It's a calm and peaceful morning at the Hakurei Shrine, where Reimu sits over the porch of the shrine, drinking a hot cup of tea and enjoying her snacks while reading the Bunbunmaru Newspaper.

On the grounds, Rika sweeps away all the many flower petals and leaves that keep scattering around, making sure the path to the donation box is clean and accessible.

As Reimu casually flips the next page, she sees the picture of Remilia and Flandre on Ail while his Yozoragan mode is active, and although Reimu knows what Remilia is doing, she still thinks it looks like the vampire is having her way with Ail, and beside the pictures, Aya writes "Vampire Love Overwhelms All."

From the Forest of Magic, causing the entire land of Gensokyo to rumble, Ail shouts "SHA~MEI~MA~RU~! I'm going to KILL YOU~!"

Reimu casually flips the page, saying to herself "hmm, that's old news, like always."

She takes a bit of tea into her mouth as she turns the page, and almost immediately spits it all back out and quickly starts to laugh so loud, even Suzaku has to fly over to her to stare at her with curiosity.

Reimu just continues to laugh away and even starts kicking the ground as she holds her stomach.

Concerned, Rika loudly asks "my lady, what's the matter? What got you into such a fine mood?"

Reimu laughs away for a bit longer, takes a few deep breaths, picks the paper up again, even though it's soaked with tea, then reads "ha-hah! Listen to-hah... listen to this! Kn-known witch loses a danmaku challenged to the Ice Fairy from the Misty Lake! HAHAHA! The-the excuse she gave wa-was that she didn't want to harm the fairy, so she... so she used FLASHLIGHT SPELLS I-INSTEAD OF HER LASERS!"

Again, Reimu starts to laugh away so hard, she falls to the ground while holding on to her sides, and uncontrollably starts to bang her fists on the ground, banging as hard as she can to calm herself and stop.

Suzaku starts to caw, making it sound as though she's laughing too, so Rika frowns at them both, places her fists on her waist, then says "Suzaku, miss Reimu! You shouldn't laugh like that! She just... she was just being nice to the ice... he-heh She-she was just being nice!"

Unable to control herself, Rika places her hand over her mouth and starts to giggle, then progresses to chuckling, then stops when she feels the wind around her change.

She frowns as she looks around the shrine, stops when looking at the tree to the right, then says "miss Shameimaru, you shouldn't go around writing stories like this! Look what you did to miss Reimu!"

The shrine maiden, now accompanied by the vermillion bird, continues to laugh away while sitting on the ground, Suzaku also crying as she laughs away.

Aya jumps down from the tree, revealing herself covered in burn marks and bandages from Suzaku's attack, and sternly says "miss Rika, with all due respect, I only write the truth. Whether it be tragic, funny, or scary, I will always write the truth!"

Rika sighs as she rubs her forehead, then Aya angrily says "hey, it's not my fault Marisa underestimated that ice fairy! She even warned the witch she learned how to freeze danmaku!"

Reimu and Suzaku stop laughing at the same time, Reimu sits up, looks at Aya in surprise, then asks "really? She can freeze danmaku now?"

Aya nods, then says "that's how she got Marisa... Although, Marisa looked fine after the battle. That little ice fairy was really beat up. She only won because Marisa ran out of spell cards."

Reimu stares seriously at Aya, then at Rika, then suddenly says "flashlight!", and continues to laugh away along with Suzaku, making Rika sigh and face palm.

Later, Reimu, Rika, Suzaku, Mima and Aya walk out of the elevator that leads straight to Nitori's new Kappa-pa Resort, which already has it's sign rebuilt with glowing light yellow letters, and placed in an arc over the open gates.

Nitori and Julia stand right beside the gates to welcome their guests, and Reimu guesses they haven't arrived yet because of how silent it is.

As they reach the gates, Nitori and Julia bow, and Nitori says "welcome Hakurei Shrine! I was starting to think you weren't coming."

Rika bows back while Reimu looks around and say "I wonder why you say that. It looks like we're the first ones here."

Julia arrangers her glasses as she replies "you are incorrect, miss shrine maiden of Hakurei."

Nitori giggles and replies "almost everyone is here already. Even the Scarlet Mansion is here. They arrived at the same time as mister Ail and the Moriya Shrine."

Reimu looks a bit surprised, but decides to drop the subject and just chuckles, and that's when Nitori gasps and asks "wait, what about your shrine?"

Reimu flaps her arm in the air, and with a silly smile on her face, she says "it's alright. It's all taken care of."

At the Hakurei Shrine, Suika, who wears a smaller version of Reimu's shrine maiden outfit, lies on her side besides the donation box with a very discontent look on her face, and as an elderly woman rings the bell, she takes a big gulp from her gourd and thinks "why did I have to get stuck here? I wanted to have fun too!"

Yukari, who has a lazy and bored look on her face, walks toward Suika from the side of the shrine and asks "why am I stuck here? I only came to visit and she slaps me with this amulet on my back and tells me to watch the border. Really, what's her problem?"

The elderly woman stands between the youkai, and when they notice her, she chuckles for a bit before saying "so~, the shrine maiden left you in charge, and you just want to have fun, is that it?"

A glint escapes the woman's glasses as she arranges them while Suika and Yukari stare in surprise.

The woman smiles, then says "don't worry dearies, I know. I have lived long enough to know these things. Now, what do you say to having our own little bit of fun while we wait for the maiden to return, eh?"

Suika and Yukari look at each other, then back at the old lady, then look at each other again, smile, then Suika says "I'll get the drinks!", then Yukari excitedly says "I know where she hides the snacks!"

Back at the resort, Nitori sweats after Reimu's statement, but simply gestures them to head inside, saying "I-I see. Well please, come on in. You may use rooms 303 and 304."

As the girls walk by and take their keycards from Julia, Reimu says "thanks. Can't wait to try out the new pool."

Rika politely bows as she walks through, then twitches when Reimu says "and Rika, you are wearing it. I don't want to hear you complaining about it!"

Rika sighs, then says "alright my lady."

Mima takes the second keycard, snickers, then says "my swimsuit will beat the rest!"

Aya simply looks around with awe, then notices the area above the inside of the resort just above the gates is covered with a pink curtain.

Before she asks, Nitori says "we placed anti-air sentry units, so I recommend you keep away miss tengu."

Aya twitches and sweats, then says "oh, I-I see. Heh-heh."

Once the girls enter, Julia says "and that's the last of them lady Nitori."

The gates begin to slowly close on their own as Nitori sighs, then says "good, good. Then I'll go get ready too."

A glint escapes Julia's left eye as she glances at Nitori, then says "don't you worry lady Nitori, you have as much fun as you can, and let me worry about everything else."

Nitori looks at Julia with worry, but then smiles, nods, then says "alright. I'm counting on you."

A few minutes later the doors to the rooms start opening and closing as the guests exit the rooms in their swimsuits, eager to enjoy their free stay.

On the bottom rooms, Remilia, Patchouli and Flandre exit their room, Remilia wearing a pink swimsuit with a small red frill around the waist, Flandre wearing a red and gray polka-dotted two-piece with white frills on all the borders, including the top, and Patchouli wearing a simple-looking light-blue swimsuit that changes colors with lighting, and all three have their hair made into matching ponytails.

From the door to the left come Sakuya, Meiling and Koakuma, Sakuya wearing a simple black bikini, though she wears her apron over it, Koakuma wearing a rather tight red string bikini with a white sarong around her waist, obviously forced to do so, evident in the displeased look on her face as she wraps it up, and Meiling wearing a green swimsuit with a small oval hole on the abdomen and chest, and a lime-green snake dragon designs on the chest and abdomen.

Remilia stares at her servants in shock, then says to herself "they dare upstage me!", and in an act of selfish impulse, she rips the abdomen section of her swimsuit, making herself look as though she's wearing an old and tattered frilly bikini.

The girls all look at Remilia in shock, then Sakuya asks "m-my lady, why did you do that?"

From the next door, Yuka, Elly and Kurumi burst right out, laughing amongst each other.

Yuka wears her tight red plaid swimsuit, which has Elly glancing at her and drooling every time.

Elly wears a sunflower design bikini that seems to wrap itself around her skin, and Kurumi wears her white swimsuit, which Rika enhanced twice so she can really enjoy the water.

The third door opens up and Medicine walks right out with Su-San flying next to her, both wearing matching white swimsuits with frilly skirts and a red cross on the chest.

Afterward come Kyo and Luna, holding each other close while giggling and making Medicine feel sick.

Kyo wears green camouflage trunks, while Luna wears a leaf-green two piece swimsuit with a small black frill around the waist, and has her hair lose, making herself look almost like Keine, if it weren't for her red highlights.

Medicine gags when they start kissing and giggling after looking at each other, then says "come on Su-San, let's go before I puke purple again."

On the second floor, Minoriko, Shizuha and Momiji exit their room, Minoriko and Shizuha wearing matching light brown swimsuits, Minoriko's having grape vine designs to the right, and Shizuha's maple leaf designs to the left, and although both fit perfectly in their respective swimsuits, Minoriko has a more ample chest, while Shizuha has a bit more of a waist.

