Curiosity Killed the Cat

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Chapter 5: Relations and R.I.P Smudge

Will burst into the classroom where he had agreed to meet Quinn at break.

"I have had the best idea!"

The chess club turned to him, confused.

"What's that Mr Schue?" Adrian Green asked. He was in his Spanish class.

"Erm… Chess!"


"We should all learn to play chess! You know what… I'll see you guys later…"

Ah. Now he saw his mistake, the 9 was hanging upside down on the door.

"I have had the best idea!"

"Ooh- let me guess… Let's skive off school- and have sex- all day!"

"So you weren't kidding when you said you were already incredibly horny".

"No. Damn pregnancy hormones."

"Hey! Brilliant pregnancy hormones!"

Though she was only almost 3 months pregnant. It may just have been her (not that he was complaining about that either).

"Well at least your baby isn't making me throw up all the time".

He stood back slightly, his hands on her shoulders, appraising her at arms length.

"You know… when you're not naked- you can't tell."

"Thank god. I still haven't worked out something to say to my mum… Do you still think 'I've decided to become a professional sumo wrestler' isn't a viable option?"

He grinned, kissing her briefly.

"So… Do you want to hear about my idea?"

"Okay…" She sighed, pretending reluctance.

Her cheeks were actually hurting from how much smiling she did from just being with him.

"Well… What if I told you we're related."

"Ewwww! We're not right?"

She looked genuinely worried.

"No! But… If we were 'related'… well it would be easier for us to spend time together and that kinda thing… do you know what I mean?"

"Yeah! That's actually a pretty good idea!"

"Hey! Don't sound so surprised!"

She laughed and kissed him.

"Mmmm… Okay- I'll spend the time I should be marking to look up what kinda documents I need for that…"

"The things you do for me- huh?"

"Mr Schuester? Did you just sing 'your sex is on fire' to your cousin?"
"It's one of her favourite songs", Will replied easily, smiling brightly at Rachel.
"It is", Quinn confirmed, fanning herself with her sheet music.
"Blimey it's hot in here!"
"It's freezing in here Q", Kurt pointed out, gesturing to his scarf wrapped several times around his neck.
"Must be the pregnancy..."
"Right then! Who's next?" Will clapped his hands authoritatively, wondering just how many times they could play the pregnancy card without people becoming suspicious.

"Okay... Quick before Quinn and Schuester get here... But did you see their commercial?" Rachel Berry hissed round at the glee club. "Noah and I were just sitting watching TV and suddenly our Spanish teacher and his cousin Quinn were filling our screens and trying to sell us razors!"
"Really?" there was a collective incredulous response to this news.
"But that's not the worst part!"
She flicked her eyes round conspiratorially.
"She licked along his jaw line!"
"Ewwww! Isn't that illegal?"
"Seriously though", Puck interjected, "how many people would actually lick along their cousins' jaw line?"
"My cousin has a beard!" Kurt shuddered.
"I thought it was weird enough that they kiss each other- on the lips!" Mercedes added.
"I know! I mean, I love my cousin and all, but on the lips!" Finn was cringing now.

"If they weren't cousins- it would be perfectly acceptable?" Rachel questioned, and everybody nodded seriously as Quinn entered the room, Will carrying her bag and opening the door for her.

"They are so sweet together it gives me cavities", Kurt muttered, and for once, he and Rachel were in complete agreement about something.
Puck cleared his throat.
"Hey guys", Will greeted them.

"Hey Mr Schuester!" Rachel said a bit too brightly. "We were just discussing relationships".


Looking about for support, Rachel ploughed on. "Yes. I watched a programme last night about cousins marrying cousins… And I for one think it is wrong."


He couldn't help but raise his eyebrow in a subtle questioning to his girlfriend. Who shrugged in reply.

"Totally wrong". Finn added, as Rachel's sharp elbow found his ribs.

"I mean, we agreed that we are all for age difference couples", Puck said casually, "And even teachers and students…"

Rachel grinned proudly at him.

Will stopped shuffling through the sheet music.


Quinn put her head in her hand. She had known the commercial had been a bad idea. But they had been laughing again… She had thought laughing was supposed to be good for you? But then again… in the past it had only led to good things…

And furthermore, everyone in glee club knowing would certainly make it easier to convince her mum that she actually was going round a different friend's house every night to study.

Rachel rolled her eyes. It was time to change tack.

"Are you, or are you not, involved in some secret relationship with Quinn Fabray?"

"We're not cousins", Quinn cut in quickly. "Our kid isn't going to be genetically challenged."

Will didn't look to worried that she had just told everybody that he was the father of her child. In fact, he was too busy imagining little Schuester-Fabray going off to college with his old blue trunk.

"Mr Schue?"

He grinned benignly at Puck.

