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"Lea, please answer the question," Doctor Eraqus said, irritated by the young man's lack of cooperation.

"I told you already. He's gone, and he doesn't want to come back." The redheaded boy said in a bored tone. He slouched in the chair opposite Dr. Eraqus. He stared at his nails as if they were the most interesting thing on earth.

"Right," the Doctor sighed in frustration. "You remember why you were brought here, Lea?" he attempted to engage the boy in conversation once more.

"I don't know. I didn't stab that guy with the knife," he said defensively. "Although the bastard deserved that and more," he said narrowing his eyes and crossing his arms over his chest.

Dr. Eraqus clenched his eyes shut and frowned. He really did not like this. Personally, he believed the boy's lawyer had done a hell of a job using insanity defense.

Of course, that would explain why the boy was found "not guilty by reason of insanity or mental defect". The boy was obviously guilty, and he felt no remorse for almost murdering a man. He looked the part of a delinquent as well with those tattoos under his eyes that looked like inverse tear drops.

"Why do you say that, Lea?" he asked after regaining composure.

The redhead smiled a smile that did not reach his dazzling green eyes. "Because it's true doc. I didn't stab the guy, and I told you I'm not Lea."

"Okay, then who are you?" Doctor Eraqus asked giving up on the idea that the boy would answer his questions seriously.

The boy sat up and leaned forward. "My name is Axel. Nice to meet ya', Doc?" he said cheerily thrusting his open hand forward.

The doctor sat stiffly in his seat staring unbelievingly at the boy's hand. "What?" he finally asked.

The boy took back his hand, seeing that the man would not take it. "My name is Axel. Got it memorized?" he asked tapping his index finger against his temple.

Well, at least the boy was talking to him now. Doctor Eraqus decided to play along with the boy to get as much information from him as possible. Maybe he'd slip up somewhere along the way, and he could prove his theory.

"How old are you, Axel?" he asked taking his pencil and notebook back from his desk.

"Well, I'm the same age as Lea, which would be like…" the boy screwed up his face in concentration and scratched his head. "Oh, yeah, like eighteen," he remembered.

"What else can you tell me about yourself?" the doctor asked writing it down in his notebook.

"Well, Lea and I are identical. Like twins!" he said excitedly. "I can't remember much about our infancy, but I've been with him since I can remember. Of course he didn't even know I really existed until after… until…" the boy, "Axel", drifted off.

He looked away frowning. Doctor Eraqus wondered if he had suddenly run out of ideas and was having trouble coming up with a story. "He didn't know you existed until after what?" he encouraged the boy to continue.

"I'm not sure if I should tell you, Doc," the boy said scratching the back of his head. "It's kind of a private thing. I mean, Lea has never told anyone about it."

Now this was intriguing. What could this boy mean by something he had never told anyone before? "Lea-"

"It's Axel," the boy interrupted looking annoyed at the doctor for getting his name wrong once more.

"Right, Axel. This is a private session. Anything you say to me at this time within these walls shall remain confidential. You have nothing to worry about," he reassured the boy.

Axel did not look convinced. "Still, doc. This is Lea's story, not mine." The boy stared at the ground, a thoughtful look on his face. Suddenly his face lit up and he snapped his fingers. "I know! Let me ask Lea. I don't think he'll mind if I say it's a doctor I'm going to tell."

Doctor Eraqus stared at the redheaded boy dumbfounded. He was going so far as to make up an alter ego and pretend to have Dissociative Identity Disorder. This kid had done his homework. "If that's what it'll take, please do."

The boy grinned and closed his eyes as he sat back in his chair.

"Lea," the redheaded boy yelled out as he walked through a long dark tunnel. It always looked like that way inside Lea's mind. There was so much darkness. He kept walking forward until he stepped through a door and into the only room in Lea's mind that was lit.

There were thirteen seats all of different heights in a circle around the room. People in black coats, their hoods enveloping their faces in darkness, sat in some of the seats.

Axel ignored all of them and walked towards the center of the room where a boy with hair as red as his lied prostrate on the floor. The boy was as old as Axel, yet he looked to be no older than ten years of age. Lea had not moved since…

He kneeled down next to the boy that had been with him in this dark place since he could remember. "Oi, Lea." He shook the boy's shoulder gently. "I need to ask you something."

Lea did not move but acknowledged Axel's presence with a small "hmm." Axel gave a small sad smile before continuing.

"The doctor, what's his name again?" Axel furrowed his brow as he attempted to remember the man's name. "Oh, right. Doctor Eraqus wants to hear about what happened when we were little. Do you mind if I tell him, Lea?" Axel looked down at the boy waiting for his answer, worry in his eyes.

"I-" the boy said in a small strained voice. "I don't care anymore, Axy. I-It's your body now, your life. Do what you want..."

Axel felt his eyes sting, but he would not allow himself to cry. He had always been the strong one, always there for Lea when he needed a shoulder to cry on.