Momiji wears a one-piece with black at the top, white in the middle, and red at the bottom and back.

She looks at the Aki sisters, blushes, smiles, then says "I'm a bit embarrassed about this."

When the sisters take a better look, they quickly realize Momiji's figure in her swimsuit is almost flawless, then both hug each other and whine, then Minoriko says "we've been defeated again~!"

The farthest second floor door opens up and Byakuren walks out, wearing a black and white swimsuit with black crisscrossing designs over a white base on the top, fully white on the bottom front, and black on the back.

Next are Minamitsu, Unzan and Ichirin, Minamitsu wearing a teal bikini with her usual pair of white pants covering her bottom, and Ichirin wears a pink two-piece with a skirted bottom.

Last are Shou and the red-haired fairy, Shou wearing a one piece with white on the chest and dark red over the rest, and has a diamond-shaped opening on the belly.

The little red haired fairy wears a matching swimsuit, yet lacks some stuffing on top, making her stare at Shou's chest with longing.

Byakuren giggles as she points at the fairy, then says "looks like your new daughter notices some differences."

Shou's face turns beet red as she tries to cover her chest up with her arms while nervously saying "l-lady Hijiri, please. A-And don't call her my daughter."

Minamitsu smiles mischievously as she says "well, you refuse to kick her out, and now she cries when you're not around so..."

Ichirin finishes the sentence while wrapping an arm around Shou's neck, saying "so that makes you her adoptive mother."

Shou looks away to hide her pink cheeks, scratches her left cheek, and says "ah, I guess you're right."

The door closest to the elevator opens up, and from inside walk Yumemi and Chiyuri, both wearing bikinis, though Chiyuri isn't filling too much, and both swimsuits are a bit tight.

Yumemi's bikini is red with white waves in the middle of both the top and the bottom, and Chiyuri's is a blue ocean design with a single starfish suspiciously positioned on the left cup.

Yumemi stares at Chiyuri's chest, hums for a moment, then pulls her own Saboten Stock from her bottom and says "maybe another starfish will even things out. Magical Saboten Stock activate!"

Chiyuri panics and shouts "no wait-!" but it's too late, and after Yumemi presses the button, a brush with fresh red paint flies straight out of the cube and stains the left cup of Chiyuri's bikini.

The girl crosses her arms over her chest and cries "wah~! My beautiful and sexy bikini! What have you done?"

The door to their right burst open, and Rikako walks out in a purple swimsuit and a lab coat on top, blushing and looking annoyed, saying to herself "jeez, why do I have to wear one too?"

After a while s-Kyo walks out with his usual straight and stern face, wearing a pair of white trunks with red ovals trailing around the edges, and a white muscle shirt that is too big for him.

He adjusts his glasses, looks at Rikako, and says "I told you, it's illogical to ruin your lab uniform. These suits are specially made for that."

Rikako turns around and furiously says "I know, I'm the one that made them!"

On the third floor, the door next to the elevator opens op, then Suwako and Kanako walk straight out, both looking radiant and emanating a divine aura.

Kanako wears a strap swimsuit that is red on the left and purple on the right.

The strap hangs around her neck, crosses over her chest, leaves most of her upper torso bare, and has a regular polka-dot bottom that links with the upper straps.

Suwako's one-piece is lilac on the bottom and white on the top, and even though it has a childish frog motif on the front, like Kanako's, it expels radiance.

Hatate walks out last, wearing a white and blue checkered one-piece that has an opening from the chest down to her abdomen.

The door to their right opens up, and Aya and Mima walk straight out, both wearing string bikinis that, although cover them enough around the bottom, their exposed upper torso and shapely figures are more than enough to turn heads toward them, Aya's being black and red, and Mima's being bright yellow and black.

Hatate stares at them, blushes, then looks at herself and says "I'd never, like, wear something as embarrassing as that..."

She looks back at the two girls, growls inward, then whispers "stupid Aya..."

The farthest door suddenly bursts open after Marisa kicks it open.

She smiles proudly, placing her hands over her waist as she displays her black and white polka dot bikini with white frills on the top and bottom, yet she doesn't have much to fill.

She eagerly shouts "come on, come on! I want to show off!"

Next come Alice, Shanghai, and Hourai, all wearing one-piece swimsuits that accent their figures.

Alice's is half pink and half light blue, the colors merging like waves in the center, with a pink ribbon on around her waist.

Shanghai's is the same as Alice's, only hers is violet and navy blue with a violet ribbon around the waist, and Hourai's is half black and half dark red, the colors separated in a straight line, and she wears a dark red sarong around her waist.

Alice rubs her forehead, sighs, then says "you're so noisy. Besides... we got more to brag about than..."

Marisa stares at Alice with that eager and confident smile, so Alice just sighs and says "never mind.", then turns around and calls "mom, are you coming?"

From inside, Shinki replies "I'm coming~!", then walks out of the room, wearing a light blue swimsuit with a large droplet opening on the abdomen that reaches her chest, making her look as radiant as the mountain goddesses.

Even though the opening is narrow on top, her skin and features are easily spotted, as she, like the goddess that she is, is blessed with radiant and infinite beauty.

She giggles nervously and asks "what do you think girls? Do I still got it?"

Marisa's face turns blue as she starts patting her small chest, while Alice, Shanghai and Hourai smile at Shinki, flip their thumbs up, and nod in agreement.

The door to their left, and the center door both open up at the same time.

Budou and Sanae walk out of the door nearest Marisa, Budou wearing a lilac swimsuit with a teal skirt around the waist, and Sanae wearing her blue bikini with the random white stars designs.

Marisa stares at Sanae for a moment, her mouth wriggles as she feels defeated once more, then whispers "I think I want to change.", but to her dismay, Shinki and Alice are already heading to the elevator, and she doesn't have the key to open the door.

From the center door, Reimu walks out of the room, wearing a frilly pink two-piece swimsuit with tiny red polka dots, and seeing as she matches Marisa in shape, the witch looks at her and sighs with great relief.

After Suzaku flies out of the room and goes straight to the beach, Reimu calls "Rika, if you don't come out now, I'm going to cry~!"

From inside the room, Rika desperately replies "no, no! Don't cry my lady!"

The moment Rika exits the room, wearing her new bikini and showing her well-shaped body with ample chest, Marisa opens her mouth wide, her face turns blue, and her lips start to wriggle as she whimpers.

Reimu notices Marisa, bites down on her own lips to prevent herself from laughing, then says "M-Marisa, pfff... I was won- pff, wondering where you were hiding... pfff..."

Marisa walks toward Reimu with her forehead blue from depression, yet she manages a creepy smile as she says "oi, Reimu. N-nice to see you, z... ze. R... Rika, there... there you are. Oh yes, you are there."

Reimu looks at Marisa with worry, then asks "Marisa, you don't look so good. Perhaps you'd like a... pfff... flashlight?"

Reimu begins to laugh hard in front of her friend, and almost falls over the protective rails when she holds her ribs and bends down to laugh even harder.

A small ghost starts creeping out of Marisa's mouth as she smiles and says "so... you know about that huh. That's alright... I was just being nice to that ice fairy... Just being nice."

Rika notices Marisa's spirit escaping her body, then panics and shouts "oh-no, miss Marisa! Please, snap out of it! It's ok, miss Reimu understands!"

Reimu continues to laugh away so hard, her cheeks start turning red.

Before Marisa dies from depression and Reimu dies from laughter, they all recover when Sanae suddenly shouts "Ail-kun, come on out already!"

From inside the room, Ail shouts "no way! Sanae, I'm not doing it!"

Sanae stands in front of the open door, staring angrily inside while placing her hands on her hips and impatiently taps her left foot.

Budou sighs and face palms, and just as Phredia springs right out of her heart, wearing a glistening white bikini, Budou says "come on Phredia, this is too embarrassing."

Phredia nods, then she and Budou hurry to the elevator, where Shinki, Alice, Shanghai and Hourai wait for it to come.

Meanwhile, Sanae loudly says "Ail-kun, come on out already! I already told you, you look adorable!"

Ail immediately reply "I look stupid! Leave me alone!"

Reimu, Rika and Marisa approach Sanae with curious faces, then Reimu asks "what's going on?"

Sanae sighs and says "Ail-kun says his new swimwear is embarrassing. I already told him he looks cute, but he just won't listen."

Reimu's face immediately turns mischievous, and while sneering, she gets closer to Sanae's ear and whispers.

Rika stares at her mistress and says "my lady, you are plotting again."

Sanae suddenly gasps, her lips wriggle as she frowns, tears start flowing down her eyes, then she covers her face with her hands and cries "my Ail-kun hates my gift~!"

From inside, Ail says "Reimu, stop helping already!"

Sanae sobs and bawls, then finally says "and even after I spent all night putting the finishing touches! Ail-kun hates me~!"

From inside the room, Ail desperately shouts "don't cry! Sanae, don't cry! I'm coming out already!"

Ail desperately runs toward Sanae and grabs her shoulders, hurriedly saying "it's alright, I'm out, I'm out!"

