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It's late morning at the Hakurei Shrine, and already, Rika, Reimu and Mima are all wide awake.

Rika awaits for Ail to come and take her to the Kappa-pa resort, while Reimu waits for Aya to come over, or Hatate to come with good news. By now, the snow has started to pile up, and what few leaves are left on the trees are either falling off, or getting covered in snow before disappearing from sight.

Inside the shrine, Mima and Suzaku watch with amusement as Rika and Reimu pace left and right beside each other, both waiting anxiously.

There's a knock on the back door, Reimu and Rika gasp and smile, and from the other side, Remilia says "Reimu, I need to talk to you~!", then both Reimu and Rika frown and sigh in disappointment.

Rika quickly approaches the back entrance, saying "just a second, I'm coming", and the moment she opens the sliding doors she gasps, covers her mouth with both hands and screams.

Remilia sounds a bit annoyed as she says "jeez, it's not that bad", while Reimu asks "Rika, what's wro- WHOA! Remilia, what the hell happened?"

Sakuya stands to the right side of Remilia, bowing with an apologetic smile and saying "sorry for the sudden intrusion."

Remilia stands with an annoyed face, placing her bloodied hands on her waist, her dress is completely bathed in blood from the many cut wounds on her body, and torn almost everywhere, her shoulder is still bleeding, her left wing is missing and even with all those injuries on her, she stares casually at everyone.

She lifts her bloodied left arm, points at Reimu, then bravely says "I couldn't kill him!"

Reimu sweats while staring back with disbelief, holding on to a stack of bandages, then shouts "oh, I can see that already! Now get out, you're staining the whole shrine with your blood!"

Remilia and Sakuya look at the floor under the vampire, then realize she is leaving a large pool of blood just under her feet that trails all the way back outside.

A few moments later, while Reimu, Sakuya, and Rika wrap Remilia's arms in bandages, the vampire says "I'm sorry Reimu, but I got cocky and this happened. I thought I had him, but it turns out he was just playing with me. He really knows how to fight dirty."

Remilia remembers the night before, and how she rushes straight at Guzman with just her bare claws, while Guzman charges at her with the silver knife he stole from Sakuya.

Just as they are in reach, Guzman and Remilia lock hands and push against each other.

Remilia smiles back at Guzman, who chuckles as he smiles back, and disregarding all decency and honor, he swings his right leg and kicks Remilia between her legs and making her to let go, and before she's even given a moment to recover, he brutally assaults he with Sakuya's knife, cutting her abdomen four times, then grabs her left wing, crushes it in his hand, making Remilia grunt with pain, then cuts it off in a quick swing.

He kicks the back of Remilia's left leg, knocks her to the ground, jumps on her, then uses both hands to try and push the knife into her chest.

Remilia grabs the knife by the blade and pushes back with all her might, even whimpering as the knife gets closer to her heart, slipping from her grip because of the blood.

Guzman suddenly jumps off her while screaming, and when Remilia takes a look, she realizes Sakuya has just saved her and is assaulting Guzman relentlessly while moving around him as quickly as she can.

Screaming with rage as she attacks, Sakuya kicks and punches Guzman hard, but is unaware that Guzman is preparing the knife to strike.

Noticing this, Remilia shouts "jump back!", to which Sakuya stops her attack and jumps back just as Guzman tries to stab her lower abdomen.

Remilia jumps to the air and quickly falls back down, readying her claws for another attack, but Guzman throws the knife and lands it just below her chest.

Remilia falls on her face and starts coughing hard, so Sakuya worriedly rushes to her mistress, manages to see where the knife is, then pulls it off with haste.

When she turns around to attack Guzman again, the coward is long gone, leaving a small trail of blood that disappears in the distance, but Sakuya is too worried about her mistress' well being to go chasing after him, and without hesitation, she rips off a piece of her skirt and starts tending to Remilia's chest wound.

Back at present, Rika retracts her mint-green glowing hands, breathes heavily, then shakes her head as she says "it's too much! I... I can't heal her anymore."

Reimu pats Rika's shoulder and says "it's alright. You need to rest and recover. Remember, you're going to his hideout!"

Remilia lifts her right wing and exclaims "you found that roach's nest?"

Reimu stares angrily at Remilia and says "you aren't going anywhere until you rest too. You leave this to Rika and Ail."

Remilia groans in disappointment, and while Sakuya smiles and places a supporting hand on her shoulder, Remilia says "dammit, I wanted to rip his head off at least."

Sakuya suddenly backs away from Remilia, then the vampire feels something warm wrap itself around her, and when she looks back her eyes become large pink hearts as she gasps and smiles.

Ail stands with a stern face behind her, placing his left ethereal wing on her back, then says "I'm sorry I couldn't help you my lady, but that man even has me keeping my distance from him."

Somehow, Remilia's wounds start healing ten times faster, and a tiny left wing springs out of the small stem that used to be her fully grown wing on her back, just before Ail lifts his wing and says "there. You should be in top shape after you sleep."

Remilia swoons at the sight of Ail and his wings, then Sakuya quickly stands behind her, holds her by her arms, preventing her from hitting the ground, while concernedly shouting "my lady, get a hold of yourself!", all while Remilia's eyes remain a pair of pink hearts while she stares at Ail.

Reimu approaches Ail, then says "I still can't believe this, but if what you say is true..."

Ail sighs, rubs his eyes, deactivates his blood limit, then looks seriously at Reimu as he says "I don't want to believe this either, but if she did help him deliberately, I'll bring her to you."

Rika quickly adds "remember, if he's really there, you keep away from him! I gave my word to miss Sanae, and I intend to keep it."

Ail smiles with fright as he raises both hands to chest-height, then says "hey, hey, don't worry. I'll keep my distance. Don't go beating me up just yet."

Remilia quickly recovers from the infatuation, frowns, and suddenly, with an innocent and disappointed look on her face, she says "uuu~"

Ail, Reimu and Rika stare at Remilia and Sakuya, then Remilia, with a very disappointed frown, repeats "uuu~", and points at Ail with a bandaged and trembling right arm.

Sakuya sweats and smiles sheepishly, then says "um, if it's alright mister Ail, my lady would like to see your wings again."

Ail looks at Remilia with curiosity, closes his eyes, activates his blood limit, and the moment his ethereal wings spring forth, Remilia's face sparkles with excitement as her smile covers her face and a twinkle glistens in her eyes, in the rare innocent, and happy look on the vampire's face.

Reimu chuckles as she looks at Ail, then says "you heartbreaker you. Keep it up and all those 'friends' of yours will want a piece of you... including that princess of the night over there."

In half a second, light-green laser and blue beam-stars fly straight to Reimu, Rika and Remilia, creating a parameter around Ail, and before they realize what is going on, Sanae and Budou stand in front of Ail, spreading their arms around him and staring angrily at them.

Budou threateningly says "my papa! Nobody gets close!", and Sanae adds "nobody better have funny ideas with my Ail-kun!"

A drop of sweat rolls down the left back side of Ail's head as he smiles with fright and asks "A-Ail-kun? Um, what are you doing here?"

Reimu can't contain her laughter, and while she slapping her knees and laughs, she manages to ask "kun? Ail-kun?", then drops on the cold ground and rolls around laughing, while Rika stares worriedly at Ail, and Remilia looks like she's about to cry, pathetically saying "uuu~"

Meanwhile, at the front edges of the Youkai Forest, Guzman sits on a rock after starting a small fire, then stares at the wounds on his arm as it finally closes up.

He looks at his shirt and jeans and notices the bloodstains on them, even though they are dark colored, then lifts his shirt to see the remaining bruises on his fit abdomen slowly vanish before his eyes.

He scoffs, then says to himself "I messed up real good back there. I let my guard down and relied on old information. Tch, a mistake I won't be making again."

He suddenly gasps and jumps onto hiding when a small shadow casts itself on the snow.

When he looks up, he sees Hatate flying by, and notices when something falls off the large green bag she carries.

