Small drabble.


Hidan yawned as he and Kakuzu sat lounging by the fire they had going. Kakuzu was sitting on his Akatsuki coat upright with his legs crossed while Hidan was laying down on his, his head resting on Kakuzu's thigh. Both sat in the comfortable silence, for once not trying to rip each others throats out. Hidan watched the fire pop and crackle, following the small piece of amber flying into the wind, he was content like this, his partner was no longer a Miser in moments like these but a companion, Kakuzu pretty much felt the same for Hidan.

Moving to face Kakuzu, Hidan studied his mask-less face. He often found himself drinking up the rare site, Kakuzu twitched and looked down questionably at Hidan. The zealot frowned and looked away, Kakuzu rolled his eyes and watched the albino man carefully.

"Take a fucking picture, it lasts longer." Hidan snapped as he continued not to face his glaring partner. He knew that he was acting a a bit immature but Kakuzu always acted like what ever he did was unorthodox and it annoyed the shit out of him also the fact that he felt his need for his partner to swell inside him, and being unable to do anything about it was causing him to be sensitive. The miser shrugged and ignored Hidan's behavior, judging it better not to push him right now when they both were calm. Hidan moved one of his hands to Kakuzu's leg, picking at his pants with his fingernail. Kakuzu looked back down at Hidan, his moodiness was effecting him.

"What?" Kakuzu grunted, bringing a hand down to stroke the silver hair, the soft strands flowing through his fingers. Hidan leaned into the touch and shrugged, Kakuzu frown became even more evident at Hidan's sulking behavior. Hidan continued to pick at the spot, attempting to create a small hole in the fabric.

"Hidan." He hissed, his patience was wearing out, not that he had much to begin with. Hidan turned to look back him, his pink eye's seemed conflicted.

"Jashin forbids you." He sighed and Kakuzu understood at once, Hidan's religion was one of old men and disgusting beliefs, one of them being that sex is a sin. Hidan was a great follower, but his body wasn't. Kakuzu had admitted that he first found out the Hidan couldn't participate in sex it had bothered him, not that he wanted only a physical relationship with the zealot but he was a man after all.

Sure he had tried to persuade Hidan into physical play but he was a thick headed believer and stated that anything beyond kissing wouldn't be tolerated. The miser had to reluctantly agree. Bending down he placed a small kiss on Hidan's lip's, Hidan pressed back, leaning as far up as he could. Kakuzu traced his tongue against Hidan's bottom lip, getting access to the moist cavern. They wrestled their tongues together playfully. Hidan was the first to pull away, his face tinted pink as he reached up to trace the stitches on Kakuzu's face.

Kakuzu leaned towards the comforting hand, allowing it to pick and pull and the rough cable like stitches. Worming around between them. Hidan always found them the most attractive part about Kakuzu, maybe he was alittle odd, but that was just him.

The stitches loosened and pulled apart wrapping around his fingers, a sturdy grip telling Hidan he was appreciated.

I'm starting to just write small little snippets from Hidan and Kakuzu's relationship. This will just help my writers block, I'm alittle bored of the same old PWP's and yet can't find anything in me to write something with more meaning xD.

Let's hope I get something soon, I might go crazy.

Love nin.