He wears a dark-blue shirt with a black mountain design on the bottom, and a full moon on the chest, a matching set of trunks with the full moon suspiciously placed on the center of it, and wears a thick matching dog tail, a headband with matching dog ears that have a plastic golden moons hanging from the tips of the ears, and also wears a pair of matching dog paw mittens and dog paw boots.

Sanae lifts her head, winking and sticking out her tongue at him, and when Ail realizes he's been tricked, Reimu has already kicked the door shut.

Marisa stares at Ail for a moment, then sighs and swipes some sweat from her forehead, then thinks "phew. This is more embarrassing than me losing to Cirno. Way to go Ail."

Reimu chuckles as she stares mischievously at Ail, then smiles and says "well, glad to see it fits. Really, it's a miracle, considering we made it in just one day."

Ail sweats, his eyes hide under his hair, and sounding worried, he says "you're really enjoying this."

Sanae places a gentle hand on the back of Ail's head and rubs him softly while saying "aww its' alright Ail-kun. I already told you, you look cute."

Reimu and Marisa snicker while Reimu whispers "yeah, cute."

Ail wants nothing more than to send danmaku waves at the girls, but sighs to calm himself down, looks into Sanae's glistening eyes, then smiles and reluctantly says "let's go. At least I get to see you in your bikini again, so I guess it's not so bad."

Ail and Sanae look into each other's eyes, get closer and closer to each other, then Marisa clears her throat, and while looking away with a red face, she says "ahem... spectators here."

Reimu bumps Marisa's shoulder with her own and says "spoilsport."

As they make their way to the elevator doors, which by now are deserted, while the elevator takes the others down to the ground floor, Rika gets closer to Ail and whispers "you came in at the worst possible time yesterday, so consider the tail a gift from me."

Ail smiles quietly, then whispers back "you synthesized something to it. What was it?"

Rika winks, then speeds up to get away.

Reimu approaches Ail, then whispers "glad to see you like your gift Ail-kun."

A vein pulsates on Ail's forehead while he manages to smile, then he sinisterly whispers back "I am going to get you for this~!", hissing as he says the last word.

Reimu simply chuckles and loudly says "at least you don't use flashlights to fight!", then starts to laugh hard.

Marisa suddenly slumps and groans, then shouts "I was just being nice!"

Later, at the regular pool, Ail and Sanae keep to themselves at one of the farthest corners, giggling while kissing, Ail without his shirt, paws or boots, but still wearing the ears and tail.

Sanae holds Ail tight and constantly squeezes him against her, whispering to his ear "you're so cute."

At first, Ail is just enjoying himself and doesn't mind his embarrassing outfit, but suddenly starts to ponder, and without putting much thought into it, he takes his dog ears off.

Immediately, Sanae loses interest, lets go, and starts talking to Meiling, who is chatting away with Koakuma to her right.

Ail stares at Sanae for a moment, then places his ears back, and just like magic, Sanae turns around and starts snuggling with him once again.

Ail blushes and smiles, then suddenly gasps and pushes Sanae away, saying "just a second."

A few moments later, Ail wears the four dog paws and sits on the underwater steps with Sanae sitting on his lap, squeezing him tightly and whispering "my cute little Ail-kun."

Ail's blissful smile and pink cheeks tells the others the gift made to him is being appreciated greatly, and so, the few girls in there, position themselves on the other side of the pool, giving Ail and Sanae their space, staring at the couple and sighing constantly.

Meanwhile, in the center of the second pool, which is much larger than the one Ail and Sanae are in, Marisa has a more natural face, having forgotten her two humiliations after exiting the rooms.

She chatters away with Reimu and Remilia, who proudly says "Rika is a great ally, you know. She made our swimsuits special. Now me and Flan can be inside these pools and not be as affected by the water like before."

Reimu and Marisa chuckle, then continue to chatter away. Behind them are Sakuya, Flandre, Shinki, Byakuren, Hatate, Chiyuri, Yumemi, Alice, Shanghai and Hourai, along with other kappa and villagers.

All of them gasp, and the women, save Shinki, Byakuren and Flandre, start sinking into the water, hiding their chests with a look of shame on their faces.

Remilia, Reimu and Marisa look back with curiosity, but then gasp when they see a perfect womanly figure walking around the pool's edges, heading toward the shallow parts.

All three girls' faces turn blue, their eyes turn to white disks, they look at their own chests, then slowly sink into the water, Marisa whimpering as she hides.

On the shallow side, Rika waves at her friends, then all of a sudden, all the shamed faces turn to blushing faces, although Flandre just stares at all with curiosity, not knowing what is going on.

Meanwhile, as Rika unwraps her sarong to get inside the pool, she accidentally activates her Soraogan mode, making herself look twice as radiant, then spreads her wings open as she struggles to untie the knot.

Finally, after it comes off, Rika sighs and drops it on the ground, then heads inside the pool, but shrieks and stops when her foot is just about to touch the water after noticing it's now colored dark red.

Rika looks towards her friends with a shocked face, unknowingly deactivates her Soraogan mode, then screams and shouts "wha-what happened?"

Both men and women float on their backs with their noses spilling out blood without stop, except for Reimu and Byakuren, who hover above the water with bright red faces, and Flandre, who giggles and splashes herself with the bloody water, saying "yay~! It's been a long time since I had a good blood bath like this!"

Rika is about to panic, but looks to her right, calms down, and says "oh, miss Nitori! My, how cute!"

Nitori stands next to the bloody water, wearing a navy blue swimsuit that fits her just right, and has her hair loose, a rare sight.

She looks at the water just as the blood rapidly returns to their respective owners, and just as Flandre complains, the people at the pool cheer for Nitori.

The little kappa bashfully looks away, then says "please, don't mind me. Carry on with what you were doing."

Before anyone speaks, Rika says "um, I rather they just carry on."

Nitori giggles, then looks around and asks "oh... I wonder if they are coming at all?"

Moments later, Rika and Nitori join Remilia, Reimu and Marisa and chatter away, though Marisa continues throwing furious glares at Rika's chest while covering her own by crossing her arms.

The lights suddenly go off, everybody gasps and screams, then Nitori shouts "nobody panic, please! Julia, are you there?"

Julia's voice echoes all over the resort as she says "ladies and gentlemen, please welcome a very special guest! Coming all the way from heaven, miss Tenshi Hinanai~!"

Two beams of light from nowhere start moving all around, then finally cross each other, and in the middle, wearing a tight two-piece multi-colored swimsuit that reveals a shapely body with a flat chest, and standing on a keystone while looking down on everyone, is Tenshi, smiling confidently at all in the pool.

The celestial opens her mouth, takes a deep breath of air, then says "greetings everyone- KYAAH~!", but before she can say much, she is bombarded by green stars, red glowing needles, a glowing red bat, four knives, two laser beams, and after exploding and falling on her face on the ground, Hatate jumps on her head, takes various pictures of Tenshi's risen back, snickers, then flies back into the water.

Rika gasps at the sight and shouts "oh no! Tenshi, are you alright?", and immediately jumps out of the pool to aid her friend.

Before she reaches her, the lights come back on and Agava and Rumia pop their heads from Tenshi's left and right.

Agava wears a pink swimsuit with random white petal designs, which looks surprisingly well on her, considering the color, and fits her new body perfectly.

Rumia wears a black swimsuit with absolutely no design, but looks slimming on her.

Agava looks at Tenshi and says "I told her this wouldn't end well."

Rumia smiles and asks "did you really~?"

Nitori's eyes seem to fill with life the second she sees Agava and Rumia, and with a quick jump, she's out of the water and running toward her friends, exclaiming "Agava, Rumia, you made it! I started to think you didn't want to come!"

Nitori jumps between the two girls, who now stand right next to each other, then wraps an arm around their necks, almost crying as she says "thank you for coming!"

Agava blushes as she confidently says "like we would miss this! We're just late 'cuz I was looking for a new swimsuit."

Rumia chuckles, then says "she was so~ lucky! That antique shop only had that one left."

Rika places Tenshi's blissfully smiling head on her lap as she treats her wounds and says "my, what a coincidence. Still, I didn't know you liked such bright colors."

Tenshi whispers to herself "this is so worth it."

Agava blushes and looks away as she mumbles "yeah well... whatever."

Yuyuko slowly floats down from the artificial sky, wearing a yellow bikini with a top that is too small for her, yet she doesn't seem to mind, and after landing, she looks to the pool, jumps and wave at everyone, making most of the girls inside glare back at her and sink back into the water after seeing her chest jiggle a lot.

Flandre giggles as she points at Yuyuko, and loudly says "wow, those jiggle more than Meiling's!"

Yuyuko looks around with a whimsical smile, spots Byakuren and Shinki in the pool, waves at them, then looks up and says "Youmu~! Hurry up! I want you to come and meet my friends."

Youmu and her ghost half slowly float down from above the holographic artificial sky with an ashamed look on her face, the white ghost looking almost pink with shame as well.

Youmu wears a sporty swimsuit with a black and white checkered neck, wine upper torso, black on the bottom and back, and with a small oval hole that reveals her bellybutton.

After she lands, she sighs as she looks at Nitori, bows, then says "sorry for intruding like this."