He realizes she hasn't seen him, so he jumps out of hiding, extends his arm over the fire, and catches a rolled up newspaper before it lands on the flames.

He calmly returns to the rock, sits on it, unrolls the paper, and the first thing he reads is the name of the paper "Limited Bunbunmaru, Wolf View & Kakashi Spirit Newspaper", which he grins and scoffs at.

His grin immediately changes to a terrorized frown when he suddenly realizes his name is on the headline "Guzman at large again", and below it is a clear photo of him pushing the knife through Flandre's hand.

He stares at the photo with terror for a few seconds, turns the page, and immediately notices his name is on the headline just above a photo of him, this one showing as he punches Meiling's stomach and bites her right wrist.

Guzman grunts, then whispers "shit, who the *****? Who's the bastard that took these? I never even saw a camera flash! Still, to get this close to me undetected!"

He start turning page after page and sees more and more photos of his attack to the Scarlet Devil Mansion, as well as some older photos of the attack on the village, fear creeping over his spine the more he sees.

He knows it's only a matter of time before Nitori runs into this.

As he looks at the last pages, he thinks "I better do it now; no time to be resting. I need to go down there, take all I may need, and get the heck out. I'll find a hiding place later."

He suddenly balls the paper and throws it into the fire, then growls.

He bends his back a little, to look at the ground while he thinks, then looks to his left with his eyes, then his right, then thinks "and there he is. Whoever this guy is, he's good. He moves fast... but I can catch him. I just need to draw him to me. Yeah, I think I know just how."

Guzman unsheathes the stolen combat knife and rushes toward the trees directly in front of him, screams as he jumps, and starts stabbing to the ground repeatedly the moment he lands.

As he stabs hard, he loudly grunts "that's what you get for crossing me!"

His face seems twisted in rage and hatred as he repeatedly stabs the bit of snow and ground, then suddenly smiles sinisterly and stops.

His sinister smile widens, then suddenly disappears from sight, and for a few seconds, the crackling of the fire is the only sound heard in the area.

A twig snaps on the tree branch just above where Guzman was, then Aya's figure appears boldly looking down, taking as many pictures as she can, saying to herself "he's gone to the river. I better... eh? Wait, there's nothing here."

Aya finally realizes there is absolutely nothing, other than snow and a hole on the ground where Guzman was just stabbing, then decides to retreat.

When she turns around, she gasps, screams, and several sounds of metal on flesh echo all through the forest.

At the Hakurei Shrine, Suzaku suddenly springs on her feet, squawks loudly, startling even Rika, then quickly takes flight, exists the shrine through a window, and starts flying all around the shrine grounds.

Rika and Reimu rush out the front door, being careful as to not trip on the sleeping vampire on the living room's floor, then look up to see despair on Suzaku's white eyes.

Rika suddenly shouts "Suzu-chan, what is happening now?"

Reimu looks a bit confused at Rika, then asks "Suzu-chan?"

Rika smiles at Reimu and immediately says "well yes. I thought it would be appropriate."

A drop of sweat rolls down the left side of Reimu's head, then she says to herself "at least it's not Ail-kun", then chortles.

Suzaku goes another lap around the shrine as she telepathically says to both Reimu and Rika "there's danger. Something terrible has happened. I'm not sure what, but I have a very bad feeling. I'll come down as soon as I make sure the shrine is safe."

Rika and Reimu watch as Suzaku flies toward the lake behind the shrine, then Mima and Ail exit the shrine through the front entrance and look toward Suzaku.

Ail turns his attention to Rika, then says "Rika, it's time to go. We've wasted enough time already."

Mima chuckles, then says "yeah. You better hurry, or Sanae might think you are just trying to take her Ail-kun away."

After finishing the sentence, both Mima and Reimu start laughing quite hard, making Ail blush with embarrassment as he speaks in a low tone of voice "cut it out already."

Reimu and Mima walk toward each other, hang an arm around each other's necks, then continue laughing away, unaware that Sakuya is standing behind them, crossing her arms and glaring at both of them with an ominous aura emanating all around her.

Rika turns away, forgetting about Sakuya, then the mansion's maid angrily says "you're going to wake my mistress up!", then smacks both Reimu and Mima on the back of their heads, then promptly returns to Remilia inside the shrine.

When Rika turns around, she finds Mima and Reimu sharing an equally large bump on their heads while lying beside each other on the ground, all while still laughing.

The shrine's maid looks at Ail and asks "what just happen?"

Ail scratches the right side of his head, then shrugs and says "I'm as lost as you are."

Rika shakes her head, look at Ail, then says "Suzu-chan says there's no danger around here, so let's go to the kappa now."

Ail nods, then opens a gap to the left, then Reimu, who is miraculously healed and already standing, smirks with jagged teeth as she looks at Ail, then says "remember Rika, you have to take care of Ail-kun for Sanae."

Mima suddenly stands to Reimu's immediate left and adds "we wouldn't want to see our pwecious Ail-kun getting hurt now."

Ail's face turns beet red and looks away, while Mima and Reimu start laughing hard once more.

Rika sighs and face palms, then looks at Ail and says "come on mister Ail, let's just go."

Ail nods, then he and Rika enter the gap, leaving the two hyenas to laugh on their own.

While Reimu and Mima continue to laugh, they are unaware that Sakuya is behind them once again, glaring at them with white round eyes covered by a dark shadow.

Sakuya raises both hands, and as she strikes down, she shouts "my lady is sleeping!", then both Reimu and Mima grunt after getting struck hard again.

As they get up, Reimu angrily says "hey, maid, remember where you are!", and Mima adds "let her sleep in her OWN bed, and let us have our fun!"

Sakuya is suddenly holding a set of knives on both hands as she prepares for battle, and asks "oh, isn't this supposed to be a shrine?"

Reimu and Mima stand up with their weapons of choice, amulets and needles for Reimu, and a crescent moon staff for Mima, all smile at each other, then a large fight cloud forms as they argue and fight.

Suzaku perches on the edge of the shrine's roof to Suika's right, preening herself contently while the girls fight, and Suika looks curiously at the bird of vermilion and asks "who are you?"

Suzaku tweets, then telepathically says "I'm Suzaku. Rika-sama's familiar."

Suika smiles and says "I'm Suika. And why are those guys fighting again?"

Suzaku stares at Suika, then at the fight cloud, then tweets again before saying "I believe they are fighting over dango."

Suika stares curiously at Suzaku, then at the girls, then says "oh. I should buy some for them later."

Suzaku drools, and immediately and excitedly replies "good idea!"

Down at the Kappa-pa Resort, just three steps away from the entrance, Ail's gap opens up, and Ail and Rika both walk out at the same time, and immediately after, they both approach the closed gates.

Three seconds after, Julia's holographic body materializes to their left, startling Rika for a moment.

Julia arranges her glasses as she stares at the guests, then says "oh my, another lucky girl wishes to stay with you at that couple's room. I'm sorry, but I'm afraid the resort is now officially closed."

Rika and Ail both blush to the point they feel their faces are about to burst from the pressure, but they both shake their heads, then Ail says "Julia, that's not funny! Besides, we're here to see Nitori on urgent business!"

Julia looks slightly disappointed as she asks "not a mate? Well, what's this urgent business?"

Ail quickly reveals Guzman's old cowboy hat, Julia gasps as soon as she sees it, and unable to hide her excitement, she exclaims "finally! This is all I need to prove lady Nitori that Guzman is a wicked man!"

Rika narrows her left eyebrow and asks "so she's not aware of his deeds?"

Julia places her left hand on the hat and starts beeping, and after the beeping stops, she looks at Ail and Rika again, then hurriedly says "no. To her, Guzman is a saint! But with all this information... oh my goodness, he even shot children! Mister Ail, miss.., um, please excuse me but-"

Before she can ask, Rika bows and says "my name is Rika Onkamikami. And if you knew all that, you should have told miss Nitori!"

