"Hey, chere," Ray croaked, looking up at his friends from the feather Louis had laid him on. Tiana was smiling down at him, tears in her bulgy brown eyes, Naveen's arm around her shoulder. Wait… hadn't they been trying to get turned human again? "How come ya'll… still…."

"We're stayin' frogs, Ray," Tiana said softly.

"And we're staying together," added Naveen.

Ray smiled. He'd known all along that their love for each other was more powerful than their desire to regain their real forms. He'd have done the same thing for her. "Oh, I like dat very much," he whispered. His eyes went to the sky, just like hers had as he carried her through the swamp, taking in the sight of the two frogs, the gator, and most of all the star smiling down at him, letting him know he was loved.

The star…

Evangeline had died ten whole years ago, and Ray hadn't missed a single chance to go out to their dandelion patch to see her shining. He'd talk to her, too, letting her know that he still loved her and he always would. No sense in forcing their hearts apart just because they couldn't really be together, he'd decided. She'd have been so happy to see Tiana's and Naveen's love grow….

"Evangeline like dat, too." I'm comin', ma belle. And Ray the firefly's light flickered out for good.

There was no more pain in his crushed body, just an endless expanse of brilliant white-blue light stretching as far as his eyes could see. Just as his mind was processing this, he heard a voice. It was barely more than a whisper, so quiet it could have been missed as the wind blowing through the bayou, but so sweet that the one word could have been a song.


Ray turned around so fast his wings almost tore out of his back. Evangeline was looking back at him, just the same as ever, blinking her big green eyes like she couldn't believe what she was seeing either.

"Evangeline!" He zoomed forward an embraced her, reveling in the touch of her lips on his, the feel of her hair against his fingers, the sight of her light shining even brighter than it had in life.

"What happened to you?" she asked, clearly torn between being overjoyed at their reunion and horrified at his death.

"Yo' Shadow Man done squash me," said Ray with a shrug. "But I don' care, I lived a good long time, yeah. An' even betta…"

"We're together again," Evangeline finished, gazing up into his eyes, tears of joy glistening in hers. He could feel the hole in his heart mending just to see her smiling again. "I missed you so much, Ray…"

"An' I missed you too, darlin'," Ray whispered, beaming back at her. "All de crittas in de swamp t'ought I was crazy talkin' to a star, but I knowed it was you all de time."

Evangeline leaned her head against his thorax, just like she always used to. "And now we really will always be together," she promised. "Just like you always said."

"Always an' fo'eva, yeah," agreed Ray. And he kissed her.

The two fireflies shone brighter than any other stars in the sky with the power of their love, watching over Tiana and Naveen's happily ever after unfold before their eyes. Neither thought they'd ever see the other again after that fateful night, but love always finds a way, it's true.

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