Nitori giggles and replies "it's fine. Just behave."

Youmu bows again, then notices Rika as she helps Tenshi stand up, and when Rika tries to greet her, Tenshi trips, making Rika move suddenly, then a stream of blood gushes out of Youmu's nose as she falls on her back with a smile after seeing the splendid sight of Rika's jiggling chest.

Rika panics and shouts "Youmu~! Someone help!", while Yuyuko giggles and says "my, I got that very same reaction from her. Youmu is such a healthy young girl."

Meanwhile, Youmu's ghost half flies around Youmu's unconscious body, now looking red, and getting redder when pointing its head toward Rika.

Meanwhile, at the beach area, Kurumi eagerly flies around the shallows, splashing water everywhere as she excitedly exclaims "I'm playing in the water, THE WATER!"

Budou and Phredia cover their faces when Kurumi starts running on the water and kicks water and sand all around, then both giggle and Budou says "miss Kurumi is so excited! Must be nice to finally be able to play in the water."

Away from the shore, Medicine and Su-San finish building an impressive sand castle, and after swiping her forehead and with a smile on her face, Medicine looks at Su-San and says "we did it. The perfect sand castle!"

From her right, Elly, who keeps drooling over Yuka, who lies on a leaning beach chair and sleeps away, turns around to look at the sand castle and says "wow, it's really nice. I made one for miss Yukarin and me, but... it broke."

Elly turns around to stare at Yuka again, but the flower youkai is already holding her by her neck and saying "Elly, you are starting to bother me. Go do something else for a while."

Like flinging off a mere fly, Yuka tosses Elly toward the now thicker and deeper jungle at the right side of the beach, then resumes her sunbathing.

When Elly crashes on the ground, she hears a quick "mukyu-!", and feels as though she hits something hollow, yet hard.

Patchouli stands up from the ground, dusting her arms while saying "what is going on? I just want to study these strange plants. No need to attack me."

As Elly gets up, rubbing her head and repeating "ow-ow-ow-ow", a raspy voice asks "help. Could someone give this young kappa a hand?"

Elly and Patchouli look at each other, then Patchouli casually says "that's right. You landed right on top of a kappa."

Elly shrieks in panic and quickly looks around, finding Nitori's grandfather lying on his shell while trying to stand up.

Elly quickly gives him a hand and pulls him back on his feet, excitedly saying "I'm sorry, I'm so sorry sir!"

The old kappa smiles, strikes himself with his fist on his chest, then says "no need to fret sweetie, I'm tough as nails! Yup, you won't find a more sturdy kappa in these parts, young lady."

Elly suddenly feels her heart skip a beat, and just stays staring at the kappa.

The old creature smiles at Elly and offers his elbow as he asks "would you grace this young spirit with your company miss?"

Elly instinctively accepts, smiles, then says "it will be my pleasure."

Patchouli stares as they two giggle and walk back to the beach, then says to herself "interesting. This could end in the crossing of species. I must investigate more."

Meanwhile, at the farthest left side of the beach, Aya and Mima lie on towels on the sand, wearing sunglasses, soaking in some artificial sun and turning most attention toward them.

Aya stretches out and says "Ah~! This is the life. Got to hand it to you Mima, you were right about these swimsuits."

Mima giggles, then casually says "they are perfect for catching a man or two as well. Just be careful you don't pick up a complete pervert."

Aya suddenly twitches and looks around with a terrorized look, then notices many male kappa, some tengu, and many human villagers are all staring at them, some even drooling.

Aya panics, feeling as though she's being stripped down with their eyes, then nervously whispers "h-hey, Mima. Maybe we should cover ourselves up a bit more."

Mima is now asleep, and mumbles incoherently as a response.

Aya starts to tremble, summons her wings, then covers herself up, trying to do so as discretely as possible, all while looking around with her nervous eyes under the dark sunglasses.

A little farther behind them are Shou, the little red-haired fairy, Kyo and Luna, playing volleyball with a rather colorful beach ball.

Kyo and Luna make a perfect team, with Luna working as defense, and Kyo playing offensively.

Shou has to work twice as hard, as the little fairy gets so nervous whenever the ball heads her way, she curls up and starts shivering.

Even though she seems uneven, she's already scored twelve times, while Kyo and Luna have only scored nine, the scoreboard being in Unzan's hands.

The balls flies straight to Kyo and Luna shouts "all yours darling!"

Kyo jumps and strikes the ball with the palm of his hand, sending it straight at the little fairy, who immediately whimpers and curls up on the sand, where she starts shivering violently.

Shou gets in front of the little fairy, bumps the ball to the air, jumps after it, then strikes it down hard, sending it between the couple, whom jump to intercept, but end up falling on the sand just before the ball lands.

A kappa wearing a referee shirt blows a whistle and exclaims "game set!"

Ichirin adds the score to Shou and the little fairy while Unzan stares curiously, then Shou starts jumping around, excitedly saying "yay, we won! We won little fairy!"

The red-haired fairy looks around with fright, then looks at Shou as she excitedly jumps around, and jumps on the tiger youkai, lightly wrapping her arms around her neck, giggling away as Shou keeps jumping around, making the fairy flail about.

Kyo and Luna sit up on the sand, and as they recover, Luna says "boy, Shou, you got a gift there. You played both offense and defense on your own and still have energy to jump around."

Shou giggles and raises her right hand, making the peace sign with her fingers, along with the little fairy who seems to be mimicking her, then says "well I am a disciple of Bishamonten. Wouldn't be much to say about me if I didn't do my best, right?"

Luna smiles and giggles, then says "it's still impressive...", then looks behind and asks "isn't that right Kyo? ...Kyo?"

She stares at Kyo as he stands dumbstruck on the sand, looking toward the water.

When she follows his line of sight, she realizes he, like the many other men, is staring straight at Aya and Mima.

She smiles ominously, a dangerous aura surrounds her body, then she grabs Kyo by his right ear, flings him around the air like a bed sheet, and asks "and what exactly are you looking at?"

Kyo screams in pain, then shouts "no-nothing! I swear, it was just the waves! OW~~"

There is a loud scream coming from the beach, Luna stops punishing Kyo, then both stare toward the water.

Moments earlier, while Kurumi uses her wings to fly just in top of the water and goes in deeper, Budou gets a bit bored and says "Phredia, I want to go to the race tracks."

Phredia nods, then she and Budou leave to the race tracks.

Out in the deep parts of the beach, Kurumi can't resist the temptation and decides to take a dive in the water.

She takes the plunge and sinks as deeply as she can with the impulse form the dive, clenching her eyes shut tightly, but enjoying the cool and refreshing feel of the water all over her body.

She surfaces again, gasps for air, then giggles and says "this is better than I thought! Oh, to think I was so terrified of the water before. Meeting Rika was the best thing that could ever happen... oh, but it's starting to tingle. Better get out."

Kurumi tries to flap her wings and fly out of the water, but being submerged has made her wings too heavy, rendering her unable to fly out.

She starts to worry and calls "um... umm, Budou! Budou I can't get out!"

When she looks toward the shore she realizes Budou is gone, then she starts to panic and loudly says "um, help! S-somebody? Please, help... I can't..."

The water starts to make the skin on her legs tickle, making her think she's being consumed, then despair finally gets to her and she screams as loud as she can, then shouts "I can't get out! Help~!"

The entire beach is now alert of Kurumi, and from the new set of foliage on the right-most edge of the beach, Suzaku flies out and says "Rika-sama! One of the vampires is drowning!"

From the pool, Rika, who is happily chatting with Reimu, Marisa, Remilia, Flandre and Tenshi, suddenly gasps and flies straight out of the pool, and as she flies over Ail and Sanae over at the smaller pool, she shouts "Kurumi's in trouble!"

Ail gasp and exclaims "Kurumi?", then flies after Rika while still holding on to Sanae, who says "don't you dare let go~!"

After arriving at the beach, Rika and Ail, who refuses to let go of Sanae, land right in front of the awestruck crowd, which stand close to the shore, and when they look to the water, they sigh and Rika says "good, it's taken care of."

Swimming with all his might, Kyo rapidly approaches Kurumi, who is no longer moving and is starting to sink.

He clenches his teeth and tenses his muscles, making himself look more buff than normal, then starts stroking those arms hard, using a lot his energy, even grunting with ever stroke.

After reaching the vampire, Kyo wraps his left arm around her waist, says "hold on little one. I got 'cha", then starts grunting as though swimming against the currents, when there's obviously none.

The people at the shore start cheering and clapping as Kyo gets rapidly closer to the shore, and now, even Elly, Nitori's grandfather, and Patchouli, all are cheering for Kyo as they watch him save the vampire, though Patchouli starts coughing and decides to just wave her left arm, while holding her chest with her right.

Kyo finally reaches the shore, and after standing up, her reveals that instead of his camouflage trunks, he's wearing a red fundoshi, all his muscles are twice as toned, he looks more buff than normal, and the drops of water seem to fall in slow-motion from his body.