Ail places a hand on Rika's shoulder, shakes his head, then says "she didn't. It's the hat."

Julia nods and says "yes. Without my lady Nitori's knowledge, I installed a recording unit on this hat. All he saw and did while wearing this hat was recorded, and now I have all the evidence I need to prove to lady Nitori I was right!"

Julia suddenly arranges her glasses and stares between Ail and Rika, then hurriedly says "go in, find lady Nitori, and tell her everything! He's coming!"

Ail and Rika quickly turn around, both thinking if ending it all right now, but Julia grabs them both and turns them around again, opens the large gates to the resort as fast as she can, almost breaking them off their hinges, then exclaims "no! He has a ring that heals him faster than a youkai and gives him monstrous strength, his hat has many uses, including the effect of inducing confusion and delusion on to others, and he constantly steals other inventions from lady Nitori's storage!"

Again, Ail and Rika turn around to face Guzman, but Julia grabs them again, pushes them inside, then shouts "GO! Tell lady Nitori, she must know. She know how to stop him! I will hold him off while you do just that! And please, don't blame my lady for what that man did. To her, he's like an angel."

After saying that, she closes the gate so fast that after they slam together, the left door loses some hinges and tilts slightly inward.

Inside the resort, Ail and Rika look at each other as they get up, and as if discussing what course to take, they stand in place for a minute, then suddenly rush toward the offices, just as Julia asked.

A few minutes earlier, Guzman runs through the Youkai Forest, literally covered from head to toe with Aya's blood, getting the attention of all the youkai in the area due to the scent as he rushes toward the river.

He looks around and notices the youkai gathering around the trees, all staring toward him, then says "hmm, they caught the scent quicker than I thought. No matter, I'm almost there. Heh, I'll kill two birds with one stone like this. HAH, I made a joke! No matter. Now to get cleaned up before getting to the resort."

He's just about to run into a pack of wolf youkai that seem to be eagerly awaiting for him, but he takes a sudden left turn and reaches the river bank.

He jumps into the waters and dives, staining the waters in red as Aya's blood get cleaned off his body and clothes.

The blood continues to stain the waters as it flows down-stream, where Hina, as usual, is happily summoning curses to her, sinking her legs in the water and raising her hands in the air, closing her eyes with a smile on her face.

When she finishes collecting a massive amount of misfortunes, she opens her eyes and lowers her hands and head, then says "my, so much misfortune. Almost enough to kill a youkai even. What kind of human would have this much... eh?"

As she lowers her sight, she notices the bloody waters and instinctively flies out of the river.

She looks down with fright and asks "what in the world? Who could be losing so much blood? Whoever it is, it's staining the entire river!"

Meanwhile, Guzman swims with all his might so as not to be taken away by the currents, swimming in deeper and deeper until he finally reaches to bottom.

He comes across an odd rock formation that look polished and almost unnatural, and to their left is a concentration of cattail stems that seem to be out of place.

Guzman smiles as he sinks his hand into the concentration of cattails, reveals a small red button between them, presses it, then the polished rocks break open in the center, revealing two small doors that slowly slide open, then Guzman gets sucked in by a swirl caused by the vacuum of the doors.

After Guzman is sucked in, the doors close up fast and everything is left looking as though nothing ever happened.

Going through a large tube that acts like a slide, Guzman smiles as he reaches the exit, then he's shot out of the tube and lands on a soft and colorful mattress made to cushion the fall and absorb the excess water.

After he recovers and stands up, he watches as Julia slams the doors to a close, breaking the left door lose from its hinges in the process.

He smiles when he sees her standing there, then thinks "the bucket of bolts finally lost her mind", and walks casually toward her.

The closer he gets to the computer hologram, the more he realizes something wrong; she continues to stare straight at him and patiently waits for him to get closer.

Once they are face to face, Guzman smiles viciously and says "open up. I need to get some new clothes."

Julia brazenly replies "so you can wash all that blood off, and probably steal more of my lady Nitori's inventions? I don't think so."

Guzman frowns, making himself look fierce, grabs the hologram by the neck, pushes her against the wall, then shouts "open the damned doors loose wire, or I'll open them myself!"

Julia glares back and replies "it's too late. By the time you are back to your room, lady Nitori will know everything! You lost! If I were you, I'd prepare to receive just punishment soon."

Guzman loses his patience, but instead of trying to break the holographic body, he pulls out the small detonator from his right pocket and threatens to press the small red button on it.

Julia stares at it and says "that thing is wet. It won't work!"

Guzman smiles and says "oh, didn't you know? This was made by her."

Guzman raises the detonator and shows Julia its bottom, shocking her when she sees the letters in white "KN".

Guzman laughs, presses the button without hesitation, and just like that, several bombs explode inside Julia's main computer room.

Julia's hologram continues to glare at Guzman, and as she slowly breaks into pixels and disappears completely, she manages to say "this isn't over, you song of a-", then silence.

The gate doors loosen up, and using the ring's power, Guzman kicks the door open, completely breaking off the left door, then admires how all the robots now stand lifeless all around the now eerily lifeless resort.

He smiles and laughs, then says to himself "and now, it's time to get those things."

At the main office, Nitori gasps in surprise when she hears the explosions coming from Julia's room, though at first she thinks she imagining things, but when she sees so many of her robots malfunctioning and literally drying before her eyes, she feels something cold take her heart.

Before she can even ask what is happening, the door to her office bursts open, and in come at least six kappa, all looking angry at Nitori, and behind them in the corridors are even more kappa, a total of fifty of them.

The kappa in front, a male with blue hair and wearing a brown baseball cap, tosses several newspapers at Nitori and shouts "we want that man out of here, NOW!"

Without even glancing at the papers, Nitori shouts back "you get out of here before I kick you out!"

The kappa start to argue, but before it escalates to a riot, Ail and Rika rush inside, then Ail shows Nitori the hat and says "we know about Guzman! Where is he?"

Nitori gasps, then exclaims "Guzman is not a bad guy. Dammit Ail, I thought you were on my side!"

Rika steps up and says "he shot mister Ail, one of the autumn goddesses, children at the village, he tried to have his way with my lady Reimu, with miss Keine, with miss Sakuya and miss Byakuren! He went back to the mansion to try and claim it, harmed miss Remilia in a most inhumane way! Miss Nitori, I know it's hard, but you need to accept it! At least look at the papers!"

Nitori's eyes fill with tears as her voice crack and she angrily says "fine! But it's just to prove to you... that-"

Before she can finish, as she looks at the first paper, she immediately recognizes Guzman wearing her hat and pointing his gun at the school in the village.

She throws that paper away and picks the next and immediately sees how Guzman pushes a knife into Flandre's hand, then throws the paper away, just to see more photos of his misdeeds from the scattered pieces of paper.

She drops on her knees trembling, then whispers "grandpa."

She starts to cry and through her cracked voice, she says "g-grandpa will tell you! He's a nice man, right grandpa?"

The old hunched kappa with the long beard and brown shell stands brazenly in the center of the room, and as he grabs hold of his beard, he lowers his head, groans sadly, then says "I'm sorry my child. That man is not who you think he is."

Nitori gasps, but before she can say anything, the old kappa continues "I followed him everywhere. The beach, the pool, the racing tracks, to your little computer's room, and even managed to slip inside his own room. He only saw me as a turtle shell. Nitori, that man is vile. He harassed one of your guests, a most lovely youkai, and broke her spirit right before my very eyes. Nitori... I am grateful he still hasn't turned on you."

Nitori now kneels on the ground, supporting herself with her arms as she cries away, then Ail and Rika approach her, each lays a friendly hand on her shoulders, then Rika softly says "I'm sorry. I know you meant no ill, but please, you have to tell us where he is."

Ail, with an equally soft voice, adds "Nitori, you have to be strong now. Don't hide him, or we'll have to force you, and personally, I don't want to reach that point."

Nitori sobs and cries out loudly, then manages to say "I don't know where... where he is! He-he left yesterday and... and didn't..."

