"Let's play hide and seek!" Aang's voice echoed around their campsite, and groans came from every direction.

"Do we have to?" Toph mumbled, pulling her feet out of a fountain.

"Well... If you guys played, I would be considerably more likely to do my firebending exercises when I'm told," Aang looked at Zuko out of the corner of his eye.

Zuko glanced at Katara, who shrugged and gave him a nod.

"Why not," Zuko sighed, as he lifted himself off the ground.

"Yes!" Aang put his hands in the air in celebration. "I'm it, and I'm counting... Now!"

The gang scrambled around and took off in their own directions, as Aang stood with his hands over his eyes, counting number after number loudly.

"Come on," hissed Katara, as she started moving and pulled Zuko along behind her.

"Where are we going?" Zuko whispered, as she dragged him through a hallway inside the Western Air Temple.

"To hide!"

Zuko sighed as Katara opened a door and dragged him inside, closing the door behind her.

Inside the room was a desk, a large chest, and a few broken chairs. They went with underneath the desk.

"Ow!" Katara yelped, hitting her head as they both squished and squirmed their way to fit together under the desk.

"Sorry," Zuko whispered, fitting himself in across from Katara. "Now what?"

She didn't respond, but just looked out from their cramped hiding space; looking back to study his expression after a moment.

"Wanna know a secret?" Katara said, leaning forward and making their spot even more uncomfortable.

Zuko nodded, unsure of what he was supposed to say.

She leaned forward just a smidge more, and planted a soft kiss on the prince's lips.

"I like you," she whispered, leaning back against her side of the desk; an evident blush creeping up her cheeks in the darkness.

"I-" before Zuko could respond, the desk was lifted above them and thrown into the wall.

"Found you!" Aang said delightfully, before turning and leaving the room to locate the others.

When he was gone, Zuko snuck a quick peck on Katara's cheek.

He intertwined his fingers with hers.

"I like you too."


A/N: Hi, I'm a Kataanger who secretly loves Zutara. This is set in the Western Air Temple, a while after Zuko joins the group. Pretend everyone had gotten used to him and had gotten to know him. Did you like it? :) xox