He stands tall where the water and the sand touch, holding the unconscious Kurumi like a princess, then the water behind him seems to explode, a light shines brightly from behind him and accents his shapely muscles as the water falls around him in slow motion, glistening as though celebrating his bravery, and finally, six shaggy men crying manly tears of joy kneel in groups of three to Kyo's left and right, waving their open hands at him as though praising him.

The women in the crowd start swooning for him, some scream out of excitement before fainting, while others start flapping their hands in front of their faces.

Patchouli is no exception as she starts fanning herself with her hand as she says "huff... i-it's getting hot over here..." then faints.

The nose-bleeding Koakuma appears out of nowhere, exclaiming "Patchouli-sama, don't die yet! It's not over!"

Aya and Mima hug each other tightly while keeping their eyes glued over Kyo, both blushing as they shiver, and Mima manages to whisper "he... he's such a hunk!"

Aya trembles and loses control over her wings, then says "shit, it's too much! God, look at THAT! The water! It's sizzling over his pecs!"

All the girls but Medicine, Rika and Sanae seem to be going head-over-heels for Kyo and his sudden macho manliness, and when Elly lets out a longing sigh, Nitori's grandfather stomps the sand, looks back at Elly, then says "pardon me beautiful. There's something I must do."

The old kappa approaches Kyo, they look at each other, then the kappa stands to Kyo's right. Kyo signals someone over the crowd to take Kurumi off his hands, then Yuka walks nervously toward him, blushing while trying to look intimidating, yet failing to do so, then takes Kurumi and quickly backs away.

Just as Patchouli sits back up and looks over at Kyo again, Koakuma sighs and says "finally. Don't die again, I want to enjoy this!"

Suddenly, Nitori's grandfather rips his long white robe off and reveals a perfectly shaped and toned body, and a red and black fundoshi, then looks at Kyo and says "pose with me young whipper snapper, and don't lag behind!"

Kyo, in a deep masculine tone says "just try not to break a hip, old man."

Both kappa and human start flexing their muscles, arching and stretching their arms, flexing their pectorals, alternating each rapidly, bending their knees, making their thighs look tighter and buffer, their calves inflate, and all to drive the women, and even some men nuts, making them scream and faint over the sight.

Patchouli opens her eyes wide, gasps, falls on her seat, then stops breathing, sitting sideways on the sand.

A medical robot rushes by, places a gas mask on her face, then Patchouli starts breathing in deeply.

Koakuma doesn't even notice, as she is fixed on the two bulging men over the shore.

Luna suddenly jumps in front of Kyo and shouts "alright you harpies, you stay away from him! He's MINE!", then grabs Kyo by his waist and flies away so fast, even Aya can't keep up.

Elly isn't as fast, and other women start flocking over the old buff kappa, but like the gentleman that he is, he loudly says "ladies, ladies, I'm sorry, but I already have a date!"

He points at Elly, who stares back in shock and shivers when the old kappa points at her and gestures her to get closer.

Away from the swooning crowd, Ail sighs and says "well, at least Kurumi is safe."

Budou, who stands between Ail and Sanae, says "geez, I only left for a moment and look what happened."

Rika places her hand on her chest and sighs with great relief, then says "it's alright. The important thing is that she's safe now."

Budou and Ail stare at Rika for a moment, then both exclaim at the same time "a-ha! That's what she was wearing yesterday!"

Rika blushes and covers herself, then says "s-stop that!"

Sanae strike's Ail's head hard and asks "what are you looking at?"

Ail lies with his face on the sand, whimpers, then says "but I only have eyes for Sanae!"

Sanae's expression changes to pity as she jumps on Ail an rubs her cheek on his face, saying "I'm sorry Ail-kun~! Please don't be mad."

Rika realizes she's not wearing her sarong, gulps, takes a step back, then runs to the pool, saying "how embarrassing~!", while activating her Soraogan mode and covering herself up with her wings.

Suzaku flies after Rika, squawking as she says "master, please let me take look at you!"

Later that day, the stands at the motorized boat race tracks are filled to capacity as Minamitsu, Chiyuri, Yuyuko, and Minoriko and Shizuha, prepare to race.

All the boats are medium-sized, all have a shiny chromed wheels at the helm on the deck, and all run at moderate speeds.

Minamitsu is on a white boat with a blue striped bow, Chiyuri is on a black boat with a red bow, Yuyuko is on a pink boat with a white bow, and Minoriko and Shizuha are on an orange boat with a dark brown bow.

Julia floats on the air on front of the boats as though she were standing on the ground, then arranges her glasses and speaks.

Her voice comes from all over the resort as she says "ladies and gentlemen! The first Kappa-pa Resort boat race is about to begin! Four contestants enter, but only one will emerge victorious! Who's it going to be?"

Minamitsu and Chiyuri glare at each other from their respective boats, then Minamitsu shouts "I'll teach you not to mess with Captain Murasa little sailor!"

Chiyuri sticks her tongue out while stretching her lower left eyelid and says "you'll be calling ME captain when I beat you!"

From the stands, Youmu shouts "Yuyu-sama, are you sure you don't need my help?"

Yuyuko lies on her sides while reading a magazine on the small boat's deck, then flips her arm in the air toward Youmu and says "don't worry, I'll be alright."

Minoriko and Shizuha both look very nervous, and from the stands, Momiji shouts "come on, you two are goddesses! Have more confidence! Don't make me get that hermit in here!"

The young goddesses stop shaking, stand up straight, and with a determined look on her face, Minoriko takes the helm and says "alright nee-san, we're going to WIN!"

Shizuha, with an equally determined look, grabs a folding fan with maple leaves designs, starts fanning her sister to make her look more dramatic, then says "the wind is on our side! there's no way we can lose!"

The crowd starts to cheer when Julia raises her right hand and says "each competitor must go one lap around the course while avoiding the skillfully placed obstacles, and the first one to cross the finish line is the winner! Competitors, get ready!"

All but Yuyuko stand at the helm of their boats and start the engines.

From the stands, Youmu desperately shouts "Yuyuko-sama, the race!"

Yuyuko just flaps her arm in mid-air and continues reading her magazine.

Julia looks at the racers, ignores Yuyuko, then says "on my mark... Ready, set... GO!"

Julia swings her arm and as she does, it turns to a green beam that writes the word "START!" above her head.

Chiyuri's and Minamitu's boats are the first to sail off, followed promptly by the young goddesses' boat, and from the stands, while her ghost half furiously flies in rapid circles, Youmu shouts "Yuyuko-sama, come on!"

Yuyuko lazily flips her hand in the air, then Youmu furiously jumps from the stands, flies to the boat, starts it up, then joins the race.

Minamitsu remains in the lead, while Chiyuri and the Aki sisters fight for the second place.

As they sail, they have to be aware not to bump on the wooden planks that rise very suddenly, almost right in front of them, or avoid touching the steam mines, which slow down the already slow motorized boats even more.

Minamitsu sails through the obstacles while laughing heartily, and Chiyuri, though more quiet and concentrated, breezes through the obstacles with ease as well.

Shizuha panics and screams while trying to guide her little sister through the obstacles, but makes Minoriko so nervous, she bumps the boat against two of the wooden planks before bumping against the second mine on the water, slowing their boat to a halt.

Youmu seems to be breezing through the obstacles with ease, but a closer look into the boat reveals her panicked state, and even her ghost half is shaking violently, all while Yuyuko lazily reads her magazine.

From the Aki sister's boat, Shizuha shouts "no~! I failed my little sister!", then stands on the edge and shouts "good bye cruel world!"

Just before she jumps, Minoriko grabs her from behind and anchors her arms around her shoulders, then says "Shizuha, calm down! Look we've only slowed down for a bit! Come on, don't abandon me now!"

Shizuha drops on the deck and hyperventilates, then suddenly recovers, stands up with stars in her eyes, and with determination in her voice, she says "you're right my little sister! I cannot abandon you now! Come on, we have a race to continue!"

Minoriko smiles nervously as she looks at her sister, then says "um... th-thank sis.", then takes the helm again, only to bump against the next plank.

Meanwhile, Chiyuri and Minamitsu are fighting for the first place as they get closer to the turn far out on the now artificial ocean.

As they avoid the many mines on the way, Minamitsu shouts "don't try to make me laugh sailor! Just step away and let me finish the race!"

While focusing on the mines, Chiyuri shouts back "shut up you loudmouth! Or are you trying to make me lose on purpose? Show some dignity, you so-called captain!"

Minamitsu gasps, then exclaims "oh, now it's ON! NOW IT'S PERSONAL!"

The race between the two intensifies as they take the turn and sail down the stretch to the finish, while Youmu and Yuyuko slowly catch up, and the Aki sisters continue to hit all the obstacles, making it look as though they are aiming for them.

Minamitsu and Chiyuri reach the final stretch, and the obstacles have stopped popping up.

Now it's a matter of who gets to the finish line first, but both girls are even, and neither seems is about to back away.

Chiyuri looks at Minamitsu and angrily shouts "hey, old hag! Once I beat you, I want YOU to call me captain, and give me that flying ship of yours."

Minamitu's hair seems to catch fire as she growls and shouts "OLD~ HAG~?"

Chiyuri chuckles and says "made you lose, you hag!", then manages to take the lead while Minamitsu is distraught.