Unable to speak another word, Nitori breaks down to cry out her heavy heart.

She suddenly starts calling for Julia, but her computer fails to answer, making her cry out even louder.

Finally, the old kappa approaches her granddaughter, while the other kappa suddenly feel like dirt, though some still believe she's the one at wrong.

There is a loud explosion, shards of glass fly into the room, Ail, Rika and Nitori's grandfather are sent flying away toward the wall, and after noticing the large explosion behind them, Rika and Ail call out to Nitori.

When everything settles, Guzman has Nitori wrapped around his left arm and pointing his gun at her head, staring back at Ail and Rika and saying "try anything and she gets it!"

Nitori suddenly screams "Guzman no! You're not bad! Show them who you really are!"

Guzman places his lips next to Nitori's ear, whispers to her, then the little kappa start to cry and shout "why, why, why? Let me go!"

Guzman looks around the room and stares at all the kappa, then places his attention in Rika as he says "so, you thought you had me, huh? Well I'm on top, and what I say goes, or this little girl gets it. You of all people should know her life means NOTHING to me, isn't that right Ail? Eh?"

When he looks for Ail, he realizes he's gone, then suddenly hears a loud bark and feels a set of fangs sinking in the skin of his arm.

Ail has taken the shape of a large white wolf and bites down hard on Guzman's right arm, but the evil man lets go of Nitori, punches the wolf's face, then aims his gun at it.

Rika takes this chance and activates her blood limit and quicksilver and manages to tackle Guzman out the window.

Activating his ring while in mid-air, Guzman flips and manages to land on his feet, then watches as Ail, who has his blood limit activated and is back to normal, and Rika, that woman he hates so much, jump out the window after him, Rika holding her fire sword on her right hand, and Ail having a staff made of light on his right hand.

Inside the office, Nitori quickly recovers and gets up from the ground, runs to her grandfather while calling out to him, then kneels beside him.

The old kappa immediately tells her "go, I'll be just fine! A little explosion like that won't kill me!"

Through tears and a cracking voice, Nitori shouts "but grandpa, I can't!"

One of the long-haired female kappa approaches them and says "it's too dangerous, you old coot! Let those two take care of this!"

Nitori looks out the window, then says "no, this can't be happening!"

When she looks around her resort she notices the beach's water has been drained, and the room in which Guzman was staying looks like it's been burned from the inside.

She suddenly hears Guzman's voice, remembering what he asked her to do shortly after returning so badly beaten.

In her mind, he says "I just need those explosives so I can... help you remodel here. You see, we could blow up some rocks here and there, make some extra room, you know, for expanding."

She hears herself as she replies "I don't know. I mean, digging is one thing, but blowing things up?"

Guzman quickly chuckles, then replies "c'mon, it's me, your friend! What could go wrong?"

Snapping out of her thoughts, Nitori realizes her face is full of tears and her heart is racing, and slowly, her sadness is turning into rage.

Without thinking about it, she jumps out the window to help Ail and Rika.

Meanwhile, just below the office's window, Ail uses himself as a shield to prevent Guzman's magic bullets to touch Rika, infuriating Guzman.

The evil man growls, then says "you're pissing me off, you dog!", then activates the dark magic in the gun.

Ail starts to scream as the old bullet wounds start to burn him again, and now the magical bullet wounds seem to be affecting him as well, burning his chest and left arm as though he's being hit twenty times over.

Rika takes a step ahead of Ail, then kicks him back, far away from the spell's reach as she says "thanks mister Ail, but you'll have to sit this one out again!"

Even hearing the child's voice in his head after looking at Rika, Guzman keeps control of himself thanks to the new hat, and moves quickly to take out Rika, aiming to strike her with his gun, but the shrine maid proves to be too good, and blocks his gun with the hilt of her sword, then kicks his face and sends him flying backward.

Ail recovers and rejoins Rika, then she says "if he does that again I'm kicking you again!"

Ail points forward and shouts "her he comes!"

Guzman forces Ail and Rika to separate after feigning to thrust the combat knife between them, then aims to stab Rika's neck, but Ail uses his staff of light to strike down his arm, then Rika takes the chance and strikes Guzman hard with the back of her sword, forcing him to use the momentum of her strike to back away.

At that moment, Nitori drops from the office and stands between Guzman, Ail and Rika, and with tears under her raging eyes, she shouts "don't you touch him!"

Rika and Ail both back away, their faces filed with surprised when they see the usually peaceful kappa looking like a fierce and hateful beast.

Nitori turns her head to stare at Guzman with those frightening eyes that seem to be turning red as she gets closer to him, then shouts "you! Why did you do this? Why me? Why~?"

Guzman slowly gets up, trying to keep a straight face while staring at Nitori's frightful eyes, but keeps quiet.

Quickly, more and more kappa, including Nitori's grandfather, who is being helped by two other kappa, all jump out the window and land behind Ail and Rika.

Fear takes Guzman, Nitori looks like she's about to kill him, and if she doesn't, the others will, as even he is incapable of fighting Ail, Rika and fifty kappa.

He suddenly frowns and lets a tear escape his left eye, then looks at Nitori with pained sadness, then says "N-Nitori... I'm sorry. I... I don't know what came over me. P-please, f-forgive me!"

He bows until he's kneeling on the ground and his forehead touches the floor, making Nitori gasp and recover he usual calm self, then repeats "I'm sorry."

Nitori gets closer, now staring at him with her usual compassionate eyes, then says "Guzman... I'm sorry, I didn't mean to snap like that. I just... got so confused and-"

Guzman gets up, grabs Nitori again and holds her tight, then strikes her hard with the hilt of his gun, leaving her semi conscious as he points the gun at her.

Looking fierce and holding Nitori as he backs away, he shouts "keep your distance, or I spill her brains on the ground!"

All the kappa, Rika and Ail glare at Guzman as he gets closer to the elevator of the right-side apartments, then kicks a black tube beside it, revealing another elevator, this one still powered up.

He enters the elevator, gently places Nitori on the floor there, takes out another detonator as he looks at Ail and Rika, smiles, then says "see you in hell", then presses the button on the detonator.

Various bombs start exploding all around them, and while Guzman escapes with Nitori, Rika gains two extra pair of wings of light and shouts "QUICKSILVER!"

A spell card spins in front of her for three seconds, then stops and she shouts "Ten'i nai Campeci Souhazan!"

The two extra pair of energy wings expand and seem to wrap everyone and everything, including the explosions, inside a field of light, and everyone and everything but Rika seem to slow down to a stop.

Not wasting any time, Rika starts grabbing as many of the kappa as she can at once, then takes them outside the resort and away from danger.

She repeats this again and again, the office and entrance slowly collapsing above their heads, until only Ail remains, and just before the entrance completely collapses, she manages to grab him and runs away from danger just in time, falling on the ground outside and rolling with him wrapped around her arms.

After getting far away enough, she deactivates her spell, and the explosions finish their destructive job.

The once proud and bright entrance to a place of respite has now become mere rubble on the ground, and all stare at the destruction with heavy hearts, and Ail keeps calling out for Nitori, his worry growing with every passing second.

Meanwhile, near the border of the Youkai Forest, Minoriko and Shizuha Aki walk to the same clearing where Guzman attacked Aya, talking and laughing amongst themselves.

Minoriko laughs, then looks at her sister and says "ah, looks like someone was here, and I see they didn't turn off their bonfire as they should."

Shizuha laughs and replies "probably someone who was... What the-"

Finally, the sisters realize the bit of snow on the ground is stained with blood.

As they look further away from the fire, they start seeing black feathers scattered around, accompanying the bloody mess on the snow.

Minoriko gasps and points even further ahead at some trees, then they see a large severed black wing.

Shizuha trembles and asks "s-s-s-sis? W-wha-what is all this?"

Minoriko bravely steps forward, stepping on the feathers and the blood, promptly accompanied by her trembling older sister, and when they look over a small mound of snow-covered rocks and bushes, they both gasp and scream as they run away.

