A/N: These are series of either short or long one-shots made by Sakura-Hammy's manga work in deviantART. I just LOVE her IkariShipping artworks. ^^ This isn't really my style of stories, but hey, I love to write stories of artwork. xD Oh yeah! For this chapter, the names will be in English, but just in case you want the names in Japanese, read the note below.

Dedication: I dedicate this WHOLE series to Sakura-Hammy from deviantART.

Notes: Hikari/Dawn, Shinji/Paul, Jun/Barry, Satoshi/Ash, Takeshi/Brock, Shinou/Sinnoh

Pokémon DP Adventures
1: What Does DP Stand For?


Ash and Brock had left for another region. Dawn was still in Sinnoh until she decided to travel again.

She didn't travel alone though. She got Paul and Barry to tag along with her!

Barry was easy to convince, but Paul was the complete opposite. It took some threats and a LOT of pleading to get him to go with her and Barry.

"Thanks for coming with me, Barry!" Dawn beamed. "You too, Paul!"

"No problem!" Barry grinned, giving her a thumbs-up.

"Whatever." Paul pursed his lips and jerked his head to the side. He felt disappointed in himself from giving in to Dawn's pleading.

"Well, then, what are we waiting for? Let's go!" Dawn slipped her arms through the other's arms and walked towards their ferry boat.

"Yeah!" Barry shouted, feeling all the enthusiasm and excitement in his blood. He even raised his intertwined arm with Dawn's to show it.

Paul, meanwhile, let himself be dragged with a pained expression on his face. But what those two couldn't notice was the small blush that was creeping its way to his cheeks.


Barry, Dawn, and Paul were in a park, giving their Pokémon some time to rest. Dawn and Barry went into a double battle and stopped before any of them got serious injuries. Barry and Paul battled against each other too.

While their Pokémon were resting and playing around with the children in the park, the three chatted with each other. Well… two people did.

"So we're gonna go to the next city by train, right?" Barry asked.

"Yep. Paul and I already reserved the tickets for this afternoon."

"Wait, you did? When?"

Paul stared at Barry in disappointment. "… when you provoked a trainer into a full battle…" He sighed, shaking his head.

Dawn giggled nervously. "Oh well, he could've done worse, Shinji."

"Worse? How can you possibly think that he could've done worse?" Paul asked. "He was attracting a crowd!"

"What's so bad about that?"

"He called our names out loud."

"… Ugh…" Dawn rolled her eyes. Paul won this argument.

Something clicked in Barry's head. "Hmmm…" He sat down on the grass, observing Paul and Dawn.

The two stared at Barry in confusion, but went back to talking about travels.

"There was something that appeared in my head, but I forgot it already!" Barry thought. He poked his forehead, his brows scrunching together. He was trying really hard to remember what popped in his mind. "Aw, man, how could I forget it already?"

Paul went to observe his Pokémon's injuries, while Dawn was talking to her Pokémon about their next contest.

"Urgh… I know there's something about that 'DP' thing…" Barry murmured. He crossed his arms, continuing his journey to finding out what he thought about. He overheard a conversation somewhere about a game called 'Poké DP'. "But what?"

"Hey, Barry, can you help me out here?" Dawn called out.

Barry didn't reply. He was frozen on his location, unable to hear her.

"Sheesh…" She went to shuffling with Buneary's new outfit for their next contest. It was a bit tight on Buneary. "Did my mom accidentally misread the measurements or something?" She suddenly heard an awkward noise from Paul. "Did you say something, Paul?"

"No." But his voice had faltered.

Dawn raised a brow and walked over to the purple-haired boy. "Did you just laugh?"

"Now why would I do that?" Paul had covered his face with that expressionless veil again. Then, he smirked. "Why would I laugh?"

"I know I heard something from you! It couldn't have been Barry because he's all the way over there!" She pointed to a staring Barry. She stared back with a blank face. "Uh…" Dawn slightly pulled Paul closer to her. "Why is he staring at us like that?" she whispered.

"Who cares?" Paul murmured. "It's probably one of his stupid fantasies about whatever this city had…"

"Okay… But his staring is seriously freaking me out." Dawn pointed to Barry again. "I mean, look at his expression! It sends chills down my spine!"

"Just ignore him, Troublesome Girl…"

A vein popped in Dawn's forehead. "What did you just call me?"

"Hn." Paul ignored her and scanned the contents in his PokéDex.

Dawn's eyes narrowed ominously, but stormed away.


Barry was still staring at Dawn and Paul with such a concentrated expression. "Hmmm…" He placed his finger on his chin, his brow raised.

Dawn was already worried. "He's been like this for almost two hours now… I tried to snap him out of it, but he refused to listen to me." She looked at Paul for help.

Paul sighed. "If we don't leave soon, we'll miss the train."

Suddenly, Barry let out a mischievous chuckle. "Ufufu…" He finally grinned in satisfaction. "I finally figured out what DP stands for!"

Dawn and Paul looked at each other and then Barry in confusion. She tried to ignore what Barry just said. "That's nice, Barry, but we really need to-!"

"DP stands for Dawn and Paul!" Barry exclaimed, his eyes gleaming.

His sudden remark made Dawn and Paul blush deeply. Dawn was staring at Barry in disbelief, while Paul looked annoyed… while blushing.

They seemed to know what Barry was thinking about now…

If you were in the same park right now at this moment, you would be hearing two punches in sync and a scream from a boy.

Paul and Dawn were storming away from Barry, their fists shaking with frustration and anger.

Meanwhile, Barry was sprawled on the grass with a large bump on his head and a black eye. "Nyron…"

It turns out that 'Poké DP' was a dating game. It was VERY popular among the females of the region. Apparently, Dawn and Paul got the wrong idea, because they did not realize Barry didn't know about what kind of game it was.


A/N: What do you think? It's thanks to Sakura-Hammy for making such funny comics. xDD Oh yeah, this isn't a one-shot. There will be more chapters in this fanfic! ^^ 'Poké DP' is not real. I made it up. x3

Here's the page to the comic I wrote about (Ignore the spaces):
www. sakura-hammy. deviantart. com/gallery/#/d2wnuc5



Now, before we end, why don't we have a little chat with Barry, Dawn, and Paul?

Me: So, Barry, where did you hear about that game?

Barry: Uh… I don't know. I probably overheard it while I was having that battle with that trainer.

Me: How could you possibly think that the phrase 'DP' would be related to Dawn and Paul's names?

Barry: Well, they fight and sometimes get along well…

Dawn: That game is a Pokémon dating sim targeting females! There are male gym leaders from this region and Sinnoh that are used as love interests in that thing!

Barry: Uh… So what about it?

Barry receives another beating session. Dawn and Paul storms away from Barry again. I am left with a beaten Barry.

Barry: No wonder it's called IkariShipping…

Me: Haha, I know, right? But it's their anger that shows how much they show interest in each other. ^/^