Without hesitation, Minamitsu pulls her ladle from her pants, along with a spell card that floats just above it, then shouts "you blonde twerp, I'm gonna teach you some MANNERS! Drowning Sign, Sinkable Vortex!"

A ridiculous concentration of droplet bullets suddenly appear in front of Chiyuri's boat, as well as a powerful whirlpool that threatens to sink the boat, and before she can take evasive maneuvers, Chiyuri screams as the droplets fall on her and her boat, then slowly sinks into the whirlpool as the droplets cause a storm around her.

Not considering the space the vortex takes, Minamitsu tries to brave the storm, but she gasps and shouts "wait, this is my spell! What's going on?", as she realizes she's caught in her own whirlpool and is slowly sinking along with Chiyuri's boat.

Julia looks angrily at the two and says "I forgot to mention, spell cards affect all, even the caster."

As her head sinks into the water, Minamitsu shouts "now you tell us!"

Youmu has finally caught on, but is caught by the remains of the spell and her boat starts spinning around in the remains of the vortex, even though she holds on tightly to the wheel at the helm, then shouts "Yuyu-sama, abandon ship!"

Yuyuko lazily flips the page on her magazine and calmly says "lighten up Youmu, it's just a race."

The boat suddenly sinks, then the crowd starts to cheer loudly.

Finally, after a long while, the Aki sisters can see the finish line in front of them, but what surprises them most is that they don't see any of the other competitors or their boats anywhere.

Shizuha points forwards and shouts "COME ON SIS! Fate has smiled upon us! We can WIN!"

Minoriko looks a bit confused at first, but her eyes fill with determination, she takes the wheel again, and with a confident smile on her face, she says "let's finish this race, nee-san!"

The crowd starts to cheer as the young goddesses of autumn slowly reach the finish line, and with tears of joy in their eyes, the sisters wave at the crowd, Shizuha saying "sis, we did it! We really did it."

Their boat's bow is about to pass through the finish line, when Yuyuko's boat suddenly rises from the water and crosses the finish line with a loud splash.

Yuyuko stands firm on the front deck, swinging an old sword around and wearing a pirate's hat, while smiling whimsically and saying "arr you scurvy dogs! Time to walk the plank!"

Youmu sighs and face palms while still holding on to the wheel, then says "Yuyuko-sama, please stop that."

Yuyuko smiles as she looks at Youmu, swings the sword around, then says "it's alright Youmu. As long as I look cute, there should be no problem."

Yuyuko suddenly swings her sword at Youmu, causing her breasts to bounce around, then blood gushes out Youmu's nose as she looks at Yuyuko with a shocked face.

On the back of the boat, Minamitsu and Chiyuri rapidly swing their arms at each other, Chiyuri angrily saying "you are not my captain! You are not even alive!"

Minamitsu growls and shouts "you have to learn your place, young sailor!"

Sounding greatly surprised, Julia says "w-well folks, there you have it! The winners of this race are Yuyuko Saigyouji and Youmu Konpaku! I'm so sorry misses Aki! Maybe next time."

Minoriko and Shizuha sob away while kneeling on their boat, then Shizuha manages to crawl to her little sister, places a comforting arm around her shoulder, then says "it's alright Minoriko. We did our best and we didn't give up."

Momiji jumps on the boat and helps the two girls up, and as she helps them off the boat, she says "that's right. You may not have won today, but keep it up, and you'll be fine in the end."

Yumemi and Byakuren sigh as they separate the fighting sailors, and as if synchronized, they strike their heads with their fists, then Yumemi says "in the end, you two need to remember..."

Byakuren smiles whimsically as she says "you are both equals, even if it's not really something worthy of notice."

Both girls now kneels next to each other, turning into two depressed masses on the ground as their spirits leaves through their mouths.

Byakuren giggles, though shows some shame when she asks "oh my, did I say something wrong?"

Yumemi simply smiles and says "it's alright. They can take it."

On the winners stand, Youmu happily accepts her gold trophy, then raises it above her head to show it off to the cheering crowd.

Yuyuko approaches Youmu, then says "you see Youmu? They think you are cute in that swimsuit too."

Youmu suddenly remembers she's wearing her swimsuit, then rapidly lowers her arms to cover herself, blushes beet red, and as her ghost half helps her cover up, she nervously says "heh-heh, Yuyu-sama, please help me."

Yuyuko only squeals gleefully, then says "don't be modest Youmu. This was your victory after all."

On the stands, Reimu sits next to Ail, who still wears his dog paws, tail and ears, and looks blissfully happy as Sanae continues to squeeze him tightly.

The shrine maiden looks at Ail and says "hey, you still have the paws and ears you know."

Ail and Sanae giggle and kiss, irritating Reimu a bit, so the maiden discretely moves her hand to take Ail's dog ears off, and when her hand is just one inch away, while smiling at Sanae, Ail says "touch the ears and you die...", then continues snuggling with Sanae.

Reimu grins mischievously at the couple and says "so, you really did like your gift after all."

Ail replies a quick "yup", then continues to snuggle away with Sanae.

Reimu chuckles for a bit, then sighs, looks down to her feet with a smile, then suddenly flies away.

Rika quickly approaches the couple, strikes Ail's head with her fist, then angrily asks "why did you make my lady cry?"

Ail rubs his head as he and Sanae stare at Rika curiously, then he says "calm down, we didn't do a thing!"

Sanae scowls and says "yeah. He just told her to leave his cute ears on, that's all. Besides, she seems just fine to me!"

At the bottom of the stands, Reimu chats with Marisa, laughing hard while Marisa looks depressed and annoyed.

Rika blushes with embarrassment, then bows down while saying "ah, sorry about that. I-I thought you did something to her. Um... don't mind me. Please continue. Sorry... Sorry."

That night, the picnic area and the plaza between the apartments are the sight for one last festivity.

Everyone is in their kimonos, enjoying food and games on kiosks being attended by robots, making the resort look like a shrine festival sight, though smaller than a real one.

Though everyone is in kimonos, Kanako still wears her swimsuit, looking very upset as she and Suwako make their way around the Cheery Blossom Picnic area.

Suwako wears a purple kimono with a beautiful misty forest designs that takes the bottom of the front, and the bottom of the very long sleeves to make a complete picture.

She looks at Kanako with an annoyed face and asks "why are you still wearing that? Look, everybody's in their kimonos!"

Kanako pouts as she looks away, then says "nobody paid attention to me at all! They were drooling over Rika, Hijiri, and that Makai goddess. It's just not fair, I'm attractive and radiant as well!"

Suwako chuckles and says "yeah, and an old hag."

Kanako immediately wraps her hands around the laughing Suwako's neck, hissing and shouting "the snake eats the frog!"

Meanwhile, Ail, who wears a rather plain white shirt and brown pants kimono with a yin-yang orb on the belt, Budou, who wears a cute pink kimono with cherry blossoms designs, and Sanae, who wears a light blue kimono with windy mountains designs on the bottom and long sleeves, make their way back to the apartments to ready themselves to leave.

On their way, they meet Kyo, who wears a black shirt with fire design and black pants kimono, and Luna, who wears a red and pink kimono with cherry blossoms under a blue sky design all over a vest.

Both look extremely content and almost shining with radiance, which makes Ail feel a bit estranged around them.

Sanae greets the couple and says "hey, you look good, but where have you been? You missed the boat race."

Medicine and Su-San, who wear matching black and red kimonos with flower designs, walk toward Sanae with a pale and terrorized face, then says "you shouldn't ask such things."

Kyo smacks Medicine on the back of the head, then asks "so, you two heading home already?"

Ail nods, then says "yeah. Me and Budou are getting a little tired."

Sanae adds "and I need to prepare some things for tomorrow at the shrine, so I can't stay much longer either."

They all smile at each other, though Budou can't help but suddenly yawn, causing Phredia, who wears a glowing yellow kimono with miniature red flower designs to pop out of her heart to pat her head and give her some extra energy boost.

Ail and Sanae wave to their friends as Ail says "ah, she's about to drop. Sorry Kyo, gotta go. I'll see you tomorrow at the village."

Kyo waves back, and as he, Medicine and Luna make their way to the farthest kiosks, he shouts "remember, you and I gonna have to fight soon. Don't let me down."

Ail sweats and whispers "geez, what's with all the fighting?"

As they make their way back, they see Byakuren, who wears a black kimono with golden flowers designs, Shinki, who wears an open-bust light blue kimono with silver daisies designs, and Yuyuko, who wears a cherry blossoms design kimono, drinking tea while kneeling on some cushions on the ground, and smiling whimsically at nothing in particular.

Further ahead, Alice, who wears a navy blue kimono with simple translucent white waves and dots designs, Shanghai, who wears an orange kimono with random and colorful designs over a vest, and Hourai, who wears a white kimono with pink leaves designs at the bottom, reenact Marisa's recent encounter with Cirno for a large crowd of humans, tengu and kappa.

While Alice uses a large Marisa doll, Shanghai plays the role of Cirno, while Hourai uses her voice as background music.