Shizuha holds her stomach and runs away from her sister until she's out of sight, then Minoriko loudly says "n-ne-san, te-tengu-tengu! That's was the tengu!"

The goddess of plenty can hear her sister throwing up somewhere near, and after she returns from hiding, cleaning her mouth with her right sleeve, Minoriko shouts "we need to tell someone!"

Shizuha almost throws up again, but manages to hold it in and say "Hakurei! L-let's get the Hakurei!"

Minoriko bravely says "sis, you go get her and I'll stand guard here! This was that Guzman guy, I just know it!"

Hearing his name brings a fire into Shizuha's eyes, and recovering completely, she grabs her sister's shoulders and says "if that monster comes this way you'll have no way to defend yourself! There are still some leaves I can use around here for defense! Sis, go get Reimu! I'll stay here!"

Minoriko rapidly exclaims "but nee-san, you aren't feeling well!"

Shizuha turns Minoriko to the east and says "we are gods! Minoriko, I can take it! Just hurry up!"

Minoriko turns her head and can see the determination in her sister's eyes, so she simply nods and quickly flies away, shouting "I'll come back as soon as I can!"

Shizuha watches as Minoriko leaves with haste, then looks back to where Aya is.

Again she feels as though she's going to throw up, but she steels herself, then nervously says "d-don't worry miss tengu! The Hakurei Maiden will get here! J-just... just hold on!"

Aya manages to moan, hidden behind a mound of snow, her blood staining everything around her, and close to her body are pieces of her own hair lying around.

Shizuha sighs to calm her nerves, then says "just focus on recovering! The damage is bad, but someone like you should be able to recover... right?"

Instead of her voice, there is a disturbing gurgle, and Shizuha panics and rushes to Aya, even though getting closer is making her face turn green as she looks at the destroyed body of the proud tengu reporter.

She tries her best to look at Aya's face hidden behind the snow mounds, but Shizuha can't fake the sick feeling that's claiming her, yet, even looking like that, she manages to smile, a tear escapes her right eye, then she sniffles and says "d-don't worry. I won't let him touch you again."

Meanwhile, under what used to be the Kappa-pa Resort, the secret elevator doors open, and Guzman carries Nitori outside of it, places her on the ground in front of the large metallic doors with the warning signs on them so that she can look towards them with her semi-conscious blank eyes.

Guzman approaches the left door and taps it twice, revealing he password terminal, then presses the numbers 6548, then the symbol of the bird in mid-flight, and just like that, the doors open.

As this happens, Nitori manages to whisper "Guzman. Guzman... not... name."

He stares at the little kappa with surprise, the says "so you figured it out."

The doors finish opening up, revealing more inventions already finished and in display, yet Guzman pays more attention to the little kappa as she whispers "please... your... real... name. Please."

Guzman walks toward Nitori, bends his knees to get closer, then says "give it up. All I give is my family name, nothing more. Still, maybe someday you can figure out my given name, but it won't be by me, I can assure you of that."

He stands up and quickly makes his way toward the pair of black army boots that are hovering just above their platform, then smiles and says "thanks. with these, I can fly whenever I get tired of running."

Later, after switching boots, he reaches for a large black bag that was hidden just behind the magnet's platform, then smiles at Nitori, stands up, and begins his looting.

Guzman reflects on Nitori's blank stare as he takes one dangerous invention after another, and all Nitori can do is desperately think "no! Those weren't made for that! They're supposed to be for better lives! Please, please Guzman, stop this!"

As he browses around for anything useful to him, he comes across the metallic-looking backpack that seems to turn invisible, depending from where you look at it, shakes his head, then says "already got two bags. Don't need another."

After filling the bag with the inventions he wanted, he zips the bag to a close, opens a front pocket, and reveals another large bag, though there is nothing else in the room he might want, except for one last thing.

First, he looks toward the tube where the red and blue rings were, and the updated sign that reads "Enhances Physicality, Negates Space-Time Distortion, Speeds Healing Without Side-Effects."

He notices the blue ring is missing, then says "pity. And here I was thinking what two of these rings would do for me. Ah well, this little red ring has been a blessing, so I won't complain."

After saying that, he turns his attention toward the compact bazooka-looking weapon on the tube to the right, smiles viciously, then read "Caution: 10x the power of one Master Spark."

He turns his monstrous face to look at Nitori, smiles, then says "you couldn't lower the output, but you managed to stabilize it, huh? That's excellent. This will be perfect for taking out that demonic woman with angel feathers."

Guzman slides the tube upward and reaches for the Rainbow Gun, and all Nitori can do is cry as she thinks "no, Guzman, no! That's too dangerous! Please, put it down! You don't know the damage it can do! STOP!"

Guzman zips the second bag with the Rainbow Gun to a close, straightens up with one bag on each shoulder, then smiles and shows Nitori a grey plastic-looking rectangle that looks as though has been cut already.

She continues to cry as her eyes slowly force themselves to close, but she can hear as Guzman gets closer to her, gets behind her, then says "there's more than one way to leave this room... Yup, I better use that exit. The reserve power on the elevator is gone. Oh well, thanks for everything, my friend. I'll see you around."

Nitori can hear as his steps get fainter, then he suddenly grunts, and the sound of something paper-like braking reaches her just before she completely loses her consciousness.

Outside, at the clearing in the forest's edge, Shizuha has grown accustomed to the horrific site, and has now wrapped Aya in a grey blanket she got from her house, leaving only her left eye and left wing, which has been broken in several points, visible to her.

She has also restarted the bonfire and managed to place the tengu close, saying with a smile "there. This should keep you warm until help arrives."

She hears the crunching of snow as it is stepped on and immediately takes a defensive stance, raising her arms and causing the few leaves on the ground to lift up, turn as sharp as blades, then makes them spin around Aya and herself.

The wet figure of Guzman comes walking from the river, carrying two large black bags, and quickly laying eyes on Shizuha and the fallen tengu.

He stops and smiles, aggravating Shizuha to the point of having her stare back at him with hatred, then says "heh, so she's still alive. I thought she was a boy at first, but damn, to get so close to me take all those photos without my notice, I tell you."

Shizuha threateningly shouts "you stay the hell away!"

Guzman scoffs, then says "I stabbed her bare heart fifty... maybe sixty times. If she survives that, tell her I send my love", then winks.

Shizuha can't take much more and sends the blade-like leaves straight at the man, who takes the mirror cloak, activates it, then manages to bounce most of the leaves back, getting cut a few times on the face, yet not even flinching.

Shizuha screams with rage, runs straight at him, then kicks him so hard, she sends him flying above the trees, where he stops in mid-flight.

He salutes Shizuha form the air, then says "I don't have time to be playing with you. I need to prepare now. You take care little goddess. Be sure that after I'm done, I'm coming after you!", and using his new boots and his ring, he flies away from the forest quite fast, covering himself up with the mirror cloak and disappearing from sight.

Shizuha growls, then looks at Aya and says "this is bad! Sis better hurry up!", then watches with curiosity as a crow now rests next to the tengu, cawing softly and nipping Aya's cheek.

Meanwhile, in front of what used to be the Kappa-pa resort, Ail, Rika, and all the other kappa manage to make an opening into the resort, and the second they are in, they call for Nitori, desperately looking for any sign of her.

The resort is almost completely gone.

The right-side apartments are completely destroyed, half of the left-side apartments is gone, the pool, though still filled with water, is full of dust and pieces of rock, and the holographic sky is but a memory, now replaced by the reality of a bleak underground cave.

The sight pains Ail's heart, making him shed tears from his rage-filled eyes.

Rika places a hand on his left shoulder, then says "we have to go to the shrine! We tell everything to miss Reimu, and bring her here!"

Ail turns his head to Rika, sniffles, then nods and says "please, let's look for her a little longer! I owe her that much at least!"

