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Chapter 6. Sachiko

Sachiko had been pondering about her feelings lately. She had given serious thoughts to her feelings. She was jealo...no. She was bothered.


Why didn't she just accept it?

She was jealous alright!

Sachiko sighed. It had taken a lot of her will to even admit that she was indeed jealous. True, she was bothered by the attention Yumi was getting from everyone plus how they could easily fell into Yumi's charms. However, it wasn't because she wanted the attention of the others to herself! That was ridiculous! She had enough attention to last her a lifetime. She didn't need additions!

What was truly bothering her was that being in Yumi's nature, Yumi couldn't help but return those attentions to the others, no matter how little she could give. A smile here, a few words there, a few minutes or even seconds of her time, even her mere presence, those were enough.

That was Yumi.

And, she, Sachiko, was bothered. She was bothered because she was jealous!

Call her greedy, but she realized she wanted Yumi's attention, now more than she did before. True, she didn't need more attention, but Yumi was an exception. Yumi was like a lifeline to her. Yumi had become a very important person in her life. Yumi had made her happier, freer. Yumi had made her stronger. Yumi had helped her overcome some of her fears. Only a smile from Yumi and her day would brighten, though she rarely showed it. Yumi's presence gave her peace of mind.

Just like everyone else, or maybe before everyone else, she had fallen to Yumi's lively, clumsy, kind and charming nature. She hadn't seen it coming. She hadn't predicted it. She hadn't even thought about it before.

With the fan girls increasing, she was bothered. The ease that Yumi could make everyone of their friends calmer or happier made her feel happy, proud, and possessive. The first time she felt jealousy, now she admitted, was the thought of Tsutako having plenty of photos of Yumi, and of Mami knowing more about Yumi than she did. And then there was how Yumi could bring out the true nature of her cousin, Touko, something that only she could do before. Again, she was happy and proud of Yumi, but also a bit jealous on how easily she could make Touko act according to her will, sometimes unintentionally. Then of course, there was Kanako. She didn't dislike the girl anymore, but she was a bit envious on how freely she could tell Yumi what she felt, the admiration that she felt.

And of course, Sei.

At the thought of Sei, the jealousy inside Sachiko increased.

That person!

How could she easily do things as she pleased to Yumi!

Anger bubbled inside Sachiko. However, before her anger escalated to something more dangerous, she was interrupted by the opening of the door at the Rose Mansion's meeting room. She calmed herself and schooled her expression first before she looked at the person who just entered.

"Yumi..." Sachiko regarded coolly, colder than she had intended. The scene between Yumi and Sei still fresh in her mind. It was only a couple of days, after all. She had stealthily avoided Yumi during and after the meeting the other day. She didn't want to unintentionally lash out at the unsuspecting Yumi, especially when she herself didn't know what was really going on with her. And the weekend that followed both relieved and tormented her. She was relieved that she didn't have to face Yumi yet while her emotions were in turmoil, yet it also tormented her speculating negative thoughts that would never be go away unless she had cleared it up with the person concerned.

"Good day, Onee-sama. Are you feeling alright?" Yumi asked worriedly, which meant that Sachiko wasn't quick enough to hide what she was feeling earlier.

To Sachiko's surprise, Yumi dropped her bag on the floor and hurriedly walked towards her and placed a hand on her brow.

"I'm fine, Yumi," Sachiko said, taken aback but nevertheless glad for Yumi's thoughtful action.

"Are you sure?" Yumi asked, still worried. Sachiko's temperature seemed normal, but there was something in the older girl that wouldn't put her mind at ease.

At the worried look on Yumi's face, Sachiko's anger softened. No matter how angry she felt within, Yumi had that effect on her. It still marvelled her how Yumi could affect her emotions so easily.

"Really. I'm fine, Yumi," Sachiko said with a faint smile.

A smile broke Yumi's lips, too, which made Sachiko's heart skipped a beat.

"I'm glad, Onee-sama."

"Why are you here early?" Sachiko asked. She didn't expect Yumi or anyone to come for the next 30 minutes.

A blush crept Yumi's cheeks. How was she going to say to Sachiko that she had hurried here because she wanted to see her as soon as possible? She hadn't talked to Sachiko properly after she had met Sei at Lillian's grounds a couple of days earlier. And if she didn't know better, she'd say that Sachiko was avoiding her, something which caused her many sleepless nights. She wouldn't be able to take it if her fear was true.

"You're blushing," Sachiko stated the obvious, meaning to tease Yumi, which she succeeded as Yumi flushed all the more.


It was the first time that Sachiko voiced out about her blushing and Yumi couldn't help but be embarrassed all the more.

At Yumi's embarrass exclamation, Sachiko smiled a bit and said, "Sorry, I couldn't resist."

"You're just like Sei-sama," Yumi said with a pout, relaxing at Sachiko's playful action.

At those words, the smile promptly disappeared in Sachiko's lips. "Really?" She asked evenly.

Yumi looked at Sachiko with confusion. She had noticed the sudden shift of Sachiko's mood. Had she said something wrong?

"Tell me, Yumi, am I just like Sei-sama?" Sachiko asked.

Yumi fidgeted. She could feel a hint of anger in Sachiko's voice. Sachiko's demeanour even made her feel that something was wrong, really, really wrong.

"N-not really. It's just that she teased me about Kanako-chan and Touko-chan when..." Yumi tried to explain but Sachiko cut her.

"Sei-sama, Kanako-chan, Touko-chan. Who else, Yumi?" Sachiko knew she was quickly losing it. She was trying hard to stay in control, but it seemed to evade her grip as she felt her anger rise.


Yumi was utterly confused, which enraged Sachiko more.

"Did you let Kanako-chan and Touko-chan kissed you, too?"

"K-kissed me? W-what do you mean?" Yumi sputtered in total confusion and fear. Sachiko's voice and demeanour made her want to cower and cry helplessly. She didn't know what she had done, but it must be something terrible to cause Sachiko to be this angry.

"Why don't you just tell me, Yumi? It would have been better if you're completely honest with me."

Sachiko had totally lost her calmness already. She was like a volcano that had started erupting, though the worst of the eruption had yet to happen.

"Tell you what? Onee-sama, I don't know what you mean. I told you about my date with Touko-chan and Kanako-chan, didn't I?" Yumi asked fearfully, her voice trembling, not understanding what Sachiko was really getting at.

"So you did. Did you seduce them into kissing you, too?"

"Eh?" Yumi squeaked. What was Sachiko talking about?

"Who kissed better? Sei-sama? My cousin? Kanako-chan?"

Sachiko was past being rational. The jealousy that she had been trying to fight had completely taken over her. It didn't even cross her mind that she was completely out of line, nor the fact that she didn't own Yumi, nor did they have a relationship aside from being sisters. She hadn't even admitted nor accepted to herself that the real reason she was feeling jealousy was because what she felt for Yumi was that of more than the relationship that they currently had. All she could think at the moment was how Yumi had used her smile, her blushing and kind nature to seduced women to...

"You womanizer."

"W-what? Onee-sama, I don't understand you at all," Yumi squeaked, tears now leaking in her eyes. She was confused, worried, and scared of Sachiko's actions and the things that left Sachiko's lips made her feel uncomfortable.

"Maybe this, you would understand," Sachiko said as she pulled the surprised Yumi and kissed her on the lips. Despite her anger, Sachiko noticed how soft the lips that were pressed into hers. This must be what floating in the clouds felt like. The feel of Yumi's lips on hers melted her anger.


-Wakas -

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