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I sighed as I felt Fangs arms wrap around my waist and pull me back toward the couch.

"No Fang, we have to go get dinner" I managed unconvincingly.

"But we were having fun here" he complained.

"Children first" I laughed.

"We will be finishing this later" he pouted.

_End Recap _

Fang POV

Something was wrong. I couldn't put my figure on what but Max had been acing strange for the past few weeks. She was always tired and constantly pulling away from me. She would also leave for long periods of time often coming back to tired to stand up straight. Whenever her talk with Ari was brought up she would get all defensive and tell me to back off. I was at a loss on what to do.

The flock knew something was up to and I didn't know what to tell them. It was weird, Max had always been the one who kept us together and to see her being the one to pull away was strange to say the least. I knew it had to have something to do with her talk with Ari but I had to way to find out what and Max was giving nothing away.

I was at a loss as of what to do and I was in a constant struggle trying to keep the flock together and out of trouble.

"Fang?" came the voice of Nudge, interrupting my thoughts.


"I'm hungry"

"Ummm ok where's Iggy?"

"He went out"

"What about Max?"

"I haven't seen her since yesterday"

Yesterday! That couldn't be right. Where was she? Fuck I was going to have a word with her when she got home. What the hell was she up to anyway?

"Ah ok two seconds and I will go and grad us something just hang tight ok?"

"K" came her quiet response.

As I flew out the door my mind just kept going over what I was going to do to Max when she got home. One way or another I was going to get some goddamn answers.


"Shit!" I hissed as another bullet grazed me. They were currently testing some new experimental drug that was supposed to boot speed and thus far it had proved a complete failure. I was barley dodging although that might have something to do with how run down my body had gotten over the past few weeks.

When I first agreed to this I had no idea how many things that I was going to have to do. The only thing that kept me going was the fact that by me doing this I was keeping the flock and Fang safe. My body was wearing down though; day by day I could feel myself losing strength and I knew that the flock was getting suspicious. Some of the tests were ok, simple blood tests and stuff, but others were killer painful and usually resulted in me having many painful injuries.

I needed an out and I needed it fast. I was faced with the dilemma of staying and going through with more tests or taking the flock and going on the run again. Deep down I knew that I couldn't make them go on the run again; they had lives and friends here and I was just going to have to suck it up and take my chances with these tests. If I was going to die for something I might as well make it something worth dying for, something like saving my family.

"Faster!" demanded some nameless scientist.

I gave him my best glare but with my lack of breath and many injuries it seemed to lose its effect.

"Fuck you" I managed to gasp out.

He eyed me before replying "Maybe later" and with a wink he was gone. My body did a invulentary shudder at the thought of the creepy scientist getting anywhere near me. I was at my breaking point and I knew that I couldn't keep this up for much longer. I decided then and there that I wouldn't make the same mistakes both me and Fang had made in the past; I was going to stop the lies. I needed to talk to Fang.

I had never felt so hopeless in my life. I could never picture a time when I actually thought of giving up, I mean I was the Maximum Ride; I didn't give up, that is until now. I wanted nothing more than to lie down and go to sleep and never wake up. I wanted to die.

"That's all for today" yelled the scientist, "Get out"

I slowly rose from the floor and painfully made my way to the exit and began to figure out how I was going to tell Fang what exactly was going on.

Fang POV

I stayed up on the couch waiting for Max, the kids were all asleep and I was going to confront Max weather she wanted it or not. I lost her once and I had no intention of ever doing it again, we were going to work this out one way or another. As I sat there I contemplated what to say, I didn't want to press her but I need answers. Things weren't adding up and I would put my money on it having something to do with Ari's visit a few weeks ago.

My head snapped to the door as I heard the lock click; it was now or never.

She entered the house with her head down and as she came closer I noticed a very prominent limp to her step. What was she up to these days?

"Max?" I called softly.

"We need to talk" we said at the same time.

Her head shot up and our eyes met, her face looked tired. She had bags under her eyes, and if you looked hard enough you could see the pail outlines of half covered up bruises; all in all she looked like a member of the walking dead.