Mimicking Marisa's voice, Alice says "don't worry little weak and stupid fairy, I'll go easy on you."

Shanghai, sounding proud and boastful says "oh yeah? Well I am the strongest fairy, and I've learned to freeze danmaku, so you don't need to hold back."

Now, sounding a little worried, she asks "er, but I can't freeze laser, so could you not use them?"

Mimicking Marisa, Alice says "alright...", then the Marisa doll pulls out a flashlight and says "I'll just use this instead."

Shanghai screams "oh no~! A flashlight~!"

Ail laughs at the sight along with the crowd, while Sanae quietly giggles, then Budou elbows Ail's leg and says "don't be mean papa! Miss Marisa was just being nice to miss Cirno."

Ail rubs his leg as he smiles and says "alright, I'm sorry, he-heh, but you have to admit, that's just funny."

Budou angrily elbows Ail's leg again, then walks away.

Later, at the apartments plaza, Ail, Sanae and Budou come across Reimu, who wears a red kimono with pink, and red petals fluttering under a dark-blue night sky designed all around the bottom of her Kimono, Marisa, who wears a white kimono with red waves designed onto the borders of the bottom and the sleeves, Tenshi, who wears a light-blue kimono with peaches designs all around, Suzaku, who perches on Rika's shoulder, and Rika who wears the kimono gifted to her by Shinki, making her look radiant, as well as elegant beyond comparison.

They sit on some benches that seem to be placed there for a reason, though nobody knows what for and simply use them for resting.

Ail, Sanae, Budou and Phredia approach the girls as Sanae says "so there you guys are!"

The girls turn around to greet them all with smiles, though Marisa's face is a bit blue from being depressed.

Ail stares at her and asks "yikes, what's wrong with you?"

Reimu giggles and answers for her, saying "nothing, I just offered her a flashlight."

Reimu chortles to suppress her laugh, while Rika looks away, giggles, then turns around and says "my lady is just being playful."

Marisa whimpers while Ail stares at Rika and says "wow, you look amazing."

Rika giggles and blushes while looking away, then says "th-thanks mister Ail."

Sanae grabs Ail by his ear and pulls down hard, and through her teeth, she asks "what was that just now?"

Ail screams "ow, ow, ow! I said she looked amazing, I didn't say she was Sanae!"

The maiden swiftly changes expressions and almost immediately hugs Ail, saying "aww~, you're the sweetest."

Ail's ear pulsates as he angrily says "geez, you know you're the only one for me. Besides, I was just commenting on how elegant she looks, nothing more."

Sakuya, who wears a dark-blue kimono with a night sky over a thick forest design, peeks her spiteful face as she glares at Ail, making him twitch and shiver with fear.

Sanae tightens her grip on Ail, thinking he's reacting to her own reaction before, then tenderly says "I'm sorry Ail-kun. I just love you so much."

Remilia, who wears a blood-red kimono with a red full moon designed on the left side, jumps in front of the glaring Sakuya and pushes her away, whispering "Sakuya, you're not starting anything now. Now sit down already."

After Sakuya is taken care of, Ail sighs and relaxes, then returns Sanae's hug and says "it's alright honey. Just remember Sanae is the only one for me."

Meanwhile, Budou approaches Marisa, pats her thighs to try to comfort her, then says "don't listen to these idiots miss Marisa. You are a kind girl and you just didn't want to hurt Cirno."

Marisa suddenly grabs Budou and gives her a hug, then rapidly repeats "thankyouthankyouthankyou".

The lights suddenly dim, then Nitori's voice echoes all over the resort as she says "will the guests please come over to the plaza! I repeat, guests, please come over to the plaza. I have one final treat for all of you."

Once everyone gathers on the benches, Nitori, who wears a blue kimono with her favorite spot at the waterfall on the Youkai River designed all around it, flies next to the pink curtains, where the old resort's offices used to be, then waits for everyone to settle down.

Once it's quiet, Julia flies next to a red rope next to the pink curtains, then Nitori, whose voice sounds all around the resort, says "welcome all. I am so glad you could make it."

She looks around and smiles, then tears start flowing from her eyes as she says "I want to thank you all so much. Agava, Rumia, you two and miss Letty gave me so much support, even when I tried to push you away."

Agava, who wears a black kimono with random golden vine designs, and Rumia, who sits next to Agava and wears a white kimono with random black stars designs, blush after hearing their names, and smile bashfully while looking away.

Still unable to control her tears, Nitori continues "Ail, Rika, and all my friends... Budou, Kyo..."

She suddenly sobs and seems is going to stop, but gulps and continues "really, thank you all... for everything. Even after what I did, after all that happened, and you, Kyo, after what... after everything that happened because of me, I want to say, thank you all for still thinking of me as a friend. If something good came out of all of this, it's that I finally understand my ideals are a reality. Kappa, humans, tengu, youkai, all can be friends. We just need to look in our hearts, and stop paying so much attention to our differences."

Everyone looks a bit confused now, though Byakuren smiles widely after hearing Nitori's words and is about to join her, but Minamitsu, who wears an underwater ocean design kimono with long sleeves grabs Byakuren by her right shoulder and keeps her in place.

Nitori gulps and dries her tears, then says "as a gift from me to you, I have prepared something very special... and here it is!"

Nitori nods at Julia, then she pulls on the rope and reveals seven robots behind the curtain, all holding on to large rainbow guns.

At first, the crowd gasps, but the robots aim to the bit of ground beneath them and pull on the triggers, each shooting one beam of a different color that flies above the crowd, loops just above them, then heads straight to the beach.

The crowd is amazed by the sight, expressing their excitement as the rainbow beams start dripping rainbow-colored droplets that glisten as they fall and disappear before getting too close to the people.

Budou suddenly jumps off Marisa's lap, cackling like a mad scientist, points at Julia, and in a funny accent, she says "Julia, pull ze zwitch, kyahahaha~!"

Julia smiles mischievously as she reveals a lever to the robot's right, to which even Nitori gasps and looks at with confusion, and when she pulls on it, a set of elegant glass stairs rise from the ground, and a glass track appears in front of the robots, where the colorful beams now trail through all the way toward the beach, where the beam itself reaches a diamond-shaped stone that channels the beam over the water, making it look like the water itself is a rainbow.

Nitori gasps at the sight and exclaims "ra-rainbow surfing!"

Budou and Julia smile at Nitori, who excitedly ask "how? How did you do it? I thought..."

Julia approaches Nitori and says "it was all miss Budou's idea lady Nitori."

Budou smiles warmly as she says "I got the idea when I pointed a flashlight against a clear crystal."

On the stands, everybody starts to chortle, while Marisa's face turns blue, her eyes become round white disks with tears underneath, then Budou gasps and says "n-no wait! Miss Marisa, it's not what you think! I swear!"

Marisa sighs, looks up, smiles confidently as she flips her thumb up at Budou, then says "it's ok little one. Don't worry, I won't let it get to me."

Budou sighs with great relief, then smiles back at Marisa, all while Nitori continues to stare in awe at her new attraction, the very same attraction she couldn't get to work in the beginning; Rainbow Surfing.

While everyone continues to gaze at the beautiful rainbow track and marvel at the cool rainbow droplets that continue to rain down, Reimu stares at Aya, who wears a maple leaf design Kimono with a white base and black borders, Hatate, who wears a purple Kimono with red and pink heart designs that seem to be falling to the bottom of the kimono, and Momiji, who wears a light-gray kimono with a sleeping white wolf design that takes up the bottom and longs sleeves to make one large image.

She rests her head on her hands as she thinks to herself, and when they notice they are being watched, all three turn around and Aya asks "what is it Reimu?"

Reimu lifts her head and looks at Aya, then says "I was just wondering why Hatate's spirit photography didn't work before... when you brought me that hat the second time, remember?"

Hatate suddenly turns pale as Reimu continues "I mean, you told me you tried everything, and yet, I still can't help but wonder why it didn't work."

Hatate starts to sweat, her face turns blue and white, her eyes hide under her hair, and Aya, much unlike Hatate, has her face slowly turning red as she glares at Hatate.

With a suspicious tone, Aya asks "wait a minute... Hatate, you did try to use that phone of yours... right?"

Momiji jumps over the bench to hide beside Reimu, as Hatate starts to shiver and says "um... that is... er, like, I typed in... stuff, but, umm..."

Aya's wings suddenly appear and spread open while her face turns redder and a vein starts to pulsate on her left temple, then, trying to hold back her rage, she speaks through her teeth as she asks "so... did you, or did you not try using that spirit photography?"

Hatate sighs in defeat, slumps, then sadly says "I-I forgot..."

Reimu suddenly says "oh, that's a shame. Really, we could have avoided so much."

Another vein starts pulsating on Aya's forehead, then Reimu, truly unaware of what's happening, continues "I mean, we could have caught him sooner, and we would have probably avoided having Aya mutilated and almost killed... Ah, but it was probably fate."

Aya suddenly jumps over to Sakuya, lifts her kimono, takes a knife from Sakuya's knife strap, then flies straight at Hatate, shouting "YOU LITTLE BI~~TCH!"

Hatate quickly flies away, crying "wait, wait Aya! You forgot too!"

