Title: Nights Like This

Rating: PG

Spoilers: Through The Double-Blind Job

Disclaimer: No infringement is intended, I do not own these characters

Summary: He sees them all settling down with each other and wonders if he'll end up alone

Word Count: 211

A/N: Not my first fic, but my first Leverage fic and my first fic in a long while...

Written for a prompt over at comment_fic: Eliot/Team. He sees them all settling down with each other and wonders if he'll end up alone

On nights like this, when they've just finished a job, it's easy to see them settling down with each other. Nate and Sophie have a long history and an undeniable chemistry; it was always just a matter of time before they stopped dancing around one another and finally gave in to the temptation. But he didn't really see Parker and Hardison coming, not by a long shot. Despite the hacker's obvious crush on the girl, he didn't think that she was interested, though somehow over the past few years they'd grown closer and were almost as inevitable as Nate and Sophie.

And it's on nights like this that he wonders if he'll end up alone, surprised by the twinge of sadness he feels at the thought. After all, it was an idea he had gotten quite comfortable with as both a hitter and a retrieval specialist. In his line of work survival wasn't a given so it was easier if no one was around to care if you came home at night. For years, he'd kept it light, a few drinks and the understanding that he would be gone by morning. But sitting in the bar watching his teammates talking and laughing together he feels more lonely than he can remember.