartments, he chuckles as he thinks "today, I rest. Tonight, I hunt! I'll go after my greatest prey ever, and I won't rest until his head hangs on my wall!"

Some of the youkai in the hot tubs stare at Guzman with both disgust and caution as he makes his way to the elevator, able to feel his malicious aura, unlike the humans, and Nitori, who seems to be blinded to what her truly is, ignoring the warnings Marisa, Mima gave her before, and even Julia, who continues to give her warning of her human friend, Guzman.

To be continued...

Characters, Spell Cards and Scenario belong to ZUN -Team Shanghai Alice-

Guzman, Julia and Ail were created by Willie G.R.

AUG 22 2010

Written by

Willie G.R.


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