Aya shouts "that hurt! That hurt a LOT! Here, let me show you just how much it HURT!"

Hatate cries "come on, I'm, like, sorry already! Come on, cut it out~!"

Just as Aya is about to grab Hatate's Kimono, a golden washtub drops from the ceiling and lands on her head, then bounces off with momentum and strikes Hatate on the back of her head.

As the girls fall, the washtub flies down straight at Ail, who grabs Budou and shields her with his body and gets struck on the back of his head, and when Sanae tries to help, the washtub bounces back and strikes her face.

Afterward, it flies straight at Sakuya, bounces off toward Patchouli, strikes Remilia, smacks Flandre, ricochets against Byakuren, Shinki, Youmu, Yuyuko, Yuka, Elly and Kurumi, then flies off to the sky.

It bounces off a wall and heads straight at Reimu, but Rika shouts "MY LADY~!", and gets in the way and gets smacked on the face.

Tenshi unsheathes her sword and prepares to attack, but gets struck on the face, and the washtub continues and strikes Mima, bounces off to Momiji, then ricochets again, striking Minoriko, Shizuha, Suwako, Medicine, Kyo, Luna, and Chiyuri.

It takes flight again just as Yumemi, who wears a red and violet kimono with gradient flowers designs around the waist, walks out of the bathroom.

She looks around and asks "what did I miss?"

The washtub falls on her head and bounces off toward s-Kyo, then ricochets on to Rikako and bounces off to Meiling, then to Koakuma, then takes momentum and flies up to Nitori, ricochets off her head and flies back down.

Agava and Rumia peek their heads from under the benches, wondering if it's safe, then the now spinning washtub strikes Agava on the forehead, bounces off to Rumia, then takes flight once more.

Marisa panics and runs around, then suddenly gasps, pulls her Hakkero from the ribbon around her waist, then the washtub falls on her head with a loud clang.

It bounces off and flies straight at Minamitsu, then ricochets off her forehead, flies straight at Shou and strikes her face, bounces off to the fairy's head, ricochets off her forehead, flies straight at the screaming Ichirin, bounces off her head, goes through Unzan, and finally falls on Kanako's head so hard, it breaks to a stop.

Kanako starts to sway around while trying to keep on her feet, then dizzily asks "wha-what happened?"

The entire resort gets up from the ground and cheer for Kanako, lifting her up and chanting her name.

For a moment, she remains dizzy and unable to absorb what happened, but when all that faith kicks in she starts feeling renewed and vigorous.

She pulls the broken washtub off her neck, throws it away, lifts her right fist, then shouts "WHO'S YOUR FAVORITE GODDESS?"

Everybody cheer's Kanako's name, the washtub falls on its side, strikes her forehead, then finally shatters to pieces, knocking the goddess out.

Meanwhile, Reimu sits on the bench, still thinking to herself, then looks at Kanako and says "oh, she stopped it. Good for her."

From the bustle of the crowd, she can hear Kanako angrily saying "hey, watch where you squeeze there." A man bashfully replies "sorry."

Later that night, Reimu, Rika, Suzaku, Mima, Tenshi and Marisa, now in their normal attires, arrive to the Hakurei shrine through one of Ail's gap, then all but Reimu, who is looking back, gasp in surprise.

Reimu leans closer to the gap and says "thank you. You guys have a good night!"

From the gap, Ail, Budou and Sanae reply "bye! Have good nigh~!", then the gap closes.

When Reimu turns around, her face turns blue as she gasps and backs away, then shouts "MY SHRINE~~!"

Nazrin, Kogasa, Nue, Orin, Okuu, Koishi, Yamame, Kisume, Tewi, Luna Child, Sunny, Star, Maribel, Mystia, Suika, Yukari and the elderly woman, all are spread around the shrine, cheering and partying hard.

The woman approaches Suika and says "gimmie another round sweetie! Mama's running dry here!"

Suika smiles as she pours some sake on her cup and says "wow, lady, for a human, you can sure drink!"

The woman gulps the whole thing down, exhales, then says "honey, I can keep this up all night if I have to!"

The more peaceful ones, Satori, Ran, Chen, Renko, Reisen, Eirin and Parsee, are all inside the hot spring, quietly drinking sake with content looks on their face.

By now, even Rika has taken cover far away, behind the furiously enraged shrine maiden, who is noticed by Yukari, Suika and the old lady, who now stand in front of the donation box.

Yukari stares in shock and says "oh... dear."

The old lady shouts "behind the box darling, you'll be safe there!"

Suika, Yukari and the old lady run behind the donation box, and as an ominous wind blows around Reimu, the shrine maiden lifts a spell card on her right hand and shouts "DIVINE SPIRIT, FANTASY SEAL~!"

From the farthest distance, where the shrine is still visible, the incredible sight of a multi-colored nuclear explosion that rocks all of Gensokyo illuminates the night for a moment, then everything settles down.

The next morning, Budou is at the Misty Lake, watching as Cirno plays around the water, freezing random spots on the water with her new ability.

Budou gets a little closer and loudly says "congratulations on beating miss Marisa. Now, you need to continue training, and don't let the victory go to your head, or..."

Cirno ignores Budou and continues freezing random spots all over, then turns around to look at the bat youkai, points at her, then says "you dare challenge me? I'm the strongest fairy in all of Gensokyo! There's nothing you can do to defeat me! HA~! What's the matter? Are you so scared you can't speak?"

Budou smiles at Cirno, looking a little too friendly, then points her finger, then starts shooting one light-bream after another, knowing full-well the fairy can't freeze lasers, and even though Cirno screams and shouts "ok, ok, that's enough, ow, STOP!"

Budou continues to shoot, softly saying "don't go getting cocky now~."

Inside the Scarlet Devil Mansion, Ail and Sanae accompany Sakuya to the library, when Ail suddenly asks "so you just left the mansion all alone and unprotected like that?"

Sakuya elegantly chuckles, and with a smile on her face, she says "of course not. Patchouli placed some powerful protections around the gate. No chance in hell of anyone other than ourselves or the fairy maids getting in or out."

Out on the back of the mansion, Kali lies on the ground with her skin burned to a crisp and spinning eyes.

Kimi stares at the shadow with disgust, then says "that's what you get for not listening. I told you en times over, the barrier was strong."

Kali just moans as a response, and simply remains on the ground.

Meanwhile, at the Youkai River, Nitori sits on the edge of the water with her feet dunked in, wearing her backpack once more and looking happy about it.

Hina stands behind her with a smile on her face, and asks "and why aren't you at your resort, miss big-business kappa?"

Nitori continues to smile blissfully as she looks to the sky, letting the warm sun caress her face, and says "Julia's taking care of it. I spent too much time in there, and I want to compensate, so I'll only go down there when needed."

Hina giggles and says "well, to be honest, I'm really glad to see you again. I really missed talking to you."

Nitori looks back at Hina, smiles, then says "you know what? After this experience, I learned to appreciate my friends a little more."

She closes her eyes to face the sun in the sky once more, then says "like Ail, Momiji, Kyo, you... and miss Rika. She's proved to me what a great friend she can really be."

At the Hakurei Shrine, while Reimu quietly enjoys some tea on the shrine's porch, Suika, Yukari, the elderly lady, and the rest of the party-goers, are all cleaning the disastrous mess of cups and spilled food all over the shrine.

Meanwhile, Rika is quietly tending the flowers and vegetables in her greenhouse, when the jewel on her sword suddenly starts glowing an intense shade of blue, getting Rika's full attention.

When the jewel dims, Rika chuckles, then says "I'm so glad miss Nitori. You can count on me. Whenever you may need me, I'll be there... Of course, as long as it doesn't inconvenience my lady."

And so, life returns to normal, or as normal as life can get in Gensokyo.

Because of one single human, this paradise was almost lost, but because of the combined efforts of many, humans, kappa, tengu, gods, demons and youkai, paradise has been restored.

Perhaps now, after all that's happened, those living here will gain a little more wisdom, and if not, at least a little bit more sense.

Tenshi flies straight down from heaving to the Hakurei Shrine while on a large keystone, aiming for a large peach on the roof of the shrine.

Her keystone crumbles to pieces the moment it touches the roof and her limbs flail around the air as she falls along with her shattered keystone.

After everything settles, Tenshi lies on the roof and moans in pain, then shouts "the peach was a LIE AGAIN~!"

Reimu starts to laugh hard, and Rika shouts "oh-no, Tenshi, are you alright? My lady, she could be hurt!"

Suzaku flies around the shrine and squawks when she spots Tenshi lying on the roof, then swoops down and joins Reimu as she laughs away at Tenshi's misfortune.

And so begins another day in the calendar of Gensokyo.

Dear Friend from Sukima... THE END!

Characters, Spell Cards and Scenarios were created by ZUN -Team Shanghai Alice-

Ail, Budou, Phredia, Kyo, Luna Rivers, Agava, s-Kyo, Kimi and Kali were created by Willie G.R.

Rika Onkamikami and Suzaku the Vermillion Bird were created by Snapshot 2010

NOV 23 2010

Written by

Willie G.R.


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