Puck just laughed.

"And people thought me and Rach was hard to understand!"

"I think the glee club should have a little talk about this…" Rachel decided.

No one moved.

"The glee club minus the Schuesters", Matt clarified.

"Okay -we'll just stand in the closet." Quinn suggested.

"Perhaps I better marshall that", Mike smirked, as Rachel and Puck shared a worried glance, knowing full well the benefits of a soundproof closet.

Will and Quinn stood awkwardly, leaning against the shelf of blank exercise books with Mike standing between them.

"You know what… perhaps it is better if you stand next to each other", he said at last, when Will had brushed his hand over his back for the second time.

"You guys only need to keep quiet until Quinn graduates", Will said. "There's nothing I can do if you decide to tell someone… And I would be fired and you would no longer have a glee coach".

Rachel smiled at his argument.

"No one is going to say anything…"

Quinn sighed in relief.

Because she didn't just need him to stick around when she was carrying his baby.

She wanted him to stick around when they raised it together.

"So Schue…"

Will looked up to find Finn and Puck standing side by side.


"If you are going to be all 'manwhore' again, me and Finn will…"

He held his hands up to stop them.

"Do you want to see the ring I got her?"

"You're proposing?" Finn spluttered.

"Not yet! No… it's an eternity ring... for her birthday."

"That is so gay", Puck scoffed.

"Its actually pretty romantic", Finn muttered and Puck shoved him.

"But eternity? That's a long time".

Will looked thoughtfully at Finn.

"Something just clicks, you know?"

Puck nodded wisely but Finn just looked confused.

"What, like, you can hear it?"

"Where's Quinn?"
Almost before he had finished speaking Sue Sylvester's voice came over the loudspeaker.
"Would the father of Quinn Fabray's baby please come to the principal's office".
And Will didn't even think before he was off down the corridor, worrying that she had fallen over or anything...
Finn was fastest off the mark, closely followed by Puck, and they both sprinted down the corridor in pursuit.

The door of the principal's office swung open.
"I'm the father", Puck said casually.
Quinn relaxed immediately.
Figgins and Sue turned to her questioningly, but she did not have a chance to reply as Finn joined Puck in the doorway.
"Actually, I'm the father", he claimed jostling slightly with the shorter boy.

Quinn rolled her eyes.
"It could be either of them", she said vaguely, hoping she would be allowed to leave now.
Puck, still glaring at Finn, nodded.
"It could be either of us- but it was me".
Finn grabbed the white board pen off Figgins desk.
"It couldn't be you..."
"It's okay! We don't need a diagram!" Figgins interjected in vain.

"What's going on in here", Will asked, entering while doing up his trousers.

Quinn shot him a strange look.
"Yeah... Sorry bout the trousers Mr Schue", Finn grinned, before turning his attention back to his artwork.
Will didn't reply, slightly worried by the drawings of what looked like three stick men in some very compromising positions on Figgins' white board.

"Coach Sylvester brought Quinn Fabray to my attention, claiming that she was pregnant and suggesting the way to find out was to say we needed to speak to the father."
Will was glad that everybody else was looking at Quinn at that moment, as it gave him the chance to raise his eyebrows to her in silent question.
Her slight smile informed him she was fine and he relaxed immediately.

The door that Will had shut behind him burst open.
"I'm the father!" Kurt exclaimed.
Everyone surveyed the panting teen, eyes drawn to the fact that one of his feet was firmly stuck in a paint tin.
"Is my love okay?" he asked brightly, going to stand beside Quinn.
Will flinched slightly.

Finn surreptitiously added another stick man to his now very detailed and labelled diagram.
"This is madness!" Sue stated, looking round at the full office.
"You kids..." Figgins began, but was shouted down by Puck.
"I am the father!"
Finn pushed him. "Look at the diagram. You can't get her pregnant doing what you were doing!"
"What was I doing?" Kurt asked, interested, "is that me handcuffed to the bed?"
Sue and Figgins studied the diagram with more interest.

Will took the opportunity as the arguments continued, to slip over to Quinn.
"I'm glad you're okay", he whispered, his lips tickling her earlobe, "and Twinkle".
She sneaked a cheeky peck on his lips when no one was watching.
"Of course I'm okay", she murmured back, smiling, "I have you".

He grinned right back and that familiar feeling of curiosity taking over his every sense that coursed through his body.

But now he knew it wasn't just curiosity.

It was love.

They walked out of Figgins office a little while later, with Will having promised that he would in future try to prevent any 'irresponsible multiplayer intimate gameplay'.
A flyer on the notice board in the corridor caught his eye.
'Missing: grey cat named smudge'.
And he knew, and he wasn't quite sure how he knew this, but that cat was most definitely dead.

The End.

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