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Note: Futaba Town/Twinleaf Town

Pokémon DP Adventures
The Beginning of It All

Have you ever wondered how this trio came to be? (Hey, the prologue doesn't count. It NEVER says the truth…!) Let's all wind the time back to see how it all happened, shall we? If you refuse to wind back the time for this story, you have no interest in spontaneous chapters!


Hikari walked along a road, carrying a basket full of delicious-looking snacks. "I sure hope these Poffins will be alright." She sighed, looking at the basket. "I used a new recipe, so they should be alright…" She was on her way from the Poffin House to Futaba Town, carrying her newly-made Poffins.

She saw a road ahead that was perpendicular to the one she was walking on. No one seemed to be venturing on the road yet. "Hmmm… It sure is quiet and peaceful."

It's been a few months after Satoshi and Takeshi left the Shinou region to go back to theirs. It's also been a while since she talked to Shinji too. "I wonder how they're doing right now."

She passed the perpendicular road and walked ahead, seeing some houses ahead. "Oh, there's Futaba Town!" She speeded up to reach her house faster to let her Pokémon try out the Poffins. "I'm almost home."

While Hikari was on her way, two people were along that perpendicular road she passed.

There was a blonde boy and a purple-haired boy walking down the road. It was Jun and Shinji, surprisingly walking together towards Futaba Town.

Jun grinned excitedly. "Just think!" He pointed at his hometown ahead. "In a few more minutes, we'll be at Hikari's house!" He pumped a fist in the air. "I just know she'll say yes! I just know she won't refuse!"

Shinji, who had been listening to Jun's talk the whole way, sweatdropped at the blonde. "…" He sighed.

Silence ensued the two before Jun decided to talk again. "So… How well do you know Hikari?"

A slightly surprised expression was displayed on Shinji's face. "W-what?"

The blonde shrugged, trying to rethink his words. "Like… Do you talk to her much? Are you sure you're okay with her coming with us?"

Shinji rolled his eyes and stared ahead with deadpan eyes. "Oh, I'm sure I'm okay with it. She's pretty troublesome though."

Jun cocked a brow. "Wait… So you do talk to her?"

A tiny blush coated Shinji's cheek. "Well, occasionally I-!"

"Really?" Jun gasped with a grin. "Does that you're friends?" His brows shot up in some kind of joy.

Shinji scratched his head, trying to make out his answer for Jun. "I wouldn't say tha-!"

"No way!" Jun exclaimed. "So, like, how close are you guys? Friends? Best friends? Girlf-!" Before he was even able to finish, Shinji had covered his mouth tightly with his hand. "Mmph! Mm! Mmph!"

"Is it possible to keep your mouth shut for even a minute?" Shinji hissed. He really couldn't take Jun's interruption and talk anymore. Being with him was already giving him a headache. However, Jun's last word made him feel a little hot.

Jun furrowed his brows as he examined Shinji's face. "Dude, your face is red. Are you blushing?" A crooked smirk made its way to Jun's lips.

"Shut up!" Shinji hissed more loudly. "I don't want to hear another word from you!" He lowered his head and walked faster than Jun's pace. "Geez!"

"H-hey, wait for me!" Jun tried to catch up to Shinji. Unfortunately, he tripped over a rock and fell on the ground. To add to the unfortunate event, he even took Shinji down with him. Shinji fell on the ground, face-flat. "Oops…"

Shinji gritted his teeth in pain as he got up. "Ow…"

"Sorry, Shinji!" Jun desperately apologized. "I didn't mean to take you down with me, I swear!"

"Whatever," he replied. Shinji was a little relieved though. The fall snapped him out of his thoughts. He decided not to get mad at the blonde… yet.

Once again, Jun started talking like there was no tomorrow. "Hey, where have you been these past few days? It took me a long time to find you!"

"I was just training in the forests near my city." Shinji crossed his arms and thought. "I guess you can say I camped out?"

Jun tapped his chin. "Huh… Well, you made me waste all those days by looking for you!" He rubbed his head, sighing at how many days he wasted. "I mean, do you know how much I wanted to find you? I even got lost in that forest! If your Dodaitose (Torterra) hadn't seen me, I would've been blown to bits by that Frenzy Plant!"

