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So what's a gentleman, Hong Kong? Enlighten us, if you would.

"Being able to keep your face blank is a good skill," China would admit, "especially when you're making deals with other countries. But that doesn't mean you should always be so expressionless when you're with family, aru."

And Hong Kong would nod obediently, because China was the boss of the family and thus must be listened to.

"Smiling's good for the soul, da ze!" Korea would laugh cheerfully. "And it's fun! Plus, it originated in me."

And Hong Kong would grunt in acknowledgement, because if he didn't Korea might never leave him alone.

"It's not healthy to keep your emotions bottled up all the time," Taiwan would chide. "Are you scared to show them or something?"

"No," Hong Kong would scowl back, because scowling meant annoyance and annoyance was an emotion.

"Not allowing others to see what you're feeling or thinking is excellent," Japan would say, and that was that with him.

And Hong Kong wouldn't even reply, because what right did Japan have to speak to him, anyway?

Open up, talk more, smile, it was the same things every day. It almost surprised him how easily it could slip out of their mouths. Then he reminded himself, of course they could say it so carelessly. They, after all, had never been trained to be a gentleman.

A gentleman meant keeping your emotions well hidden while maintaining a polite yet slightly aloof attitude. A gentleman meant pleasing those around you, telling them only what they wanted to hear if only to make them like you more. A gentleman meant pretending. Or, at least, that was the general idea he'd gotten from England.

Smiling so foolishly and without a care was basically telling the world you were a naïve idiot who could just as easily be conquered as made fun of. Just look at Poland—brought to his knees countless times by countless nations.

Look at Italy—has to be rescued by Germany at every turn of his life.

Look at America—blissfully unaware of the mocking taunts the others threw at him behind his back.

Even China, betrayed by the very nation he raised.

Even Taiwan, barely considered an actual country even now.

Keep yourself reserved, keep yourself safe. That was the master rule. And if the other nations couldn't see it, that wasn't Hong Kong's problem.

Then again, it wasn't as though that really meant much, coming from a guy who was only seen as a mere city to the rest of the world.

Seems to me Hong Kong's got a pretty messed up idea on what a gentleman is... and yeah, the ending was abrupt. Didn't even make that much sense, if you ask me. Still, hope you enjoyed it, no matter how screwed up the entire thing was.