Holy shit. Do you guys even remember me? Haha Well For those of you who I've left with unfinished stories I'm back :) and for those who are just finding me than I'mma say a big fucking hello to you.

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A soft delicate tongue lapped at the tips of Hidan's fingers as he cooed over the small kitten he had stumbled upon walking back from the one man assassination mission he was assigned to. A goofy smile was plastered on his face as the sharp teeth of the young cat chewed affectionately on his hands, and he let out a small chuckle when the kitten started to attack the hand petting his soft furred ears.

"You're way to fucking cute, you son of a bitch." Hidan drawled as he wiggled the fingers on his free hand in the kittens face, watching it stumble across his arm that he was using to hold him to get them.

"..." The kitten looked up at him with big blue eye's, his mouth and claws hooked into that tricky hand that kept tickling his little white belly, his face held a expression that made Hidan smirk, it was daring and egotistical, almost saying " Yea, and?".

"And of course you have to be this wittle white kitten with a wittle pink nose, and those cute wittle pink paws, and those big blue eye's and have the softest wittle belly ever." Hidan baby talked as he picked up the kitten with both hands to kiss it's little belly, enjoying the soft warm fur that tickled his skin, the kitten, being a poor confused little guy just allowed the odd man to coo over him.

" You know, I could say so many things about this situation..." Kakuzu sighed out loud as he walked up to Hidan, who at the moment had become as stiff as a board realizing that he had done that little show of love in front of the criminal Akatsuki base, so he chose the most reasonable thing to do in a situation such as this and hide his face in the kittens stomach.

And after a tense few seconds of that awkward 'I saw that' moment. Seconds that Kakuzu was enjoying very much, oh so very much, Hidan began to speak.

"...Kittens are fucking adorable, so fuck you." Hidan growled out, letting out the breath he had been holding in and with that he proceeded to walk into the base, kitten in hand.

But his manly dignity got left behind.

So yea, This is just to get back into writing and show everyone that I have returned! :D

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