"You go first" she offered in an almost silent whisper.

"What is up with you Max? We agreed no more lies"

"The lies are going to end tonight" she assured me softly.

"Are you going to let me in?"

"Yes" she said after a moment of hesitation.

Without a second thought I closed the distance between us and pulled her into a hug before sliding down onto the couch with her on my lap. She leaned back into me and I was shocked to find that I could feel her spine and that her weight barely registered as she sat on me. Again, I wondered what could be wrong with her.

"I missed this" she mumbled into me neck. "I missed you"

"So did I" I said while giving her hand a firm squeeze.

"So what's going on Max?"

"I have to tell you something…and you're not going to like it, but you have to look at the situation from my point of view ok?"

"Fine" I agreed, but I could feel my unease growing by the minute.

"You know when Ari showed up to talk to me?" she asked gently.

"What did the bastard do!" I growled.

"He didn't do anything" she said while rubbing my hand in an attempt to calm me down. "He did however offer me a deal"

"You said it was just a warning" I accused

"I didn't want you to worry" she defended herself.

"But I am worried"


"Max your gone for long periods of time, you have pulled away from me and the flock and when you finally do come home you are hurt and tired but won't let anyone help you; I am worried."

"I'm sorry, I guess I didn't think it would be so hard to hide" she mumbled.

"What are you hiding Max" I asked frustrated.

"He told me if I didn't do it that you and the flock would be harmed and we would be on the run again, I couldn't do that to them they have lives here" she rambled.

"What did you agree to?" I asked, feeling my anger rising.


"What experiments?"

"Some are ok" she began, "But other are…." She didn't finish but the shudder that I felt run through her was evidence enough.

"Let me see" I commanded

She knew right away what I wanted to see, "I don't want you to see me like this"

"I am not going to let you be in pain just because you don't want me to see the things that those stupid bastards did to you!"

Without another word she briefly met my eyes before letting them meet the floor while tuning her back to me and taking off her long sleeved shirt. She silently let it drop to the ground as she turned to face me.

I barley contained a gasp as I eyed several nasty looking bruises that lined her stomach. Along with the bruises were many cuts and some were looking a little infected. Her arms were lined with cuts and bruises as well along with some places that looked to have been grazed by bullets! Not to mention that fact that I could see each and every one of her ribs. Itex was going to pay.

Her eyes were still glued to the floor as I took everything in.

"I tried to be strong" she mumbled, "but I don't think I can do it anymore"

This came as a shock to me I mean this was Maximum Ride she never gave up ever this was insanity. They had broken something I thought couldn't be broken.

"I'm just so tired" she admitted "I just wanna be normal"

"Me to Sweetie" I sighed as I pulled her closer to me if that was even possible.

"I don't want to go back" she whispered as tears began to leak down her cheek slowly.

"No! You are never going back!" I assured

"I love you" she slurred, almost asleep.

"I love you to" I said while placing a kiss on her cheek, "And I am going to get us all out of this alive if it's the last thing I do" I vowed as I picked Max up and headed up to the bedroom.

After washing Max the best I could with a wash cloth I wrapped her many injuries and tired to make her feel as good as possible. She was semi conscious through most of it and fighting sleep the entire time even though I assured her she could go to sleep at any time. I must admit though the fact that she did try to stay awake and remain stubborn was a relief and served as a reminder that Max would always be Max.

After all that was done I put her into my bed and tried to make her as comfortable as possible. I felt so guilty for letting her go through this alone. I was supposed to be the strong one; I was supposed to be the one protecting her (which I knew she wouldn't agree with). As I watched her sleep all I could think was that I had let her get hurt and that it would never happen again. Her body did not seem to be healing her at our usual rate, but then again after what she has been through her body probably need some serious rest.

Tomorrow. I would deal with this all tomorrow for now I was just going to go to sleep and have one last peaceful night with Max at my side. Tomorrow I will deal with going on the run again, the flock, and Itex, but for tonight I was going to be happy. Just for tonight I was going to be normal.

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