However, his heart ached. Lea had lost all will to continue living. Soon, if he didn't do something, the boy would completely disappear, just like the others had.

"Okay, Lea," he said in the softest sweetest voice he could manage. Rising he looked at the others in the seats above. He knew Lea was safe as long as they were there. They might not want to admit it, but they loved Lea, maybe not as much as Axel did, but they did love him.

Without another word, he walked out the door and back into the waiting darkness.

Doctor Eraqus sat in his chair staring curiously at the redheaded boy who sat across him. He had closed his eyes and sat unmoving in his chair for a while now. What exactly was the boy planning?

Suddenly his eyes flew open and he grinned at Doctor Eraqus. "He said it was okay."

"Lea did?" the doctor asked still trying to play along with the boy. The redhead nodded in confirmation.

"Well, then. Let's hear this story," Doctor Eraqus said as he moved to take a small recorder from the desk behind him. He placed it on a small table between the boy and himself and pressed the record button.

"Before I begin, let's talk a little bit about me." The boy flashed a sly grin. Doctor Eraqus didn't mind at all. Maybe while talking about himself the boy would slip up and give him something to prove what he believed.

"Well, you see, I grew up in a town called Radiant Gardens. When I was four years old, my father died in a car accident. After that, my mother became a bit more distant. She never once kissed or hugged me like she had before the accident. I think it was just that she was so distraught about my father's death, but it hurt either way."

"Not even a year after his death, she began dating. Apparently, someone had told her she should find a man to help her support her child since she wouldn't be able to manage on her own. It was probably some sexist idiot from her family who told her that, but she apparently agreed with them and so the seemingly endless line of suitors began. None lasted very long though. It was a good thing, too because some of those assholes were violent cowards."

"Everything I've told you so far caused my existence as a complete separate self. Lea was going through a hard time, and seeing as he didn't have anyone, I came to be. I kept him company through all this. I was kind of like the pre-car accident Lea. He had been a happy, joking, energetic boy. I guess he really missed those times and couldn't let go of the person he had been."

"Funny how he thought I was just some imaginary friend or part of some dream he had. He never seemed willing to acknowledge me as real and a part of himself. I think it was because his parents had told him he had been part of a set of twins, but his brother hadn't made it after birth. He assumed I was that dead brother and that he was imagining me."

"We were always left at home with a babysitter, but we didn't mind as much because she was so kind. She was the way mother had been before father's death. So it went till our sixth birthday." He paused reminiscing about the day his and Lea's mother had met that man.

"What happened then?" Doctor Eraqus had noticed that the things "Axel" had mentioned in his story were in the boys file: the deceased twin brother, who had only lived a week after birth, the father that had died in a car accident when Lea was four, and his mother's failed relationships, which had resulted in many visits to the hospital for both.

"She met Ansem Wise," Axel said in a low hollow voice. "He wasn't so bad. The guy was a few years older than mom, but he was kind and it seemed he loved her. They were engaged to marry in a matter of months."

"It didn't bother Lea or me. We hadn't seen mom so happy in some time and the man seemed to be the cause of her happiness. We moved into his house and were supposed to live a normal happy life. Mom probably did just that, or at least she would've." He frowned. "Ask anyone and they would say we ruined everything for them. We were the cause of their grief."

"We just wanted to live a normal life, but fate had other plans for us," he said as his voice dropped low and a dark look came upon his face.

"What exactly do you mean?" Doctor Eraqus asked the boy hesitantly.

"Ansem had a son. He was around nineteen at the time. He was what anyone would call an extraordinary son. He was top of his class, captain of the football* team, and class president. Anything that was worth being involved in he was. He was good looking to top it all off." Axel sneered at his early impressions of the young man. "Yeah, Xehanort was the kind of son anyone would want."

"Mom was thrilled with him. She had always wanted to give Lea a brother, and now he had one, an older brother, too. I guess she thought he'd be better off now that he had someone to take care of him, beside her," he said the last sentence with some contempt.

" And I have to admit Lea did think of Xehanort as a cool older brother, but I just never liked the guy. There was something off about him. He really gave me the creeps."

"We lived a good life for the next months. Everything was good, Lea was happy, mom was happy. I on the other hand felt that something was off. Xehanort had suddenly taken a liking to treating Lea as some kind of stuffed animal. He was always cuddling him and petting his head."

"I guess anyone would've thought that he just enjoyed having a new younger brother, but there was something wrong with the way he touched Lea. I couldn't quite put my finger on it, though. I just felt like his hands lingered over Lea's skin too long, and the way he looked at him was… It was the look Ansem gave mother some times. It wasn't loving or caring." Axel seemed to stumble over his explanation.

"It wasn't a look a man should give to another man, nor should it be given to a child by a man. Especially if that man was his stepbrother."

*when I say football I mean the kind with the round ball that you actually play with your feet.

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