Rika can see fear and sadness in his glassy eyes, so she nods, then says "she'll be alright, so don't you worry about her."

Ail manages a weak smile, then nods and starts opening gaps to all the places in the resort he can think of.

A few moments later, Nitori wakes up inside her large storage room, feeling as though she is waking up from a long and terrible nightmare.

After rubbing her eyes and moaning, she realizes her cheeks are still wet with her own tears, and as she looks around herself, she sinks into a feeling of great despair when she realizes she wasn't dreaming, that the horrible experience she went through wasn't a nightmare, but reality.

The few remaining lights in the room reveal to her the many empty pedestals of all her latest and most advanced creations.

Unable to contain it, she breaks down and cries out loud, cursing in her mind he day she met Guzman, at the same time, she feels it's both her fault, and not her fault.

She bangs her head once against the cold metallic floor and shouts "my friend!"

She lifts her head and lets herself drop again, though landing softer this time, and after her forehead touches the floor she softly says "not friend."

There's a whirring sound in the room and Nitori quickly thinks her so-called friend left her something that will kill her, but instead of reacting to defend herself, she decides to stay just as she is, whispering "I deserve it."

The whirring sound gets closer and closer, then stops.

Nitori waits for a little longer, but when she realizes nothing is happening, she looks up and sees Julia's old body standing right in front of her.

She sniffles and wipes her eyes with the back of her left sleeve, then asks "Ju-Julia? Julia, is that you?"

The monitor turns on, and in it is the old image of Julia, a pixilated green face without a speck of emotion.

Before Nitori speaks again, Julia says "this is a recording for my lady Nitori. I'm afraid I was too slow and couldn't get the proof I needed to save you in time. I decided to record my last thoughts in this body, along with a message for you, my lady."

Nitori spring to her feet and amongst tears and through a cracked voice, she shouts "no! Julia, what happened to you? Julia, I'm sorry, I should have listened!"

As if not even hearing Nitori, Julia continues "I have hidden the other ring as it is the only way to neutralize its twin. Please take it..."

A small compartment opens on the monitor's right, and on it is the blue ring, the twin of Guzman's own.

Nitori hesitates as she picks it up, and the moment she does, Julia continues "I suspect he left the silver backpack behind... How foolish, but I did take the liberty of taking its tag away, so to him, it's just a simple silver backpack. Now, lady Nitori, I beg of you, stop that crazed human, he is not well. In his mind, the world burns to ashes, the waters are poison, the air he breathes brings him closer to death; lady Nitori, I'm afraid any good in him is locked deep inside, and he's not letting it out."

Nitori cries as the strikes the monitor with her little fists and shouts "no, Julia! Come back! Please, I need your help! You know I can't build these things without you!"

Again, as emotionless as ever, and as if not hearing Nitori at all, she says "my lady, know this, he will not deliberately harm you... yet. You should take this to yours, and everyone's advantage. Miss Rika and mister Ail are in greater danger than they realize. Now, the backpack only needs a slight adjustment you should be able to work on without me. I'm sorry I couldn't be of more help, but I'm afraid he already destroyed half of my... a-dy... must no-... exit thro-..."

Julia's face start disappearing, turning to static and snow on the screen more repeatedly.

Nitori screams Julia's name over and over, striking the monitor hard, her heart feeling heavier than lead, her whole body losing strength, then Julia's image stabilizes.

Nitori looks at the monitor with hope filling what little it can in her heart, then Julia says "I know I'm just a machine, but please, remember me fondly, my lady..."

With those words, the image of Julia breaks a smile, then the monitor turns black and the robot dies down.

Witnessing this, sadness and anger overwhelm the little kappa; she grabs her own backpack and throws it away with all her might, empties her pockets and throws all the wrenches, hammers, bolts and screws all over the room, crying and screaming curses, then stops and drops on her knees.

She sobs as she struggles to keep herself from falling on the floor, then, with that heavy heart, she grabs a nearby wrench and slowly crawls toward the blue ring, which coincidentally fell next to the silver backpack's pedestal.

The remaining lights all die out and the room turns pitch black, but then two emergency light bulbs dimly illuminate the large room, yet Nitori is nowhere in sight, having taken the silver backpack with her.

Meanwhile, at the Youkai Forest's edge, Shizuha paces impatiently around Aya, then says "jeez, she should be at the shrine right about now. I just wish she could move faster... right miss?"

There is no reply of any kind from Aya, yet the crow beside her caws with despair and flies away, which estranges Shizuha, so she gets closer to inspect the tengu, and quickly realizes her skin is turning blue.

She gasps with despair and shouts "no, wait! You need to hold on! Come on, sis is gonna bring help!"

That very moment, Ail and Rika spring right out of one of his gaps, then Ail exclaims "not here! Let's go back!", but Shizuha spots them in time and shouts "HELP! She's dying!"

Ail and Rika instinctively rush toward Shizuha, Rika excitedly asking "who is dying?"

Shizuha points at the wrapped tengu, and both Ail and Rika gasp. Ail rapidly asks "isn't she a youkai?"

Shizuha replies "that man, he came! He said he struck her bare heart fifty or sixty time, and he struck the side of her head with something sharp too and... and."

Ail bravely steps forward and unwraps Aya, only to toss the wraps on her again after placing his hand on his mouth while he and Rika both scream at the sight.

Ail activates his Yozoragan mode, places his wings on the wrapped tengu, helping her to breathe again, opens a gap to the shrine, then shouts "Shizuha, go inside, NOW! Rika, heal!"

Rika is already placing her glowing mint-green healing hands near Aya's bloodied wrap and says "already on it!"

Shizuha hesitates for a second, then quickly hops inside Ail's gap, just before it closes up.

Right after his gap closes, Ail can feel his energy failing him, and that's when another gap opens up below them, going straight to the Hakurei shrine, and as they fall, Ail and Rika hold on to the wrapped Tengu.

Meanwhile, at the Hakurei Shrine, just before Ail opens his gap, Minoriko reaches the shrine and flies straight inside, shouting "maiden~! Hakurei~! I need help!"

Reimu, Mima, Hatate and Remilia are in the living room, while Sakuya is in the kitchen, preparing lunch for everyone at her mistress' request.

Marisa and Tenshi are out at the back of the shrine, trying to sneak into the storage house, hoping to borrow some magic scrolls or embarrassing records of Reimu, and Suzaku is out in front with Suika on the donation box, watching as a few startled villagers leave after a very quick prayer.

Inside the shrine, surprised eyes all lay on Minoriko as she tries to speak, saying "Reimu... Hakurei... tengu... blood... feathers... eeee~!"

Reimu stands up and furiously asks "CALM DOWN! Now, what do you need to tell me again?"

Minoriko takes a deep breath, then Ail's gap opens up just beside her, and after some time Shizuha springs right out of the gap, shouting "that tengu reporter is dying!"

Now Hatate joins Reimu by springing up on her feet, then shouts "stop making fun of the tengu!"

At the back of the shrine, Ail, Rika and Aya fall softly to the ground, and just as they touch the stone path, both Ail and Rika expel their breaths and deactivate their blood limits.

After getting startled by their sudden appearance, Marisa and Tenshi forget about the storage house and approach them, and with a grin on her face, Marisa asks "returning from your romantic getaway already, Ail-kun?"

Marisa's and Tenshi's face both change, the fright in their eyes is undeniable, then Marisa softly asks "w-whoa, Ail, Rika, what's the matter?"

The girls notice Ail and Rika both look pale, exhausted and desperate, and sounding exhausted, Ail manages to say "please... Reimu! Get Reimu!", then Rika adds "we used up... all our energy and she's still..."

A gust of wind blows strongly and blows open the bloodied wrappings around Aya, and when Marisa lays her eyes on her, her face turns ghostly white as she places her hands over her mouth to cover the loud yelp she lets out.

Tenshi opens her eyes wide and stares with fright, then whispers "who... what could have done that to a tengu?"