Shinji groaned, wanting to cover his ears. He was never gonna hear the end…!

Hikari stopped to take a break. She's been walking for quite a while now, and her feet were beginning to drive her nuts. She took her basket and looked at the Poffins. "Let's see… Who should I give the first one to?" She thought of all her Pokémon at home, anticipating her new Poffins. "Pachirisu? Mamm-?"

Suddenly, she heard some screaming behind her. She looked a little startled by the harshness of the voice. "Whoa…"

"From now on, you are to stay TEN FEET away from me!" Shinji shouted. "Is that clear?"

Jun looked a little startled but more confused. "But wh-?"

"DON'T. Ask. Why." Shinji growled as he continued walking again. He swore if Jun broke that distance, he'd lash out at the confused blonde. An awkward silence filled the atmosphere.

But Jun sensed something different. "Hey… I smell Poffins!" He beamed at the smell. "Wow, they smell good!"

Shinji sniffed the air and caught a small scent of baked goods. "Oh."

Hikari looked at the road, squinting her eyes to make out the figures walking behind her. "Is that…?" Her eyes then widened in surprise. "Oh my…"

Shinji also squinted to make out the girl ahead of them. "Hikari…?" He walked up to her. "Oh, Jun and I've been looking for you."

As if on cue, Jun appeared and spotted Hikari. "Ah! Hikari!" He started running towards the blunette.

"Shinji?" she called. "Oh, it's nice to see you again!" She smiled a little nervously. "H-how have you been?" Her hands gripped the handle of the basket a little tighter.

"Um…" Shinji scratched his cheek. "Well… I've been better…" He sweatdropped at the awkwardness between the two. "Um… How are… you?"

Hikari smiled brightly, as usual. "I'm good." She scanned Shinji's clothes and pursed her lips to think about her next reply. "Have you been battling lately?"

"That's sorta why I'm here." Shinji crossed his arms. "I was wondering… uh, are you busy at the moment?"

"No, not really," she replied. The blunette held up her basket of Poffins. "I'm just bringing these to my mom. I've been trying out the new Poffin recipes she and I made." She laughed as she looked at her baked goods. "Want one?"

Shinji's face scrunched up a little. "No thanks… I don't really want any…"

"It's not like it's gonna kill you," Hikari giggled. "So, what is it that you want?"

"Oh… I was just wondering if maybe you'd like to-!" He was interrupted by the blonde boy running their way.

"Hikari!" Jun called. He skidded to a stop, but he didn't really stop right on time. Jun accidentally bumped into Shinji, making him bump into Hikari. The blonde took a whiff of the basket Hikari was holding. "Ahh! That's where the smell was coming from!"

Little did he know, he made Shinji almost collide into Hikari… by lips.

"Wow, Hikari! Did you use a new Poffin recipe or something? Those look amazing!" When he tried to reach for the basket, he accidentally pushed Shinji a little further.

Yes, he made the purple-haired trainer's lips collide with the blue-haired coordinator's lips. Their eyes widened and turned very red. They were frozen in place from the shock and embarrassment.

How was it that Jun couldn't even notice that they accidentally kissed?

When Jun finally managed to grab one and eat it, he noticed their red faces. "Hey, what's wrong with you two?"

Hikari stuttered, her mind spinning from what just happened. "I… I… Oh my… A-Arceus…"

Even Shinji tried to say an apology, but they all came out as stutters. "U-uh… I-I didn't mean to…! I, uh…" Then he turned to Jun with an embarrassed glare. "JUN!"

"What did I do?" Jun exclaimed.

Hikari wheeled around, trying to hide her red face with her basket. "I-it's nothing! Let's t-talk at my house, shall we?"

The three walked towards Hikari's house, a strange atmosphere lingering around them. In their defense, they put Jun between them to ease the awkward moment from before.


It seems that the VooDoo chapter wasn't the only time when Jun made Shinji and Hikari kiss! What else will Jun do to make the two feel embarrassed? Well, when another one of Sakura-Hammy's work is out, we'll do our best to make a chapter for it!


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