Reimu and Hatate quickly arrive to the scene, then Reimu screams as she and Hatate stare at Aya's body.

Hatate's face turns green at the sight, then suddenly flies away as fast as she can.

Marisa shouts "hey, come back you little-!", but Reimu interrupts Marisa, and sternly and hurriedly says "let her! She has to go! Mima~!"

Mima peeks her head through the shrine's wall, then Reimu shouts "get the candles! Marisa!"

Marisa stands in attention, then Reimu hurriedly says "get the amulets with the gold-", to which Marisa rapidly nods and says "on it!", then darts straight into the shrine.

Reimu rapidly pushes Rika and Ail away from Aya, wraps her body again, then takes out several needles from her pocket, rips off the seals on them, then chants in an ancient dialect as she places one by one around Aya's body.

Rika and Ail manage to stand up just as Mima arrives with six candles on wooden stands, then Reimu sits on the ground with her legs crossed, and just before beginning her prayer, she says "Ail, Rika, Mima, place the candles around us and light two, each."

As they start setting up the candles, Marisa runs to Reimu with a massive pack of amulets with golden borders and golden writings on them, but trips and almost falls on Aya, however, a strange force that emanates from Reimu's needles pushes the human away, and keeps the few scattered amulets floating all around Aya.

Before Marisa asks, Reimu, who seems to be in meditation, says "leave them there and place the rest to my right, then stand back."

By now, Mima, Rika and Ail are done setting up and lighting the candles, then back away.

Behind Reimu, on the shrine's porch, Remilia, Sakuya, Minoriko and Shizuha stare with wonderment and curiosity at Reimu and Aya, while on the roof, Suika and Suzaku look at Aya, Suika with a pained look in her eyes.

The crow that was with Aya before lands next to Suzaku, bows to the bird of vermillion, then caws.

Suzaku nods, raises her neck, points her beak at the sky, then starts to sing Rika's family song once again, though this time, it emanates a soothing feeling.

Rika suddenly feels some strength return to her and immediately joins Suzaku in song.

Without losing her concentration, Reimu begins to chant once again, and the amulets to her right start to fly away and set themselves around Reimu and Aya, and before long, they all start to glow dimly.

Everything seems futile, Aya doesn't react at all, and Reimu looks as though she's about to collapse, sweating as she reveals her gohei in her pocket and holds is horizontally on her hands, all while raising her voice along with Rika's and Suzaku's singing.

Ail manages to activate his Yozoragan mode once again, getting Remilia's full attention, then he spreads his wings open, making himself look like a dragon, then the ethereal wings seem to merge with the force field around Aya, but only lasts for a few seconds before he collapses.

Rika stops singing and drops on her knees, breathing heavily while holding her chest, then Mima approaches her and whispers "you did good kid. Now let Reimu handle the rest."

Ail raises his head to look at Aya, then remembers the day he met her, how he raced her to the Youkai Mountain, took her camera without her notice, then how she tried to kill him under mistaken orders and how she laughed when he first got turned into a small dog-like creature.

He returns from his thoughts and finds himself raising his left hand to the tengu, then says "don't... you dare... die, you idiot!"

Reimu now clenches her eyes and bares her gritted teeth, looking as though she going through great pain as she continues to meditate, then she suddenly screams as her eyes start glowing with warm light.

Suzaku stops singing, the crow flies toward Aya and lets a single feather drop on her head, then all the amulets and needles start glowing gold.

Aya's body suddenly regains its color, the tengu gasps for air and raises her hands, tries to scream out loud, then stops and slowly falls into a deep sleep.

The golden glows slowly dim down, Reimu slowly relaxes, then all the amulets and needles burn down into a white ash that gets inside Aya through her nose and open mouth, and just like that, it all ends.

Reimu opens her exhausted eyes to look at Aya, notices she's breathing normally, smiles, then says "she's alright...", then falls to the ground, causing panic amongst her friends, including Ail and Rika, who manage to get back up on their feet, regardless of their own exhaustion.

Somewhere at the Youkai Forest, down by the river bank, at noon, Nitori pockets her wrench and straps on the metallic backpack.

Almost immediately, it makes her looks translucent, but after squeezing the straps, Nitori gets back to normal, though she wishes she wasn't even alive.

Her tears refuse to stop, even though that by now, all she's feeling is overwhelming rage.

She looks into the water, hoping to see a reflection, but the water is to restless.

From behind her, Hina says "it's because of that tengu's blood. The waters have been restless since."

Nitori turns around and looks at Hina's skirt, making Hina gasp, bow and say "I'm sorry, I didn't-"

Nitori raises her hand and hides her hateful eyes under the brim of her hat, and in a gruff and angry voice, she asks "what did he do?"

Hina hesitates to answer, so Nitori raises her voice and asks again "what the hell did he do?"

Hina gasps, looks to the river to her right, then says "I-I'm sorry, but I'm not sure."

Nitori sighs, then says "no, I'm the one who's sorry!", then walks past Hina, headed toward an unknown destination.

Hina turns around and loudly says "you can't do it like this. Let me take that from you. Should make it easier for you."

Nitori stops for a moment, then says "nah. Let me keep this pain for a little while longer."

Hina asks "won't it be dangerous? Do you really think you can handle it?"

Nitori smiles, a tear rolls down the left side of her face, then she says "I'm actually beginning to like it", then walks away, vanishing from sight almost immediately.

Hina stares toward the spot where Nitori had stopped, then whispers "that's what I was afraid of."

Meanwhile, at the Forest of Magic, Guzman reveals himself after landing just in front of Marisa's house.

He observes the entire house and notices the vines that reach to the roof, the dirty windows and dirty door, then smiles and says "well I'll be. I think I can use this place for a while."

He easily enters through the unlocked front door and is immediately overwhelmed by the cluttered items lying all over the house, some seemingly useless.

He looks around and notices the mess goes up to the next floor, then looks at the basement and notices even more items scattered all over the ground, then takes a look at the kitchen, and although it's messy, it has the least concentration of items.

Guzman closes his eyes, takes a deep breath, drops his bags on the ground, then smiles and exclaims "yup! Just like home!"

Meanwhile at the Hakurei Shrine, Reimu drinks some tea, looking exhausted as she slowly lifts her cup and places it on her lips.

Rika tries to help her, but Reimu gently pushes her away, drinks the tea in her mouth, then says "it's alright. I'll be fine. Ail, how is Aya?"

Ail sighs, then says "well, the right half of her face is reforming, and her chest is finally sealed up. Her wings still aren't growing back though, and her left leg is starting to recover some muscle. Jeez, to think her right wing would break off after the healing."

Suzaku flies on to Rika's shoulder as the shrine maid walks closer to the tengu, then asks "this man, miss Rika, what sort of monster is he?"

Rika replies "he's a vile creature that shouldn't even be considered human. To do this to a youkai, a tengu, to anyone! He disgusts me."

Remilia looks at her own small wing to her left, then, sounding ashamed, she says "so... we were lucky after all. If he had done something like this to you, Sakuya..."

Sakuya adds "or Koakuma, or even miss Patchouli. Why did he-?"

Aggravated by the conversation, Ail loudly says "I warned you all about this bastard, and still to this day, you all underestimate him!"

Remilia takes offense to Ail's tone of voice, but Reimu stops her from saying anything about it when she says "you're right. Marisa, Kyo, Sakuya, Maribel, Renko... and me. We are humans and instinctively take better care of ourselves. The others are youkai. Wounds that are mortal to humans are nothing to them, so they feel they don't have to protect themselves as much."

Remilia lowers her head, thinking about what Reimu just said, and as she thinks, Reimu continues "Hatate is going to inform lord Tenma about this, and she's going to write the article, I'm sure. Still, we should do our best to spread the word amongst the youkai, that there is a human capable of killing them, and obviously willing to do so. I hope Tenshi keeps her word and tells the angels about this."

There is silence amongst everyone in the shrine again, and even the two young goddesses of autumn can feel fear coursing through their hearts.

Changing the subject, Remilia approaches Ail, then humbly asks "um, Anilan, could... um, could you do me a... a favor?"

Ail and Reimu both looks surprised at Remilia, while Rika looks confused at their expressions, then Remilia blushes as she says "um, you see, Flan was cut by a silver knife too, and that's kind of our weakness, and I was wondering if you, I mean, since you healed me already, um... could you come heal my sister too?"

Ail looks as surprised as Reimu, and stares at Remilia for a little longer, enjoying her blushing face, then pats her head as though patting a child, then says "sure. Just give me one night's rest. I don't think I'll be able to activate my blood limit at the moment. I used too much energy on miss Aya already."

Rika chuckles and says "we overdid it, didn't we mister Ail."

Ail looks to Rika with a goofy smile, nods, and says "yeah, I guess we did."

Reimu sighs, then says "Rika, you will go with Ail to the mansion. Assist him with anything you can, then return here. After that, return to your duties until I return."

Everyone's attention turn to Reimu as Rika asks "my lady, are you going somewhere?"

Reimu nods, then Marisa answers for her, asking "the Giant Toad's Pond?"

Reimu nods to Marisa, then Rika quickly asks "Giant Toad's Pond? What's that?"

Reimu quickly replies "doing this left me literally powerless. I need to go there to restore my divine powers before doing anything else."

The shrine grows silent once again, Mima and Suika, both whom are right behind Reimu, stare at the shrine maiden with saddened eyes.

Marisa suddenly breaks the silence and says "look, it's starting to get late, so I'm heading home."

Reimu throws her friend a terrified look, to which Marisa waves her hand at, smiles, then says "if I even think he's near, I'm turning around and coming back, just stop looking at me like that."

Reimu sighs, then nods and says "I guess I'm just a little shaken after-"

Ail interrupts Reimu to finish for her, saying "after this horrible incident. Yes, I'm a bit worried about Sanae and Buou too. I'm headed back to the Moriya Shrine. Everyone... stay safe."

Reimu watches as everyone but the Aki sisters take their leave, then sternly says "if you have to confront him, don't give him any chances. One slip-up, and it could mean your end."

Later that night, Marisa arrives to her home, landing right in front of the door while saying to herself "gee, that Reimu! Using all her power like that, but damn, Aya got it bad, ze."

She opens the door and sighs as she enters her house, then says "well, no matter. Once she's back in good health, we'll-"

Marisa quickly perceives the presence of something in her house, pulls her Hakkero from under her hat, grabs her broom tight on her left hand, and slowly goes up the stairs, calling "if there's someone up there, you better speak up now, or take on the consequences of your actions."

There is no reply, but there's the sound of something moving around the next floor.

Marisa gulps and rushes up the stairs, ready to shoot her Master Spark at anything that might be there, however, when she reaches the top of the stairs, there's nothing, except for her many cluttered items in small mountains across the small hall.

She goes further inside after noticing a light in her room at the attic, then she growls and says to herself "dammit Alice, this is no time for games."

There is a loud thud from behind, so Marisa instinctively jumps and rolls away from a rapid swinging object into the hallway, and when she stands and looks back, her fears are realized when she gazes upon the vicious smile of the vile Guzman.

He raises his gun on his right hand, retracts his left hand to reveal the combat knife, then smiles and says "whoops. I missed. Let me try again."

Marisa aims her Hakkero at Guzman and rapidly shouts "Love Colored, Master SPARK~!", and forces Guzman to take a dive for dear life.

While he's on the ground, Marisa manages to jump on her broom just in time and shouts "Stardust Reverie!", then forces him to take another dive as she flies out the hole on the second floor wall made by her own beam, leaving a trail of stars behind herself.

Terrorized, Marisa heads straight back to the shrine with haste, rapidly saying "must go to Alice! Need help from Reimu! What the hell am I saying? Where the hell am I going?"

As she zigzags in the air, Guzman calmly walks out of the house with his black bags, then smiles and says "so, I hit someone important after all. Heh, who would have thought that reporter had friends. Go figure. Now, I'll need to hurry if I want to make good time. Need to be ready for that maiden, heh-he~!"

Guzman wraps himself with the mirror cloak and flies straight toward the Youkai Mountain to prepare for Reimu.

Meanwhile, somewhere near the Misty Lake, Nitori takes some of the icy water into a large container, her tears still flowing down her hateful eyes, and as she looks at the murky reflection on the still waters, she scowls and shouts "stop crying you idiot!"

She tries to kick the water, but ends up splashing just a bit to the air and falling on her back to the ground herself.

Looking up at the winter sky with her teary eyes, she says to herself "Julia, my resort... my dreams. I trusted a human and lost all."

She sobs, clenches her teeth, manages to stand up, then walks away toward the east, and asks "should I do this? Will this bring all of that back?"

Without getting her answer, she continues on her way, still deciding on what course of action she should take.

At the Hakurei Shrine, Rika is just about to lock the front door and turn off the lights when Marisa crash-lands right behind the large gates and runs to her so fast, even Rika can't keep up.

Marisa embraces Rika and holds on tight, trembles quite violently, and just before Rika asks, she says "he's in my house! That THING is in my house! He wanted to kill me, but I didn't even say a word to the guy! He still wanted to kill me!"

Rika rapidly returns the embrace and comforts Marisa, patting the back of her head and says "it's alright, you're safe now. Calm down, calm down."

Reimu stumbles out to the living room and Mima phases through the back door, both wondering what's going on, and when Rika takes notice, she says "Guzman was in her house. Miss Reimu, he's targeting our friends, just as you feared."

Reimu leans against the paper wall to her right for support, then says "we need to warn Kyo and the others at the village."

Rika nods, and after calming Marisa down, the witch lets her go, walks toward Reimu while still a bit shaken, then Reimu points her to her own room, though Mima has other plans and takes Marisa away, saying "she's coming with me. It's sleepover, Mima-style."

Marisa looks frightened again and whimpers "help", but Reimu and Rika thinks she's just trying to be funny, unaware of the ominous smile on Mima's face.

Suika jumps down from the roof, smiles as if nothing was wrong with the world, points at herself with her thumb, then says "I'll go and tell them all."

Reimu quickly says "not so fast. Rika, send Suzaku with her. They can split up and spread my message faster."

Reimu struggles to point at a stack of papers on the kotatsu Rika thought were amulets, then realizes they really are amulets with a short note written on them.

Suzaku flies out of Rika's room, grabs half of the stack, then says "we'll be done in no time, Rika-sama!"

Suika runs inside, grabs the remaining stack of papers, then says "wait for me birdie!", then summons five of her miniature clones, then they all fly after Suzaku to the village.

Rika looks with worry toward them, but closes the door, locks it shut, then turns to Reimu with a worried face.

Reimu looks even more exhausted than before, but waves her arm to signal Rika that she's fine, then looks at Aya on the floor, her blood staining the futon she's on, then, and at the Aki sisters, who insisted on staying as guards.

Reimu sighs, then says "everyone... good night. Rest well. Don't worry though, he's not coming here. If that were his goal, he'd be here already."

Rika nods, rushes to help her mistress to her room, then says "my lady, I'll try to return as soon as I can from the mansion, so I can accompany you to the pond."

Reimu shakes her head, then says "you worry about yourself. I'll be fine."

There is a moment of silence, then Reimu suddenly adds "besides, you'll be taking care of, pfft, Ail-kun."

Reimu chuckles, and Rika, in complete disbelief, replies "miss Reimu, that's not nice!"

To be continued...

Characters, Spell Cards and Scenario belong to ZUN -Team Shanghai Alice-

Ail, Budou, Kyo and Guzman were created by Willie G.R.

Rika Onkamikami and Suzaku were created by Snapshot 2010

Rika's Spell Card:

Quicksilver Ten'i nai Campeci Souhazan (Complete Space Embrace Lunge), was created by Snapshot 2010

OCT 18 2010

Written by

Willie G.R.


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